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Leroy says Ted Thompson gets 100% of the credit for the Packer's success! What's say you?

Feb 15, 2017|

02/15/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 2pm Hour - How do you split the credit amongst Rodgers, McCarthy, and Thompson for the Packers recent success?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do. So I felt a lot of pressure on sports Radio One 057 FM the fans can start he fiber. Along where Gary Ellison. Packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler betting Dallas producing the show today running back flop. Was a vacation day heat is off to boot a second around and you sticking around. Nightly prayers so easily and that my of them was like dude seeing heated college Louisville amount. So easily OK so. Don't know because of little except the ability barely remembers me. They go sweet human nickname person station okay so how would you split up credit amongst Rogers Mike McCarthy. And Ted Thompson for the success the best way to describe this to you in my mind of how we are going to do this it was simple kind of like. On pot right he's cut up and a percentages right so 60% of this pars and 30% to that percent 10% for the outburst and the reason we bring it up. Is going to that great article remark Pete Doherty earlier in the week stability as outside a for the Packers. I'm Andy talks about the zags in attitude Packers battle only three general managers Ron Wolf Mike Sherman Jets announced they had only four coaches Holmgren road Sherman or McCarthy. Okay that's good. Detroit Tigers as wolves first full season 1990 the Packers at the end of l.'s second best winning percentage behind only New England just out of Pittsburgh beaten them by and we understand that. Then he goes through. Line compared to to the rest of the division which is garbage. Detroit some nights you were there on their ninth head coach Jim call lasted about when it's or six general manager that I. The Vikings. Coach Zimmer. Either their coach Zimmer since 1990 GMMR is a massive power sharing coach GM dual roles. That there isn't really time to detail on an article and the bears' depth head coach John Fox six GM Brian taste since wolf took over. The Packers. Many Eagles on a talk about our franchises that haven't been all that good Cleveland San Francisco Miami. Tampa Bay self. Also the article he talks about it helps having an up a great quarterback. Like Roethlisberger. Like Tom Brady. In it it's hard to get past that. Knowing that they're part of the reason why you got to where you walk some you look at all the success. That this backers franchises hats instead is being here how would you split up the credit. Amongst Rodgers McCarthy and Ted for their success and I will tell you. That in a previous life added to from radio station. After. Marquette went to the final four. And Tom cream as a head coach that point. And Dwyane Wade was doing Dwyane Wade things in radical in the NBA I did a similar topics ours you know who gets more credit here is that the player or the coach. And and only time cream got one single bowl of Manny fan everybody said while now as always if there's no way there's no way to get their brows of Kris head coach or not. So I'm interested to see how this is gonna break down involving the quarterback this football team Aaron Rodgers and how much credit you're willing or not willing. To give to the general manager and head coach of this football team that's kind of the reason why. Packing a lot of toppers the and pitch it. If you aren't too sure I look over. I. I'll say this thing. And it from. From from my perspective league where folks when it comes to these three guys. And how much success. We give them all I would say 40%. Go stay Aaron rod role. Enemy. All right now right to left break 20. And we square. The black in the and very sure you can't say that the percent I don't run while you can have it I'm just there's no way it's it. Fort keepers ask it now. 40% I would say Aaron Rodgers on art as we are August. I would say 40% as Mike McCarthy. Moon and 20% missed it. That's not you're not always been on parson that is sad that. McCarthy and his coaching staff have done wonders for the what is provided him and with the different budget stamp on not to assure that get the same output butlers and that's draft so Murton Ford 42 on in. It's on here thought that on this quest for some people can they can and a 200 but wards at right around number one simple design around them and those receivers and that's a hug eager. What 147991254147991252. It is won by seven after an effect. She we will have news people that call but there Rogers want a percent or the other now I would sue. There'll be people that would give McCarthy Ted no credit for there success you know are really. Earlier from the people on his form force Irvin Emmitt Walter let me say this virus your series say that and has. Steve's reported for each one yeah correct 4040. Aaron Aaron forty McCarthy era when he chair and this. That's honored man behind your knowledge can be a hundred. When the dad 20% brawl opening. Well you don't know how long. Call it. Well. Done. Well oh yeah. At the end. Yeah. Oh. Little. My out I am gonna lie you don't irritated articles like Clemens I'm honestly. Yeah current hot Nadal I'm not done on them on that senior signal harper Ted the debt. Go to phone. I was saying here is what it was there to ten yes. Let's see the man and don't you. Readers do a Muslim but that's it's an analyst treading water may. Compton would Justin Harrell about the left preserve you got it doesn't Nolasco was outlawed preserve him. Once Daly why is Steve how hard like I had lucky tie and shoot about a guy is Haley and how odd. We've covered about as it. Give so what do. Rod has way the game. In what I'm doing unit. That's or throw. It out of it. Are any people to break all of what I already and a little bit sick it it instead. With the rest of the day we're me. In right field Hitler Kamal. I'm and you can block them block them goals. Gators are okay explained. I think the ease guys buying low right now is silent. I apparently reward. A million Euro low reward. I have 25%. Right. Aaron Rodgers. Yes it is as a 25% error Rodgers Wisconsin it's supposed to work 25 pursue your. My McCarthy. Fifty per your. Two terms. It. You give him out as you. As argue those other guys let's see where you cover from W those other guys some credit they deserve. Some credit in me but for me your yard percent of 50%. Tay had any really the same reasons. You are a percent. And they missed what you wanna do. I have seen a lot of franchises. You look and say are you thought it. He didn't immediately after. The and it. That's why there are a lot of Baer has not the norm these guys don't. They miss them. Screw up what he's going good or bad that when they are they don't like each. Detroit took. They take three receivers in the first round yeah he'll boy who go out and Rogers and drop in on Matt Millen man. Problem. What you are are. Yeah. He was a black. But night. And it. I noticed loading here. Toward if opposite McCarthy. Good that they McCarthy doesn't do a good job coaching but he did a good job as an important progress and also is Dom Capers is inept where Robertson to. And air rod skewed way of progress it is. He's offering. Led get a rot you Laura still not a not yet a year and I being fatal road derives much dreading going newness days all right there's no reason I. Ask he has. Don't years he's the first set he's a hall of fame and he always sassy to really tell me because you got a Samper has bad. You. Go for a CD is what ticket out of the muted Kurt wanna give me eagle. As get a hand. That would tougher probably sicker wanna give be giving you do you are you straight one very hard to get out of this as you get out of Austin. There. The blame yeah. Would argue I don't feel so it Deon Anderson have delayed I think you should beat a 100%. Are the ranked. Forward for us and I tortured people based Kimberly about it we'll be broad based on the logic of rolling and the McCarty should be on the hot to not to. Based on that logic because it McCulloch it's all Kurzweil. Because Ted put us open and other so it doesn't cut not get Jones there currently are gonna get him. Yeah that's a McCarthy so that are saying that we're looking at the wrong guy here untouchable percent is all it rebuilt the thing until an hour one. Don't know what it would just get new coach just the iron the difference you know. I want to do it at at. To go you're you're under Steve it to. Uggla got as a whole red now. Oh I'm go to another level meant in my level get a ring over art I am gluten. Man on FaceBook turn puts you in a post on FaceBook run and I'll so others would Saturday there is was paid you I'm trying to figure that out. There is I normally just would you arrive Boller 86396. Flights that's normally wanna you got to bad yet injuries. Oh there's another page at double what Butler for page. There is another of the what butler's pick your party there's another little white Butler TV there's another Laboy Butler storm there's a there's another low blood Boller for about how we should the least that Casale is just the it's all up on sale on brother to the guys are verified take more so just. The 86001 yet to second you know just I never signaled what Butler fan page one before what you're not a fan knew. I type this every day and I firmly against grown out patrolling yeah. Gary's used analyzed. I relaxed 86 and a legitimate. OK how would you split occur amongst a Rodgers McCarthy in debt for their success lawyer says debt on the percent why you'll get Jay or award us the one. Why you're ligament went and Arnold in the John scenes are good. Not him you know he's making more out there when he's not say not a whole title especially capers on that it's an upper years have a nightmare. Aspects or how to be and all I think McCarthy and Ted idea McCarthy and Rodgers yes and o's do yes absolutely. Yeah. Ago. Which is a touch it with. It's about Julio Jones the other day you were off I think you know run it and obvious about it Julio Jones the other is grass there you're not a problem right. Us through the number on a show pride inner voice that he's a top slot receiver and is there. Before getter you. Before. Before and you. Based on bad as he was. But now all you rat that's a question about George like thirteen year. Thirteen well I don't know that's exactly what he said not now who arrived in a lot on the line yes we got out there and yeah yeah. I. It's rounded up a guy that's accurate enjoys that next year after that come back to back did. But he would come back the years and Julio Jones by himself yes. Have you seen the scene for you yes no question about that were given a gradually got the suitable some ugly. Steve he's and it is Marco is that ought to market. But not let nobody out and Nolasco and he's a hell is about right if I wouldn't even Atlanta doing you'll hear about it. Used to get ready abort the new York red demarche whether you do Goodell Beckham now back. Would need to be good and read a mark goes to shoot. Julio in New York. You do that there right here tomorrow gamble in. How does it Friday amongst Rodgers got into it for their successful Royce is a 100% tent. Gary says 25 apiece for rod McCarty if you for tent which we have video I think 40% for Rodgers. 40% McCarthy and 20% for Ted Thompson how would you split over the what you've seven guys. 1254147991250. Tweet at a set 1057 FM the fan. Time is over area. Now watch him any go to regular season. You this year but when we come back league managers to your baby tout soreness chair where you wreck our juries are well. Out of yards believe and is now. Which extended all brown. True extended L. Valentine day should be it was indigo. Who has gotten the like grand slams I've gift you can extended out here showing but it was a day after all at Valentine's Day yesterday no art no no see that's going to be day these afforded guided his Karabakh and down. All you. Guys down. These does let me come back and on Friday business trip hit the shades darker. These these guys you see that via via returns goes. Baron over yeah I'll entries chicken. Got to create easy GA here was another girl besides the first or others follow up to publicize Allen. Make fashion question you pardon Nixon house. Are you part of what die hard next and I followed him you have what debate you have actually. Nobody has in the backseat. Are you kiss and Uga. That's OK with him Rex. Ours is actually act that I can get somebody has vaccine. Over. Buys you out of the jitters I did you know a lot of backseat now you've he would know me and I'm. Manuel faces glazed over to build that little old to be a slob all of a I didn't. We are game over to the job is true that. Is it I gotta work okay we're going yeah barges if he gets in that DP and he's legally he's in the area. And I are trying to record and losers. Having a data. If it. Look at of services lately has been location in brook trio. Of blue Marron stressing there are some concern of you guys in the east is isn't is never too late is never too late to get you girly gift. And are you guys or Jays give back in town today who if you guys are the extremists. And stuff like that out of state right. Speaking. You become internal Friday or Saturday marked guy dean Murray he's waiting for you. He's got everything in the lose Daiwa's diamond ring you'll proposing bureau he's guided two of your mortgage gal watched. He's got that two jurors are looking of services Lleyton. In late close. Freddy is being jealous about hot hand pressed on Sports Radio while 57 FM the fan's. How would have rattled. Yeah I gotta go back and see what you're that was an art how would use a lot of credit amongst Rodgers McCarthy and Ted. For their success. Sparky Gary Ellis and LeRoy Butler 41479912541479. Natural fit duel Roy Boller. We seems to be the the guy and this topic everybody is. Not agreeing what says a one under percent on the Cardinals at Ted Thompson. Over McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers what say you 41479912. With. That's gonna Jeremy Towles is your your first double wrong. Profiles of an afternoon fair and have pictured your go to guy but it. It banks gave oh gentleman I was. So much so I just was it a little differently. You know kind of Q he's an analogy to a satisfactory. Area that I'm the recruiter that. Find the talent and and the form and that you know makes him products so I think it's like 30% for Rogers. Sent current coaching staff. At 34%. Because at the guys that you know grinding and finding the talent and that McCarthy developing at which you have to have that component. And then you have to have that Rodgers component to actually be achieved which he would. Zach execute it. So that's that's all I think you know all mosques. Hole. You know Jeremy Judy easily room not a does go to America after just a horrible route and undoubtedly a larger. One that. Allows us a German who you'll think you did. There through the intervals the dirt or. 34 present I'd face of the college every how long ago. Off. Ten mentally. On Johnson's weeds out the fan Alice spark just forty era AR five McCarty twenty tad we all know they are doesn't play perfect the Packers are losing. Mike tweets at the fanned 75% Rogers and some I'll split a point 5% amongst Ted Thompson. On and Mike McCarthy. It did in a lab tweets LeRoy needs to step away from the ringgold Kool Aid putting them away. Pneumatic you know I was Dracula. And drinking it even got a cannon has marina de Madrid yeah are 4147991250. Regard next year. How shall look arm I'm trying to air for obvious eagle now be awesome to give him the forbid just got Edmonds in a book on the US army and Tex is dead bat that forces or it's normal thing is dead and Sarah. My dad is going to Pico Pont Ty Detmer. Right now. An airport yet I that was one of those guys here as well yeah I got. Texas. Lost to Brian agreeing for Brian you missed approximately mr. Ryan Braun what you got on his rent. Big guys yeah I gotta go with Sparky and that's when. I think kept getting too much credit because once you latch on Dorsey. US McKenzie and the last Schneider but it is for his outfit I mean it never would note that place there's certain 2011 Derek shall have. 2012 to get nick Perry but didn't do not until this year it has been here affect our picture all worthy last time. Real where this league realistic. It was. Yeah I'm a bit better than we weren't saying he can't miss I don't let you listen to town travel around one I mean. I mean it cannot content that we don't know about Randall did a well hopefully he didn't and you know Matthew. Well yet about 2000 and I wonder if you're still there. Are you saying when Dorsey is gone a. And blew pretty McCann C and Schneider always Seattle Oakland and and came to get into getting too much credit I think you'll have people. Well yeah and I guess we want to stop people what has me that's be fair most CEO CEO that you lose your top people has gone below. The pull back and expect. Always tell us. Rodgers we need to be on borrow now. I'll let the best to adjust and hear what the best two major obstacle of epic it can't get. Not going back it up her own zone are you know. Are Bryant can't run the game have it both ways you're now right yeah yeah. Don't just download your bottom bug Joseph was viewed as he gave what I didn't get. Campbell please. But Rogers getting too old for dropping the ball apparently dusty to get on free agency. A lot of people are Aaron as you're gone you're you're always Aaron Rodgers got eight years. And you shoot shoot. What does base and Albert what Tom Brady is Tom racing that nullified years goes. Don't think Tom Brady's had a concussion stuff that Rodgers has had either way this there are sorry that Aaron has said he's not all on the ball anymore I know one missing Mike and there will Rogers is that is the head in force obviously cautions like shields my assets are my concern my concern is his legs because again that I girlfriend hasn't. Mark is it to defend they settle Roy's logic does Belichick did 100%. Again in New England yes obviously marquis is Ozzy won an L yes. Our existing yeah this next question. Wasn't wasn't on Kyle. We get it. I figured U I got to knuckle here on FaceBook. I'd jump up as much as Rogers 98% and he ate my card gym 1% had 1% come this team doesn't make the playoffs without Aaron Rodgers the old Djokovic or are we got in here that don't like it 1% I think. I walk home a McCarty is 1% for coach now. You get to them from and he got Todd and I told us how this was gonna tell us all under the stops to state cannot do disclaimers. Doubt don't these people hate to because of bread far we need odd man has told people idol thing the shame hill's fault but it's. Yeah yeah yeah I don't I could he get it OK if I. Putted it it all right fun. I'm about you last. Sure if this car didn't bet you don't like to go as a Brit by five let's ask that question right now and we don't feel the courts like what just right now ask his. How do you still hold a grudge against Ted or Mike. A bowl. For what apple Brett Favre thank you he's still have a grudge against those people. Use a lot of grudges Mike and Ted. Because what Hamlin wrecked his life seems affect some of you do you had 4147. I as well I'd be 41479912. Fit to get to those. Call Swedes and FaceBook post coming up the first two club what was got a great place sketch all your favorite sports action sixteen pool table shuffle board. Three tornados real small tables uses electronic arts of big blog and more that he did it could be your last breath and I understand why you would get anxious as Joe's. To give amount amount of these balls out. They're big is it the fault that next to me and I got him out amount I'm just going about blacks who because I open my mouth on not. That's Patrick enjoyed an award winning fish fry eyed white guys in Friday's that's the fourth different styles of fish or. British I screwed royal they're used in right to someone else how how good my German. I I. Last year thru window at. They we have to do David Beckham led that Friday at our road you go for very tentative until what I am not a streak. There's live entertainment on Saturday nights at Dover didn't kick global what's got to do they replaced those private parties including a personal use of it. What jury pool table personal TV access to who's bunting body if you'd like your trouble was gotten to what it for 54. North grand view boulevard in want to show off the you eat half mile south of I 94 check them out at Q club of WI dot com. Q club of WY dot com. Or visit them on FaceBook. When he's being chosen a lot of press on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan don't forget admirals on tonight. Against San Antonio. Down early are going to be there from sign I'll. As well as. To Dallas specials on the food and drink tonight seems to take advantage of that. Admirals home against San Antonio tonight at mocking cancer arena course pre game coverage doesn't Aaron since an 8630 puck drop. Just after sounds. We had some endeavor slated for 230 but Cecil Wright brought this up abate an interesting question I nominee you'll actually own up to and I guess we'll find out. Don do you not want to get Ted credit. Does that does that play into the fact that you're still holding a grudge against Ted Thompson and or Mike McCarthy for what happened when Brett Favre Le Roy seems to think it does for wonderful orchestrate talent and I respect a 414799125414. 7991250. How much of this has to do with your garage. Towards Ted. And or Mike McCarthy should bureau would know Taylor's Jersey territory to the fan I guess a little bit. But not evening close the majority of the reason. Okay jolt suites at the Fed I think it's what have you done for me lately mentality. Yet success in the draft previously but not in recent years. A spared. So Taylor Mets. That it kind of. My little bit Kayla said farce set himself all good things Bucs come to an end we start to move on and it had to be done credit to Ted a fourth that. So he's saying he has a higher regard for Ted for moving on from Marten. Mike agrees with you that that probably is a reason why doesn't get to a critic as he is holding her sister. CJ tweets at the fans are the only grudges I hold against Ted. Are for all the years he doesn't go in spend money to get what we need in free agency. Okay. Reviewed too eager grab bag league manager Lou which is that he was a guard to. It's one guy in five years there or doesn't put it on defense they're in him and will be for this maybe. But they have if these days in in my we all agree it should be on the I'll tell what that I like I said before or it would do wanna run a really what I would go to Randall Cobb so I go round I'll not say about. David I don't X amount don't noticed you've got no monument. Why do you see you don't have to do that again then you or is he worth the money you're paying them. Yeah. We just gonna advertise if there is what I remembered but that's true but that's a key when he's healthy. There's over and really be one team in the there Ferrero. Their free agency really shares work for them. And they do whatever. On lead to a level. On the cheap. Knowing they bring in. Players who you you raced you who veterans who wants to noticeable. Their careers mark more times and tires and if they can help a home. They help and they don't economy play gave him a little small says ball was reported bowlers. Because they're not out a lot of money there's only one team if your owners dormant. If it was so easy everybody in the effort will be dormant future as a group you don't understand that logic is choose uses to. Logical problems and it. Are. The New York Giants me history. In they doled out a lot of money free agency and actually worked. We did Steve has been a part of this for a long long term. Steve says these cutesy almost every year one of their big name free agent and we've seen a guy I eat out where things were never work out for that to me but it is okay you can you look at the money and it Josh Norman was sharks' third. Is not even bet that in work if I managed and they work out and do work for Washington saint you know got. But it did you go to. Right materials say those teams spend a lot of money I want then right. Soul well here's your shirt. Back at. I got support here I'm I'm not our guys talked yet. But nobody's doing it really meant other than the one guy on Twitter course advantage in new bride might says he does it credit for me. And this is on a fan FaceBook page doesn't get credit for me because he has missed too often on takes of the strategy he wants to use. You travelers have to fill all the free agency not undrafted rookies either pats might. Its biggest thing this year parties. What happens we have to mayors Randle where he's an old masters and well they got a bonds back and play much better they got to be like you wanted out of was this year couldn't we bring you know to Atlanta right depart Adam's go in August and I don't know I don't know about. Do you want to know more about those duties and I do what I remember watching you thought I was gonna Collins and echoed biz guys go. And he call a lot of off. You don't connects. Those kind of ball in college Indy come to the pros and not doing unit two and when he catches DuBois and having him for doctor look at whats you went to. It's what is your don't rights record and over. And so are edges. Those two guys to mean it's gonna have to make their big jar next year MB you have a year. That Dovonte Adams now I can Wednesday he was saying they did mare's Randle was the safety in college. But for them that'd be kind of defense was an Arizona State because of defense that they Arizona's right. Yeah athlete played a good athlete played that particular safety spot run that play sort like at 3-D Chicago Bulls won net yeah but I got a little ahead to cover most of the ground so. Quite Rollins to me wasn't very questionable but it has taken a basketball player oh. He's done at a corner by Goodson Carrick Joseph wouldn't that same guy bald yeah it was a worker hollered for her rapid. Yeah in the go to sock tradition. Bob branding on FaceBook. Fan page has not nothing new Ted it's 'cause his drafts are crappy name any position other than quarterback this team as a top ten player had. Dean is entirely carried by their quarterback having him play lights out in order for them on we got a job to ease. At the position eleven Jacko. Right wild actually mean probably. Hot Clint index this year top ten safety. Oh right. Jordy Nelson. No question. Claim that he's laws anymore hollow Lawrence and does it and people aren't more people aren't. That's all that well we'll just sit when he was here. We've asked while you're here right deal and your parts of your card lead Alter immediately is to this. I saw. In fact aren't they say bet. Right now. On Tuesday length pro bowler in the backcourt Lindsay is going to be a pro bowler yeah all the yeah us. JC try to. On the legal people. He's in the pro bowler. Losers when I think that's his old school guys who are probable cause it's obvious that these folks talk about treatments gotten otherwise and draft and well I come home and lie it's odd. Based book double doesn't blame Chad for Brett but he does say he doesn't it cred to get he has nothing on defense. Lot of draft picks of the barriers they were lovers Rondo and he you know dropped back Roberta deuce next year. Kenny Clarke I like him not to go again small. Yeah he's just the but he and her. I'm article I'll attempt to play good mistress missing all take I could tell about come back up now you're talking about what you drive you drive it coming up next LeRoy I wanted to do to stop. I didn't Arnie Gary and holed out by the rules why why out of resume is Cameron on this he wants talk about well I don't want to lose what I thought about it tonight and I don't mean to break I don't know who else should mean a great parents are about it. Do you have a problem with some of these major players not going to White House 4147991250. 4147991250. And I guess if you're James lightning you would have to fly there if you were gonna go you could it is. Drive again you have my Juno strike CB Wednesday. You know it was did not make the he pulled out photo it would. It's his back is if he's been sponsored budget is. Nice yeah. He's should sponsor tiger drive them right on his career and retired denies he's would try to Wright retires where Taylor Mays should play better. You got an honest response to budget misses I didn't island and a little if you ever drove one lately. Well I mean because if you think about Judas is is is really Hyundai started a Bible who doesn't want you. Measure stress it honey look real software as service Regis north. College everywhere you look and give the best deal in the best as possible on a new or used Villa queen -- over might jewels tries. Give their opportunity to earn your business because they want to do they Oreo facilitated deal. To hear you. Get a car at the right price cart and its unique. Go check mark today my original stressing Gundy look you know software as service regions nor the college. When he makes jokes are a lot expressed lob mold Chevrolet studios. To spark fiber very Ellison. Back our hall of Famer Lowe Roy Butler. They we really need to do this other topic for say but governor ABC audio video flat screen. And fire home entertainments of simply done right visited ABC audio video that cop. They're debating. And ESPN Tom waddle and company. Robbed they're gonna get tag or flagged it. And nursing paying make varied attack there is no way that linebacker number. For nick Perry would be fourteen million dollars there is not much hands on Pena to nick Perry fourteen million dollars for one year. As much slower that's a must and then look at the numbers. Albert birds weed out what the numbers were going to be for each position. Earlier today quarterbacks when he one point four million. Running back as twelve point two million why Percy you're fifteen point 78 highest are no doubt that's not biased he fantasized. Fourteen point 37 for Altman's a linemen tired and nine point 84 defense event seventeen million for defense and that. Ebert to tackle thirteen point 47. Linebacker fourteen point 64. Quarterback 1431. Safety. Ten point 97. I act kicker or punter. Four point 87 million. In the punters in almost five million dollars a year and you ask can you plea football. Ma be upon our animal go right at the opponent on you can notice house say he's down there with. Just a while sticker tires and did the work necessary and safeties are involved and it yet December you know have a great safety and you team it'll. A deep. NASA's going you are right LeRoy. So a total of six players Donta hightower Martellus Bennett Chris Long DeVon McCourt Alan Branch and like Garrett blocked. All southern I gonna make the trip to DC with the Patriots is all season they cited different reasons for skipping it ranging from one end to see their families to not feeling welcome and president Donald Trump. Office. Tom Brady in response to this said quote everyone has their own choice there asserting years later Kobe years ago I wanted to go and bad. Did he had a opportunity based on the scheduling we didn't get told until ten days before we're going and that point I had something that I'd been planning for months. It was shop. Brought. Brady's sad quote putting politics aside never really was a political thing at least it never was for me. Which is always some NL as a privilege to be able to do because it really meant you won a championship and you've got to experience something cool with your team and your teammates. Okay and the right before we get in your take on this is why I political ago. He says it's not political writer argued your take on did you go this the white took it okay. Meg man did not correct Nightline he Dick he just it would the country wanna Webber's that's what it was prior look at it's would talk about. Dick spiritual player's standpoint as far as what that day or days or like when you get to do that. And everyone thank Tom Brady is right about because so many people visit the White House. It is a scheduling thing so when you actually get contact a White House and say. You know this is due date in the team gets it to you some guys. Know ask you know some to do I mean. You guys are on cruises over again you know monetary. Passes or whatever but I remember when. W. George W came to practice. Where nice guys have a mystery you know Iranian. Yeah calmly organized I mean I meant ten nice guys. In my lifetime battles like you know president worthy. Or like top nice guys. He came to practice. And guys were those you know do more and I immediate. I'm a man's president. One associate me about it Brett. So and then I remember when. Clinton came. Just a bit about what comes to green. It just it is just when it didn't come out there when. I was scared to your team and missed out by the sooners. So they did the Packers to take it to you serves back then how I'm young I don't I don't are guarded and yeah I Vizquel I know I. I think they could be faster. There are probably other really good player yeah yeah I gonna happen me so you were so where he got this team is think is service. Guys. Some of my address you know sue dart less about Jeff I mean you know. But I remember him Clinton came and some guys in the locker room not wanting to. Engage him could they were Republican turnovers. Which is five now. If I remember. Breaking that. Because Robert Brooks it just put out at Lambeau leaps off jump in the Stan. I say man I seniors give me coming here give me this CD I'm too out there and give the top. Obviously Nam and as you look at a lot of rest you. Legacy as somebody. He's strapped now. Pia had to dragons can I do does and they said no you cannot give the president and it estimating him. Went out to a it was about it and see it in school parred. Talk on the list ability to get in that no matter. So now. When you get to the White House at the got tallest or before. I'm I'm trying to patrol as he was more now so we see you can't go around his weight can't go here there when asked I'm trying to either group I was trying to goes. 88. Spear through its Lionel slant Arab memo zoo Steve I remember guys not wanting to com you mentioned that. Did you imagine this story on sports center. Packers lose a Boller in White House stuff sure the searches are not pitches down a artist you know. Steve are memos by 45 guys. There we had to push in the pitcher's right you gotta be and you gotta come out like come. Anyone come and was it now on to be a team a would have. So when this happens. It was I want to players. I know it eventually do it does it could be political because they're the reason why they're not going. Is because it. President try and his policies of use what Erica I mean every attack to president does something ineffective about. But Tom Brady. Heating get a lot of he and get a lot of global bill back when you build a bomb they just say man easiest on the deuce on my series on shop and it out Austin. In peavy just drop. But these guys. A just get roasted. Because is due to a data wanna goal. Hey this is America you don't have to do it. But when you say the reason why I'm not going is because. You know what he's there for all of sudden have this policy as whatever gas when it's that. Issue a goat thing tune although says. Mean person not I mean I've got to did it how is he got you have to go right I've been to DC. And I know done all that stuff out there remarks him and years ago so then there I just. Personally mean your opportunity go to DC check out different stuff in DC nation's capital and mean I go walking with the president don't care ams all the experts say out I saw this hustled as a man how pretty cool at sicker services yet. Mean you pit their club but more experiences. And just. Mean president Correa right and that's why I think it's a big deal and these guys don't wanna go so be it it's different if you have a team that's gone to three Super Bowls role its Cowboys back in the day they were just there last. In doing goes all the times in. It was due to these things by SC. Controversy about the heads a little courses here do you have a problem with the guy I'm not at all no. Really do what I read I don't I don't have to do whatever you I just think as a leader. Who disputed team Tom Brady he's put in a tough spot compete with the heat and go to. To. While Obama because he's a Republican but he's colonies are always yeah ago while I'm breach in the united White House I am a city at a family obligation. But. But my thing is. This is sort of when Joselio. When he is yeah we're used BQ for the team is not about politics of personal. That's why he was saying we were in his wood registering it. He had just come out on it cycle people they Duke he had the trop had in his life doctor. Anthony's it is and then when you get that yellow the president always want to go to two at the captain. You know this is did did like the pictures whenever. I had to walk around is only the cap you remember a ball in the batter's line last annals of a deal about Woodson as his old speech and everything else smells momma. And that sell it know some guys. You know didn't wanna dueled it but they did it. For the most part I think officers to. So I don't know to be but haven't if no one has a probably I think I applied I applaud adults say. Is there right I'm a promise that I'll bucks play night there in Brooklyn take on the next nets don't want to box. Are good as brook where seemingly. Heard single it's easier to beat in a single digit wins I think they're solid nine wins as last checks should be behind I'm 46 but Bucs fans but John's your pizza party headquarters you. Did 50% off all regular menu price Pete has odd line the day after the buck scored ninety points or more that you beat her. Good pocket Johns dot com enter promo code bucks ninety. Box ninety bucks 90 for 50% off all pizzas and Abby tomorrow. After the bucks or higher once you know the bills Irish jokes you were able to ask your question on to order to get the admirals again. Yeah are you where you want me I'm Don muffled a march or they're going to let you know I'll have three kids to be dealing with in the stands. One of which is gesture the baby together QB. Touching each other constantly complain you know you read it yeah no I looked dead body yeah exact popcorn. No dollar bills and on my hand. Yeah I am not one he would not like solar popcorn. Forgetting about the only. And you're in the middle yeah I give up that make him understand. I don't I have you doubled those guys. You sub mess around out UN in one of you your bowl game grounded toward. No American medical bad sold under the that I broke a dual problem. I do you think for anybody if they are horsing around and something happens after all fall for hours general. Well I didn't think anybody grounded a ball apples and apples and tell you I look at him you cannot master I don't I don't routed one class so I have. And I'm just not I don't notice with the dreaded words yeah well I'm not an agency to a three minutes. So who are legit cold I think. I've ten to twelve this I don't know now know what do this on purpose because the other one and another digit. Fly it. Do what you O nine and I'd like that does I'll separated couple one on one side yeah. And right now that that's what I try to do. Okinawa mom used to give the best there you know hole right now that's right that's they're still exists for the bulk of Brooklyn did you sports lives here with fantastic I don't buy out the other side. Did you. Edge or linebacker that did it first round pick for the Packers.