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Johnson: Tanking should not be in the Bucks' vocab

Feb 15, 2017|

02/15/17: Gus Johnson, Fox Sports and Bucks TV Play-By-Play Commentator, discusses the team's playoff hopes heading into the All-Star Break. Gus defends why it's important for the Bucks to make the playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go to the man the myth the legend himself but he is on the fox sports in a box TV play by play commentator and that's Gus Johnson joining us now on the shatter orange shall I say nobody. We're up try to go we are doing well I wanna just make sure I get this correct because people so talk about the whole tank train think he's when you're trying to lose on purpose in the future is losing games because you're losing games that is not tanking manages losing ball games so I wanna get that on the way do you see at the same one. Well critical I think that worked a should be taken out of the walk after Larry. The books and not trying to make any game yet done that when every I mean without question it's not eaten. Our thought. Taking the coaches. And the players deep seeded. He wants to win the games you feel the entire organization feel that they're not that far away from making the playoffs they put together and I salute streak. When you don't win and it in and night it make it three in a row heading in the all star break there. Psyche I think you would just you wonderful breaking Coca some days caucus Rask. And they come back in you know short second half he couldn't be ready to work that they. You know that he feels they have players that what we. Bard went down and not a huge blow catastrophic blow the organization is not only you bricklayer but he good good person. So they're gonna Lipton on a day to day basis but I think they're trying to win every. The eat you talked about the team MB not that far away from the playoffs. This team with Al Jabari seems to its kind of like one a a star player goes down you got to figure out three or four other guys to step up Beasley has been a guy that I think has earned additional minutes moose has played extremely well. They've been able to distribute the basketball and they've taken better shots and they're hitting now when they're not hitting you're looking for other guys. So talk to me about how this team has been his kind of reinvented itself without Jabar. Well I had a bit very long current law all. Don't feel that they made it would be better teams without our. I think you're absolutely right in that Heatley is always. A score at that hasn't really reach the superstar but it too many people out that he had. Come and and they. But I think it eat a wonderful addition to. That it had to do on the around. You know kind of quirky. And we know that he could get bucket soul. Who Jabari big below what they are quite easily double it starting to round you're 80 do that yet he's. Is let go and you know after the all star break with more time. You know to work out in the work on it shot. The big guy and obviously I'm honored at a spectacular season so. I think they have some good part of that they have excited he's back and get into the playoff with a seat bottom half. Prop eight need to. Mean you get records being insurmountable so. You know I think a win could not I really think it might be another that you know they've lost 46 game. They're playing at home to new York and note there's going to be some light shining on the box because yeah honest government and now. So when in this game that I make it real for the break. The going into the all star break and I'd I guess my question is with the all star break. Coming out of eight. This team they'd talk a lot of talk about did trades and whether or not they're gonna trade up for they're gonna trade down or they're gonna sell the going to be buyers. Ice ice seem to think that post season experience for this team right now wasn't a necessity do you feel the same. Not a 100%. You know Jake it was 41 at 41 its first you're rated the first round playoff loss. Believe it six the Chicago. That was a great building block you know they could go backwards last year. But you're absolutely 100%. Right I think this is pretty. Keen that organization want to go to the quote he's not about. Mean I guess it's always about building for the future but right now it's about get and they feel that they have a team that can do it. If they could just put it together I think that more than anything it stark on. Really know where they're supposed to go because he coaches every day at practice they're teaching these guys where to go. Would it be how to rotate. And they get in the game sometime today. They just blank. You know it is go to black and I think. You know obviously. You know the players have played better the coaches coach better put a home defensively. They would Chris back in the air they do with respect it and there he's got to not only great. Jump shot at. Offensive ability he has a great my game basketball or bulked Orton I believe one of their best defenders so I think things don't get better at. Epic this second half. That the after a win that night in you're coming in Brooklyn is going do wonders for the team that audio organization as a whole. So I would Gus Johnson fox sports in box TV play by play commentator bomb. How wing Malcolm brought himself a couple of weeks ago that you can't use being young is an excuse anymore. Publicly that's wonderful to say that how much truthfully canyon say. That this team can use youth as an experience is in an experience as a crutch so to speak. Well they can. But they don't needs shoot. Think not right. I mean they are still pretty young. But at same time. Get ridiculed the second half of the season so you not a freshman your sophomore. And it's carpet in the step up and I think the thing about our Olympic talent alone does beat kids on the team. Bothers me is that when they get down. From doubt it'll happen like. And I don't know what that comes from sideline I don't know where it comes from like they don't play art. I mean our yeah and I think that with Dwyane Wade. And Jimmy Butler were saying about double B you know you got to wait wait you were champions to Butler got cute. You know our work here. Even creditable don't play hard I think in. And you see it would Milwaukee home record there's not that had the urge the Sixers are committed here. Mean it is after. All you gotta be like that you gotta when you're old and I think would gate that is. Bat. I think what they're trying to you would try to find a way to push they'll let them make these guys are hungry. To want to win every night. Play hard every night late like. If you who played more like it like yeah. Game like it to the perfect example. It has become an in the beat yours the that. Like eater I 460. They blocked the number of games in a row in did it but still not going to be it. Go. What do they would know situations and oh lead they get a little bit better in terms of urgency. I think they're the worst night in and night out. As we had the second half. Real quick I wanna go back to something you send those playing defense and I've always said defense is in defense comes from within it's a hard thing they're in chicks don't dig the cut off the baseline they dig a three we know that so. It's not a glamorous thing to do but I thought when they brought in a guy like Delaware dove. Tony snell when he brought any zip veterans it would try to sell this that this team defensively would did better what do you think it's gonna take for this team to get better defensively. I think the basic thing with them what people tell me the run organization. Is that on defense they don't communicate and I that would explain a lot. Not that goes into the U you know. Who the leaders that. Yeah isn't just necessarily one point but it's talk it. You know or pick and roll is you know here comes a pick to the right you know look whatever whatever language. Languages. Making it lout. You know. You know communicative. Or the whole key. I think if they talk on each and more but I mean how do you get in the Socrates it is that's not their natural personality they're happy the EE eight a catalyst. Act didn't get it is. Set up. That dispenses. A little I. So to speak I don't know that is on the team it'll it'll see Michael talk. Reports that he might we might. Young guys. You know do the right thing say that right saying Chad Eaton fool. You don't have a lot of jerks Eddie teacher. So. The WD deck it's kind of what a jerk. Mean yeah in. Forceful. To. Get younger guys in gear that would Charles Oakley was good network over and it. Doug Oakley was great country it pocket on EU. Alum and every non junction uttered out score gave. It to guard a guy is the bugle call. Set up I think that's been missing more than anything and that would be the better of that and that exactly quick little. I think he can beat Jack I think you. Lot say. Got a best players aren't that player but I think when healthy this is Chris and couldn't. Just great stuff as always we appreciate and enjoy your time in nine Brooklyn hopefully they get a win and take some much needed rest during the all star break men appreciate it. You got it takes. Absolutely they go Gus Johnson fox sports and box TV TV play by play commentator joining us for a couple of minutes on the shatter our challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now you worked hard. They treat you fair eighty push yours having getting it done column 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs died count.