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02/11/17: Varsity Blitz High School Basketball Coaches Show Hour 2

Feb 11, 2017|

Don Wojzculis and South Division head coach, Ty Moseler, take you around the area's high school basketball action. Jerry Carrillo, head coach at Cochise College in Arizona, is in the Coaches' Corner this week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Some of the best high school basketball in the seat he's played really he'll read southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coach isn't the area. This is the Wendy's varsity athletes high school basketball coaching show for city boy and you see stores now here's 1057. FM the fan's high school insider. Big time and Mike quick. I wonder why a coach does what he does. What's his coaching philosophy. From offense or defense to special teams it's time for the coach's corner. Brought you by the brightest stranded college athletic department. Once again welcome into the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coaches show presented by your local. You can save store's Don would soliciting in for big time Mike Wood giver and joined. Were the entire two hours today by tied moser the head coach at. Milwaukee south division high school in and coaches we get ready. He joined excuse me on the great mid West Bank outlined by Jerry could reload a head coach. Down a coach she's college and Arizona. One of the things. That you find this time of the year is that you get more into refining your offense and defense than you do actually from a drill standpoint. Just because you've been together for so long at this point you kind of put all of the various components in place and now it's just time to refine and make that run once again in a regional. Maybe adding one wrinkle here or there to get a certain look. You want for certain cared. I was at Oshkosh west many many many years ago and in. The of course there Steve Randall. And was in two adding a few things down the stretch for scouting purposes that people didn't see going into the playoffs. I'm at or renaming everything that they already have then for scouting purposes for a second time through in the conference thinking kissed him you don't get the new names down. But you know united adding a whole lot at this point. Now joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline it's the head coach. Down in Arizona oh how I'd love to be in Arizona right now from coach she's college's head coach Jerry coral coach are you doing today. I'm hurt due to do we dare ask what the weather is like downer right now. Aren't there amounts that are beautiful rather long throughout would be. Sony five to. Yeah with that I'm just passed on over to tie the coach drill I do and and hey this is lives so mean you can't do any swearing like we do and are no carry stations aren't. We could bent on. You know is this couple things that we wanted it to targeted to you about Eugene this segment they have a coach on that has some Wisconsin kids on their roster and I'll see you being in Arizona you know I can have. Have a bunch but right now it is point you do have a really good one for marquis mass murder young man by the name of Dallas poke Hilliard. And they'll Q do you talk to cement or so about how he's doing and how things are going for him making his way from archeology to you guys. Why he had been great used. He's he's he's got a great three year career. In terms. It would be an impact player of the for us where last year we were. We're point six without them we were we were the culprit here and read to launch an announcement and uses started it all redeemed direct arm. If you did that come up about whose prior are. You and Laura most players. And of the sophomore he's been enough he did you have bettors these are currently in. Scoring and rebounding averaging merely a double double Lido Italy nineteen points and nine rebounds a game. I'll play multiple positions for us. But he come up. You come to practice player and there's you know Allison so close. Well about Burton. I'm you know I'm pretty penalties bogus small American consideration. Coach from a recruiting standpoint we've had out of players in the past that have joined Micah initial week tie we had one year players on this morning Donte' Ellis. And when you look from a recruiting standpoint as to who you want to bring into your program we see soul much. Special was ace and taking place now with high school athletes. Is that a positive or a hindrance. From your perspective. Where lately I've noticed more coaches looking for kids who will compete and various levels in various sports are the type of student athletes are trying to bring into their program what's your approach when it comes to recruiting. Our you know you make your point I think it would go to the lab it called about launchers. He also learn when I was out here. The assistant. I think you're does apply and travel team is there. I am you know basketball at a young age and stick in tour. Obligated dirt beauty tumultuous for guarding those are older further you know far far between but. You know more importantly than anything else in this recruiting aspect. To try and find. You know guys like Dallas who. Have a situation where they've been grounded. You know Coke canned. About diverted to dog would. You know he's got he's got parents are behind don't already have and people behind you young Americans. You know tiger territory or these kids are out. He didn't have moved grants you know all every kid great signal board there to about slugger. Claude it's very it's kind of a broken record or wall put there to about small won't work especially for money. What yet very few long understand it there you have routes that they need to to Terry locals. I'd like to heavy hit up on a little bit you know. With the the recruiting says things that I pay in our state a lot of people don't understand how division when junior college works and how good of a level that it is. Or they have them there the image that load. Beyond just while some very good as you gosh fastball or. You know anyone that goes there assists against you have bad grades in liken -- is Casey was a qualifier this is senior year because of a knee injury. And idea and didn't have anywhere to go and now you have a kid who who is a good student has grades. And these the level that you guys play at the mean there's a lot of very good players at the division on junior college level. Can you hit up on that a little bit about. I'm how good that level is and you know where your kids goal from playing at your place are at divisional and junior college. Yeah walked first and foremost side as well at their. The people of Milwaukee though. You know what you do well program trot doubled to improve because for us. A nine year if you doubt it and it off or contributor coaches room and he's got the bottom. I'm not saying is losing coach in. Errors failure would like arts and actually care of his employed in the sweet sixteen in the national tournament and we saw. You know movies the talent Cougars level. Yeah we got guys you know these guy you murdered her call was with a qualifier and was twelve forwards in the Roscoe in the fourth quarter area. Well assault student curve out here all American for us. While the southern Utah went on to play it what's now the Buick but one player in the embassy Vieri maybe god knows entry. But we've got guys that were good students and our school but just. Needed bigger hamburger for platform. And play on to the next level. And then we've we've also I Gardner are more non call Margaret young men confused on. Appeared. Wacko published were a couple championships americorps Jack. Was. 69. I'll vote senator Breaux from two's thought realized school signed early would you cup of the senior year and didn't qualify. What would those two years and we want to reduce freshman here in. Played called southern Idaho which featured. Their individual players and and you had a break out game and district and and you almost all of his sophomore year. And he was offered by. You it was offered by Marquette and Buzz Williams came down result by armored. Texas came in or get Washington. And you know play in the receivers also. It sounds simple we we get some. We knew it cleared there. You know here they walked toward and one basketball gala Alex who. Who tutored you know hurt himself. We are fortunate to get me gotten better there. Toast Tuesday. Old old he Gumbel goatee Jerry bit about the broad statement Milwaukee's doubt. They've done a great job recruiting them and they knew how good he was. Outside school they've been really approach would hundred gotten is in his shoes coaches. When you guys got tonight coach. We've jail or you're over Coyotes. Who. A well coached. And unfortunately. Observed on the first go around in there and we need to. We have a lot to all of Europe so we've we you know ordinances and homers you'd hear. We can win the conference in there and host and the reason. Where you guys that being conference or non what are you guys got last. World word game behind her goal was served in certain quarters arm. Was six to go we split would. They have a Coke here and they reported. He was called some guy. We're old and B if you assume all of them. Whitaker tiger. Coach before we let you go I know one of the things mightn't give her and likes to do here is to have. Somebody at the next level impart some wisdom but on some of the guys that are playing at the high school level right now and I know one of the things we alluded to before. Was about the daily habit it takes to make it into the collegiate atmosphere to make it to the pro level to make it to that next step and as you get. Two educators sitting here at the desk if there was one thing you could tell high school athletes about what they need to do to help prepare themselves. To gold to the next level what would have beat. Yeah. Are rude blue Lugar. You'd barely that mastered all the Spurs. Do you dare have a magical housewares and couldn't. Like you know a lot of kids well put it about wanna. A wanna play for money where your daily habits magical aspirations you can put yours the news and it becomes very simplistic. Can you put yourself to bet. You know night in you go to bed it back to you and you and you. Put proper things in your by you know here and you being you do you're academic requirements. To play to lose one back in it becomes very simplistic. Liver side right now earlier obviously sides in the pro library it's about the visit. He doesn't Jets lose struggle. You know and you didn't you know and you. Can you go on the ground you know which Carter's way our guys they'll put there to about what well. You know. It is great out of yards. Tiebreak you're there are great trees right after up university taught QB. Believe believe it because you're really could be somewhat at a night. He's not happy about it quiet and goes out there today. It was called ability. Reporters. We're gonna want federal practice law will be three out you know this is unacceptable. And a lot of guys. Lot of guys as they dictated levels required travel thing you know they they can't grinder you know in the weight room became grinder out on the practice floor so. But it is great news viewed very good match or goals or aspirations. And that's on them you know and you know here and the people of their quarters. Their handlers. Woods was that a lot of today. I don't know how well they communicated to Ohman and and the doubtful it would credit you know he got fuel behind known that are very supportive but they. That's a tribute to his six. Well coach I can tell you one thing on Monday there'll be a banner hanging in a six grade classroom here in the city that will stayed do your daily habits match. Your goals and aspirations stake you so much for joining us this morning taken some time out and a with the time difference on her results going to be a little early on a Saturday morning aren't York. Then turned fifteen impending you have you'd huge thanks to doubles Rudnick. Felt good lies cool hopefully they're no. What they're out you know could. You know he ordered thirty he set the bar for assistant coaches go out here in Arizona. Coach appreciate your time best wishes and good luck with the remainder of the season. You were under review. That's head coach Terry coral from coach he's college down in Arizona joining us on the great midwest bank hotline it's time for a step aside and take a break. This is the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coach is so presented by your local pick and save stores right here on 1057 FM the fan. Welcome back to the women's varsity blitz high school basketball coaches show presented by. Your local pick in save stores down what souls along with time moser. Sitting in today as might the giver and is in Madison as we mentioned earlier receiving an award from the Wisconsin high school. Baseball coaches association and I hear he is listening online. In Madison before he heads over to the awards ceremony so Michael congratulations we. We hope were filling the seat well for you I do know one thing. Mitch the bumper music is much better. Much greater total answer I don't want to get to trouble but I know all the bumper music. Is much better come and out of breaks you're not line there you go I'll take a dive I don't have to show up until after he leaves next two weeks of will be all right. Now so I'd guess I had a great mid West Bank hotline it's a head coach at Beloit memorial. Or walk. We appreciate you taken some time because I know this becomes a busy part of the year is your winding down the regular season getting ready for regionals. Yet a nice win this past week against teams dole Craig. What's your assessment of how your team is standing right now as you approached the regionals headed up here in about two weeks. Well we're playing pretty good right now but you know goals are coaches you Ewing who came to play at the prospect or two in the year. I think for go to the right trucks and again we've got different a couple of tough games split hurting a top of the league. I coach I Moseley here who do you guys got tonight. We have to is a Parker. Who around the bottom of the barrel but. Every night everybody else is always a war. SS and ask and I'll yell Parker's down a little bit but if you take them out of the equation and that sometimes. I don't know to people around here in our area. No just how good your conferences from top to bottom. That if you could talk a little bit about. The depth of your conference and mean everyone has a good coach in our conference everyone has declares a neck conference you elect elect commencing east. Who is coming off the state appearance and has some really good players and and they're fighting that stay in the middle of the pack. That you know every night in your conference it's very difficult to get out with a win. It'd despite especially when you're on the road you know it's really cup but ever every night kind of the bottom of the conference. Pat brought we've beaten twice in overtime followed we had to be we're dealt some treatment was matters washed towards. Medical release was way below was appreciative favorite. Beat us twice in two close games and then you know of the probable Oriole and jumper at middle to a great it's just a war every night time. Do you guys have. Is every team in your conference in that same section hollered or do inning you guys get split up. No it'll get with a birdie to go the same way so it's like. Applause applause. Popular cantonal. So that's like a conference chairman for you guys you gimme playing some and you're very familiar with on most nights if if you can survive. 00. Go to when you look at your team from a leadership standpoint. Who steps out that's taking care business both on and off the court and in regards to athletics. In the locker room helping to keep your team together. Well we have a few. Or corporate he is. Company went player forced to three player true free today there's. To guard one Garrard. They are there are captains they've lived on the quirk. Off the court is it's a variety of guys what terrific because there were a couple of everybody kind of final. With that work ethic is it one of those situations were. There I'll I'll once again in somebody's face but is it done more from a verbal stamp point rile Ross standpoint. Or are they doing it for better leadership showing how they go about their business on the daily basis. It's accommodate a little too caught me he's more of a talker drawn more by the very get after just shall. And when they work her retirement and the whole team rules such a couple harder. In they do it every night so. We're the mobile packed and it's because those very short or for what we have a senior led team that makes a difference. AJ where do you guys go fear SE meeting this week and this Marat now. You know again you talk about your you guys error with thirteen and 614 in seven somewhere and and that area. And you talk ma being in the middle of the pack of your conference and again with the teams that are in your sectional. You know how how deep do you feel your sectional says. Went to the quality teams that are coming for a conference and an anybody you know to know she need trail cup years go made a run as you know who they're throwing into. You're section. You know you missed eagle to do. That championship game. At about. To hold serve today and that they came back with a bunch of threes are very well coached team. It in the proper but I what I I'm predicting them first real good teams could be as a protective cup as a conference was deep. Those teams are there but I think it's a good teams can they get beat because of the conference top above again it is good have been as eleven years. If you're not ready to play I was going to be in distinct pleasure rector had Eric Gordon Bartolo either the next Rollins mean. So I'd bet they are predicting some most of a good teams going to be. Coach this might not be fair to ask Bo when you go into the regionals are yet adding some new wrinkles. Offensively or defense of leads and again this is unfair. Right I mean to say yes a dead this is what I do and and somebody's listening. Right now and in getting ready to play you but. Do you switch anything up or is it just a matter of we have our system we refine our system and then we make her way into the playoffs. I think you got to continue what you were doing all year you you may be ups and I'm thrilled with the other teams do that that does that you may have changed or tweaked a little bit but. Ever border Konerko order Brees to around and he's got a exit can play defense rebound he got to take it that's gonna make the other team take bits that's. I'd do you do you perceive you guys have a shot policy gimmick at. Your place is here being a top eight seed. I think so it worked. You know take it got a couple voting goes target but it means I would do eleven so well. It's important to crapshoot but that we're hope we can. I know you guys you know boy memorial is known for ear historic. You know facility that you guys have there's been a lot of big games hosted in there concessional time again with how tough your conference says. Yeah do you feel it's important to be able to get a home game or two in there that you know and in the big nine does home court advantage make make a difference for you guys. I Gupta does would like to get one and then they'll. Bowl Daisuke is where did you go play well and spew racial courts basically played better they should shoot better. So you have got a lot open not apparently mex game the most important state term I think what people get Mac dropped it looked ahead of the next game and and forget about what their plan all time. Coach first someone who's never played or hasn't been in your shoes as a coach. What is it about the home court advantage that people here so much about that makes a difference when you're playing any sort of sport. But you're comfortable that we practice or today. They did build I actually can hit pretty that they put their kind of response you replaced for about their fair response. Because it did you know this topic that they can hit their all time. But just the environment you're comfortable there you know you don't get it up a bicycle somewhere. So I think that's a big big advantage. Coach can't thank you enough for taken some time this Saturday morning in joining us here on the great mid West Bank hot line. Best wishes as the regular season winds down and you head towards regionals. Good luck and have Gil and Jeff thanks for coming out. That's head coach Jay Bryant's their head basketball coach at Beloit memorial joining us after. Our next break will be Kelly Applebee's to head coach at Brown Deer we set at the top as is going to be a jam packed show and it sure is. And he'll be joining us next there's there's the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coaches show. Presented by your local pick in save stores right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back once again for the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coaches show presented by your local. You can save stores there's smiles all I'll say it again he's in Madison he needed in Austin right now yeah I like that in college with the Suns inning getting it is the best golfer Busan Minnesota's. Added years now joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline as a head coach over at Brown Deer Kelly Applebee's coach are you doing this morning. Who were due in fantastic. You're you're in the midst of having a really fine season this year. For you what is the main stay as far as what has been the key to your success. Yeah you know I think this season we. You know I can we can shoot the ball really well which it's helped a lot. I think this team that we we have here this year as they shot it better than the teams and the pats. So we really don't shoot the ball on a you know if if teams come on cover up. We usually like our chances then you know logical in a plane and don't. And which are shooting. You know lot of children out here to play in knowing it's a so so kind of much are we out of his own this year so. You know I know in him enemy and we we go around you and it is so now we're should alternate targets so that that's kind of been the key to our success that he's. Kelly tie Moseley here. You know you guys are I believe moved up from 3-D. You know obviously other than vote you know schools are bigger what do you envision as you know I knew you see it different teams in what may view you know running through the same sectional for years at division three. What do you envision you knowledge that the differences might be with maybe the different types of teams who might be playing of the different styles that you might see. Yet you try to get in those. Rots away those same regional and sectional you know and keep running into the same kind of teams at all or at all or me trying to. Get past the same team they keep watching the same teams so this this year kind of in and night look and that. Our new regional in division two it's primarily more short team's seat Aybar. Port Washington nickel a Grafton and and Buford and general and he's and so. You know I think that that venues in the regional and such. Being bigger schools well maybe draw a larger crowd than the division Torre's. And it you know it you would think that the the quality of play would potentially be a little bit better but you know. I think division three this year in our regional it's very similar to what it being division two so what works about the opportunity to compete that regional. I know that eight you guys have traditionally Ellis played a tough nonconference schedule you don't shy away from anybody and done. You know and win you know what the idea probably trying to help you go on and says make him a run in the playoffs. What about the woodland how do you feel but you know. The woodland being a very good conference in and helping you guys prepare young. Especially back in the day when your. Right as you know when you think about what's the toughest conference in the area or in the state the woodland this year and particularly to really ops list. You know you look at our teams on our side so much into division but that it got ourselves in Whipple. We obviously very competitive thing Greenfield and be Wendell and keep I had a couple of good quality teams. And then on the west side again I assume you lock key in. I and our green dealt socialist in broad west east teams are all very competitive they'll. You I don't know schemes you know twice so we can. You'll really get battle tested in itself a candidate for the play out hopefully they'll and the things will not turn outs so that. You're prepared for any team you know and you'd like that I do. Then it's scheduled some tough nonconference and you know I joke about it like that those things that are around good ideas in July but. He. Slid it through and it's January 15 you're kind of look at or somebody that maybe and so. Yet you know that that combination of playing. Really tough nonconference and then playing in a very quality conference like web and I think that we are out. Coach you talked about it just a couple of minutes ago about getting yourself in a rut when you. Are playing so many years within division three now jumping up to division two. Is that band a re energizing moment for US a coach as well because now. When you play teams. Over and over four years you kind of understand what coaches bring to the table what their systems are what to expect. And now since you've gone up a division you're gonna have to kind of re approached things with other teams coming in and how you scout in Seoul for those that simply. Reenergize. You as you make your way towards regionals. Yeah I think I think it's a new opportunity and I its new opportunity for coaching staff and the lap three players well you know a they're excited about playing routines and the coaches are said about playing a team than. I guess it does. And provide some some actually late work I mean yet it do some additional scouting in United's familiar with these teams and you know those kind of things but Abdullah as a program. I think your outlook and a challenge one another to get better every day. And so move an upper division. You know I think that challenge for you know coaching staff and for players and so. If you have a challenge in front of you I think that for a. That mean you talk to in the fall Kelly you know whats in our our teams play and folly. And but heads. And you're one lead guard discharge his it was one of the gentry is correct. What what is he Gordon have gone on for recruiting or what level do you think he can play attic is I. I say I joked after Washington pled Cheju anybody for that kid just says it's competitive nature he's productive. You know did little things. I'd just wasn't particularly good ball player that you know sometimes college coaches look it doesn't say six for next to his name. Out what what is it looked like for him and how I've level do you think he can play that. Well you know he's he's got over he's one of those players like like we have talked about it you know he just it's you know and he he played both sides of the floor. I you'd get one of those lot art for the midrange game you know you really uses is deception and you know it sees the floor rebound and passes. And actually roared ensure their well this year averages 1820 game. You know a good juniors so he's still kind of in the middle his whole recruiting. Dang I thought he was a scene you got him another year. Didn't figure him out that that's scary. But yeah edited junior so he still. They're looking to get recruited you know I I think his goal is to be a division one player it could be that. I think that like you mentioned. You know if you not six for some of these coaches kind of look past you but I think he's one of those guys who. Who maybe you don't look past because all the other things that he does for war join you know go ahead coach who's up on so you know yeah. I think it runs point you know even you know Summers after we've been doing them as China did him. Even a during the ball you know and that would kind of showcase his talent. As a potential point guard at the next you know so I think you know hopefully division one player at and I think that cynical. We're joined by head coach Kelly apple BO red Brown Deer high school on a great mid West Bank hotline Cotto wanna start with you an entire I want you to jump in as well because. This goes to what you were just speaking to about recruiting. And having young man now who are being recruited from your program young men who have obviously aspirations. To play at the next level and sometimes those aspirations. Can get a little bit advanced and play into how they perform on the court and sometimes how they perform off the court as well. As a coach how do you handle it. Who actually you know that's that's a huge challenge nowadays. The whole recruiting them. You know and I think a lot of it goes to you know. All of the publicity that you know the media and all these other things you know get statistics being published. And so you know but it's a player's going to be recruit yet to score he's got to score I mean it should you know it so you're always. And the coach kind of fighting that battle of pots as opposed to yourself you know and so especially the high school coach you've really got to focus on. Team yourself and pass in the ball and charitable and the commitment that in the modern era it it's a tough challenge they have ever. For us we would have to have kids good enough to actually get real we're not waiting and that still. I'm the kids that we've had the passing I tried it to head up and get them the trusts and understand that. If you're good enough they'll find you will help in the spring. Team first and we'll deal with the college recruiting. In helping any way that you can if you do things rate during year and all heard time. The younger kid sees that that were has worked out for early kids that saying hey you know this is what we did for saw insult. You know two or three years ago and we'll do the same free you. That you don't need to worry about who's in the stands are pretty once calling because it's not important right now the team is and more about it and in March and April. Well let me follow up with that then 'cause tie you kind of led into it perfectly. Ko double B when you have. Parents in the stands family members. Who don't know necessarily the system or the game plan of what you're trying to do each and every night. And the young man looks up and sees his uncle seizes dad sees whomever you don't kind of encouraging them shall we say. To shoot the ball more suited go ahead and take it to the hole whatever the case may be. How do you counteract that throughout this season again going back to defected they've got to play into the system that you're trying to create. Well I think if you you know what I wanted to trademarks of our program is defense and you know. Defense intensity impress in the ball on the outcome and it felt one of the things that we get China itself to our team is that. You know if you get on the floor anyplace essentials they out there are to get on the floor and he you get a steal and you know elated to transition out and the thing you can do it. You're your defense creature and and so. That's something that we promoted our program is that if you want to scored at least each and so. You know I I would think that that's something that you can sell to the players. And that was you buy into. Reality is for us is we don't have a lot of parent involvement that. Are sitting in the stands are worried about if they're going to college if if he gets taken care of its our coaching staff is doing it for the Q didn't. Again parents aren't over that part of the job I don't have to worry about. Coach one last question before we let you go here as you make your way towards regionals. What do you do from. A standpoint of basketball IQ. Going into the regionals knowing that it's those one and done situations once you get to the playoffs you make mistakes during the regular season. You have an opportunity to correct by it the next time you hit the floor with whomever you're going to play but when you get in soup. The regional. Playoff atmosphere. It's a one and done tournament like it is throughout basketball what are you change or what do you do from a basketball IQ point. To not let mistakes over ride in the midst of the excitement of the playoffs to keep your team focused and moving forward. Yes so I think one major thing that I try to sell and he maybe. Need to sell harder this year that let's not try to do too much. Because it's a playoff game you know we been successful at that point. When you get on the floor let's not you know force things and try to create things that aren't there. I think a lot of times players. They feel like you know it's a big moment it's a big game I need to. Oh. You know I I think you've got to let the player. Just do what you thought we'd done up to this point you've been successful it's approaching Portland with that being said I also think. Winning games come down to intensity. In an effort of play and so. You know it in a regional game or a playoff game where it is one and done like you mention. I think effort which factor and so if you. You get out there and you don't. Awkward if you don't do too much you do it with intensity yet. I think you'll be. Coach thank you so much for take some time this morning and best wishes as the season winds down in you make your way to regionals. At her. As a coach Kelly out will be over a Brown Deer high school joining us on the great midwest bank hotline it's time for us to take a break when we come back. Ty and I all wrapped things up and maybe. Put the hockey stick back in the door some different can't find his way through this is the Wendy's varsity blitz. High school basketball coach is still presented by your local pick and save stores right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Yeah yeah. Once again welcome back into the wind these varsity blitz high school basketball coaches show presented by your local you can save stores regulars were surreal. 1057 FM the fan before I bring tide back in what's Gailey wanna thicker show's sponsors Wendy's pick and save. Badger Max Brian and Stratton college athletics. Midwest orthopedic sports medicine Milwaukee's. Milwaukee's shirt guys dot com excuse me raising the stakes fundraising and leadership skill development. I deal logos. Home for the weekend and tangled Lions 53 weeks the official band at a high school show and you can always. Check out everything with tangled lies 53 weeks on FaceBook at. Tangled lines. Coach thank you because you did a lot of the leg work leading up to do show and when we said at the top of the are we're gonna have a jam packed so we sure did. I've done a lot of good guests uncovered. Different parts of the state and sank ten year everyone's trying to play their best ball and get ready for playoffs. You know the one thing that I've come away with over the years. In being around high school athletics. Is the fact that you guys it's almost like a fraternity because you understand what you go through on a deal BC assists in his teaching in the classroom coaching. And win one calls the other it's not so much. Don't call so and so because we're conference rivals you may not do about trade secrets right. But there's still that fraternity like atmosphere where you can rely on one another when you do have questions. There there's no utopia we all have a headache somewhere. It might be a little bit different but we all deal with with issues armed. You know I remember when I first aired this are back in the day you know. It felt like no one wanted to put their guard down every holding secrets. I'm an having done this long enough now. I. I was so worried that come Roddy months coaches was it was. Even better that we all understand they we all deal with headaches. Really wanna know what the other person is doing go watch him in a game you'll you'll figure out if you have some common sense. And you know there isn't a whole lot of seekers with what you're doing or you are what you running that. We all seem to to be able to to be on the same page and get along is as head coaches conference non conference whatever might be. Well in isn't that the truce. More so I think in high school athletics. It in the profession of educating than anywhere else that idea that the grass is greener on the other side of defense because as you just noted. Every coach every teacher regardless of where you let you have you have headaches you have issues they're just different different but they're all relative guys. I don't generally get yelled at by a lot of parents 'cause they're not there in the coach on suburb might have apparent proms like crazy but. I got to deal with kids who have allowed discussion going on there Holman and the guy on the suburbs. Doesn't have that tend to dysfunction and we all have something that we're doing with that makes the job challenge. Time malls or. Thank you I can't you make you enough for coming in today and it again Mike giver and thanks for having us sit in and in keeping the chair warm for you while you're out in Madison getting a welders are deserves excellence award from the Wisconsin baseball high school coaches association so have fun today good luck. In just know that. While we were here it was just the best bumper music you could find. With this particular program let's take a quick minute take our guests Donte' Ellis or student athlete of the week. Brad pastor from kettle moraine Dave logic from west Dallas central Tom Diener from cedar Bert. Jerry rule from coach sees college pollen in Arizona. And Kelly apple be. From Brown Deer we can't thank you enough for joining us once again. This has been the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coaches shall presented. By your local pick in saves stores I'm not going anywhere is Dan under Byrd is to my left in as a college basketball still coming up next. Thank you all for listening and big time will be back next week have a great week in Milwaukee.