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Feb 12, 2017|

02/12/17: Hot Stove Weekly with Tim Allen and Steve "Sparky" Fifer talking Spring Training a

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome and Brewers fans it is another edition of hot still weekly welcome aboard right here on the fan each and every Sunday morning at ten as we inch closer. And closer to kick off and well should I say that 2017. Championship season Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer. And Stephen. Chris Carter signing. Another first baseman a minor league deal for the Brewers. That Cris Carter signing obviously not what the Brewers. But though we'll talk about that coming up also what Adam McKelvey. From Brewers dot com will join us and here we are mid February here and inching a little bit closer to. Pitchers and catchers reporting just in in a matter of days and then were getting already ago so but we have. Other than than football season now officially over what did you think of that game. I got the Super Bowl. Yeah I thought it was over I'm pretty sure right jinx them by tweeting out that I was really really really looking forward. The time of the Falcons holding the Patriots on the big show the next at 2 o'clock and after that the fumble happen. And it went all downhill after that's I'm pretty sure I jinx the Falcons. Was an amazing amazing comeback today I was in Vegas. For that game and it was it was an absolute madhouse it was and absolute madhouse people bad. I got the I didn't hit the game but we had a good time bill Schmidt Brendan Schultz and and myself. We we have some fun. Bat a little futures bets. Just real quick on the green bay Packers and are you guys that cover that. On the big show but. They are six to one just a few days ago six to one to win the NFC. They don't have to win the Super Bowl. But it's six to one so to would just get to the Super Bowl. It shows you what what the oddsmakers think of the Green Bay Packers. But put it in perspective you get the Cowboys. Anywhere between 67 and eight to one to win the super all. But kinda shows you where they're at with the Green Bay Packers that season now we turn the page. We need to get the box hate the years a healthy safety tips for your bucks Sparky. But once. While you gotta win games woke up one day and it's you just can't take shots about ourselves the time what the Brewers on the shelf. Harvard good god. Witted game once in awhile for crying out loud. What are what are they lost eleven or 121211. Of the eleven of thirteen I believe it is now okay but I haven't yet or something like that somewhere manners. By first on the docket here as we await at a McKelvey and talk some Brewers baseball is a Cris Carter former Brewers first baseman led the National League in home runs. A season ago was not offered a deal until as of late the New York Yankees got him for. Three million dollars. Nice dill. It's a great team led the Al in home runs you sign a one year three million dollar deal why wouldn't the Brewers take another shot. At a three million dollar first baseman and then move him OK let's go four million and then you hate to move it. Again it was a situation where. The trade talks between them and the Yankees happened before they tendered him. Soul that was before holiday beat Matt Halladay became available and I'll bat Sosa was early conversations not I don't know exactly what the Yankees were offering up one way or the other. It was a long term deal by strong Castro. No not interested. I'll but if there was anything along the lines a little prospect of some sort they should have just did it and was at that point they weren't. Knowing whether or not they were gonna tender him or not I have no idea maybe they were still waiting to see they're gonna get the guy they ended up with but. It it doesn't look all that great to me outside looking Guillen when you see they could've dealt him and get. Yeah and I'm I'm sure that as he said answers there's some deet tails and some time lines and some. You know really bureaucratic red baseball tape here that that prevented them from getting him them and maybe you don't. Certainly we're never gonna know the real story we're never gonna know all the details dislike that. All that full details on a potential Ryan brawn trade last year of the Dodgers and almost went down according to a lot of report right. Never gonna know the real real deal on that stuff but. You know David services. I think to all accounts the Brewers GM has done has done a really good job that he really has but. Has he missed along the way at times. And and opted not to knock him because you are gonna mess when when you do what he's due one when Europe a GM of baseball team. You you are gonna improve and hit some speed bumps in the road in and you are gonna maybe look back and say about maybe I should have done this then the other thing Jonathan LeCroy deal with Cleveland. May have been a mistake and David Stern's maybe the brawn think maybe this Cris Carter thing but again not to judge him because you can't judge. That type a deal or these types of deals. Without knowing all the deet tails and we're we're never gonna really knows who we air on the side of you know reserving judgment and Davidson. Let's go boys say let's go what we do know. We do and always this is not a god that's scared to make moves this is not a guy that sits on his hands and doesn't reach out to other team to try and shake trees which is what you always wanted god to do. And this is a guy that has a pretty easy track record so far my opinion is far as. Bring it back top prospects for players I'm helping to rebuild this farm system to this point out the C asks does necessarily. Maybe not to this point but he's got some really good ballplayers it looks like in this farm systems. It this would be different. In my opinion if she had done much of anything since he's been injured Matt wanted to trades really hasn't done anything does Roy have a track record to go on. I need to and you could say well maybe is all night eve maybe he's a little timid but did he hasn't shown any of that to this point. No not not at all and and and your right we. You know we opt to go with what we do know this would just one thing just just one thing we talked about it a lot just one thing. That I'd say. To this point. Is the thing I'm at a point and there's just again I gotta say it there's just notes Dodd now will there be studs. In that arm it is minor league system right now certainly probably the probably will be Stevie when you really think about it he's he's brought enough. In numbers into the system in the minor league system where one problems going to work out to right one hell of a baseball player. But just on paper. Across the nation national guys local guys is just not that one guy yet and maybe Josh hater is that is that kid or that guy. That's the thing just that one guy there's no. You know alto couple jerks and pro far Manny Machado or some of these guys come and up that you could say ye outs these guys are solid. So that's about the only thing that you could be critical in nature on David Stern's on that that set right now that's it he's if you're gonna rebuild these rebuild and. Yeah he's there he's definitely doing that but but he did not use you look at coming up to this amateur draft and he shuffle that up front office again. I'm included and ended the hands of somebody else to make the pace coming up in his amateur draft a soccer B ray Montgomery. So we kind of start over little bit they're not game Flanagan has been your organization forever. I we've got a chance to interview him up previously at spring training him in there when Koresh brought a mob. My buddy yeah this is a situation where. These drafts are huge. And I don't think people realize how big amateur draft is for baseball I think you'll get all fired nobody NFL draft all made after the draft it's your day one round one old date to rob 23 netted a lottery don't care bodies 34 through seventh even though that is where a lot of the NFL is made. People care about that. NBA it's two rounds people get all jacked up for round one round two Cubs people usually go like. Yet and MLB amateur draft nobody gets excited to putt amateur draft from a fan's standpoint a couple of doors turn in and and watching MLB network like myself and and you but. For the most part it's not that big of a deal could really. That is where Eric your organization is built and sustain it year in year route going four to the end of tie just threw that draft and if you don't do that well you'll never win. You and in you have to look at it in in comparison. Look to the Green Bay Packers defense for example you look at all the that did that date tone Jones and and pay Ares and Dixon Rollins and Randall like Martinez Kenny Clarke. Can you tell they've been working on their defense you can tell they've they've have been working on their defense for a few years right now MLB. Little bit less specific than that that you you do build and sustain a guy like Lucas or sag their the second round pick this this past June. As a guy that could end up being a stud and now every once in Norton two years right now I was gonna pointed date certain say wow. I look at this signing from him it's amazing this kid's going to be a monster he might be the new L. Kyle's warmer Chris Bryant would have. You just don't know right now there's no certainty and some of those but in some of these players their. As we moved toward this year's June draft. Where the Brewers said that I can off the top man at seven somewhere in there. Dodgers' sixth or seventh. In in the selection process but coming up will talk to at a McKelvey the Brewers did. Street and first base they did sign minor league deal with Hayes whose. Ankle are who put up some monster numbers as you take a look at his numbers I did. When you think of this guy. Why ours you still in the minors. Mean that that's always what I'm gonna say is why's he still in the minors or something's and I don't know Bob because I'll be doesn't view what I heard they got on. I saws numbers I nearly went today intelligence I find what's wrong with them something's wrong with him just Google and find something the year there's off the field stuff. Maybe PED stop there's got to be something. Maybe towel she scared the Internet and over and over he goes there's not that he has this kid just looks like he's a really good baseball player that they gave up five. So yeah I'd be the best of all the first baseman. He may end up being better than the three year deal for air things right by the way Brewers picked ninth. Nine Coca area and that you can get it player there as though no question about that. Coming up also on the show today Brewers have announced a bunch of their theme nights and or where you where you stand with theme nights I think they should actually do more to tell you the truth. And later on during the post game what will throw out some ideas. Later on this season. About. Deal our ideas of theme nights bikini night if you will. I'm not I'm not sure that would bode very well at Miller Park we'd love with. We we would love and on an open he would pull the trigger on that also baseball. And come up with some new rules are attempting. To eight to continue to work on this pace of play and when you look at them. What they did from year two year of the games actually got longer this past season yet to the prior year Sheridan. And and so. To me it's a minute can continue to harp on this very easy it's very simple good you could tell us later we get adamant Calvin coming up next. We'll do that next year another edition of hot stove weekly here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan and welcome back it is another edition of hot stove weekly here on sports Radio One 057 FM on the fan Tim Allen Steve Sparky Pfeiffer of already knew. Kick off our twelfth year of post pre and post game coverage is so we get ready. Pitchers and catchers going to report let's sit the great midwest bank hot line and welcome in our insider Adam McKelvey from MLB and Brewers dot com. Adam getting ready to go here what do you say another year. Yeah another year actually of my suitcase out and get ready to stop acting goats. We'll be an interesting camp you know I've been working on a spring training preview series. And it seems to me that others can't is gonna kind of be about the pitching is starting pitching we've got some pretty big decisions to make there I think that's going to be. One of topics that we spent a lot of time on this year. Tied the made a signing. This week another first baseman what do we know about Hayes seuss is at at Millar tag ER. I said well I guess that's one of the questions I have to figure out where you and I get down there I would assume it's a regular are. That's a lot bid they've been warned me were saying that but immediate throw a lot of hollering I should. Triple a home run around the this year right handed bat to be but that is. Could give you a platoon mates for. Airplanes at first base you can remember things is a lot and this year they want it more bow my lineup. So he's kind of an interesting guy I actually whip through an exercise does this look you're on the site or the end of the week. Trying to predict already between five man roster. And the event regular spot doesn't really interest in one because remember last year they went with an extra bullpen arm for a lot of the year. Com I think they may do that again and it's they do it could be that spot or maybe standards in that spot. That comes into question a little bit I think that's going to be another thing to key to my irons from training. What their roster how are they gonna Lions roster all do they value the extra arm. Over the extra bat if they want to back that got got a bit more. And it could be we could become of an interest and got to watch it at north park. Adam I I'm trying to figure it out because I said this in the first they wanted to show when they got this guy. I really told AB Tauscher producer said there's something more which you must of been in trouble off the field or maybe get a PD something or other well I don't understand with his numbers why you would just. Kind of stroll mild there. Up for somebody else to clay based just solely on his numbers. Because the Indians are good that's a big part of it and they've got a pretty full roster of pretty Charlton players and know Carlos Santana and and some guy who can hit it and do some of the things things. Regular maybe can. So I I think that's part of that they're been some pretty talented players. Let go recently by clubs are the first baseman from Minnesota they didn't have a good year last year but and he came in baseball up 30 with. A lot of fanfare he's like go the picture from the royal that would eventually traded to the Cubs are you know and even Adrian arms those middle infielder from the Brewers claimed earlier last week. I'd be out that the Giants are really like him as a defender. The Brewers I know really like the idea of the game has about. I heard I'm Perez part to. To play all over the diamond and they have the part where it. Injury are they in order to claim pace is regular. I really hope that Adriana that would clear waivers and and seeing the organization. And it didn't happen. Also you don't seem to try to get really strategic about that timing of these. DX rays. They in order to. Do it it got such terms of the clubs are just bolt it on our roster and can't make a claim. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't I talked to David circled the about it because the further it super aggressive in the area. And it poly for example got young marine. And it works. Sometimes and it's not worked overtime. But they're gonna keep I think trying to be aggressive. Cycling through a lot of players and hope to keep some room even if they can keep momma always. Yeah and I think it's. Really where the barometer is set at some of these players you mention Hernan Perez he was beat B behind a couple of good players in Detroit. Jonathan on VR as an example he was behind a couple of good players in Houston so. I think that's that's something that maybe flies under the radar Adam that does Stearns doesn't look at. Some of those players so I don't think it's across baseball this may be a David Stern's thing that he's you pretty damn Smart. Well if they're they're looking at every way they can to acquire. Players and they know PR with the trade not a waiver but it was a very minor trade. You've got a guy who maybe was maybe at some point would even a DFA. I think he's he was kind of at the end of their roster mom and I think ER and Perez were both. Really part of the X-Factor is not the Bruins are gonna call last season's success. Those players are gonna be really high in the discussion and it would and it looked bigger picture for a minute here in terms of what this season will be a box. And again this is another part of my spring training is that he does Torre's gonna. Bomb just you know knowledge were speaking. What would you define a successful season for this person on seventeen and I think. One of the things that would do it is if you get a couple more breakthroughs like they help absorb those types players credit DR. And these are the three the first and the my my junior Garrett to put a little different because the age. But the little three guys are now eight point six even or below coming into this year. Are on it I think if they can identify. I handful of more players. Who are able to gain a hold in the major leagues that would go a long way to making that comment season's success. Any players were talking about these waiver claim that you lost for example there's is on the list of guys that I think have an opportunity to be that kind of a breakthrough. I think that's sort of what. Mark are not he was talking about what you said not all about wins and losses this year there are other things do anything right. I think part of what he's saying is a strike try to I don't prior couple more players who. Get an opportunity capitalized back and can be part of this team when they get on the other side of the Louisville. Demonic you go ahead and tell Adam what would you change mark should have sat vs what he did sex. That mark what did the said about why the series is you were furious last week about mark's comments on the on deck event about the fact of you know may look rattled cares much about you know winning baseball games turned baseball games off. What should he had said in your opinion well it's an. Insisting Tug O war Adam between what Craig council says in terms of winning and I understand if I believe me I I'd again at the field manager he's out there win baseball games and yeah dome and and in Marquette inacio David Stern's they've they've got a plan but from Craig counsel's wanna be. Market and a natsios should've said we want to win as many games we can during this rebuilt that what do set a little bit better for me. I did go crazy about it but it's kind of tough when you hear the owners say but I'm not too concerned about wins and why well that struck me I want. Things of that one thing of the second part of ball comment which I'm not sure. I was much attention. Is that what furcal he's that there will be at armor I'm really concerned again about when. Let number one and the other party did he did say that if they do things the right way and give players. That they believe are held to have an opportunity for the first time and those players capitalized on the opportunity. There will lead to winning baseball let you know I think that is. Part of what happened last year I think anybody was jumping up and down about the record last year. But I don't think that they. Exceeded many expectations. I mean and look all they are. I hate making predictions and every year like a modified and dom and I have the pocket passer but the potential to be 100 games I didn't think that was. Totally out of the realm of possibility. But enough things broke right for them that they did a lot better than. And I act that was part of that comment symbolic they give opportunities to get players in those players succeed it will lead to winning baseball games but. But the bottom line is in and Tug O war is a good way to put it even on the other side that Tug of war early when we and there are people numbers are knock us off. Look at might be trying to take a step back and start rebuilding Marco signing Kyle Lohse. Arm and then dart. So that part of war has happened and it it within just in this sort of cure maybe there's been a little look old now where. Mark has come around the idea of OK let's think about this in the long term Greg Calhoun now the guy saying he wants to win now. This guy don't do the right thing he's gonna put him on the bench and put someone else and it's very interesting the way that China. It is insisting and and that's why. They know I'm a big fan Kregg council's regardless of the situation the organization made BM. From his point of view from his perspective. It reflects well on him personally team to win baseball games and he did squeeze out. As much as he could. He used to be given more credit anyway he was given credit in terms of the organization by by signing a long term deal but. He is really amazing Adam McKelvey from ML BM Brewers dot com our guest here and hot stove weekly Adam you mentioned at the top of the segment here. But the starting rotation and they do have some the some opportunities there for maybe a little wiggle room they they they will. You know applaud their depth at the starting pitching. You know position but where do you see that the opening five here. Well look I I told you I had to try to line up at 25. Not an ice pledged because I don't know. Now they have really picks and put seven guys that are. Returning from last year plus Tommy Malone was that. So I think it gear the eighties now I don't see how they're not a politician and then the way I put it missed this article because I don't know how loyal supporter right. There's who. Parole. Anderson are so. And the other. I don't know who you leave also back do twelve and a half million bucks that matters. But he also was pretty good when he came back last year. And that bat Jake Anderson was really didn't September you'd on the right side of thirty. We LeapFrog over the opening day starter last year and would effective down the stretch after coming back from my arm. So I think each of them have a cheap to make about being included group and then we'll look at how many more on as well it's a non guaranteed deals and all the we have got our own. The one thing if I have to as the current compliments being that story you can or are you in the video of his comments. If they are fortunate enough to have this problem on April 2 or whatever the day before opening day has what would they do. Could they get creative with that man so yeah. You can ball we're gonna start seeing Kirk help you lose. We're searching teams around baseball try to deploy their pitching and more creative ways that began last year both you do it the way we watched all the good news. Think there are some things that could be done and started location as well in order to. The way he puts it is you know and and determined citizen market 27. Do you best you that would arms we have available so I don't know that means a six man rotation from the beginning. I don't that means. No feeling guy is back and forth trying to pick home or road like the member of the older golf bong and they thought I don't know if it's just my this is is me talking. But you know I don't because I don't know if I don't know what sort of scenarios. They are considering we'll try to get into that a little bit. Once you get down to Marysville but just don't but don't overarching point that ultimatum was. Gotta look at maybe some creative ways to use their kitchen to get a little more outside of the box. Because they they view this is a good problem to have remembered they just massive all the B yeah. If it started pitching really effectively and they had one of they have one of baseball's best rotation late last season. It was kind of surprising when you look at the names and go to the talk rationally but like all but. Performance wise they were pitching really well. They feel like there's an opportunity to. Build off back in this coming season and that might mean do it a little different. Adam you know IQ I was out there the last on the World Baseball Classic came we went and saw a baseball game Tim myself. And I just remember in old there's there are guys a member coaching staff now okay F firewall supported but they'd rather have their guys obviously there with them. Ott in spring training any indications from council as far as having so many guys a World Baseball Classic rosters Willie tour alters out their VR is out there Jorge Lopez. I'm number different guys and obviously Kuralt is one of the guys battling for that spot in the rotation would you just sent. Yeah but he's also one of the guys in this new designated pitcher pool which you can go and my story can actually get an explanation of that. He's not eligible for the first round of the China won't it would only be. The second on a beyond that not a guaranteed. So he's kind of in a little bit of rumble world he would he actually does go participate. Guide the ball. You know are really impacted our BR is going to be a gas off the bench for the Dominican infielder is ridiculous. I hit include Robinson can no bothering second baseman Beltre at third novel will be I would adapt maybe off the bench. And forever I think you're gonna play a lot from Venezuela. Bomb that was communication during the winter meetings and beat this topic was describe. I think those that you guys are gonna come to the most action and I think liberals are okay you know obviously it's a risk Eagles play. These guys go play these huge games at this time a year that are there some risk in ball. But if it's. You know it's not junior Gerald well yeah I actually. The group got something to do you need not being humble those are sort of the terminal. Arm and I I think it would have been really nervous watching him go ditched the child's situation I think it but pitchers that you did a little more nervous about now. If there of a guy you mention northern Lopez. Coming into a big year he was once the topic and property did not have a good last year struggled with one of the guys struggle that if Colorado Springs. The better blocking and then was really good in the orderly and it. What you've gone corpsman that he's. In a reasonable pitching shape still gets you get a lot orderly go I think that if you go to walk too many on the same tire burnout. Armed that they go with the ball doesn't look good on and log some innings there they're. Pretty well positioned to do so. Because they've been pitching in winter ball so I don't know I don't seem bigger red flags on any of the guys on the Brewers that are going to Jonathan crucial on the team. He's gonna go cap gains. Again that intensity early we've made we were you a little bit more but the guys that are going to the Brewers. In different situations to. I am Adam was that the county are not so weakly on the stand I guess sports flash coming up you're just couple minutes. Adam I'm just real quick your final thing. I I agree with you don't the World Baseball Classic or remember a years ago that no catchers I mean. I felt all the catchers were gone but that final thing for it it's a question I get asked a lot. And I'm sure you do too in that as this season 2017. Of these younger players that haven't filtered into the organization either via trade. Or through the draft won't who might we see this season has some probably the number one question I get. Yeah well look I put Lewis Princeton and restore order earlier this week that guy isn't if either like pick someone who you don't keep common. It certainly can go out early in the year I think Britain's position just partly by virtue of the fact he's made it strictly luck to your. He kind of right on the cost. Spoke to that on deck and his. He feels ready for the big league is pretty call for a while this is over only to complete. I doubt rubble and I think this could be the year that he makes it back. Don't know they had quietly got some producers. Right up to that level now. And then that'll be another consistent on the sidebar to the second they have a lot of dirt earning established starters. How old or where will they find places to work guys like Josh either ten. Jorge Lopez I think because you got that he didn't on the list. Brian Woodruff just gotta try out this past season and really had jumped up the list. From a guy who could have an impact soon I don't think they're gonna be up there on opening days plans don't. No there's service time considerations or talk about later you won't. I but I think told us some of the names that are. Not all of them lightly to get an opportunity sooner rather blame her but I really. Curious whether receive New Britain that you maybe this is I don't overall bottom. Whether these days are those. That that might. Dictated top programs and having his own very musically successful to play last year I think you get a shot and. Very good Adam next time we chat you'll be at Maryville baseball park we appreciate the time and has always keep up the good work arrived. I got look sort of talking to do you have that. Honorable it. If it here you go at a McKelvey Bruce dot com joining us an agreement US bank hotline. Here on hot stove weekly will take a break pace of play rears its ugly head again that topic next here on out so weakly on the fan. And welcome back Brewers fans another edition of hot stove weekly as always here on the fan Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer getting fired up for the post game show again this season as we it's a little bit closer pitches in catchers just a matter of days from right now. On deck has come and go on and off season is coming gone and now get back to live baseball action from Maryville. Still park I have a question so when you. As Tim Allen really targeting jacked up that OK yeah it's about that times our game back to work. Right. Pitchers and catchers gets a big benchmark it's a big event benchmark in the year but book for me it's once they get on the start doing work outs and you read stories from Adam McKelvey and you see the reports come in and these players come in and who's in shape who's right right around there probably after the position players report. Probably the next 48 hours for me it doesn't have to get to a cactus league game it's assessed it. You know these guys come in do their physicals and and there are certain of probably first or second full work out says where I'm. See and for me it's the first time I hear you per call a game. In my car that's when I realize look. I'm ago here we go. Right I don't know because been follow along at home the last couple years the Major League Baseball hierarchy has deemed it that games are too long. You know to me right. It doesn't matter how long baseball game has to meet but that's me and I understand society is quick fix thing and they won it. Heck I just saw the other day Stevie I don't know if you caught that article football is what connect. Pace of game as well. But they're they're looking at keeping the players on the field after a touchdown do the extra point and then you stay right there were kicking off Nadal. I just opt I'm I'm not convinced him. Necessarily bad you know the audience they're trying to get which is the younger kids right so you're talking 1821. Tony five. What are not that makes. Are big enough difference. Offer them to tune Indiana foul if the game is you know three hours and sort of three hours and ten minutes or three hours and fifteen minutes I just don't know if ten or fifteen minutes in any sport really makes so much of a dip. Now it doesn't matter of some baseball as Kamal what. Intentional walk well just give foreign and don't want first base do you really intentional walks are there a game. Please MLB come odd man but what maybe one. A game on average I don't know I'd have to look up the data but that it's up to Manny it's not gonna put that thing and a nice tidy two and a half hours Weathers. Live baseball action all the time. Again it's very simple. And I continue to harp on this until the until MLB doesn't I'm not a doctor I don't know the impact that this will have on arms I don't know and maybe. They have the information that says it will be a detriment. In terms of health to the pitchers. It comes down to this pitched the baseball gods just pitched the baseball this is all about the pitcher it's not about the Q the batter Stepan out it's not about. You a minute and a half in between innings at a time clock here in there and everywhere. It's about the pitchers this is a cat and mouse game I don't know if you call one of those National League playoff games it was like up four hour and 28 minute. Nine inning game. I mean that to me is all about pitching now I don't want to get anybody hurt. But I will say this that in terms of getting the younger audience the quick fix society these days if you want them. You're gonna have to just simply tell the pitcher. You got it's baseball. Or you're gonna lose count you're gonna lose the situation account you're gonna get beat you need to pit Sybase while it's very simple. Yeah and that's probably true. As far as how you're gonna slow it down you know you have to be in the batter's box and you have to pitch in if you want to put a pitch clocked upper. One ever in get the more dramatic moves that you're not going to like would be short in the game Charlie game seven innings. One guy suggested the other day that it to foul balls. About a hitter. I can figure out how to move on it said of having east ten and fifteen pitch at bats. Eliminate that and try and get the game to gold the quicker but you talked to Paul wider like we did on the Wendy's big show this weekend. For the most part he wants a game to pretty much stay the same he is all for a pitch clock go to keep everything moving forward he likes that but. All these other ones getting her the intentional walk and try to forgot how to limit waste order first base and that stuff about wags and not. In favor. Now I agree with him a folk 100% agree with him the baseball that that's the constant of baseball man if you make a dramatic move. Likely limit the number of pitching changes now let's not let's not forget about pitching changes need to Mike Metheny you to who used. I I think it was was it five or 66. Straight batters faced six different pitchers in a baseball. Let's not forget about pitching changes but if you start going seven inning games if you start you don't limiting the number of pitching changes those types of things. Think you're you're disturbing. Some sort of heritage and history that that baseball is had over the years now there has been changes and people look back in 1968 when they. Change the height of the mound that they will go back and look at the 154. Game schedule the 162. I mean I understand that. But I don't think a pitch clock in general changes the history or heritage of the game I really don't if they want to increase the pace of play. How many times are people shaken off how many times are pitchers shaken which you can't take that out of the game ten. I think to a degree can. You give the guy a few timeouts I don't know maybe given some timeouts that he can restructure regroup and meet with the catcher. You mean you saw last year you saw last year and umpire standing in between the pitcher and a player saying no you're not meet with that. I think there was an umpire between the that he reads a shaking his head saying no moment you're not meet with him. I guess you could you could continue to do that. But don't situations where it's the meeting on the mound type deal catcher goes out goes back then manager comes out pitching coach comes up third baseman of sorts up. OK fine that's not gonna increase to twenty minutes on pace of play it's not gonna do. It really is and and and I think it just comes down to. What what's the pitch clock now at twelve I want to say 1213 seconds. Dictate. Yeah I mean you could do that judge the other. Here's this this ruled out they're proposing right now as far as the odd to alleviate long gains as far as having 151617. Inning games. Now we're talking about a minute try and rookie ball I believe this year as far as that wants you to the tenth inning he Japanese are to the runner. I'm second base it's dried increase scoring immediately in extra innings to train and the game sooner you like that. Well I'd like in the minor leagues I don't like in the major leagues that that's fine with me and in the minors I I have no problem with that some of those. Minor league games you know you want these guys with routes they got a pretty grueling schedule too but he knew if you're dealing with that. The history. Of the game. Boy aren't those extra inning game school. And it really lets. For for for us sitting in the studio. And makes it a late night whatever I mean we're not we're not out you don't do in construction. Were following a baseball game. You in the stands. That cat and mouse game there and an extra inning game do you bunt do you play for the run you would what do you do here do you walk the bases loaded the set up the double play than you do pitching change. That it's a pinch hitter and then. Those things aren't really the allure and and the you know most of baseball to me. Bright to you but most people leave an extra innings and I don't at all because they got to go to work in the morning kids got to go to school kids got to go to bed whatever you believe what time the game's over you gotta like 2000 fans looked in the stands watching the end of the game everybody else is gone home and on a bad self. I understand that's who we had to get to our theme nights coming up to the next and it's. The other thing nights have been announced it will will go over that to an assist assist. I don't like that I'll drop to beat wholesale change I I do like the fact that they're just. Just tweak in this stuff in there a little bit antsy and now works I do think MLB is doing that where it's football to set up. Extra point that's now 33 yard. Talk but that was pretty abrupt for the NFL hall. And baseball doesn't do that necessarily I will take a break here you listening to hot stove weekly. A lot of brewer's stock each and every Sunday morning at ten here on the fan. And welcome back final couple of minutes of this edition of hot still weekly pitchers and catchers just a matter of days reporting to Arizona and certainly be on the look out in the listen for our coverage live from. Maryville baseball park right theme nights for the Brewers this year they're gonna need to do some creative things to get some fans in the stands. What do we have. A list of theme nights here. Aren't we got Beatles tribute night Saturday April 22 against the Cardinals a lot of it love it love it I mean I've been. Look. It's it's a low cost way. To just add some player there everyone loves and who dislikes The Beatles right. That's old that's new that's right in the middle I like it a lot. And it's going to. With a special and game features in music from the fab four Beatles themed post game laser show in a Beatles teacher for fan to purchase a special Beatles tribute night ticket package. I'll while I'm runners night April 29 against the Braves another Saturday night. All fans efforts to get back to receive a special trouble Cody is for registration the famous racing sausages five K run walk or brewers' mini marathon. And they will also get a brewer's performance running church if they purchasers of the ticket package. I've autism awareness day and Sunday April 30 the next day. Personals for the autism awareness they Miller Park is Major League Baseball once again partners together with Autism Speaks that's a Major League Baseball thing. Burres make a three dollar donation Johnson's Autism Speaks for every autism awareness ticket package souls. Needs to be done sports men's night extremely underrated and I think sportsman's night Wednesday may tenth. This one here is present might pick and say this special ticket package includes a seat for the Spurs matchup for the Red Sox plus one of a kind Brewers fishing lure. Nice high and it is a via it's a pretty cool or they are pictured appear Star Wars tonight Saturday may thirteenth. Back to get technical receive a limited edition as jet I see on a Bobble head. Following this inner glad to battle the rebels will celebrate there were restoration of order to the nationally Galaxy with a Star Wars themed post game laser show yet they have the LeCroy. Star Wars and last year yup Zubov pollute sucks. Returns Miller Park on Friday may 26 and two -- specials it will pose a ticket package will receive a Brewers is you bust print like we could eat. I know we have a taste of Miller Park as well that includes Brewers cocktail glass along with a sampling of some in the park most popular new food and beverage offerings. Introduced as part of the team's off season food and beverage redesign that's how my birthday may 27. Marvel superheroes day on Sunday June 3 is another one. That they have going on that one features. Experts marvel superheroes a date to get back Dorsey to a limited edition Iron Man Bobble head. Designed by Marleau specifically for that event like bark at the park. That's the K nine dog one. The first three underdogs signed up whatever cheaper to Serena pregame parade top it off a portion of the bar ball a bark at the park ticket package to go the Wisconsin humane society and as I won't bring bring in my mind dogs that now if they go crazy. And okay that's on June 6 stitching pitches June 7 yeah. That one is something I believe they've done in the past attempted to Bobble head featuring the brewers' famous racing sausage bratwurst. Peanuts night. Charlie Brown will be on the mound and managing. Let's see here where assists fiftieth anniversary the bullet musical you're good man Charlie Brown the ballpark will feature special units themed in game features music and movie clips plus anti -- subpoenas I ticket package receiving limited edition Charlie Brown bobbled featuring Charlie and I like in his favor Brewers hat that one I love that's June 16 against the Padres. About one I'll go to India based day is back on nets on June 17 featuring he Grammy nominated mercy me. They'll be performing. Educator days is I on three different days August 1 second and third on that weekend. Hello kitty night I don't understand a whole hello kitty thing. But not a chance at purchase special ticket package receive an exclusive Brewers hello kitty today. On August 2 he gets the Cardinals Grateful Dead tribute night featuring a T shirt August 9 Rodney Mack law law enforcement night on August 11 like at the up coaches vs cancer night September 2 internationals in the last wanna sports beside again. On Wednesday September 13 at cred that features a Brewers orange bomber hat giveaway that nine in September 13. And went right under Apatow. And there you go yeah I've February 18 the a single game tickets including limited number of opening day tickets on sale. For the Brewers group sales take authority on sale now so had to Brewers dot com. Get all the information that's gonna go for this edition of hot so weekly for Steve Sparky fight for my name is Tim Allen. Yes ever great week see you next week and smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.