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Nagler: I would absolutely bring Lang back

Feb 14, 2017|

02/14/17: Aaron Nagler from the Green Bay Press-Gazette and stops by. Do the Packers need a quicker/shifty player on offense?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So without any further ado this agreement from agreement press gazette the Packers On the Schneider orange ally and Aaron Naylor now joining us and my friend how you nobody. I'm doing well bill our you. Bob I am doing well I saw you got re according they won't go rear quite a with the family I saw some pictures on your FaceBook page so it's good you relax this weekend. You know a little a little after 171819. Weeks on the road to finally have time all girls. Particularly. So I guess. Let's start with the guys that I spoke of clay Matthew expected to make fifteen million bucks second highest paid player on the Packers. Whether it's inside or outside certainly statistically anyway. That doesn't measure up monetary early what do you think they end of doing with Clark. You know it's a tricky situation because as our friend Andrew Brandt says time and again if you approach a guy about. You know some kind of a reduction are a restructuring. You got to be prepared and I got you know. And that's the case then where you move on from there are paired up the guy I don't the Packers are not. You know or as much as it's made about clay Mathews and lack of production. When he's helping if you go back and look at the first month of the season. I don't even winning not sacking the quarterback you know when he's not doing things special and box score you dissecting all. You know he's changing the way pieces and corners have to call it protection. Things of that nature so he Philippine change whether you're playing him inside or I just don't see. I understand the idea that he's getting paid all the money and production isn't stacked but when he's right. You Philippine picture and to me I just. I don't need to accomplish approaching him and saying look we need you to take a lot calm you know as far as the injuries go. That's something you knew going in when you gave him that contract you knew his history with you knew that. More often than not you're gonna miss a few games you know I have a few games every year were you not available. It's a very rare occurrence when he makes it through sixteen. And again at that you knew that knowing him so. I understand the frustration when you're looking at some the other back are in the league and what they're getting paid to return on investment. But I still think clay when you write is worth the money he's getting. Now you got Randall Cobb. He is the as I mentioned the seventh highest paid wide receiver in the league this year. He's a four million dollar six million dollar cap hit if you decide a let him go. He played well against New York Giants but he and I've said before and it's nothing against him but he's not an apex guys on a downfield Julio Jones we just thrown upping go get a he's not a burner. He's good slot receiver but he's got that symbiotic relationship with with Aaron Rodgers. But that's hit I mean that I musing about the much on special teams for fear of injury so we you know for that high amount of money. And you've got a stable of guys that you just really have come out untested so to speak waters when it comes the wide receiving corps what do you do an M. I'm harmed in the kind of the same boat that was that Matthews. You know I think you more beat victim outside circumstances that he is. You know anything at himself as aren't. You mentioned yet that Giants game real well but he can still be on both it's both partners at the Giants as. But for the most part lull there now look at east gets out and now on that your. He's been a real victim of that situation. But as far as you know yeah your right not a down. But again. You knew it going it when you gave him that contract. You knew you hated it. Is out on top this years in the contract and Q you knew he was kind of interdependent on any how often featured. In the how you're using. All the wide receivers interchangeably. Once you know they all these guys McCarty talked about a lot I'm. Are trained in every single position after the play everywhere. And you in the summer of Katrina accuracy guys playing in that he can play outside talking to all he has not asked to do. Again it hard for me on the general manager. Sitting there saying well it's got them everything we that. You know yeah got nicked up again the guys who missed some games due to injury. But when he's out there if at all yet on so all. You know on the tape there's plenty of it that is where you know he's just not getting what you quarterback. And again you know it's hard for me to put as cut but now prompted an offseason and look and you're working your butt off. I didn't open I don't Hitler's book of all we needed it. Again I did that production isn't there from you know look at our sport. But there's more which is more to what the guys being asked to do and yet it is properly today and GM aren't you need to take. I. Down in Houston. Did seem to be that everybody thought I'd. The priorities pass rush is not second areas pass rush trenches and then secondary. And then guys whether depending on orders Brian Billick Steve Mariucci we had you know and in numerous people that set an Aaron Rodgers needs another weapon. And I asked him what they meant because a you don't want the once you offense got on track has seemed to flow pretty well listen none and you'd you'd need a burning any sort of blow the lid off of Trevor Davison Geoff Genesis they have to find somebody whether it's in free agency. Or in the draft do you believe that they need a burner. Arnold it's so much a burner I think they need someone continue to speak. And you know I've thought that and I think you know what the track record now wrong or not but you know probably never happen if it doesn't seem to be. That type of thing that McCarty an Thompson. Ever go out there waiting. Look for yet but you know somebody who meet you we take murder somebody who can take it the distance any touch you know they have. Mean maybe Trevor Davis develops into that guy. But you know somebody who you get a Mountain State eking hit a home run every time as. And if they just don't happen in a long time and my colleague Bob McGinn wrote really interesting piece from down the Super Bowl about smaller running. You know something that. Kind of has become in bow around the league and that is something that Packers and for years yours out. Some kind of should eat quick stat guy who just. Moore pitching to hate Sydney I mean. I did that you that you want bigger guys and whether that's all that we we've heard all of that wrong. But at the same time in today's NFL it's such a state game. When they get guys isolated they have all that stuff and their offense but he did so much for air and it's out of his hands really quickly to the perimeter. In the Bud Adams is a great job of taking with you get six or seven yards. There are those those plays ever turn into the set 67 yards 1670. And that the most elite offenses. They have guys that can. Turn it on in a heartbeat and the Packers haven't had a long time. Talent there and they were agreement pressed his then Packers news guide com. Now we T get to TJ Lang and we know he's on the wrong side of the the thirty year mark. Bite you he just. Is that anchor right now him and David by TRE blogger we know is getting a little bit longer in the tooth in the fact that he played an entire season relieving it banged up. That's a knock on wood moment because he's traditionally been hurt so do you bring back TJ Lang. Well I get back tonight little backboard he didn't put us and I. Look I've I've made it very clear if I were the general manager I absolutely would bring back treat it like 43 million dollars in cap space. Maybe even a little but more what are also over. I absolutely bring him back especially after cutting loose just didn't rule it is here. I wanna maintain my offensive Wyler protect my best and order back superstar franchise quarterback. I absolutely think you get it back now do I think Ted Thompson's gonna bring TJ Lang back. I really don't I think Ted you know I instead will do is gonna look at. That's third contract he rarely gives those out as you mentioned Jeter's that would be thirty in September. And he has dealt with a lot of injuries had surgery after the season up. Obviously and played through everything the guy's an absolute warrior. But they're actually going to be looking at at a certain you know. Now maybe the other eye out somebody in the draft maybe someone. I I don't practice squad or they think Mercury can develop it after a maybe they have a planner but to me. This is this let him TJ Blanco would be the classic cases that are always schori. That is team is still going to be good three years from now but it's costing his team in the present moment. I think you've got this window he's got to be best quarterback in the game. Make sure he's protective nature you have the best offensive line available. Pay off in eighteen yeah line and keep that line to get. I just I know that did injured cook is going to be priority are no time Montgomery's gonna change numbers he's going to be your running back they still need to find another running back I don't know what you do if you bring Christen Michael back if he becomes. Smarter within the system with a full off season being tutored by Mike Mike McCarthy I mean I don't know what they're gonna do there I don't think the offense is set by any stretch of the imagination. Would they have got to by all accounts they have got to do something when it comes to free agency to have bolstered his defense because of he doesn't. He's in in my opinion healthy or not I don't think his defense can get it done as it stands right now with everybody feeling great. With that lack of depth they have in the secondary like a pass rush they showed consistently throughout the season. Yeah it'll be it's still a call they make in that regard you know I mean I think Mike items as the priorities. I think nick Perry. Probably experiences if he hits the market because remember last year and a bad and so you know one year deal today. Deathly came up roses or him and just think he'd make it to market again. Somewhat public opinion now I'm variance to see if it's that someone is Green Bay because. You know like you said they need to get better on that side of the ball is bringing back nick Berry you know is that part of the equation. I thought he had a really good year obviously played through injury another guy who really got to put it together even though he was injured I was still productive while injured so. Yeah you gotta respect that back but then it's okay you got those two guys back out of that make you defense better. So in that regard yet you sank got to tip in the free agency a little bit but. We know Ted history I I would be absolutely shocked if we hear anything from the Packers credit for it or even the back of because daddy's third wave you know and yeah yeah it is nothing but draft and develop it wouldn't shock me. Yeah I that was the sense that I got that. From those that day and again I go back to some of the people we are talking to some of the agents that were down at some of these parties we were talking to kind of you know after all or a few cocktail so to speak. And first why the two things I found that was nick Perry Clemente Clemente just want to take a pay cut in nick Perry wants me pay he wants the money. And is second thing which every player does but they were kind of emphatic about it nor senator than what I hear yeah and then the second thing was that. Ted will not dive into that first day flurry of free agents but rather after about a week or too. Till then find a guy or two along the way but the chatter is that Ted has been I don't want to necessarily say inquiring but. There has been a high speculation that this is the year that Ted finally says OK I need to bolster this because this clearly is he gonna get done. And if you gamble on a 5050 prospect to guide to play well one year and in the next year. And then he shows you he can't play or doesn't play well this year. More than that's Hong directly on Ted Thompson injury or no injury because of the V basically the option is to dip in a free agency. Yeah I and it's it's just a question of just bolstering it a little but it is Alec anyone's expecting him. Go out in the first week of free agency and sign guys like ridiculously overpriced deals which was basic. Almost every contract signed within the first seven to ten days of free agency in vastly overpay. I'm just quote something my colleague Tom Silverstein wrote yours ago. You know it's airport. Hut you know. Restaurant prices for hot dog stand. And it for a lot of time at this point in the history of free agency teams do a great job locking up their guys that work. You know there's a reason these guys hit the market now every once in awhile yet. You will land on but he makes it. A perfect example is you know the New York giants' they really hit. On the guise of a time like yesterday at the pay a lot of money to do and it absolutely turned their defense. But for every one of those success stories there are a hundred other stories. Where they just you know things these signings and up crashing and burning one year two years later they're already out of the deal already back on street. If they reach the market for a reason. And that's why I just think that first week is silly money I don't blame for not diving in there. And I know that's what. Fans want me being open names they've read about them all year long piece in the highlight the veteran and so they all adaptable bond towards and things like that. That is not how to to enroll ever. So you know it right at any piece of advice for packer fans free agency that book your holidays that first week of free agency could well mr. Are required reports you go your priority. Bolstering in the offseason news. Out manned. How long is your show on it I think you're I think you're going to got to be signed to be off. A lot. While when C it's clear number twelve. Good seven solid my friend and I enjoy the offseason instead of the kids or girls the wives all that kind of stuff and we will jet again soon. Are up our body touch elated to go Larranaga written agreement press gazette Packers used a town that's receives step TCU's. He got ready nor follow him it's at Erin angler on Twitter he does a really good podcast is well does a lot of things but life Stefan take your questions there also so. Always good to get a chance to challenge him a little bit about this offseason and.