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McCalvy: The Brewers may do something different w/ Starting Rotation

Feb 14, 2017|

02/14/17: Adam McCalvy of has the latest from Maryvale, as pitchers and catchers report to Maryvale!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's do this as good at a McKelvey who is so my assumption is on scene and done in Maryville is he is are probably helping unload trucks at this point. At a McCovey or are coming LB Eric I'm joining us. Adam I don't like. No but you know there reminder today is that it's pitchers and catchers report readers here ball brand new but he's got Ringo in this there's. Camps and open for a while most lutherans and he's been here since Saturday after doing that here. This camp is kind of and also going already even though they don't have a first normal formal workout on until tomorrow these guys can't ever wait to kick off. The eve. Expectations. Are all putting his expectation for this season. So saying this could be a 76 to eighty win ball club I I don't know what to believe at this point I'd like to say that would be fantastic if that happened blade. What what expectation realistically should we have. Well this is I I appreciate you got in the so much though because I did a part of my spring training preview. Sort of on this topic and what would constitute Urquhart he's boat constitute a successful season for the Brewers in 2017. And you know I think when you have none left and mark up to not just saying that it's not. Going to end on wins and losses where that's a pretty good place to start on her knee. The thing that made last year quote unquote successful. Is that they write it identify a couple of players that could not. That looked good enough to be around when mr. and get competitive again and Jonathan BR obvious you opt out of the fact he's he's gonna lift. A curriculum Broxton really close I think this could be that your Jews some of our bodies getting the first crack at it crowded summer you'll picture. They develop young players. I think they need to get shoot three. Maybe more hope more. Players have similar breakout season even if it's an individual type breakout. And I think you could point to this you know being a success you have the win total is that you sent certainly are some excellent jump. Up and down about mr. Domingo Santana. Kind of games of foothold in the big. If Jenny Nelson. Look you know finally have success. To that fit. It Ross stopped. They could and there's other players and I kind of listed a bunch and that story that I think a possibility that he has got. Arm I think that would that's absolutely agencies in the good. I. I don't even know where to begin with the Ryan wrong thing because we talked about that so much the last time. Bombed the sense that I get is ride it out lets see what he does and if offers come at the trade deadline you have a team's back against the wall. And he's playing the way he did last year then you might give that much more for him is that the sense you get. You know I've been all over the board on this still like come on here and said it is really hard trees are gonna move and almost moved in August in my. So well lucky they almost I mean making the ten minute. From my understanding of making a trade. Maybe this really is gonna happen and I'm back here are saying now is really hard. And so I am I love readily admit I am not the definitive source of information on this. But you know I'll tell you that it also changed. And I think right now he's just he's on this team and there's not oh it doesn't sound to me factor a lot of opportunities and boot. You know it's easy to say the version trade or brought I think it's. That argument is really strong when they're traded all of their almost all of their established players thought. The stop before you trade your most valuable player would make absolutely knows our. Alas. Place to turn them it is not a market and when that Dodgers yielded now. There has not been much remarked excellent Brock at least it you're gonna get anything close to fair value. All that may have been the right Sheen at the right time to line blocked remember the Dodgers this is big bugaboo in the playoffs each match and the kitchen. How good Ryan Bruntlett to most of my outs in the dodger ER LA guy they see guy. It was just the right it was it was that was. Arm hand the fact that it didn't happen. And and again this is another mark up and not your comment at the Brewers on black even he thought when that didn't go down. Thought to himself well maybe it's Rockingham the rattles remain on the and I think got kind of land it break out she's a brewer until I'm told otherwise. Com momentum knowledge that he's in a fighter. Okay IR look at this team VR. RC. Santana. Obtain news Trevor shot third. I don't know that senator Phil was going to be most likely Keon Broxton. Who sacked on her and the plate. Is. Idea that Dunn contemplates the most insisting battles are the rotation or they just got a lot of guys catcher and they've got these young catcher. Yeah. I I did I had to pick one I'd that. He predicts. Again thank you built for promoting my outs retreating previous William and I'm all over. Yeah outside the tickets when it on the huckster and I guarantee law law. It's really hard to pick irritation and it's really hard to catch with and just any OK that serve that they picked up from the dust or Marcin Maldonado. David serves really spoke highly of him as a well rounded player there's pop in the bat of nonchalant in my early home run numbers. But just. Scouts say that you really a lot of solid contact and he will translate our. But good catch and throw guy on he's come a long in the league doesn't look at certainly saw murderers on that kind of looks like a third. Arm so he's got kind of a different body for a catcher but. That was my guess I would it was. Iranian senior behind the plate appearances second album to battle work but that's going to be one of the things they aspire. Our crow if I'm wrong and I think I was checking this on roster source put aren't the Indians insect like exactly the same age. All it airborne on the road while close to what I mean I think they were both 26 in some odd months there like almost like exactly. The same age the only difference is one had more options are not pregnant from wrong I think was who sec have more options to go down. Yeah I got a dog I have a line that technology get in their ops reduces. And why he was blocked by Buster Posey and he's locked up. Yeah so it's you know he has you know definitely and I am back. Yeah I wanted to give him a train of thought while this can be the guy because he was just again like you said block by pose the entire time and it. You know the only way using to get that job was of Posey got hurt and a long term or Posey died one of the two. Well I hope I said yeah the latter wasn't drew. The other guy and you can I think it is in interest in order he had not had back to back really good offense. So you know what you want in that spot. You you want. Some of all you want the best catch and throw guy. They're gonna be one of the things they are there others can't and you know this game in the bigger picture this a big transition out of curse had. Stability that few if any organization out behind the plate. Lou current Maldonado didn't like they were together that long but in in the scheme of this. Com that position locked down for the genes along time now that's going to be really important part of this camp is just getting on the same page. And and you're talking about a couple of young catcher so that that's going to be a big project for pat Murphy is going to be really involved that obviously council he. Involved in that as well that's going to be it high on their agenda. Listed date sir to look at what's going to be in port about. You've got guy you guts you're so deep with arms when it comes the possibility of starting pitching Nelson suitor gravy young men Lopez hater. Com and then you get into the you know would you may end of believing to be the starting rotation and Guerin Garza and Anderson Davies and for Alton. If they right now it's like a buckshot approach is take a shot at the target and see what have as a fall forward. Well you know oftentimes we show up on this day in and look I did and I picked it up and I think yet he has an outreach team and blow comp update that as camp goes along. She where changes. Arm. Oftentimes these decisions get made for you that's number one I have seen. Many of spring training where we show up and we think there's this big battles for position remember last year the closer situation also with Jeremy jump right. Howard again after that as a friend that is in the lead to problems and I got out. Russert takes off that you had problems all not a lot of didn't solve gripe about things up a guy that sonic practice and this is right. So. I think that's number one they're gonna make the decision and so Polanski to setup apartments. You know they have to maker called the other bunker council told me and yeah I'm directing and they're gonna be open minded Jews shot kind of created. Deployment of their pitching the term Indians and I think teams are thinking a little bit outside of the box and pitching right now he saw that. Manifested in bullpen use in the playoffs last year the Andrew Miller playoff. I think there are some things that teams are thinking about in terms of the starting rotation I can't tell you yeah. What those things are whether it's six man whether it. You know the Rockies are here remember that living starters inning. I don't know that they're gonna go in the air arm but I just know that they're going to be some conversations this spring if you're fortunate enough to get deep in the can't still have guys. That look like they're performing well that have some track record and could be starting pitchers. They're gonna have some discussions about how to best use those guys that could be more than just. Are all projection stated that this would be the year that Brett Phillips makes his way up north whether it's late call up or something during the season. How close is he in your mind. I think he fell back a little bit last season offensively. There's no question about the Golan note similar RC. He's big league ready to play there. But chain he had that's going to be big house for him this season but he goes to Colorado Springs that's a great opportunity to go down there. It's a good offensive environments and and match. But I think the arrival of Lewis Princeton. Made it complicated prince and have that you know really good defense of skill set as well he played all three positions and by the way he looks the part of the leader. Are you as a big dude. And you know looks she she just looks like a Major League bark. So Phillips probably two. You know come from behind them it. And that all of a sudden are crowded field another story that it did this past week is kind of a philosophy of David Stern's built the base spots. You he's not the only one but he loves supplemental how mean 50%. Of the trade he made that involved shortstop summer he'll others off the chart. And you know that means that they didn't use a lot of Burke sort type players and Justin Ryan Kordell being one of them the other player that Corey trade. Will be big league camp whose another really good defense player sort all. Arm so they have a lot of good center field heights in the system right now and acting like some pretzels stride and I have to climb. Climb up that ladder a little bit again this year. It's it's demands using season and I'm looking Fortis yell things begin to shake out in more watches your your projection begins to change because there's going to be a myriad of changes like he says some things are made for you and other guys just either performer over perform or under perform. And they make the decisions that much easier to go itself is always I don't look afford this season pitchers schedule reporting get it to and a we'll see when you back. Are sort probably tuck you later they go out of a cal leverage a common Joining us for a couple of minutes on the Schneider orange shot line.