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02/11/17: Varsity Blitz High School Basketball Coaches Show Hour 1

Feb 11, 2017|

Don Wojczulis is in for Mike McGivern this week. South Division head coach, Ty Moseler, is in studio. Hear from Pick N' Save Student Athlete of the week, Dontae Ellis, in this hour.

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Some of the best high school basketball in the siege he's played right he'll ring southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coach severely. This is the wind d.s varsity blitz high school basketball coaching show presented quite. It's stores now here's 1057. FM the fan's high school insider. Big time Mike Mike. Morning and welcome him to be Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball culture show presented by your local pick and save stores right here in Sports Radio. 1057 FM the fan's. Sitting in this morning for big time Mike McGee ever Tom Dunn would Solis thanking you for joining us here today and to my left. Is the head coach over at Milwaukee south division Michael was four. This morning's program tied moser Ty how you do it through and very well glad to have you along glad to have view the listener with us along with Mitch Ross our producer rule. Mixer we handle the difficulties of this past melded big time ms. With the Wisconsin hi my older one our announcers are now it's arts or Wisconsin high school baseball coaches association. Mike McGovern's receiving there media award today so that's why. He has apps and in I know for those who listen regularly it's like when you were a kid in you got up in the morning and somehow be changed. The Bugs Bunny roadrunner hour from nine till 10 in the morning it kind of throws out throws you off a little bit so for those that. Are usually tuning in because it's their habit of listening to big time might me giver and Michael be back next week. Today so is jam packed as we have coming up shortly Donte' Ellis our student athlete of the week from Milwaukee south division. At 1015 OB Brad best her head coach at kettle moraine 1030 Dave logic from west Dallas central. 1045 Tom Dieter from cedar bird at eleven Jerry coral. From say say the call this cheese which is college coach sees college out in Arizona. 1115 from Beloit memorial and Kelly apple beef from Brown Deer. At around 1130. And and maybe we can take a deep breath tired and just chat for a moment since we're the one sitting in here. Before we get to our first call and before we get to some of the topics at hand. Let's ride Judah today's show is being brought to you by Wendy's you're local pick concede stores badger Max Bryant in Stratton college athletics like what they did there. In their hiring of their baseball coach midwest orthopedic sports medicine at Milwaukee shirt guys dot com raising the stakes fund raising and leadership skill development. Ideal locals home for the weekend in the official band of the high school so it's tangled Lions 53 weeks you can check them out on FaceBook. At tangled lines dot com before we get to have phones coach you and I were talking momentarily off the year in one of the things I've noticed in the last week and a half. Watching college basketball. It is. The lack of consistency. From the free throw line so when we see that lack of consistency. Through out I mean it's not just one team we've seen it with Marquette the badgers I've seen it. With MS and we in cardinals' stretch and you go right down the line. Is it. A practice thing is it something we're not from a skill standpoint teaching to our younger generation as they move up in in your opinion. What has been in the fall in the free throw percentage that we seek in essence nationwide. I think it's a lack of the players putting time in to doing it everybody has their individual trainer. When they go lot they they work on their crossover step back fade away. They can knowledgeable six basketball's sent one time and spend the ball but they don't put as much time into just standing there while they retired and breathing heavy. And shooting free throws in concentrating enough to be able to. Make it a consistent motion in and being able to knock it down and then I think it's all levels everywhere it's not just one level. Because college recruiting has changed so much with the fact that now with the Internet so much of it is done there with highlight reels and things of that nature. Do you think that plays into it a lot Warner the trainers and and some coaches not all but some coaches. At at various levels are emphasizing the things they do just diluted to because of the fact when your put net. Highlight reel tape together that's boy. No Nottingham Patriots are on that island and they're putting over this amazing spin move fade away. Where that the kid makes one shied and they don't show the other nine times are very durable enough is laying out of bounds early and missed the shot and no one's putting you know made free throw. Right it is okay I was just it will get back to this a little bit later when we have a moment but right now let's jump to the great midwest bank hot line. For our student athlete of the week it's Donte' Ellis Dante how you doing this morning. It's good to have you on the still got your coach right here time moser with us to I go ahead. Well I think in in all these cases when you listened week to week and when Mike talks about student athletes. They have you know the three point 97 they got one B when they were freshman in music class. And a lot of the kids that we deal with in our conference. They don't necessary see the big picture doll on the line these season now and it's just getting by to get eligible. And I'm Dante is a great kid Daunte is worked very hard it thing for her for this honor. That he was never an eligible never had daggers those I was at 2.2 2.3. Where to. All the sudden last year as a junior the light kind of went eyes like I wanna go to college I have to pick up my grades and he's done that. To where just last semester he was a four point all. And down like asking your down to what would he think that the change was for you where. Instead of just getting by you became. Motivated and conch cheated and trying to get as many know a.s and b.s as you could here's a junior and senior. Below. My mom's. Really motivated me. In my grade. You talk to me about card Tuesday it don't look operate Lugo look my grades. Nomar crashed near our Yang are you know out there. Only speak and so I really start talks about it England got up and he. Keep working hand side and my great I'm good in. It and again Dante's a very good job here down the stretch and he's taken a serious and that daddy did and take it serious when he was a younger guy. But kids. That generally that we deal with aren't thinking for five years on the line you're just thinking about well paid today in class I. I did DSM and kind of and you know Daunte didn't flunk any classes he wasn't getting back Griese is never knowledgeable but they do. Average you do okay now he's he's doing much much better now he does have colleges that are aware of him and the good grades are gonna help on. Dotson I want to ask yeah I know one of the things from a a bigger perspective. Within the field of education is always regarding the budget and how thing skate cut in many times. It's athletics and the fine arts and things of those nature's that kind of goal by the wayside. Daunte for you before you had I hate to used term an awakening but before you got serious about your grades. What kept you going as far as school when was it the fact that you needed grades in order to play basketball with that. One of the motivate or is that kept you going to class and kept you doing which you needed to do. Yeah. See and that and that's what I'm get nets' side is that when week you when you talk to people outside of the field of education. Sports for some people seem like there's Addai and this. I don't know it it it doesn't relate at all to the education of our young men and our young women. When in fact sometimes you need. That X transit motivated you need death outside the classroom I don't know that pushes you and for people like Dante and for a lot of others. Whether it's in the city or outside of this city. For some it's the reason for going to school until like latte had. That light come on in goal are right now it's time because I'm realizing I'm in the latter half of my educational career it is time for me to giggle. And I want to go to college and and hopefully they have so many near explaining that in that. You know I season d.s you know you get credit you probably graduate is not giving you and into college and again Dante has done a good job of begin pulling gays in and catch shooting so he is getting himself ready for college. Donte' with this whole idea now of getting yourself prepared for college what has that experience been like is far as being out there. And trying to figure out what the next step is going to be for you. Both academically and then quite potentially from an athletic standpoint. Willow. Aren't you are open began and thinking. Oh knows do or. You know in the glued. Yeah. You standing underneath a tree Dante and Dick Tucson so forwards break it up a little bit. Part of that didn't. Hear enough yeah we're good we're dead. I don't know I'd. Wait and see we don't do it right that I don't work we got great. Movement can do. And see where you constantly that walk or work out great. Good for you because that that is he'll turn of when when you talk to young men and young women. That's the reality is that not everybody obviously is going to the NBA is going to Europe is going to the developmental league whatever the case may be. For many. Basketball then becomes more of a love when you get to that division three to win and even one level and it's that tied in with your academics. When you leave a program to go out into the quote unquote real world. If and implode here looks at a Reza Mahan finds that you've got your grades you got your diploma and you did all of that while playing a sport. You've just moved to the top of the food chain trying to get in you know as an entry level in whatever position that it. And that is good enough to play college that's why he's not playing at Kentucky or Duke you won't beginning ESP Indians anytime soon sorry about that Dante if being too honest with you. But he's good enough to play college basketball. And at the same time. A young man my camel gets a college degree. He's going to be able to do something positive ease he's a good person he's been raise the right way he can take instruction. He'll be fine in the workforce for a you know the rest of his life when the ball stops bouncing in even though I said he's good enough to play college fastball right now. But he's not going to be doing it in and five or six years professionally but he hopefully hasn't agreeing can do something positive. Dante if I gave you a choice right now your top two picks for any college that you are looking into that you would like to attend what would they be. Oh right now Clark who they convict you bridge can you game. In new any college you know mark the. Okay and the nice thing is this day and age Colts and for Dante as well. With the amount of social media that's out there and because I know working with Emma so we in colonel stretch university we broadcast all their games. It's not as if back in our date word the only game so round were Michigan Notre Dame North Carolina that kind of a thing. You go online every single game in the country regardless of what college or rat is available. Whether you gotta tablet a phone. A computer whatever the case may be so if Donte' were to go to Lane College. Will use that as the example his family then would still have access to watching him on the times when they're unable travel. Absolutely and again he is a very supportive mom dad illegal as a way to college three hours away five hours or whatever might be. That they'll be able to you know like you said ten I think Peter and be able to to watch him play. Donte' it has been impressive for the last few minutes to have the opportunity to speak with you continued success continued hard work. And we snuff them but the best and good luck in your final year over Redd Milwaukee cell division. I that's Dante Ellis or student athlete of the week in. Tie it. It goes to what a lot of players now have the ability to do which is go to these. What we call smaller programs and it's the one thing that we do on our our college basketball also is kinda hype those programs a bit because they're playing good basketball. It's a college program in now with the of the social media that's out there you get the opportunity to see all of these games. And understand that just because it doesn't say Kentucky or Wisconsin or Michigan a cross or chest. It's still good basketball. Tell it to kids all the time they get hung up on level that I got to play division one division on saint. If you went and visited division three school in Wisconsin in you've got into another open gyms you would have your head handed to you. With how good they are young would have not much of a chance more sees a school kids mark and into a division three open gym. And being the manner standing out and a lot of them don't understand that until they goal. Watch a game or they're actually on that campus playing that when these guys there's three are pretty good yeah I mean. You're not going to college and playing at that level if you're a bad player. And what people don't always understands when they walked in today Jim kind of which and eluded to. Everybody on their floor was all conference. All what has hurt us flair and energy under team exactly and they are all sitting there. In some Obama obviously riding the bench does he'd only put five on the floor. Trying to get their way on to the Florida get some court time but they're all quality athletes and not only quality athletes but from the school perspective the facilities. Are second to none of their owners size of the school there is an. During Andres you go to the division three schools how much money like Carroll as put in in UW Oshkosh is and and they're doing that because of trying to make sure that or didn't the best player that he can or providing the best atmosphere that they can't for their student athletes. And that's kind of become the positive byproduct. Of the whole social media aspect of it is the fact that these schools now have to. Coming up with one another signal lacrosse I know is is somewhere down the line in the next year to get greater knocked down. The field house and construct a brand new one and you've seen what Whitewater does year in and year out with remodeling and adding and as you writings on our Hewitt finding money to do it and Oshkosh and -- fourth. So from a personal it's a like Dante's perspective when you get into those situations. OK it's a smaller school and yes it's not Wisconsin. Or Marquette. But the facilities are unbelievable but just on a smaller scale because the school in and of itself a small is so good atmosphere in the bottom line is as you getting education. When when you look at the city conference this year. What what is it about the city conference that year in year out we seem to produce teams at the upper level we look at the state rankings. I'd our conference is become just stay a top heavy conference the in. The middle to the bottom is as our fallen off you know I think 1015 years ago if you had to do data about press conference. You'd be able to make a really strong argument for the city conference new and have much debate over it. And that's not the case anymore on but we still have he'll let Washington Riverside Vincent as some very good players. Hamilton slows couple pretty decent players. And I I think the conference laws have a handful of decent players. But I don't know how. If we're gonna have that does seem to have the depth and is gonna teams is the past. You know two or three decades it's during. Let me ask you this way it's. Who has things have you ball within the district over time have we lost rivalries with in the district with the amount of Islam. Also shall we say closures and re openings and students moving from one to the other whatever whatever the situations maybe for instance. Go on the plus the high school you know in my teenage years it was Hamilton and it was south division you know there there was. A legitimate rivalry like we hear about. Brooks central and rookies those kinds of things have we kind of lost that within the city or. This is is on the extent because it's not as many of whom are neighborhood schools anymore kids come from all over. Be so I've rivalries but it's it's. Who's on top of the conference in who's playing at the top day. The neighborhood rival les don't exist anymore. We gotta root take a break here and when we come back it'll be Brad Lester all wreck kettle moraine joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline and we'll do that next. Once again you're listening to the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball show presented. By your local pick can save stores and will be back right after this. Once again welcome back to the way he's varsity blitz high school basketball so presented by your local. You can save stores Don would Solis alongside Ty malls or. Both of us sitting in for big time might make giver and who's. Off getting in award from the Wisconsin baseball high school coaches association so. Once again congratulations. To Mike on that award he'll be back here. Next weekend now joining us on the great midwest bank hotline it's they're coached at a kettle moraine Brad Lester coach I you don't. Here. We're doing great thanks for taken some time this morning to join us coach would only about two weeks remaining in the regular season. Give me an idea how you feel your team is doing as you approach the end of the regular season. I think we're we are playing our best basketball we felt much I against air or really really you're. But Clinton really good basketball. Great group of guys with great energy and were pretty young so. It's been it's been a process where it it's wonderful that record sport that ever to make the play out. So that quite a player prospect flaw in the year hopefully we can make we've mixed ignores. Yeah speaking of the playoffs Brad and you know. You're conference's awfully good in one of the better ones in the state most likely. With the classic Cade can you can you get into a little bit about. How good of a conference that you guys have. And die you know the number of teams that could probably make a I'll run into sexual street guys. Yet in the dark art because our our covered kind of spreads dot for the playoffs. With Porsche and are being that is too and they've had some ups and downs this year was injured and what you know certain with proper aero or. You know I'll be very interested to see what kind of run they meant. Are you know there are and our sectional. You know them and Kimberly-Clark sectional where Kabul are teams in Bridgeport Europe. Up art I'm experienced because they're quick facts. That are there blanks there shooters. Bit of everything you need to make a run in the playoffs they're a lot of confidence that they're probably one of the best point Kuerten state sure obvious you have a lot of them. In the state that are pretty good. Part that you got Cunningham has been solid and there's. Are we limited ability to basketball to make other people buttered. So you know Riviera and then mosquito hours Tuesday you know they're backed Erica are champs and they meager Mets from last year. Lost lot a lot of other guys that have come back in and trying to read ordered armed with another younger crew. Kolb and very solid and you know. The image where it doesn't do very good team well coached. And are and are playing Wallace saw they've won by almost thirty nationally. And then. You know and then we have McCargo and ourselves and in the you know Carl welcome and indifference sectional so it's sort of went I'm here to see those guys all but you know I think the biggest thing. While our conference outside of aero or different in all honesty might be able dominant spend popular pretty young there are you have that I'm seniors. And you know it's it's and it's a battle every night it didn't matter who you play. And you know it's it straight to be here aren't other good coaches. I saw you guys play a couple weeks ago and thank you more about you guys watching guys play Kimberly news you know one of the pests teams in the stayed top five. And you know you guys are right there and we norm mean you talked after the game about you know maybe you guys weren't. Playing as you didn't have as good a game is is you want it and Jenkins was just coming back. But I think it speaks to your conference that. You know you guys are in a 789 point game with one of the best teams in the stayed and you guys have to fight like calorie nights and try to get a win in your conference. Did you know stay in the middle the Packers or stay in the upper half that again it speaks as to the depth and plodding and in the classic game. There are so it erupted into your coverage. You know obviously I think the fox reality this year's the cream of the crop with some of their opting. But. You know there's there's that we it's it's it's intense every night. It if that's accurate degree Peppers could be and then everybody kind of ever return at the same way which I enjoyed. In that they'd be developed acute charming young age. And then they you know we cure we give a shot but I panic at night school and and it's a bit of work harder. Usually end up being really good players in the and we battle it out and let you know alerts. It is it is certainly a sort of secret secret captains at the end. Arm and then that Melbourne and it's for eleven years arm you know there's there's always bizarre turn over in every conference but. There's some people are kind of stayed stayed there and then. Like seventy's and I agree miscue you're on. You see it indicates to who's Barrett speaking one covers championships and he's. And you nicer than accident you don't divorce or possibly be. And so you know build those resources on so there sort citizens in their conference. Talking with the head coach Sadik kettle moraine Brad faster on a great mid West Bank hotline coaches. You eluded to earlier that you along with others within your conference he's got a very young team. What do you do differently with a young team as opposed to a team that might be Leighton would seniors like Earl red. Army yet and something that that I've really had better think about coming into the year on when you're departure of juniors and his sophomore point guard Aubrey rerouted play with claiming victory portrait sooners are on. And when your sophomore. You know you're nervous up or point guard who missed deserting your back surgery. But you know a group are juniors. I just think patient than he. Because it is not for me and this is this is my personal courses here. That our goal is to play better basketball every moment. And we've done that. And I just think. That you know what to expect to expect that you're you've got some entrances sophomores to step in and understand what it mean to be regarded take the big sharp in the and that's a lot asked. And that's a process in that regard that we had to fight we knew we lost five games. Either in overtime or by one point. So you know that it's been a rough road this year or that learning what I just keep on the guard Barrett you know of the all these lesson. Will pay off at the end and and that's why I really look forward to. Late starter in March. Just a credit the year that the process works or or all our our vision that you. Final question freer brand I think this is what most people that are listeners are going to be wondering with you know two or three weeks left in the season. And a handful of home games for boys and in the girls side in into the playoffs. Is come ring gonna have enough laser dogs had to concession stand for all the fans walk in through. You don't you're one of the better leader at one of these better grasp better than outdoor hard so it felt these guys and I'll. Answer all but I thought early by injury we would our fourth straight to the water I'll I'll get a big win over. Or yard for your next year so that's and that team. There is there that if they're sort it went on you know. Nets are out there and Reagan Europe and I'm very. You know the best thing about being generated dispute held would be written you'd. And building that used program and we're doing some school. You know someone mark the tape because I think in years to come when we look back and were sitting here on a Saturday morning doing via. Don't pick in saves. Grade school. Basketball program on Saturday mornings it'll go back to this 1130 Mark Warner talking to bread pester. On a kettle moraine about how to fourth grade team was doing and that will be depressed the precipice for a getting bad grade school program started here on the fence goats. Good luck with the remainder of the regular season and best wishes as you make your way into the playoffs can't think you know efforts in some time this morning to join us. Paper every guard. Go lasers. That's bred breast or head coach out at kettle moraine so. We don't finish questioning about how the team is gonna do when it heads to regionals were more worried about the hot dogs are they're quality out there. You know and when you do things mitts like you and I do let's face it this guy over here he's got to worry about Erickson knows you would hire more worried about. What's the sold a selection and yeah how the dogs doing at the concession how much is gonna cost me yeah if you Gatti -- meal deals back there when I walk through the door that's what were worried about. All right it's time to take a break when we come back Dave a lot sick from west Alice central. Will join us your listening to the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coaches so. Presented by your local pick and save store is right here. On one old 57 FM the fan's. Back into the when these varsity blitz high school basketball coaches shall presented by your local African save stores. Now what's also alongside tied moles are here is we hold the fort for big time might mean giver and who's headed towards Madison. To receive an award from the Wisconsin high school baseball coaches association wants gain congratulations. To Mike and receiving mad and thank you to him for allowing us the opportunity to come in. And talk a little high school ball this morning now joining us on the great mid West Bank hot line at stable logic to head coach at west Dallas central coach I do and I'm good are you got to look at it we're doing great sitting here with time moser tire go right ahead. Have many give uniform Dave after what you guys did less now watching talk about the big win over falls at the buzzer. I Italian dormant. So yeah yeah I know we've been we pulled out a couple this week. Yeah we had a sophomore step up the last couple games and hit a couple of game winners or put it. It's not a war it's. But the guy that really turned the corner throughout playing between two league in that period really. You know 36 minutes and then offensively. It didn't really trusting one another I know we thought before our game and it didn't score only at two point that we had itself mark set up at eighteen you know eighteen point eight rebounds acres you know and then. Other guys that you know chicken and ninth and a year you know so it. It's it's been fun so far so but in that stretch. Yeah right I know you guys got quite a bit adept you know and we saw that when you guys are kind enough to have on our heads and out to Luke Coleman showcase a couple weeks ago. Aram and I know you talked a lot about with your kids about the turnaround it's common you guys lost some games early. And where now you guys I think it's like seven I your last Gatorade out of your last nine and you want to be playing your best basketball going into the playoffs and I think you have your you're kids at that point. You know I know you stressed having to turn around. You know what what things we're you emphasizing to your kids during during that time where you gestured to winning these games. Would that be the biggest thing was struck in the field well you know United States starts to me and so. You know really distrust then I'm not completely trusting one another movie make the extra and and that's one thing you know we didn't want to practice it is you don't try to get them to make that extra make that extra that's about the terrible. Isn't really a lot of credit to our site seniors own. Thought I see it's for a long have. Overall GPA of three point seven and above and now. That you not put them as much starters and they've they've got to take your normal run with that you know because we've had five guys that. I've I've had a guard to be for three years you know they've they've looked as we made an article for years ago. And those guys that cheat you know they've really been in league history younger guys showing in the way in practice get mastered continue to work hard and it is really check in you know this is the that we haven't believing in it and you can kind of see that the current he would do women now slow. Coach richt ansari demeanor about. Your good I was just gonna save rate. Before you came on here we were talking to head coach Brad restaurant a kettle moraine and he was almost I guess on the opposite end of the spectrum talking about. A young team and how to coach a young team for you with the senior Layton team. Are are you doing anything differently from the perspective of you're letting your seniors and take more of a leadership role and you're able to do maybe more of an X and Ole. Type strategy when you're at practice what what is the difference has your team has matured and become senior Lleyton this here. Well it just didn't like you said there and practice and he talks. Just the other day you know we have one and she knew if you don't got kind of got off to a sluggish start in practice since. People that guy then you know which they had a doctor's not in it until he pulled them and talk to him and it and then level picked up great wage so. When you have guys that are doing that and they're kind of control and you know the effort and everything in and let the younger guys now and this is unacceptable. It makes it easier for us because now I guess we can focus on the action than I was and we don't have to worry about the discipline partly because it taken care of that and that the other thing is it's just a great group victory because. They get along and be you know that that they're at each other palaces you know you have a ten kids you know come in all hang out and so it. It's its fun to watch dumb. Go through this process and really. You know we have that chemistry that they did you know that. If he need to add to be successful so it's as simple and watched. Knowing a week your day where are going to be sitting around doing the the session OC meeting and it's you know. I look at and you look at some of the teams that are going to be 9101112. Seeds. And the higher seeds you know hey we're gonna have an easy first nine and then Brookfield lease in las Al central Marquette stroll into your GM. And you're not guaranteed anything I do you think you know a new buzz been one as believes in a tough nonconference schedule. How is that that non conference schedule and as good as you guys this conference is very good fastball conference. You know preparing you guys for going into you know the seed meaning in and being ready for the playoffs. Well that's it needs to be fun to have them all is going to be and church and it's going to be really interest in but gun. Now want to get to that you know it is it's really body control and whoever you get eaten he'd get prepared to play him like he's that did not happen and it and the greater metro I mean it's. You know let our side that look up you know aren't there and play against. Teams that end. You know good coaches that come with game plans very few because really it's UT readied you know going to play out and let up at most and you know it's different you know about it lead at that level. That keeps you shouldn't batter an insult. We did a great match and you face the coaches you know that we haven't heard you know talked about on our home. You got to be ready every night and you're not and that's in the beginning year our guys are not ready you know and take off for that at. I had we move forward here the guys are you know. Guys are compared they're ready to play and again after so it is like edited. It gets you ready to blow outs and you know hopefully hopefully we can continue this opera hope that. Coach. I wanna ask you and I also Taiwan I want you to jump in on this too from someone on the outside who is not set in one of those seed meetings. What takes place and and I guess in essence how political does it get as you begin survive for. The various seeds that are left there and setting up what will be you know the regional. I was there most of the time you know what it's all pretty much in a place. Most critical it is in there you know that. I really know it's only had one bad experience with it but. All the other coach is very professional and it it it comes down pretty. You know pretty even dark hearted is when you have people it. Similar records but they don't have any similar opponent that play they play exemption and that sometimes you can get a little. Gray area that most of the time it goes pretty smooth like that's at a bowl only really been and one. Kind of was. A shocker. I don't know Tigers yeah I defer most frightening people have these visions that there years yelling and screaming their pretty civil and I gave said he usually follow according to. Common sense on and the sexual that we've been in for years. You're gonna have a tough game the first night and there's not many EEL did may be the owner did too Siegel have a lay up the first night. But by that Friday night and insist Saturday. You year year and a tough game and do you play in a really good team so it's just sit there are you don't wanna play this human that this team ultimately does really mad you're going to be playing somebody could. We're talk today head coach Dave Milosevic over a west Ellis central high school and a great mid West Bank hot like Cotto and ask you now with. Two weeks remaining in your head in towards what will then be obviously the regionals. Do you do anything different from a practice perspective do you take your foot off the gas does it become more strategic. Does anything chains or do you stay within a routine so that your players aren't thrown by any sort of adjustment has your practice schedule continues. Much as gaining as much a routine as possible you know we'll try to change it up a little bit to keep the guys that are told. You know we may shorten up practiced look that your of their you know try to. An epic and dedicated you know he Tedy. See where they're at as far as their legs though all of you know what they needed day you know to which you in the day addressed flight he's you know. Dump it cool whatever it is. We try to you know continue to get after you know we keep it's physical keep active on. And that that's it's really took a negated where they're at and then we may mix Eric and Eric got a practice some you know half court ordered some like that's an insult. Fact that Pablo gets shortened on there and then this season but. People and keep it he did the same. Coach appreciate your time best wishes with the remainder of the regular season and good luck is the regionals begin. Preset. I don't look good here but that was in this week and if that's not coach. Dave Milosevic joining us on the great mid West Bank hot line this is our moment here to step aside and take a break. You're listening oh we gotta do you gentlemen tribute to Muster a different as we go here. You're listening to the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coaches so presented by your local pick and save stores. Right here on sports Radio One 057. Though San. And welcome back. That's the way he's varsity let's high school basketball coaches shall presented by your local sixteen saves. Stores now joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline the head coach audit cedar berg its head coach Tom Diener coach are you doing this morning. I regard I did or what we're doing great first the ball congratulations on the win last night for taking the conference first time I believe since. 1957. Seed or birds won the conference. You're making some great strides out there it's universe. I have thanked her apparently they want and already by six. In our program. That cultural or hell. Typical long ago actually won won the last start wars war carpets chip chip but actually it was 1960s so when they want all right. Vrabel and our championships at all. It's been a while. Hey coach Darren and you know eight I know when you you went up there and you had done you know wanted to change a few things were with a culture. And I'll start with you know talking about Jon a little bit that's you know coaching your son is a little bit different and in John's case. No no I mean you've talked about him in the past said. You know what he's a very good player in the word that I've always used by Johnny's he's very efficient you know there's kids who averaged twenty summing game we got to take thirty shots to do it your job has never been like that. There are tired you know I just worker he who perhaps. He sure boards are cool I'm from too loose. 45%. From police and a six. Or. Yeah he's averaging under one turnover game shall. Gary or your right real Smart basketball player. Got to pick part of our success. WB going to DePaul which you know he I'd I think he's gonna draw into his body now and I think we'll be good that. He'll finally get some coaching when he gets to our college or he can really and his game. Yeah I know you have no you ought he's got to look at whatever guys. Odd you know and jackets ally the attention but I want you to hit up on another kid to is the jar and Johnson kid who. I think is an outstanding player I think he's a Kenny kid that a lot of people and you know the maybe. You know he's out jumping or to remedy Guinea's very good basketball player and he's a kid who turns into a division three all American in the on that he can play at a very high level I think you know for for colleges. Yeah securities. You're still growing into his body when we got him as a fresh breeze by 606 Bart. Yeah and he shoots the ball extremely well it is not an issue or three point shooter. Our bodies he's still liked it there go a long way to go in terms of his body you know you're there where it's going to be when it actually becomes an adult salt. I bigger records your article to miss about right now. But he's Carter our division to offer. The rockers and like he quiche taken a look at that and we'll see what happens. What are you guys have left for conference two games. We got to out work on and all. Pretty big lead in the conference the nearest team there's four losses at all. You know we're kind of in the nice situation week in. Play these last two games. With an emphasis on getting prepared using gutter war with her mirror. Not necessarily an emphasis on winning. And those are kind of two different going so. You know we might play different here we might try something to experiment some things that pets are. Fortunate position to be here. Well I am curious as soon deep dear kids say much about it dollar do you talk about it trying to you know hey let's run the table it's the undefeated in conference or. Kids aren't worried about it as just say let's go play the next game and make sure were playing as well as we can. Well you know from day one you know when I got here was what would a conference championship and that's our focus. Yeah you know now the last few days which Carter was accomplish that so colonel in the glad to hear. Then you know our I don't think so I think. Our Garrett and put me. And you know I'll talk to my guards in it's. You know run the table would be very very accurately. Purposes are in the. Is shorn up some areas of urging him. Are going into the turn. So. You know waiting no excuse art from our perspective were a little less important and getting better and shoring up something scored term. Goats can't thank you enough for taken some time this morning to join us here on this show best was just hope you do run the table. And look forward to watching your program as you make your way into the regionals. Hurt or are. Daycare that's head coach Tom Diener out at cedar bird joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline it's time does step aside and take a break. You're listening to the Wendy's varsity blitz high school bats pesky holes silk. Presented by your local predicted saves stores right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's.