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Adam McCalvy joins Hot Stove Weekly

Feb 12, 2017|

02/12/17: Our Milwaukee Baseball Insider Adam McCalvy of joins Hot Stove Weekly.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back it is another edition of hot stove weekly here on sports Radio One 057 FM on the fan Tim Allen sees Sparky Pfeiffer of already youth. Kick off our twelfth year of post pre and post game coverage is so we get ready. Pitches and catches going to report let's sit the great midwest bank hot line and welcome in our insider Adam McKelvey from MLB and Brewers dot com. Adam getting ready to go here what do you say another year. Yeah another year actually have my suitcase out and get ready to stop acting goats. Will be an interesting camp you know I've been working on a spring training previous series. And that seemed to me that others can't is gonna kind of be about the pitching that starting pitching we've got some pretty big decisions to make there I think that's going to be. One of those topics that we spent a lot of time on this year. Tied the made a signing. This week another first baseman what do we know about Hayes seuss is at at Millar tag ER. I said well I got some sort of the question I have to figure out where you and I get down there I would assume it's a regular are. That's problem but they're doing your knee looks ahead but either throw a lot of hollering I should. Triple a home run crown this year right handed bat with a decent also that is. Could give you a platoon mate for. Airplanes at first base you know the moment things in the left and this year they wanted more ball lineup. He's kind of an interesting guy I actually whip through an exercise does this look you're on the site or the end of the week. Trying to predict already between five man roster. And that and that's a regular spot doesn't really interest in one because remember last year they went with an extra bullpen arm for a lot of the year. Com I think they may do that again and if they do it could be that spot or maybe they're just murdered in that spot. That comes into question a little bit I think that's going to be another thing to keep the minds from training. What there roster how are they gonna lie in this roster I'll do the value the extra arm. Over the extra bat if they want him back this guy's got a bit more and it could be you can be kind of an interest in got to watch it at Miller Park. Adam I I'm trying to figure it out because I said this in the first they wanted to show when they got this guy. I really told baby Tauscher producer said there's something more which he must've been in trouble off the field or maybe get a PD something or other well I don't understand with his numbers why you would just. Kind of stroll mild there. Up for somebody else to quite based just solely on his numbers. Because he hindered good that's a big part of it and they've got a pretty full roster of pretty Charlton players and know Carlos Santana and then some guy who can hit it and do some of the things things that regular maybe can. So I I think that's part of their that there have been some pretty talented players. Let goal recently by club's part the first baseman from Minnesota they didn't have a good year last year but and he came to baseball insult Oriole with. A lot of fanfare he's been let go of the pitcher from the loyal that would eventually traded to the Cubs are you know and even Adrian. That middle infielder in the third claimed earlier last week. I'd be out that the Giants who really like you know the defender. The Brewers I know really like the idea of the game has about. I heard I'm Perez part two. To play all over the diamond and they have the part where it. Injury are they in order to claim his dues regular because they want to that all of that. I really hope that Adriatic that would clear waivers and in any organization. And it didn't happen. Also you don't seem to try to get really strategic about the timing of these. DX rays. Yeah in order to do it it got such terms of the clubs are just bolt it on their roster and can't make a client. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't I talked to David served a little bit about it because the further it super aggressive in the area. And it's poly for example got young marine. And it works. Sometimes and it not worked overtime. But they're gonna keep I think trying to be aggressive. And cycling through a lot of players and hope to keep some of mood even if they can't keep model forty. Yeah and I think it's. Really where the barometer is set at some of these players you mention Hernan Perez he was beat B behind a couple of good players in Detroit. Johnathan VR as an example he was behind a couple of good players in Houston so. I think that's that's something that maybe flies under the radar Adam that does Stearns doesn't look at. Some of those players so I don't think it's cross baseball as it may be David Stern's thing that he's he's pretty damn Smart. Well if they're they're looking at every way they can to acquire. Players and think the VR was a trade not a waiver but it was a very minor trade. You've got a guy who maybe was them maybe at some point would even it yet say. I think he's and he was kind of at the end of their roster while and I think ER and terror we're both. Really part of except it's not the bird they're gonna call last season success. Those two players are gonna be really high in the discussion and it would and it looked bigger picture for a minute here in terms. What this season will be a box. And again this is another part of my spring training and that he does Torre's gonna. Aram just home now as we're speaking problem. What would you define a successful season for dispersing on seventeen and I think. One of the things I would do it is if you get a couple more breakthroughs like they help with a couple of those types players whereas VIR. Indeed these are the three that first can in my mind junior Garrett to put a little different because TH. But those other three guys are you know he's played six even or below coming into this year. Are on it I think it's they can identify. I handful of more players. Who are able to gain hold in the major leagues that would go a long way to making that comment seasons past. Any players were talking about these waivers from the big loss for example there's is on the list of guys that I think have an opportunity to be that kind of a breakthrough. Yeah I think that's sort of what. Marked up not he was talking about what you said not all about wins and losses this year there are other couldn't do anything right. I think part of what he's saying you don't strike try to I don't buy a couple more players. Who get an opportunity capitalize on and can be part of this team when they get on the other side of the Louisville. Demonic she'd go ahead and tell Adam what would you think mark should have sat vs what he did sex. That mark what did the said about why the series as you were furious last week about mark's comments on the on deck event about the fact of you know may look Adam cares much about you know winning baseball games I turned baseball games off. What should he had said in your opinion well it's an. Insisting Tug O war Adam between what Craig council says in terms of winning and I understand if I believe me I I'd again at the field manager he's out there win baseball games and no room and and in Marquette inacio David Stern said they've got a plan but from Greg council's point have you. Marquette and now CEO's should've said we want to win as many games we can during this rebuilt that what a set a little bit better from me. I did go crazy about it but it's kind of tough when you hear the owners say well I'm not too concerned about wins and why well that struck me I want. Things of that bumping into the second part of ball comment which I'm not sure got as much attention. Is that. What furcal he's so there will be at armor I'm really concerned again about when. That number one and the other party did he did say that if they do things the right way and give players. That they believe our talent to have an opportunity to the first time. And those players capitalize on the opportunity. That it will lead to winning based on what you know I think that is. Part of what happened last year I think everybody was jumping up and down about the record last year. But I also think that they. Exceeded many expectations. I mean and look I'll say I. I hate making predictions and and every year like a mom and I depend on and I've out of pocket passer but the potential to be 100 games I didn't think that was. Totally out of the realm of possibility. But enough things broke right for them that they did a lot better than. And I thought that was part of his comment as well if they give opportunities to get players in those players succeed it will lead to winning baseball games but. Know the bottom line is in and Tug O war is a good way to put it even on the other side of that sort of war early when we and there are people numbers are not a step off. Look at might be trying to take a step back and start rebuilding Marcos lining Kyle Lohse. Arm and neck guards. So that's hard award has happened and it it wouldn't interest in this sort of your maybe there's been a little little goals now where. Mark has come around the idea of OK let's think about this in the long term and creek how cool is not a guy saying he wants to win now. If guys don't do the right thing he's gonna put him on the bench and put someone else could I interest in the way that Cha. It is insisting and and that's why. They know I'm a big fanatic Craig counsel's regardless of the situation the organization made BM. From his point of view from his perspective. It reflects well on him personally team to win baseball games and he did squeeze out. As much as he could. He he used to be given more credit anyway he was given credit in terms of the organization by by signing a long term deal but. He is really amazing Adam McKelvey from MLB and Brewers dot com our guest here and hot stove weekly Adam you mentioned at the top of the segment here. But the starting rotation and they do have some the some opportunities there for maybe a little wiggle room they they they will. You know applaud their depth at the starting pitching. You know position but where do you see that the opening five here. Well look at I told you I had to try to line up but for me five not an I pledged because I don't know. Brett how they have really picks and or seven guy that are. Returning from last year up on him long was that. So I think it scared the eighties now I don't see how they're not a politician. And a layup put it missed this article because I don't know how well the putter right. It's who. Per also. Anderson Garcia. And the other. I don't know who you leave also backer of the dutrow when I have million bucks that matters. Thought he also was pretty good when he came back last year. And that Matt Jake Anderson was really didn't September you know on the right side of thirty. We LeapFrog over the opening day starter last year and was effective down the stretch after coming back from an arm. So I think each of them have to keep to make about being included blue. And then we'll look at how many more on as well it's not guaranteed deal so he's probably I'm not a hill. The one thing if I have to as the current council in the Soviet that story you can form of the video of his comments. If they are fortunate enough to have this problem on April 2 or whatever the day before opening day has what would they do. Could they get creative with let me answer yes. You can ball we're gonna start seeing Craig Counsell who's. Were entertaining teams around baseball try to deploy their pitching and more creative ways that began last year both you do it the way we watched both can use. Think there are some things that could be done that starting rotation as well in order to. The way he puts it is not an indifferent citizen market when he shot and I. You bet you that was on the we have available so I don't know that means a six man rotation from the beginning. I don't that means. No feeling guy is back and forth trying to pick home or road like remember the old demo pong and Dave thought I don't know if that's just my accuses me talking. But you know I don't because I don't know if I don't know what sort of scenarios. They are. Considering we'll try to get into that a little bit. Once you get down to Maryville but just don't don't don't overarching point that also made was. They're gonna look at maybe some creative ways eat their pitching and get a little more outside of the box. Because they they view this as a good problem to have remembered they'd just met since all the B yeah. We have six guys that you really affected me that they had one of they have one of baseball's best rotation late last season. It was kind of surprising when you look at the names and there but without a national football but performance wise they were pitching really well. Are they feel like there's an opportunity to. Build off back in this coming season and that might mean doing things a little different. Adam you know I ill I was out there the last on the World Baseball Classic came we went and saw a baseball game Tim myself. And I just remember you know good nerve guy as a member coaching staff now OK yes firewall supported me they'd rather have their guys obviously there with them. In spring training any indications from council as far as having so many guys a World Baseball Classic rosters Willie tour alters out there VR is out there Jorge Lopez. On number or different guys and obviously Kuralt is one of the guys battling for a spot in the rotation would you just sent. Yeah but he's also one of the guys in this new designated pitcher pool which you can go in my story and actually get an explanation of that. He's not eligible for the first round of the terminal it would only be. The second on the beyond that not a guarantee. So he's kind of in a little bit of limbo we'll see if he actually does go participate. Guys that. You know are really impacted our VR is going to be a gas off the bench in the Dominican infielder is ridiculous. I hit include Robinson can go the other way second baseman Beltre at third I don't know where the I would adapt maybe off the bench. And forever I think is gonna play a lot from them as well. Com that was the indication during the winter meetings and beat this topic was discussed. I think though that you guys are gonna come to the most action and I think liberals are okay you know obviously it's a risk Eagles play. We've got to go play these you genes at this how many years it. There some risk involved. But it's. You know it's not junior dare I thought yeah I actually. The Brewers got something to do that you need to not being on those those are sort of just on the mound. Arm and I I think it would have been really nervous watching him go ditched the child's situation I think it took pictures that you did a little more nervous about now. There are other guys you mentioned Jorge Lopez. Coming into a big year he was once their top agent crop that he did not have a good last year struggled one of the guys struggle that it. Colorado Springs. We've got a couple lucky and then was really good in the orderly but it. What you've gone form of that he's in a reasonable pitching shape still gets he pitched a lot or really go. I think that if he goes a long community and that came a part of Burgos. Armed that they go with the Bulls got him we'll go about their analog complaining that they're they're. Pretty well positioned to do so. Because they've been pitching in winter ball so I don't know I don't seem big red flag on any of the guys on the Brewers that are going if it Jonathan the crucial on the team. He's gonna go cap gains. It again at bat intensity early it would maybe you were you a little bit more but the guys that are going for the Brewers. In different situations. I'm Adam was that a majority are not so weakly on the fan mega sports flash coming up you're just couple minutes. Adam I'm just real quick here final thing. I I agree with you in the World Baseball Classic or remember a years ago that no catchers I mean. Although it catches were gone but that final thing for it it's a question I get asked a lot. And I'm sure you do too and that is this season 2017. Of these younger players that haven't filtered into the organization either via trade. Or through the draft will who might we see this season and some probably the number one question I get. Yeah well look I put those Princeton restore order earlier this you can pick I think if I don't like picks someone we don't be common. But to make an impact early in the year I didn't drink in this position just partly by virtue of the fact he made it strictly lap you're used whenever I come across. I spoke to him that on deck and news. He feels ready for the big league is pretty popular obviously still the only to compete. Doubt rubble and I can just couldn't even hear other Steve makes an impact. And then you know they ended quietly got some producers. Right up to that level now. And it that'll be another consistent on a sidebar to the second they have a lot of good earning established starters. How old are rarely find places to work guys like Josh leader in. Or even Lopez I think because you got to see that he's on the red. Brian Woodrow just got to come out this past season really jumped off the lists. I'm a guy who could have an impact soon I don't think they're going to be up there on opening day plan storms. Note this service time considerations or talk about later you won't. I but I think told us some of the names that are. Not all of them lightly in. Get an opportunity sooner rather than minor but I really. Curious whether received New Britain you know maybe this is on October Zambrano and it is whether he's due to those. That that might. Dictated article Branson and he's so very musically successful triple lap yeah I think he gets his shot producer. Very good Adam next time we chat you'll be at Maryville baseball park we appreciate the time and has always keep up the good work or I. I got look forward to talking to that you have that. Voluble and. If it there you go at a McKelvey Bruce dot com joining us in the great midwest bank hotline. Here on hot stove week Leo will take a break pace of play rears its ugly head again that topic next year and hot so weakly on the fan.