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John O’Hurley known as Seinfeld’s “J. Peterman” joins the show!

Feb 15, 2017|

02/15/17: Actor John O’Hurley stops by

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rather go Michael show continues. We are so glad to have you as always. Every now and then we get a chance to deviate a little bit though away from the world of sports in when we do it's usually it's usually fun yesterday were just. Wacky and stupid today. He's just fun it is. Privileged because there every year we usually get to somebody. That comes back from sign felled and the admirals do this so well they do great events over there at UW panther arena. Milwaukee admirals been doing this for years now and they always bring them to us I don't know why silly we became so privileged but we are completely honored. To have have one of the actors John overly. Who play. On FaceBook in the blue check mark in your finest there but you're in studio this John welcome and how you doing thank Q thank young fresh off an airplane yes. What Harrison Ford to brought in so that was good news or less well you know. I would act Arnott missed his skills. You know what go much of what Broadway was at. I'll okay yeah I just little little left what was his what was his so's statement to the tower that was it was nice most of us place bush be underneath me at a at a which was the exact opposite of the plane was beneath him that said who is this idiot flying above its yeah exactly so welcome Tom you've been in this area before but we are seeing you're talking because. You do a lot of the stuff we usually for Minor League Baseball not necessarily my only hockey it is and then in fact I haven't done a might I I can't say that I've done a hockey game and I'm so throw tonight here that the entire game is going to be done on skates I think that's wonderful. I just like a while. What was a coincidence that the talent yeah. No idea but I do mean. I'm love I'd like love the concept of minor league sports because it makes sports accessible to the family anywhere in the country there's a minor league teams it's. Hey they're creative about the way they market games and make it fun it's a great you know you're watching the top skill level on on the teams to skill sets are incredible wealth and you're also finding a way to. Make it make it an approachable for the families as well I just totally supported the spent in baseball makes it especially when you go around the country's great. The great. Doug AAA double even that you can single late teens and I even try harder to data market toughness that's certainly you know and always have spelling bee -- exactly. I mean obviously you do a ton of these the notoriety you received a off of signed felled fantastic print people for young made Africa but they probably recognize you even even more today for those that weren't born in the eighty's and ninety's and don't watch reruns. You're on Dancing With The Stars as well the first season of dancing Austria actually they kind of built the series on the back of the settlements there and it was saw yeah I was of his car that was a bizarre. I'm because that was. They did they were scared to death of what they had done. They didn't know and I looked at that I'm looking at the executives at ABC and ago respects this is going to be fun it. And Mason and and they only you know only one it was just like all of a 2.0. And they had instead they had nineteen million people watching the grew to 37 man over the summer. And it became such a hit and especially that first year we became very controversial because the voting shall skew and they. And really figured out what it was going to be slowed the fans reacted we ended up having to do it to our dance off which I finally won. So I turned basically. Something as elegant as ballroom dancing into the WWF yeah. You bin. They ballroom there I had no clue what I was to absolutely not but I do. I can memorize body movement and that's always been a look at but the way the body moves like okay short was packed and long enough. I look at all these different elements. And so that's the way I learned to advance I don't learn by counting. I'm not a dancer they go you do you talked to dance as they go okay I'm 78 of their opinion you know like 72 and then 1233. In here. I can't do and it's not a I think and I had to have my whole language that I developed so okay and we do these little stepping things. And then we turned around the shoulders and bounce bounce bounce and on the toes and that and if so. My. My partner shot lot of Jorgensen back in the first season to Dancing With The Stars she was the number one ballroom dance from the world and she had to learn my language in order to instruct me how to. To rail I had to chip target area OK then we do the bounties in a sudden this is all she could to. As it was hysterical. But it worked it worked because if I had my language and I had my imagery and so I was able to pick it up pretty quickly what that translates into acting aiming and things that you do and things you incorporate yourself into whatever it is your character is an obviously ended a speech and language in the way to deliver that speech and it was enough first year I think the success that I had as I made a performance that we have you know we have a story for every dance that we did at the beginning and middle and then. And and that was that that was the fun part not what we did that first year Dancing With The Stars that they don't do anymore as we had to over all four. Corners of the stage and that's a 175. Feet. It you'd have to be a cutting horse to do to. And I remember you know a biggie that bring you back for the interview there in front of the you know that the judges there and Tom Bergeron is there you know if you know trying to have a casual conversation with the RU meanwhile you're going to. And I mean. I can't get all your other me yeah so they stop that immediately and then. Seasons that followed they just basically debts for a minute and twenty seconds in the middle of the dance floor so. Should end that we had to pave the way I was gonna say you know nine parts marine boat cramp one part in our deal part of the first free agent for them and that way they connecting all the money now goes everybody else but you really wanted to be cutting edged up. What is the most. In regards to sign felled I I don't wanna see what is the best memory because there's so many ambled what is. What would you take away from that series the bridges the enormity of that street what are you take away from signed for all you know I think the bottom. It was slow and it did it it was kinda I hate to say the privilege but it really was a minute to go on with anybody to do that role and somebody would've figured it out but. From the to the chance that during their championship seasons for the four of them though I was there I had a chance to kind of you know put my finger through the belt loop for the franchise. And be around four of the smartest actors on television combined with. A group of writers that were the most innovative in contemporary comedy because. As I said to my manager after that first table read I called him and I said this is the number one show on television it's not funny. Yeah no it doesn't read funny. It played funny. And that's what I didn't realize I had been on on the sitcom the all the whole new ballgame also on ABC or on ABC not a CBS was on. But on ABC the night and we've been canceled the day before after three quarters of the season. And and true to form it if it was my show it was canceled and and I went out to dinner that night with my manager trying to take the cancellation is personally as I possibly could crying in my beer chair and Larry David's office called so we have this guest stars can be on the put in the showed him. And Donald you know to an up and have fun so c'mon over for the table read moves which put it up and Nolasco. So now. I wanted to. Among management so just on thank you but. And wanna get storms familial should show up from shooters chops coached. Us. Yes and mr. peacock here is so there's such I'll show them pretty discouraging. You are currently not working he had not hit exactly what did daddy didn't fallen the next morning he called me sort of at wake up mr. wonderful and go in a blow out your system and and I didn't. And I would say again I it was such an education for me because it was learning a new style of comedy I bought that. Sit coms were all about setting up the choke. Deliver the punch so now choke up the and if you listen to all other sitcoms and that's what it dead right now done and and an up ball. And I was always mindful wants unfold you played the scenes. Honestly and then when they stacked the scenes together. And took. These three disparate story lines and have them all Criss crossed one point it was hysterical. And that was a success so as it did to take away really was. Which Shakespeare used to set was used to say the play was the thing it was never about the actors the producers or whatever the marketing it was always play the story. And signed fell was the greatest example is always about. And the writing was on shape. And the more Peter min was there and the more they embraced the character. They had more fun writing long form for him and he was of raving lunatic but there was always a monologue where he would just take a left hand turn and you couldn't see it coming. Sadly most of those cut cut from the show now. Probably just about yeah I was gonna say it always watches from the out takes up that they had on on the big dvd series now. And have a lot of that stuff in there whereas and so Mario is so much it was just it was on the script and they just took off and and everybody's play off of I I will give you one of them. Okay that is so good it is I think it's the best some of the best writing that they ever did and was during the friars club episode when Rob Schneider was the guest star that week and he was playing. Mike Hart of hearing assistant mean and I thought that to Ian and I was at and and consequently he couldn't hear me every time I gave him an assignment. And so ice left off on a lane. Well I mistakenly thought that he and Elaine were having a little had talked kept on mom's office time. And done so I decided I was going to play cupid and I walk into her office late in the afternoon and I tell of the chi and Bob can knock off a little currently. And I sat down two tickets to the Kara match up problems circus and I totally can. She looks at me and so I have just Lichter ear and chipset and a she goes bomb. And I said this is what this is what was cut a set all Elaine don't worry I too am no stranger to love on the clock. As a young led my father apprentice me to a hobby of factory and at least. The chief beekeeper was just horrible Hannibal woman would not or deepened on giant walk that she called on nose woke. She was not attractive even buyback would standards. But love story behind the line and there's a day's what I'm working closer and closer to get a sweet smell of honey an air. I knew I had to have that horrible creature and I get so you would Bob. And have a good time tonight. Let's amid much of a description regular figuring one of the at least people like not attractive Avon five backwards fast. Where the voice come from. Because you're so mild mannered sitting here talking to him until it was a Bouvier tornadoes are regular it was it's one they first sent to catalog or big sentiment just said that we just want him to sound. The way the and if you read it and if you go to. Of these of this Oxford buttoned down and and has. But it has a Hemingway's style adventure story that's attached to a romantic story or acting up. I you know I was swimming in the mile you know I was standing there are no amber waters of both Rivera again geez elbow to elbow with the fish wives of New Delhi. Earning the gentle laden. River laundering and putting the last minute speech and on a pair of baby blue boxer shorts and I thought. In homage everything had to listen everything had this you know route this romanticism. Too so. So it's just they showed they give it to me so they give me the catalog and I say are so loose character. Sounds a little bit to me like. A forties radio combined with a little bit of a bad Charles. Yet you know what I mean so what had that wild adventure but everything that's very important right it was rod sterling it was Sihanouk Kuralt it was all of these but that sense. Meaning everything even a trip to the latrines have made from you know for many it's not an outside. So you go from getting your series canceled due to did you do that at the table when you read with those those that reactors for the for calling Billick yeah and they just it I remember one night. That's what it would it was a it was the opening her that first scene where I catch Elaine in the rain and and she says I'm sorry I didn't know where I was I didn't look relish going and I respond to her. With the most profound line I think I've ever heard I think there's just absolutely profound to listen well that's the best way to get to somewhere you've never pit. Can get a lot of I was a little run because it's a beautiful answer regularly go to regardless tonight and I'm not a problem at all road and wanna that particular point attack came illegal Brohm and pay real quick before yeah we let you go obviously going to be goodnight you know let me go Iowa Cubs your you know what day it got we got fired another another segment coming up and you stay right through that. Hong Blake you're also golfer to Gregory from I am now going to miss them myself it's the game I played with some absence of the league it really usually go to. There's Joseph zone like a freakish golfer over a British golfer he's just a freak of a quad Simeon has mis do it and what you were the John Daly cancers of the finals I am far I don't a previously had to wait I just love the pictures when we started to count on you know do research for background via. Everything came up with you playing golf cool it is and I also if you ever wanna do if you ever want to have some fun if you go to YouTube. And look at some of the videos that I've done I do infomercials for golf products that don't exist and they are out of this world. One of them is my golf all the light endorse called Russia in. Are there are a NGE. Yeah first of all America players on the glass ball left to endorse. And I like I have club are by the way people are buying the loser everywhere I've been there and outside you know. By above a ball pitfall. A atlas right dimples warmed smooth for scary distance you know. I'm familiar little red line that points the way home. I you don't have to worry about these babies back and up on agreeing they had straight to the pin and beyond shot. This golf course you've ever played like oh gosh mom. Might just. Played one in Hawaii. One mark sneaky on the big guys can it is absolutely breath taking and it put a half. 500 million dollars into this development and most of it into the course I mean it is beyond belief beautiful. And it has that tellem that salt water turf now that the use it and kind of water we practiced water so that everything stays perfect and they don't have to worry you know they can use something right off the water table. On that may be the prettiest course I've played is just breath taking over there. But I go back to my standards of a Pebble Beach is my favorite that's the cathedrals actually gone engaged in the seventh hole I hit the ring in the third hole there at the seventh hole. And my wife and I who my wife is a scratch golfer she was number one for Baylor and to me she's law employee number twelve of the Golf Channel while Arnold hired her there but to. Yeah I mean she shall shooter which will play for three months and then sure little 68 or something like that him. So anyway anyway we're playing under the in the ring was in the hole now and then she had to pull the pin and find that there and how nice is that I'm home incurable romantic. Well at least you have like a terrible hole or she walked off they'll know. Well it actually you know the true story of that is actually it it it really did because she. I was in you do have time for the shoot up I'd go ahead I it I I took her up to the seventh hole at 530 at night. After a so we're gonna play schools can withstand so it was my birthday so it's a brother and remembering it by interest growing old from of the year I'm gonna remember my mind gauge. So Tucker out there and so we're gonna play that the seventh hole as the skins game to bring a fresh hundred dollar bill maybe I should thrash. And I said to put the clubs in the back in it never occurred to her that you don't just hop and a golf cart and go up to the seven pole and play a skins kick it. Right right I don't allow about it you know it's 500 dollars to play here and and it's certainly not going to be a 530. So into the she was not in suspicious about that. So we get out there and I huddled all champagne and everything all set and I have hired a photographer to sit in the course underneath. The and he had his spy lands there with this camera attached. And we're gonna record this thing because I've already had them place this four carat diamond in the hole in a box. I figure 305 yards right trigger what I do is take an extra club and blow it into the back trap and I know she was gonna stick and on the pin so log to adjust teller you know honey just pull conforming and I'll try and should pull the pin to camp a drop to my knees and demise. Heartfelt ton proposal to her not the way it happens. A mr. special here hit a perfect shot and I was about four feet from the pin. My wife blows it into the back trapped she's on the up slope she tries to get it out blade it across the green because into the front trap knocked from that. She hits it about ten feet from the pin on now she's seething because that hundred dollar is gonna disappear and that's all she's thinking of meanwhile I'm going Howe who can he adapt the script after script c'mon buying couldn't have a liberal have negative I want all you got shot I'm I'm Bruce Willis and you know in diehard going think think think think think think. I civil sweetheart one that you just pull the pin and I'll put you lot of your misery. Yeah cool don't say that are at a chart anyway she just got matters so she goes over to the pin she pulls it she goes I can't there's a box and here so we'll we'll really. Hit it pulls the pin. She throws the pin off the green and the box with it I'm not watching a written blocks in the fourth here ring disappeared towards the ocean. Surrounded by the end to surf and its wind and it's everything their beautiful day but windy and Dane nationalist. So. It's sitting over there off the green like that. And and as she goes by meet she pushes me doctors like. Started to kneel down to do my proposal and she pushes me down unlikely she just owe you 100 dollars leave me alone and she goes to her blocked. And I'll online on my back the ring and the PN are now twenty feet off the green. I've got a photographer in the bushes who has stopped shooting because he figures she said no he couldn't hear. So I've got this whole thing you know fallen apart from me I'm lying on the ground looking straight up in the air and I sit sweetie the box was for you. And into his second she burst on to your she got it immediately in the funk. Our summiteers took her what I didn't figure honestly you can't put the ring on over a golf club Scioscia to have them the whole thing Monica. So I did my heartfelt and then finally he started shooting against and we got some of the yeah aspect gets a laugh and Ellis Jody I really was my shut up but it was a most of that was the most expensive hundred dollars I have a Mets general outline that I O -- a great story you're going to be at or Eagles game they can catch it there they don't office they guy and he'll take pictures and they'll try to helicopters that will do always hit your oil training saying you wanna go have you ever played whistling or Erin hills where they've held the PGA championship and US opens come and actually thereof yup they're very good friends of ours stats into play we play on we have played over the dunhill cup together out there but the two of them so it's lovely people and meant hesitant whistling sisco is just. Extraordinary and absolutely there's and then an innings doesn't and then make a great toilet it's different acts up so at least you know afterwards your object so discovered. Always auto reported counter Allen and I on the golf course. But there's so much better than that post John is a pleasure and here credibility givens people's pleasure for so many years tonight reruns and in the originals is fantastic so thanks so much for coming on the going to be here actually generally joining us for a couple of managed. Biederman in studio.