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Callis: Brewers have the 5th best farm system!

Feb 14, 2017|

Jim Callis, from, joins Chuck and Winkler to talk about the Brewers’ prospects. Who will be brought up this season?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pitchers and catchers report for the Milwaukee Brewers down a Maryville. Helping us get the baseball coverage rolling for the Tony seventeenth season. Jim callous with MLB skyline dot com Jim good morning thanks a couple minutes later on. How are you ready for the baseball season here and up. You know I ever talked bolts of the prospects the balky Brewers and certainly you guys so got these guys some of these guys rated very highly but. Do you expect the Brewers to make it jump up from last year and I must think of people playoff spot. What to maybe you'll look better than people expect. Not really to be honest with you become. Well I think aren't as sort of 103 games again I think Arnold part to deal with very they were last year in. I just think David Stern knows it was time in Houston. If you're not taken and in their thinking you know that that all of our discussion but I think it you don't need to build a club to win eighty games. That is not change swing eighty games instead of seventy. I don't think anything other than trying to get the best long term talent or the Brewers. It is really the goal and I think they'll probably be battling Cincinnati for fourth place. Tiger Jim Kallis from MLB pipeline dot com On Twitter and Jim Kallis MLB. Jim with the team rebuilding its lead for I guess some flexibility in some creativity in the off season. Especially when it comes to hire Spain was the first base and they Dallas playing ball in Korea and Cris Carter ago with the Brewers off season. They didn't maybe make as many moves is when David Stern's first got here but with this names move in some of the other trades how do you view how they did in the off season. Well again I mean you know I had to do right I mean it maybe mean more news last offseason and you I think Chris Carter. You know it looked actually at home run that you still wanna pay what they might have to pay him arbitration in in teams could one of keeping you similar production. I cheaper cost the mean I liked about barber trade I really think back to pay off nicely for them. You relievers are volatile day kind of a lot cherry in nineteen it's not think it tentative you know like Alec barber galaxies ever gonna have a year as is he did last year. They got you know the potential starting third baseman Travis shop who is really gets the first half the last season. They got potential. Every day middle infielder or really do it. Utility guy every to bond and we'll try to be ready and out of yourself and even the pinky to they have as good arms out like that deal out what teams was negated. Low cost. You know. No antidote to do important not to critique and that cycle look out investment you know I mean he yes power. And again that you want to patriarchate indeed you'll have to get sucked into whatever you're gonna take Cris Carter. The arbitration so I mean. You know that if things don't work to be problematic the key for any team that's trying to rebuild it is going to be fighting their pitching staff the future which which they still need to do. But you know that they've assembled an interesting group of hitters and it had gotten you know did farm system and you know I think the play imply is to you maybe be respectable 2018 and content 2090. You guys have Louis Princeton as sort of want prospect Perasa born prospect he torn up the short time Colorado Springs after straight here. Well last year that a 32 in in in 23 games. Hit four home runs do you think he in in he was here at a little brutal on deck little's hot stove thing that the Brewers had here. And he's optimistic you might make the team do you think he could. He can I think that that that's realistic again in the day at eight in this as an act and cut it to ten and so logistically. There's no point in to have a mistress and make your opening day roster and started 3 o'clock in there there's no reason it would happen. The first couple months of the season. It starts arbitration clock ticked if you waited until. They need jeans or so you know the date period it is arbitration eligibility but you waited until Beijing are so. Game delay is free agency extra years it delays arbitration extra year. Which could be a aid the talented business decision to do so I guess is he'll open the year triple A he was in Colorado Springs which is a great place to it. No place to pitch but it struggled. If it had rookie year in the rangers' system before they traded him. I think you can easily justified in let you know on the schedule we played you know month to AAA let's give a couple more months out. I could make the team yes well and make the team I would bet note no matter how it plays its contract. Tiger Woods Jim calloused from MLB pipeline dot com you know Jim at that event where some of these Brewers were in town it. I took a microphone and when around people and said. Who's the face of this Brewers franchise. And a couple people tell me Brett Billups Brad Phillips and double lay the outfielder of course we held on for the for the laugh and he's a great person to talk to bite. Where your franchise when your fans are saying that this guy who's an outfielder who may or may not ever pan out he could be traded he could get dealt. That says a lot I think a ball where fans are with their optimism and how much this minor league system. Is getting maybe you even more attention in the big league system. Yet to get it to go to the three building has a strong farm system they wont have our our system rankings out till the end of month but I can tell you personally entering the Brewers that lonely when I was Mueller to parents that are mile listing of the purses have best farm system in baseball. You Brett Phillips. Side there can be a great guy I talked to with a repeat her develop program about a month ago committed personality. I hit it 49 double A last year. So I had a look that's really the guys can be to face your franchise. There you'll see I like Rick Phillips is prospect stock is taken it. And he's gotten a double play. They LBJ if he's a state of the franchise. And that that's that's the most positive thing right now. How do you like Josh Peter obviously. It with the so many guys competing poor starting rotation. He's not can be brought up struggled Colorado Springs last year bought in a lot of pitchers do but. How do you like him and his future with the team. I just hear a lot and I think he's the best left hit a pitching prospect in baseball he did struggle Colorado Springs pool it encouraging to me it up places terrible place to pitch in. The Brewers wouldn't be there Lester trying to get stuck there. Well what I liked about just here lies. He got lit up when he first got to AAA maybe adjustments and pitched a lot better. And the last 45 weeks and he's insignia adjustment changes packed in and then have a rough year it. You know they meet for us 1997. He's got old a wipeout slider he Rose from kind of a little angle from the wind up on the first beside the rubber. And I mean not only the lefties and had a chance against him I mean that's slider he he'd you know at least sweeps across the plate back but generate interest. He's right about these guys that they illegally of people they know what to launch slot magic and start well. If Chris Sale it is a little arms slot Metzenbaum diaries is well on slot. An update to be back it. He's got back and outside but the but the large but doesn't this would mean you can't he started like I was mainly it would bring instant. You know I think you have starting options in there I think commuters in midseason guy they eat it would of their five best pitchers right now starting pitchers yet he's he probably is. But again if you wait two or remote call it not. You buy an extra year away from freed in arbitration and it didn't. Good fortune to keep saying that but when you were rebuilding team you have to look at that stinky just doesn't make sense to call guys up at the beginning NCs. Jim Kallis and MLB pipeline dot com you know looking at the list of the top thirty. Bob brewer prospects that you put together I think the ones that fans know the most the outfielders the Branson's the Corey raise breast felons may be a guy like Josh hater. Are there is their neighbor to look of a guy we should be paying attention to in checking the box score out either in Biloxi or or up in Appleton of a guy that may be. Is in getting the name recognition but a guy who could really contribute down the road. Ticket and just to tell people seem. But let slip up analysts say that kind of depleted list which we update would trade will have a brand new list out and about two or three weeks. Don't be up and it would have a couple of but the guys he'd done Diaz to. But another when he trade acquisitions he was in the secure a trade. Would Diamondbacks came over last year led the Midwest League in home runs would want to. Which is a it gave Midwest League uses about Hart please do it is as Colorado Springs is an easy place to hit. But hit forty home runs it forty year old. You really get offensive middle infielder I think you wind up its second base or shortstop especially Garcia at Milwaukee. But this is a guy who I'll start the year high class today. The look didn't airs at folly to do is really really hit. And really like east side TSE he's got it definitely keep and I. Follow Jim on Twitter at Jim Kallis MLB gym a it would camel Todd did down the road things for a couple minutes. Yes have to guess happy happy opening of spring training day. He too much for you as well Jim Kallis joining us on the great mid West Bank outline. After eighty years of helping Wisconsin homeowners great West Bank knows a thing or two about helping you by build refinance or renovate. There's a great been listening dot com their ready when you are.