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Woelfel: Tony Bennett would be a good replacement for Kidd

Feb 15, 2017|

02/15/17: Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times and says there are rumblings in the Bucks hierarchy about the future of Jason Kidd. Could his job be on the line?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gary I don't know man. I'm glad they're better than an aquarium media Brooklyn so its success. Jimmy hasn't been out like that then it's all battle awful. And this you really like elk all were in a. Yeah I did there absolutely terrible. I mean just terrible Eddie and here's the other question for area. Thug god forbid but what would you make of tonight's game as the bucks you go in there and lose. I think Jason Kidd or that I start acting suck or luggage. Packed. I. Don't think he. Those were bet there's some people. In the error you have heard it would be a little jab right now you're more it would report. I don't know don't put up. What does that criticism what does it criticism inside of Jason Kidd. Well I think that that that they're just underachieving. He duck or probably yeah it's strictly believe without. Middleton about being out horror you know also see that they should you play a team that works out. Ed even booked for the Gloucester art our current but it lost eleven of their previous twelve games. So. Had to recruit so let me admit and its Europe's. I several occasion. Treatment they lost to they have no rights but so. Motivational factor I think so orders. They'll let him just you know. Being double play wanna I wanna play at you know where Florida and that's not a Duke's it's. I got in this discussion two days ago I brought it up on the show yesterday some people thought I was crazy but I said. His big people talk all the time out if Jason Kidd gets canned who do you want and I'm sure that there's some quality assistance they're looking to be head coaches in the NBA right now specifically with a young team. And I say the only guy and I I hate the thought of college coaches are really are. The only guy that I think he coming Garner respect right away and I'm not even talk of the Tina would be John QB John tell a pair. Yeah he would actually yep yeah my short list although it that you built into college line why that would be Tony Bennett. And you know outside it is several guys play so it shouldn't yeah. And they simply ripple bottle but it wobbled all. Mean. He called Stony Brook the goat in. You know script went out to. Jabari. Does it better than coach came in. And of course Smart and they've really hold him expedient. There are a fact he was once and you have order. You know yet yeah yeah oh so. Yeah I mean if I want the charge. Those to get it up my work. Would you have enough money to bring them out of their their jobs I mean that I just got a hefty raise this past off season we know Calipari between. A you know his regular salary and what the bush is a given him down there Kentucky I mean he can write his take over the rest of his life. Not that a little bit you know he should be happy actually get sort of yeah it's out there. You know Tony Bennett he's got a situation. Well it. I think we lost here. And oh yeah. Are there. Yeah we got you now Leo you dropper minute. Out there at the end like a tactic wrote up which don't pay a flat out that you've been out but don't ever operation coach Jerry. So yeah I think you were. It and he's sort of you now you would have any problem. We got Gary with a better singletary wall for other scene journal times started some bucks basketball where this and so we got Gary Beckham like Gary I Brett fronts of the as usual when you're talking about JC kid and some people in the quote hierarchy. I guess my question becomes it if the people that are in the hierarchy are the ones that are actually the decision makers. Mom is this maybe in reference to going back to when he did not make a post game appearance maybe there was a little bit of but talking to going on or is this just overall. There's an unhappiness right now for the record that this team happens. Yet they have more overall I've not really sure so it's what went down. You know that Palestinian situation which were not highly of usual between. NBA. Coaches that are are well aware that they shot or. Some better. Yeah NBA office you know problem at the end the point where I'm coached for national. In all the years that covered well but never had a coach that shall of one so what can sit there. Very very in usual what. And in the bigger picture there the more upset where you know that the spirit that will control much. There's player to trenchant and that's been widespread would definitely current with. Several players. At such people while mile or more. A mile or more you not a very corporate Jets with Chad this week. What he conclude been happier to get out tile. In at least a tricky moves look several players. You know but it they're big catch those Jason Kidd has a three year extension. Mean you know do you always want to pay that. The other they're sorted majority Auburn. I'm not sure all three. Have the same strong they'll they'll what you should that there and Wear out. And get it done like father are or aren't so I just of people as. They record certain little will actually. Hum. What I mean obviously this to be something that would come down towards the end of the season I'll think anything's going to be made during the season. But. I guess do that guys on that team still believe in what's going on which Jason Kidd. Well that that's. And now we need to I don't you don't I don't think they do and I'm not trying. But bare majority or even the majority. Collier there are orders that are you know. Definitely question unit has moved in his older. They're the worst of all they've they wonder Jason Kidd wants to coach and Milwaukee. In you know players are talking like Batman and people that work with Jason you know since same thing about. How all the Indians were listing but you know real problem. When it's interesting in the sense that for a while I thought boy a lot of these guys really were in the armor. With Jason Kidd and while now don't don't really no way I don't know these guys also have the same belief in Jason Kidd or they just figure you know way. It was great to watch him play what he certainly not the same guy so to speak. Yeah you know what I thought was very eager to go your that I yeah I haven't talked about. It's played him in get a cab and about how he was in the corner. And off since that time he couldn't do what you know. That simply have a good support for last year and missed it should help. You you don't put your best player incorporate that or now it's on their work. Way to go straight at yeah defender there or. Winds project going well. You know but I thought I was told that he brought Cerrato. Now no doubt about it Gary good stuff was always appreciate it glad we got a better signal a clear few things up and we'll chat again real soon okay. I'd like to artillery bigger Gary will for the receipt journal times joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider orange challenge matter hiring drivers right now you work hard. They treat you fair eighty plus years having any it and call an 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com.