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McCalvy: Brewers are trying to find a couple more gems this year

Feb 7, 2017|

02/07/17: Adam McCalvy of & stops by. There's a lot of new faces, but who could be an asset for this team? Also, does Ryan Braun fit into this rebuild?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well plus a Johnny Phil saw a shadow. But when he comes around at least we don't pitchers and catchers are right around the corner thus. At a McKelvey pops out of the hole he lives in in the no no offense to the of bowed but we know he can only slow until. Baseball season is almost upon us in that we have some brewers' new ceramic cal we now joining us from Brewers are coming from a beat out come. I don't know I don't body. Yeah. I Albert nation. Did you shave the beard yet. Not Butler OK you're looking kind of Fuzzy last summer so I decided enough it was still there I thought maybe was that old man winter beard. Well the old man's. The effort. For the winter is going away so I I've got ominous start out. With the ruling last week regarding the Cardinals the Houston Astros are beaning and went down. And I had a lot of people specifically on radio row there were both baseball writers in football writers that were all there. Lanka's you know in this business or what he's double dip canal but there were asking what does this say about David Stern's and I I haven't delved into this enough. To come up with the a legitimate opinion yet but I thought I'd ask you for those who were asking me what he does this reflect in any particular way and David Stern's. Well I don't think so my understanding of that is that. Former senator Chris Korea at raised. Connections to other people in the Astros opposite on castigated by Dave if the hardest part of their. No long term investigation and charges in this and date did dictate. Didn't find type that wanted charges to anyone now I think that was sort of tried and and was not part of the proceedings as I understand them. Also I don't believe it's so much all. Okay yeah I just I'd I just look at teams that look I don't know I haven't gotten enough DT all on it. It certainly didn't seem to mean that there was any. Indication in any finger point being anti smoking guns -- like that it David Stern had anything to do this or was knowledgeable of this act I couldn't tell you but it. I just thought I'd throw it out there two years so. The off season it's been a little different it's not you know the Wheeling and dealing offseason that we thought it was going to be your may be that we had in years past but. They very quietly picked up a couple of pieces on a couple guys go in. And continue to try to tweak what we believe is going to be the future this team how do you see this team right now. Well look I I think that they are. Hoping to find another. Sort of emerging Jammer to this season I think that's going to be the standard by which. We measured 2017 because remember Marc. That. For the first time he's really not. He's not gonna hang on every win and loss which is really remarkable. Admission from a guy. Is extremely. During gain. I had a chance on the walks a couple of innings of the game plan was whatever we're doing the draft on with the game in Pittsburgh I was in Milwaukee. Covering the draft he popped into the interview room it just talk too. Probably rate Montgomerie at the time. Logical innings with mark up and opulent it is incredibly. Intense every pitch and that was a random game in Pittsburgh in early June. So for him to say that wins and losses are not going to be the measure by which the looks at the success or failure in a pretty big deal. You know I I think they're looking at who. You are your bill your at bat as well. I'm which players are going to be on the other side of the I think last year it was about being OK Jonathan BR guy who's an unproven player or opportunity player. Outlook for the players going to be there on the back and the exact TV showed that he's going to be a guy turned 24 in the league. Looks pretty but he actually do. He looked like a guy who's going to be there on the back in the lead built on rock and maybe at a certain of that. You know he's got a foot in the door so I think that's what we're gonna try to do you turn had to play a couple more players who look like they're good enough to be impact players. A couple of years on this team contends it. And there are their candidate for all I wrote the stories of today at our spring training previews started. Of the newcomers you know airplanes stands out but I have a lot to prove. Terms of coming back in the league baseball after a couple of years in Korea. The other newcomer that option is Travis shot third base blues would love for him to play well enough to be media everyday guy. At third base. He's a guy. We keep I'm and then hold overs. I sort of pegged in the channel last season and that category in the Dixie here. There's the new stat that that it started looking at with all the stat cast on the barrel. Basically pointing out how often that the guy hit the ball on many Times Square based on the minute and a lead the team and there's really well. All terms of just where the ball with the idea that you hit the ball hard regularly good things can happen. I think if you can stay healthy so you know and more on or off I think that more what does he's going to be about. Then that about where they. The talk about the the outfielder Brian brawn and know you've got new and rice to back them up Broxton you mentioned Santana. I think this set a mentality his flipped but I think with age the necessity still is there regarding Ryan brawn while his productivity gives you pause to say look. It's now all probably caught up with the salary. But the age she's on the wrong side of the age to be able to say this is going to be a guy that would then lead you you lead your charge in three years. Out of the doldrums are you still think the necessity there is to move Ryan bra and they do you agree. Well I try to not sort of say whether I do you agree or disagree but but. It's a really interesting argument to have I would. Colleagues now with the baseball person might not on my hobbies are homicide and writing about that and this is a story that. Well I believe that site. Tomorrow. Kind of about the lines on situation the knee at kind of similar to read and enjoy. The book can be thirty for the year they're both our long term deal double play for clubs that probably aren't going to contend this year and at center on the long side of that age career. So that the question is. And look this is this is it's it's complicated because in order to raise the idea of trading after the trade him too so I'm a throwback Abby. Out their first eating disruptive to your play. They should trade we have to have some a place trade a player like that would shot with a contract like that and I additions. Brawn help lines particularly. In ball so that's the caddie at first but the argument is. Do you. Do you know actually accelerate your rebuild by trading him now so in other words. It ain't gonna feast on the team on the back into the rebuild and that's where should he be honest you know were back in the lead I conduct a legit clutched. Because if you can't trade him for property you can actually accelerate across the league pitching better by dealing. On the other hand and and we've gone through this I think you've gone through two outs. Com he would not of the ilk. When you're rebuilding gene just play the kid. Because that's something that's really easy to say and we got a couple of as many times. And brought up to achieve that means already knew and I condemning a year. Why would you play Kuerten in the ice and right field when you have a healthy to be back see out. Well Craig Counsell argument that you are better. It's a better way it's it's a bad way to develop players like to sort out which is you're better developing young players had a couple of established players. In the mix and all I brought as one of those established players. Now the other part of this is his help but think that this is a factor that goes on and are much straight and should keep him what you gonna look like 23 years from now. He really made the case so I'm back that. This being the first off season and a number of years he's at a regular are. He hasn't last year was the back surgery two years before that it was at some linguistic finally figured out but remember the first treatment. For that happened right after scenes kind of got off season was about. What are the effects of this procedure policy you can navigate our preparation this or he's just. He's just got ready usual. He said though only problem has been sleep because he's got to get that home and that's big difference is not an accurate obviously but that somebody can navigate. Hell lie he feels like he's a good place. Have a productive season. And he would be the first player to have good she's 3430. So it's out of the realm of possibility. He can be a productive player for you on the back end of this. But again I think that really interest in question worth asking you to pantry. Are you slowing down your rebuild by not tree. And I think that's the debate that they have to have an ops is that they did you get offers and getting whittled doctors selected to do. I talk without a county Brewers are coming And I eighth. I can't imagine him being on the backs are the rebuild but if you can keep productivity. And keep are a little look I'm not going to be wondered coming hinge on wins and losses either. But if you can keep productivity and you can keep. A veteran in the line up in you know I. It's such amidst mixed bag with Ryan brought he brings such a lightning rod of adversity doesn't need for what you should get what he who should be teaching whom in what in all that kind of stuff I mean don't you feel that it it comes to both sides. Well I mean I'd there's pluses minuses I think but I I think he'd refused production that all of that up Rodney at least. Player in the National League last year and you know focus murdered inept owner brought this up but during a veteran that there's something for players to learn about route Sheen. Com. No you don't see you know you come to regain. You know Q I belong in the clubhouse before games very often because he didn't elaborate routine and the players can sort of picked up from how calm he is a good leader that. Way it is not. You know the most vocal guy he needed kind of arm and hit a good player I mean he's there either. You about where any deliberate about player at 34 and if he does anything like you did last year he's just he's going to be a are actually pretty clearly their best player Ilya. So it's it's. Again to commute to where we began a conversation. It easy for you and artists in here and say should trade law. Arm that is not is you need to do yeah it is to Shea and I think if you're not going to get. Equal value in return. It makes sense to keep now it's not a salary that Q on payroll at not a problem for the street. If you can produce if you're confident that he can keep producing a couple more. It's not necessarily gonna hurt them does to hang out. Did you see our season my complete Falcons are wanted to talk more about the team and they're talking more about Ryan brawn and again he is one of the key pieces and all of this send. Who knows maybe has a terrific year and even get more form in the long run and it looks like a brilliant move by David Stern's hang on to improve a longer period of time so we'll have to wait and see our plays are Adam pleasure as always we'll talk to you soon on the road okay. Yeah you know part Baltimore in the next couple weeks absolutely definitely well appreciate about talkies and they yelled at a McKelvey bruised a common joining us in the Schneider orange hotline.