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BIG SHOW 5PM: Pick A Lane

Feb 15, 2017|

02/14/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5 p.m. Hour.

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It's Sunny Kim and avoid judgment day on the Wendy's big show if you got arrested for drunk driving or. Fans call your little boy at 26279614100. That's 26279614. Under. Gary your best defense. And Sparky had a big going any. He hours but having crashed in Byrd. It's time for the guys still resent them. Topics from today's big you don't want and late do you pick to lead. Pick a lane at. Brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag away in union grow. Go to great lace dragway dot com for some great holiday gift ideas like Tony seventeenth season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. It is that time here on the Wendy's. Big show live in the holds Chevrolet studios along with our two former Packers Gary Ehlers and and LeRoy Butler the one and only Steve Sparky Phifer. I'm just running back laughing here's what Jeff pick from in Great Lakes dragway fickle in this afternoon right lane. Do you really want change in Green Bay and the center lane if Jabari. Turns out to be the next Grant Hill is that good enough for you 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. Dot com and the 25 years is Ron walls full season 1992 the Packers have the NFL's second best winning percentage behind only the Patriots since Ted Thompson's first season as GM in 2005. They ranked number four and win percentage in a New England Indianapolis and Pittsburgh and since McCarthy's first year as coach in 2006. Packers are second in win percentage behind New England ahead of the Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. In going back to Aaron Rodgers for is here's the starting quarterback in 2008 Packers are number 21 win percentage behind just the Patriots. And ahead of Pittsburgh and as Pete thirty points on his peace and Packers Those three teams the Patriots the Steelers in the Packers what they have in common is quarterbacks instability. In the front office. And that head coaching at LeRoy we're all the time that people want change up in Green Bay. Yeah a lot even just wanna see something done I think for the most part it's hard to when you meet people. In the rye around talent. They obviously to rests in their mind is the defense to have played against Atlanta. And then you factor in Atlanta could have won the Super Bowl being out when needed three. It gives people more push trade are they people wanna hear about the longevity of the team anymore I'll think you wanna hear about. How successful. Did Packers have been compared to. New England when they see Tom Brady wars again hold up a trophy and then they'll still say well you'd think their quarterback has been better. Or equal to Tom Brady ending you factored Tom Brady's 39 years ago. It's hard to sell that on people are not help people think of how successful you really want to be that try to break it down based on that 32 teams where your team has been finished in as of late. I get the millennial kid didn't ever see some of his stuff back in the seventies and eighties who used to be relevant from here on out. But if you look at you know the bottom half of the league is ten teams has no chance. You can go created. Brett did no chance. You have ten teams little the pact but Dayne can win just to keep it one. But the last twelve to get regular well okay women now okay out and at twelve. I was really one of the twelve teams that was into the playoffs. And a chance to get. Still. To alternate gold is Super Bowl gets out mortal or teams to make an AFC champs should game would have deep that was awful. So the future's bright right. No. Sadly missed free agent so are free agent creative creative brigade that's all people or talk about. When I'm having conversations. With the matter of fact I'll be a pick and save and can notion. Tomorrow. And I think that's what people talk about when they come got to do odds are about. Hoosiers aren't. Victor Cruz to reciting. Other teams. In the mix. So three days. Too we can now be releasing players for whatever reason a bodies team movies salaries. He's bonuses back to march ghost are releasing guys so I guarantee you get I guarantee you area day. They release a player. Check Twitter and I bet you Steve a fail safe sign him. They're able to get his contract they'll let get his medical history they just want the Packers do something well it worked out on that. Deficit to face. But again I'm. Rich I would irritates Lotta people. Win people say they undulating in free agency and they get yelled they saw their own goal is to as a backdrop. You why he irritated Breyer and say that now this from Ole Richard we are all over the yeah I know you do. But a guy that does pushes them over the top I hear that complain all the time. That's not so I thought what I'm talking about oh. I understand that I understand that fully but. When he's are talking about three aged money. The allegations you have a hard to use that money and sometimes you have to use the money decide your own guys we generally do a smaller pool they said I don't can sign other free agents. Now having said that if you look at the people they have not carries and now Gary loves him Jericho so OK yeah after signed Jericho. TJ lying Turk. So that's I'm gonna cost you much and kind of talking him as of right now so even if he does come back SI and cost you must. At that wells do you want to all of you must you have I think nick Perry is a bust cap. They're going to have money to use in free agency they are so what did they decide to spend and are not. We're gonna find out going forward but the one thing that packer fans are realizing as we talked about time and time again is. That window isn't going to be open forever where they're Rodgers in this football team. And people are starting it'll antsy here but they're not able to capitalize and get another suitable that's her fans Brett again. It would be mad at those fans for bingo wait a toll did it and I understand because there. After Aaron Rodgers is done and your next quarterback is player acts. My another a lot of unless he's another hall of Famer. To be a long long long long long long long long long long long time. Louisville aren't are or you or is it the Super Bowl again. So that's the right way do you really want to see changed. Up and grab a plate to these 7991250. Or you can email us live. At 1057. FM the fan dot com moving to the center lane Jason Terry compared Jabari Parker. To Dominique Wilkins in an article by our Beriault and Gary willful a couple months ago we've heard that compares and and many others comparison I'm seeing since. His second knee injury Gary is another guy who went to Duke another guy who had some explosiveness and some athletic ability a lost it. Due to multiple injuries but still went on to a pretty damn good career and that's Grant Hill if two by Parker's next Grant Hill. The zen enough for you. It's enough for me I think this second knee injuries devastated and I think. Nor is it happen when you have those types in the injured it's a deteriorate. Over appeared retirement thing as the years older than it needs from him you know. Calls are more problems he's relatively young right now. I think there maybe you can get a good five your stretch out over him. While I think he can play really really good about the giving him that he has seen that in the and easily have a worse insulin knee brace on I mean. But you know I think if you look at the Dodgers in today's and in the game is prompt. While the doctors Cain to repair your knee is. Is is light years there where wars teen years ago was TO I think the way they the way he's done is he's gonna have worsened for protection but if I can get. They great hero type. Player Otto Jabari Parker yes I would take Sparky Howell. Now hole. No no no no no no. Not all luck he had what five good years for five good years and beginning. Bidding got hurt and did pretty much nothing dresses for it one other Jiri averaged over nineteen points a game never got to twenty again the rest of his career I don't want it. At a Steny played like fifteen years or whatever. But after the first five or six it was curtains downhill after that with injuries his bats you're 25 points again other than that it was point 11 points. A game. And then he left Detroit in Orlando got totally screwed Nat duty was never able to stay healthy and he was only destruct for a short time. And Jabari Parker Yunel has multiple injuries earlier in his career great he'll getting into the leak to he was 22 DeMarre. What is the league right now it's TV it's a BY got the ball so from that perspective. I think you look at Jabari Parker in they'll know I still need you do go and averaged you know it's 1222445. Points a game. For a long sustained period of time but that's what I'm looking for I'd probably want to Belgium regular too. You know torn ACL out Brady give a wanna kid that's what 21 years old. I'd say well he'll never read the same again I know history doesn't say they should come back from it I get. But I just think this kid works hard he wants it. And until I see that he's not the same player I'm not willing give up on him yet ask leave your column Grant Hill then you're pretty much say he's going to be the same guy prop. We reset the big topics discussed are today's big show and you get the final say on him right lane do you really want changing Green Bay Sutter latest Jabari as the next Grant Hill. Is that good enough for you 7991250. Or email us live and 1057 FM the fan dot com you'll have the final say. On the big topics discussed on today's big show win re returned Garrett. Give them the final say on where they need to go if they have any home repairs that need to be done. Girlfriends are averaging take Hartford what do they do a year ago for repairs when tools doors. Best pitching you name it they can gated. I mean that you put in the rule for me important side known for here I mean they can do everything you need to house ability I can do you have to law. Go chip market a little house JE NG contractors they hole everything you need. So it. Old those your house and just aren't liberals want to smell like my house did you know they would do year round holes out sister share right did you say that suing your best again. The ages ago right now. So public appearances. JJ contracts where you need some sort repairs. Done to your house and they listen if you live and how long enough that you put in these are repairs that I must serve a bit in my house for over 25 years. And things are going where are you gonna use you know you're you're somewhere in terror and you've got a dog you Becky is here Rauf. On houses imitate column of guys right now in a full 144239200. That's 4144239200. We're three are Great Lakes dragway pickle and next on the Wendy's big show on the holds Chevrolet studios. Ya soon played maybe his best game offensively but. He found other ways to get involved defensively rebounding setting guys up certain screens and other guys score the ball. There is Jason cared. I gotta tell you. You're watching it all by sports was Gonzalez that yet or you're at a game we were at the aim for the first. Two and a half quarters of the equipment proposed and if you're told me yeah honest wouldn't read a single point the entire first half. Would have scored his first point on it not in Amare in the third quarter. And they would have been in control of the game the entire way against Detroit is trying to say not a chance that happens the guy get into the break where they tiger yet give Derek. 41. You know and did you meaningless loss. Because I don't always a lot of minutes and I'll start and eased. I disagree there unselfish on the plate yeah I want to hand him put on the show can't go I don't wanna hear heard. I understand they. The pressure of Devard. You what was captain is a great place schedule all the sports action will pool table sixteen of those shuffle board tornado food ball tables were idols like try to darts ping pong and more. And how you track I think I hit someone or to go over Valentine's Day to night. L eighty you're like three or four dates the intricacies of the casual not too over the top whatever with the girl had. You play that game which are grown that are winged perfect nobody. I don't degree of where their lead to other award winning fish fry on Wednesdays and Friday with four different styles of base. British man yet pop. Okay. Don't noted that edge is not that close and an English. It. Yeah. Only twelve and up and Brad yeah yeah yeah yeah Brad. Legal. Whoever yeah. To showcase. And read everything I don't. Really carry I would Sparky but I need to read and in Boston Hoffman it's a rule. Exactly and I doubt hours of to add him to one peso did multi use him not that are on Saturday night to WQ and a place. Don't drive apart physically year old personal VIPs recapturing pool team personal TV too and you can also lots of 500 people access. Of course adding on the line as well as what else it would whose ball to Duke about with Scott followed. Forfeit before no grant -- able oh art in Milwaukee shot half miles out of my night for check them out and it Q club. WI dot com you and a few club and WI jockey. Or you. Here's what you have to pick from it greatly dragway accolade right laid you really want change in Green Bay and Sutter later after bar is the next Grant Hill. Is that good enough for you 7991250. Or email us live and 105. And need I say the fan you stack up. It wants and need the same to narrow now now because is now. Something they don't need change won't do you wind changed it a different yeah yeah. Going to. What is mine I'm Ronnie arm problem Colombian immigrant clapboard Friday. Mike a lot of close. People out there every fifth day gives and I live on the ground it is actually asked honesty is doesn't mean basement. Of the grand avenue moan about it for the rides us all the time to remind it's nice little spot I'm Tanya it's a muscle theaters could try to get aren't shall regret them it's right on its right under TJ Maxx. They're going to go isn't going through the TJ Maxx iron shot seventies era go downstairs and all the children down in him yet. I've done shows every form and some of the great and they just got there they got their liquor license recently that when new guy now. It's a theater meanwhile windows in the theater you got to control the letting let's go to Mike. Clearwater Florida you're on the Wendy's usually not ease up my doubts he's I don't it's okay pretty good Alyssa about it. They listen. Did I do shares where'd you say he was selfish. Who. Argue that he was so mission regards. Yeah. Yeah terms of the l.'s business well I'm I'm a little salt to myself you know. I will take the five years I'll grant you know. Jabari Parker. They those five years. We've got it didn't fly. At a Shattuck entitled you know it great I mean I want. I mean work I'm out in Clearwater right now but I'm not hurt. But Milwaukee is basketball purgatory we know that. We've heard that for years I don't know Monaco so you can. You are averaging 2220 actually got an average U twenties are good that thirteen. Greg Monroe or another and comes in places and if some rebounds. I got may be another free agent. I'd like that is going to be lost in Draco obviously I was what do you think as the and a five years you better make a real quiet and we're to be to peak I make today panic in those five years and get it done. Like let's go to clawed and Kosier on the clothing show itself clung oh. I don't think so him oh. Hey I wanna talk about do we really want change of direction at top a great day there. As far as last so open that people are taught to a regular basis. We just so it's time I'll have to look. It is how prepared to go you know you could take Mike Murphy with a lot oh. I eyes but Murphy just seems like a glorified. Property manager to me it doesn't necessarily seem like he's demanding as well. They give it thousand head Indianapolis Colts. And any means that even that folks doctor Chicago what you have been fired. You know I just really prove it I would. Which I don't know you know why he beat by. Down there. Because that's why those French I was now when and right now sent over today that's I think. I do hear what you're saying theory but I also think that if Aaron Rodgers was in New England or Pittsburgh or to New York he Limbaugh. Roddick had them already a hall of fame quarterbacks and I hope whichever quarterback. I guess my point is we've seen year after year for the last five years the lack of talent handicaps the best player in the NF fail. So at some point somebody else to be held accountable the players get cut that they don't perform widened the general manager get fired if he doesn't perform. Clark nicer question. Our problem that your fitness. Is not tear fall you have nineteen then not than. At Seattle. It does not his follow. I mean some of these gains a player's got to step up man in the main that the player would talk about. The quarterback. I mean he hasn't played a great greatest in these games. So and I agree with you they should be some change but when you say fire you better have some replacements. And I do understand what you Stanley wore I also know that if you could care Riders are between my personal opinion is that they've scored twenty I think most teams would be. Okay and so is this I guess I'll look admitted he's felt on draft and develop. So he you take away free agency net which is Sylvia for years. And being you'd draft. Terribly you're gonna draft and Kia from UCLA game injured it's going to be above UCLA. All or or you gonna go ahead and signed between the draft for 26 year old third round are from southern you'd paw. I didn't already know what undrafted. I'm you know you can attract big guy you know and you Democrat spoke I didn't epic Khobar. That's what you do. They argued that he's. Got a lot of yeah. I'm a Utica part of it okay didn't handle the puck. And improve double LeRoy silent. OK because a great call out like that she lives and that's sort of Santana people. Calls like that it's fair because you listen to both sides. You either agree to disagree. Oisin Amanda got him. No but I think that I think that when isn't heard of Sparky in this camp or not but. I'll tell you right now I'm I'm part of the in Ted we trust camp. Okay and when I when I say that I think people think that that means I don't question anything you don't want to ever know blocks not. And I know just know what I assesses to what I mean I mean USA to into and we trust him that's that's a lot of weight. So I don't think it here because I consider myself part of that camp that doesn't mean that I won't criticize them a particular move or not move Ramos say ahead. Didn't do a great job in one particular offseason. Pressing and Ted we trust I mean Ted's overall philosophy. In the way that he runs the organization. Right trust that if I'm a Packers you trust the draft and not free agency. Yes I'm not I've got a tent and if you look at what free agents do when they're assigned by most teams it's at least a 50% fail rest. At least. After giant did you is spent. Over a million dollars. I mean last year they would not know what I am on an academy and play well I'll just say that in. That's one of the success stories free agency and that wouldn't even that great kid Jacksonville and spend it's amazing I mean. Over the last two or three years old yet today sour getting more and I mean bridges. Throwing money at the money. And they have some pretty decent drafts could have been dropped the top I've ever. What these two can I get out of no where you have been totally different coat. Haven't been creators that hit the market that I went you know what that's good fit for the Packers maybe Ted should take a run at him yet their habit and you know what most times I've said. Strong back I would opt to not live up to the contract that he eventually signed with another team or not. Given Josh Norman fifty laying guarantee blow listen to do that doing legend origins of thirty to me again and the year free agency you know there are going to be some guys here I think. The Giants with your degree job of propel themselves to get into the playoffs we're going through free agency on the difference out of football. Flip side of that is it at least a couple of guys in him because he's been more fruits and we'll see what they do this year where they needed now do because they have their foundation is now draft. Heavily try to reinforce. What they need a running back regardless right if you if you look at your Victor Cruz you I can see you let him go at their price during. You've got sharper Q who's going to be fun in the slot figures do what I heard. They love it a laser and now they really ways is this guy's for real bad. All we're real old thunder and lightning crap real mentally and a Steve. Real bad barber and Ron Dane wasn't that thunder and lightning I was granted Adams was like Brandon Jacobs was Abreu and all of our eyes that doubles you are right now we are right or you gather nightly thundered to you borrowers death -- distant book together right. But it is two days out of I've heard are tuber. These guys wall is facing real bad and Dallas is go make cook. Peak Gil number offer you can't refuse particular number. There's no way Ted's matching getting in a bidding war Jericho when he got saying that year and I what do you know bidding war for dear cookie. I injury where your quarterback wing get to say. In. Did you go call Brett Tom hardy with people we can ME. Yeah this is his guy you William all you want to don't care and arises is guys' heads of dead about his way to stop plaintively to do it is like any schedule Robby set. Lou my track record don't go blessed we are going I mean yes I'm doing my job at that that's what it is. You have your number right for every player. I'm telling for Jared Cook I don't know what tennis numbers for Jericho fed milk you may like three minute. For a miracle for me aside they don't vote on the obvious I'll be seven million and I'm not going over sent. You've got a seventh just so it's seven puts him in a among the top tight ends in the league Gary mentioned and are you can't refuse. Got my original trust you I'm not team. No locate ourselves towards our street just north of college avenue what does it look news. My Jewish president Monday okay our software service street just north crowds there are new man that it would yes close. Well Bryant Franklin always closest to or real street job bringing on them of the amenable. They've got everything news for the car's concerned everything freedom for a warranty is impeccable Seau staff was impeccable service departments to workable. If you looking for a great deal on the new or used car might juveniles tries he undies placed ago. Located on software and several street just north of college out. More of you guys are Great Lakes dragway picked a lane right wing you really want change in Green Bay center lane. If Jabbar is the next grant hills that good enough. When the Wendy's big show returns more Great Lakes dragway pick a lane right after this in the Holtz Chevrolet studio and we still need to get to Eric given the void judgment of the day here and you can still get in on it. At second of the board judgment of the day critter pole at 1057. FM the fan. What do you want your local sports talk to stymie or keep the Packers talked how any college basketball. National story is or non sports you can vote in the Twitter pole at 1057 FM the fan ivory treated at Ron history easing go there. As well and find the ball right now are in the midst of great racetrack away pick a lane for a couple more minutes right lane. Do you really want to see changing Green Bay center lane after Bart Parker's the next Grant Hill is that good enough for you 7991250. Or you can email us live. And 1057 FM the fan back counts get a cup more calls and greatly straight Olympic lane before we get to work him and avoid judgment of the day it's ran on the south side you're on the Wendy's big chill what up Brett. If you I'd like to Iran we are funny guy you know got the times. That figures show you are to. Do. If and I would just like into you know either that Russian or bad double that you noted in that go. And cowards and if you're gonna make a change it did you it's got a goal really bad golf bad selves like instantly be got to blow it all up. And that's win you make you change. You waits were two completely blow. Yeah out there aren't the most sport having if you look at it look. Just coming to protect Cogent and Jeremy and added our division low that that aren't. Right okay thanks for the cup so it is moral in it rays world then you wait for Rodgers to retire. Weight from not to really get a quarterback go for twelve a couple of years then you get rated Ted. That's as world you agree. A hundred yet. Utley got that you have to have a reason. To make a change I don't think you made changes to change anymore because your mother at the start over again. No I think. It got it this bad seed not a fiery I disagree I think you don't see Mara got he's at the U has gained you'd see guys. Did moved on if and Knicks we don't have an owner the Packers but where they are goes okay you've got its at this point you can't get us over the haul now. I need to get some making Guinness all the hall now go back borrow and and just aptly. Kill the organization now those are the dice you roll them in this situation a Green Bay Packers are saying no. We're not roll the dice boards you'll play this thing out just like ray said until the wheels completely come up. Then maybe it will make so you or doesn't seem like he's in a hurry to do anything you want it and it's out on district. You wanna get out of the golden goose. Followed chicken. Eye to eye on the golden goose but it Amy's been an art Kohler who. The boosts. Tentative fingers just to make a change he did go and do as he's been no win a lot of games over these. Decade well he's goalie Alex dead flat track well probably the same. Is true that he. I'd say he's been lucky to get lucky and yet that's have been that old. Annika she hardest golf. I apples long. On an idea what I've done that you do and it's to be totally sold out to you. I bet guilty I don't know now let's go to jotted Watters and don't. It scares me and do. John your other ideas big show. Yeah I'd question regards are you worried if they've there are so I endured Clarke and all trade to record or into the future wonder where or eight saves money and kind of matched the motorway toll. Are aware life great time in her ventured with Bryant were. It all record breaker up the part where it would only let all. I guess he was hurt when you had to have your extensions done bike is a deadline date at the end of October I think where you can get extensions until an actor you have to wait. That right Laura I think you can arm was extended gap up into nobody did that AJ how red reported into the year. That lady you know yeah I think you can't and then if he's your guy although he's like then why did they just extend Jared Cook during the six. I think for the most part it takes a phone call I think at that point. Jared Cook say it I'll wait. If judges don't send let me weighs about a played there was season it would makes this book got the signed extension now he'll make more money about waiting. So it could have been dare cooks and I'll wait to I'll bet I've got a bonus season at a pretty good you know only although I played ten games. You're agent is not bullets you sign. A long way you did just didn't warn you deal signed an extension when you can give more money on the open market. Could. Don't hate kids went to try to access that's a little thing to say no norm already it's November December. Mean as well wait again you bed knowing yourself. And keep that on himself taking what three million dollars you don't want utility slot play their Rodgers yeah so we got split a great quarterback as you know outlaw Americans are welter of never got to play the cornerback you know dodger coach there. So nice to the last this year to try and hit a home run and it. Or not to hit a homer. Instruments used to be. It's you hurt though. You know your history. They'll come in here drops. Yeah very consistent and yeah and he. Is and you know this out but now. Atlanta games but Roger's long man there will be about three maybe three to work well the last morning yes gaels are currently as you can tell. The guy's talent and -- no question that's an actor. And make an accurate. What made enough money in Dallas they saw in it they witness. Retire is it also brought up. And here is cards. Raises his problem I think when he plays with a guy like Aaron Rodgers you really eager to see how good this guy really I just I I'm very Andy Silvia. Very anxious to see who and he's of what more him yeah he's he's one of these guys. It may go for dumb money or or he might mean there is a go heated tees and he may not as much as that I have a right where you know it won't matter of him. You gonna have a right quarterback though is gonna write quarterback when he tried to acting ballot you will disappear what about that. It well and car in oh or another one they want any team that got speed outside that need a big target in middle to Packers. Did go make a political. I wanted to in Dallas. Is you have to be aware. Of the Jason Witten each. It is at home right so they're ready to move on without it appears they aren't and Romo bowl. If they're real. Your dad. If you're an. Georgia's tour because the money could you wickets and bats right as much as I write this may be a little different because it's new quarterback. August oh maybe. Woods on his left that we're still gonna command some sort respect in that locker room where it is going to be your segment of guys and you get to bottle. I agree and add the wind is a issue to be dealt with a lot should be doing that at bat that it's Dak and out Romo helps him tremendous tremendously. Don't disagree with very. By the way John Hammond speaking today as saying to Bart Parker. Had a successful knee surgery and that torn ACL course and rest and that he and now he's in history covered yet Gary will flooded yesterday that using haven't unveiled and it. They'll Colorado and it rest and he chose a different auction ended the first. I don't let the third opinions are always that are maybe what's up familiar you'd speaking you get a hold of your people that is unique. Unless it yeah it's sad Somalia absolutely muscular all of them on Thursday that. You'll talk tuned tomorrow or Thursday. Big so let me get out had established and we had big men tan again. I do Kia but he handled the old beard but I can yakking we just have reporters India it meant that there's as human resources talks well he does he know at all this much. And be a problem. Admit it's not got to McCarty whoever specializes in Manuel particular surgery over it and well orthopedist. Man my knees as you get into yet whom. Well as good they do find work or their dislike to do over its sense out solution spark. Sites counselor since good enough to let me apply and others up to a naked choke you up to night in I don't. Not Bahrain who they got to pay for a look senators out of town. Means free which is. Certain sat house mean freeze look at people and you do that tennis are okay I don't know yeah yeah yeah don't you do choice awards were nowhere a year and always did -- get all these phone calls I'll let you don't latest I don't want you know you can you got to take full advantage to have been men and Nadia paper. I'd dollars a month to a year now dragged on top that's very eighteen T home fall eight C it's the Internet to direct your phone DirecTV don't. Choice package on included. Fox sports the Scots and included as part of the choice package next day installation in most situations two of your deck you DirecTV. You get the genie which they're DVR five shows recorder once thousand hours of recording time. That comes with the package plus you get get of L Sunday ticket next football season for free. Poll last two of these following three of your choice you get for Rory. HDTV Blu-ray player hundred dollar visa gift card two of those three. For furry but yet to sign up this two year contract 99 dollars a month. Get out of the stone ages a cable disable your cable and let's move on to DirecTV 262. 5102725. To six to. 1027. When I announced the results of the given the void judgment of the day Twitter poll what do you want from us this time a year. So what he's big Schuerholz Chevrolet studios will be right back final segment of the Wendy's big show on a given avoid judgment day I'm running back off along with Steve marquis Phifer. I think Essen jokes and after four Packers Gary Alison and Laura Butler isles got new jokes c'mon man never stop Brighton Bogut comedian ever sat right. As crazy key word is that. Know him this. Sneaky too I mean you are given avoiding judge written on the day Twitter at all when the following question on Iran's very good and what do you want from your local sports talk this time a year. Are you kiwi can give up the packers' talk more college hoops national stories are non sports. 36%. Want is to keep up the Packers are Baghdad number 3649%. I want more college hoops. One person can want national stories and 15% want non sports. Not forced not a date I'm I'm just what an analyst. A lot of people we did nothing to sort out people this and go without a Smart he lives six. I'll bottle while a lot of people thought we did other option over on your poll like people want hockey yeah they only have four choices people wanted and may talk a lot of drifting out there that we're not gonna do premier soccer talk obviously English premier soccer leaders want guys sent more waved off a couple people even more admirals knock. Yeah so it's gotta all over the board respond to do things that I want to include because you only have four choices and I want to include things in the pulled over called wash that we're actually gonna do right work I Greg Smith from Nebraska EST in 1480s special for. He says more grammys in Netflix hinges nice we memories do you admit that I'm sure he probably. What do you think is that I that I like about this time you don't get me wrong I love football and obviously the football season makes our job a lot easier in terms of coming up with something to fill the air for four hours it does. But one of the things I like about this time ears that we can sort of stray a little bit talk about things. But have nothing to do sports two of our best segments today if you ask me was Gary's bachelor recap. And Dublin we got some on sports and our segment that started talking about Valentine's Day and ended talking about my it my comedy show this Friday at the underground collaborative you can find out details and get your tickets at my FaceBook page or grammys tweeting. That's the things I cherish about this Tommy and I think that. Not to pooh pooh the pole we don't put it out there and do it. I think that there are a lot of people who didn't blow this thing who really enjoy and appreciate when we stray off the topic of sports. You did Utley are the one person who loves the stray off the topic of sports. If you look at a Robby is guarding his old Joseph that you completely appreciate where Robby is Robby yeah I do now when I do when I talk to people what. Every time I talk to somebody that doesn't know Bob Scholl live in another market or I'm putting it for interview request many people whatever else pull it. You know former packer run a bank area dollars and stand up comic running Mac aloft a new era and me relax out right there and it went right that's. We're stand up comedy atomic running back off and that way if things go right I would Ronnie people understand eyes a stamp. They did you pretend I got it protecting him and the Shell right now. But where do right. Any gets it gives it said just do into radio Joel's and a former packer if he gets in my opinion at least a little more flavor right Rusch actually right. I'm so what when you talk about. This show in particular. This show does and I I hate to on this critiquing her own child but. We do all really good. Job of talking about. I topics outside of sports and sometimes serious topics about late may Garnett immediately Nieves Taylor groused. And then of course give Billy do you get silly from time to time also I think Austin shall be done. What I like about this morning and thing that we make boundaries. Yeah when nobody else does is doing now can't you went it's just funny how. Does all of this I love the bigger than we never used it or not but he shows I'm one yeah. Yeah and if you wanted to show winner. This is funny man it's good people would did you enjoy doing which. It's on the year just kind of that don't would you. At all I don't have the you know that's just front they are all generally and it can't argue about the length market decides he wants a black his team guard bureau yeah there was straight out there to Garrett the Royals are to our guards. I think it's on the way you always try to treat away nobody is try to trade from ivy. If you don't notice that. We have a lot of care is true premiere this is your. Had signing Kerry champion. Are you negotiating to me man let me negotiate with him -- -- care of you have to probably care monetary champion for sure you tell him she's Latin and isn't a deal that we have a deal. And man has. How than college in three poles and thousands are I would because. I know a lot I don't threefold and I had handled that he's not saying my character three. None I don't know how sent back Collins who's yea in general. About that would have peace I don't campus they've had three profiles all right and no one bigger you eulogy about boat when it issues and journeyman. I'm looking for now I am and they're probably ever know there that I had a ball that. I'm levels seen just have a lot of all. We got beat them like California. Have that she's from my. This year. That. Again just a little bit more important for me I yes lower a look at Clemens he's got arms yeah mention did that have with a week left tackles are we took a nap and above being at Tuukka golf c'mon man I let out. You were at odds up where you only. I didn't have a that a Baghdad. After a couple months showed up pulled up. Yeah. I have so I just you. Pulled tendon which do that highlighted coach did you wrote down right. Sheets made catching together do you got to fork lift it's. You don't know and do it. And all. Our goal is to my knowledge my thought and I would probably in America. They did the a bad news back job that she present when Dan Duckett should be as did college basketball analyst to convince the other of those that you stated already they got today's show check out Fred on demanded 1057. At them the fanned out comments brought you by John Paul's Buick GMC. Highway 100 in bickering between Brad and I would have trivia line or Jerry Ehlers and Steve Sparky but never felt that Bob Marcum blue I'll learn a lot of big Mike Clements. It just. I'm Ronnie Mac not saying thanks for listening to the Wendy's big show we'll talk tomorrow starting it to your home. Well I.