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What's new with the Brew Crew? Tim and Sparky on Hot Stove Weekly

Feb 5, 2017|

02/05/17 Hot Stove Weekly: Tim Allen and Steve "Sparky" Fifer talk everything Brewers including all the giveaways for the upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He Brewers fans heats time to heat up your winter. With some hot still based bold talk. News and the fan he's here every step of blew away. With analysis and opinion on which leads. Free agency. Roster moves Miller Park in more sit back relax and warm yourself we've Brewers baseball. This he's hot stove league lead on sports Radio One 057. And Sam. And the fans. Know here's ten Malin. And welcome and Brewers fans it is another edition of hot stove weekly here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer. This edition first one of February which is a very you know very special. Hot still program today because now we can officially say later on this month. Pitchers and catchers report. That's that's the cool thing that's come on all coming off a bond Dak and now we can say just matter of club what a week and a half for so pitchers and catchers gonna Rupp. War yeah the equipment truck off already made its way down to Arizona so it's down there alone and all the stuff send. That is spring training grind begins you'll be back on a spring training again this year is all Gary. In Rami and he guzzle a lot of fun. We are going to be going to keep everybody updated to as. We we throw off some videos each and every day so. Be prepared for that I don't know what these what are going to be in these videos of might be two hours of my piece and I who knows what's going to be in the we vote we've been. We've been commanded to do videos silk. And pots. Watch social media things flying not a Maryville baseball parks and stick around for that are let's before we get to work later on the show get to a Craig Counsell. Will hear his comments about Eric themes and Ryan brawn and the makeup of the organization right now Woolsey hear from Ryan broad. Ryan brawn said I thought it was insisting that. You hear from Ryan a little bit later on the show thought it was insisting that he said he he and his family did not want to be in Milwaukee. They wouldn't be here right now that you happen to catch that. And I yeah that's making it sound like he controls he gets traded or not how he could force his way out of here I don't think I'd necessarily believe. Well the first thing I I thought of when he said that. Was. Did he shoot down a cup which rates. You know what they have to beat because he did state we wouldn't be here we didn't want to be here and it's like man you. Wait a second here you may have nix a deal. I just just say all right couple of other news and notes. Before we get to Craig counsel here. In just a bit Chris Davis our friend Chris Davis is not the Baltimore Chris Davis. Not Marcus Davis anymore our former he's Derrek Lee status now he's on our Kristen depth. He up he won an arbitration case again I've got a couple couple issues here with this arbitration thing. He's awarded five million dollars the team wanted to pay him four point 635. Are you kidding me we're gonna go and arbitration over under. 400000. Dollars that happens a lot. Like what four. You guys can't meet in the middle and Eads you don't give a little a lot of ball 107 Eaton thousand dollars this up and a mock. Now Chris Davis had 42 home runs in the big leagues last year he knocked in a 102. In the big leagues last year. Last year. He hit 247. That's a second straight years that 247 by the way very consistent. Can I ask you and this guy's arm we don't know what Chris davis' arm bright not very good eight if you have a better not go that far. Okay there's a lot of people walking on the street that have a better your son's high as a buyer. He definitely has a better arm in the outfield than Chris Davis of but nonetheless Chris Davis fine Major League Baseball player arm a big fan is. He gets five million dollars who arbitration in our Cris Carter and let me check that our former Cris Carter can't find a job. The someone explain to me why Cris Carter at 41 homers can't find a job and Chris Davis camp. I really had no idea I. Cris Carter can only play first base Chris Davis can only play corner outfield spot he's not any more versatile than Cris Carter is no Soliai I don't have a reason for it. I think you make the argument the Cris Carter is better defensively that Chris davis'. Yeah maybe this despite two different positions but I. The second I read that. A couple of days ago I had to make mention that on this edition of hot still weekly art a couple of other things. That a popped up here in the last few days. The on deck event now in the rearview mirror was a good time I talked to some of the vendors down there and I thought that they would get a a better bead on attendance I don't know how. Attendance is figured down there. The vendors that I talk to set attendance was down. And and it makes sense to me that I would ask them just in passing it wasn't you know what with a recorder in their face as say do you think attendance went. Bases these ms. brewer fans walk in by either their boosts the entire day so wouldn't they know them. Of course now that they just think it's. Quite a bit down it seemed of ticked down to me why I want a deep down what you talked about that's leading into it why exactly would anybody lineup to go down there to begin with. Unless you have kids right noble thing anyways I graphic and yet OK fine I get that. 3540 year old man Woody Allen down there four to begin way. They had some cool stuff all right here's the I've got his phone number and you tell me if I survive this ride one of the vendors had. Opening day from 2006. The first base back. From opening day the field back apparently it's the bag that was on the field. But opening day in 2006. Or something special about 2000 well thanks gathers a little bit of a benchmark in our in our neck of the woods here for 2006 that's the year we started this now coverage for us what I'm saying for the teams. Now from the home from now Null and what happened in 2006 angle he defined down we started the post game show that Delahoussaye and not as I'll say on the field. I thought it be a really cool item deployed. In the studio. In a case. Win which would have there and every media guide since 2006. To commemorate the post game show. I just see where is that nerdy yes but. But you want to put the basin there and then every media guide you have every media guide since he doesn't sixth I do. I do it's it's it on my desk in my office at home yes definitely. But there's they're standing up like a like a bookcase and and I have little. Bookends on each yeah I've got every 12006. Straight across media guide them that media guide media credential and each one. That's pretty cool and so if I put that with the first base bag of 20061. Base first year. Opening day I don't just just say it he only won it like on a pox or. 2006. They played the Pittsburg Steelers. They won. Five to two. The Pirates yes earnest I said Steelers you guys are inferior Super Bowl yesterday in another name conceivable. So 52. Your opening day lineup for the Brewers was Brady Clark in San. J. J. Hardy at short he had a home run and it game but it Clark hit three or four that he a home run off Oliver Perez. Jeff Jenkins batted thirty was one for for the runs scored Carlos Lee was two for three runs scored T our guys any walk he had a home run off Matt Capps in the eighth inning. I could stand I can't. Prince Fielder or zero for 44 strikeouts Rickie Weeks was batting sixth. Billy hall batting seventh in a couple walks and runs scored. Damian Miller was your catcher in Doug Davis was your opening day pitcher. What we all know it was a long game and the wind was just in the layer. Justin Blair yeah when he was one an old man Matt Wise pitched a scoreless inning you're really behind layer and then Derrick Turnbow with the Saints. But just saying you'd have to have a little bookcase underneath the glass base. To insert more and more and more media guys because hopefully I'm still employed in the post game show moving forward another twelve years. That would be fine but ice I should of Washington's six that you know what's weeks. Just got to dig out of the lineup card from that dates do that this this classless and the line of car was from that day but. This is crazy Salomon Torres pitched in that game he became number or right. You know Chris Duffy was on the Pirates and an opening line of Jeromy Burnitz was in that opening day lineup Joseph Randolph was there that's played for the Pirates that's right Joseph Brando was and that pirates' lineup. Wow. No I'm sick in the lineup card like the real line all the right right right. Someone's got to have that flying around somewhere. Shields I don't know that he's out just it's just got everything at those are the things you find at the bruise on deck art a couple of other things. Opening day tickets there's a chance for you guys to get him February 18 single game tickets go on sale opening day tickets. Are rob at a premium there as he connects back. Only a set amount are going to be available that day but. Are they still calling this the Arctic tailgate. Don't think side I think so he's tonight I didn't I didn't read that so. They've changed things we yep February 18 9 AM the single game tickets go on sale. And they go on sale at the same time the promotional schedule is released. Now you have dates too attached to some of these pretty cool giveaways. Let's see April 23 stolen base champion Bobble head from Jonathan VR got we'll hound run heresy and count this year to look. Counter thing. I like it's not like it's. April 28 is free serve Friday the long sleeve April 30 Orlando. Our notice there's sample let's say are you noticing the teams of their playing when they're doing means. I'd data didn't you did it. Well let me tell you I don't understand for the life of me why we're having giveaways I'm Cardinals games for. Mean aren't you already. Pretty good off as far as ticket sales go on so forth what we've always wonder why they of the Bobble heads on Sundays when. You know you've got the Cubs in the Kia as you say the Cardinals I've Bobble it you're like Elton out of April 23 against the Cardinals that Jonathan DR. Promote job and bats against the Cardinals on the 23. While Boca. What else we have may fourteenth Brewers wrestle it. You know what wrestler it is and listening it's like bracelet titles around here. Hand cycles where for once like Lance Armstrong needs to have stuff okay. And assuming that's what it is. Wrist wrestling OK progress for a slip you can get those. For like nineteen cents apiece. Now I'll a couple of slips and I'm pretty sure that's. Wrist listless. Made 26. Brees or Friday number two or three quarters we know that's not what it is what's a wrestler. Looks like a small purse for a woman. Though never slips from vero Bradley results from Nordstrom coach restless. Wallets and bristle at the end this is not this feel thing. Follow so it's it's like a little change purse they need eye disorder and your wrist and looks bigger than it's changed person that you could fit like your wallet and airing your keys. It's not as big as a purse that OK and the rest of it so that's that's a promotion strictly towards when. He lets and out after he I don't know they've ever done a promotion strictly towards one. They have women's day year suddenly you're not a given that for just well today not I'd nothing comes to mind. Let's see here may 26. That Frasor Friday at three quarter sleeve may 28 Romany I'll motorcycle Bobble. Very cool. Com. So the whole Bobble is. Him sitting on the bike outside and so yeah that's now that's way cool. That's that is way cool let's see June 4 replica batting practice pull over you and CB and wanna take that when loan that. You know it's an arrest things he years ago Irish lesson her said as they really like doing all fanned promotions. But there are a clean up the Rodham yell more single bobbled it's all fans but there are quite if you promotions this year our first 20000 fans. Like out Russell cub batting practice pull over its first 20000 fans at three quarters sleeve. Preacher fried that's the first 20000 fans which means well for a lot of these are gonna wanna get their early. Well I could think of a really negative GO. Insert right here and nearly 20000 dead NASA brass which is that thanks to that actually is and all they actually Q1 line. But you're right I mean I could very well be yes. Write whatever the batting practice pulled right think they could have a lot for that. That's one that's very cool by what else June 16 preacher Friday the short sleeved version fan design. June 18 Brewers go all four umbrella. I used to have like five though sitting Mike or rod at the old house I don't know where they'll. July 2 sack Davies Bobble head give away July 14 the free serve Friday replica Jersey. Okay. And you'll love this 1 July 16 1982. American League champion rap what coat ring. Let like out of like Kellogg box what likenesses Super Bowl ring. That's sounds cheesy it's our. Sounds real easy to I would Wear it stimulate a plastic ring or some things that what it is. I don't know that. Kellen sponsoring you find to bottle boxes cereal. I don't know and I don't know I don't know how many technical. I I would Wear. I'd actually get one and where from before every game from that. That time forward until the Brewers won the World Series now be your little global love. August yes August August 11 another free serve Friday. Performance T shirt August 13 Bob Duke or eight ball that's an area that's all fans baskets. Yup September 13 velcro tossing cats game. That's what I've got a mindless. That complete the list. That's the list for the Bob for the giveaways now they also. On have a lot of other things. Going on to. I was an end at five counting Friday's. Which they've done in the past yep 50% off of tickets it's as well. That sees. Know we've got springs madness that comes back again. Nets it'll got one after the thirtieth contest in passing hour week and for our sixteen ounce Beers one dollar hot dogs small sellers for Allard nachos. It real quick before we get to counselors there will a hole and Miller highlight Monday's hustling the other one there's. We're tires reserve tickets are just six Dallas for all Monday home games cursed or violent. Excluding opening day. If I'm not mistaken that's less than the cost of a beer. At Miller Park yet and and Friday nights and student nights at Miller Park all high school college students can purchase ten dollar reserve. Terrace seats or fifteen dollar loads bleacher tickets excluding Cubs games plus enjoy a special three dollar Manny featuring hot dogs nachos soda and beer. Through the end of the first inning standing room only tickets will be available day of game for Friday night club games. Excluding the Miller Lite player. We were talking about it a few days ago I don't think now I don't know this but I dal. That there's any other team in the bigs all Swanee nine other teams I don't believe. There is a program which allows you to buy a ticket for less than the cost of beer and Nancy. I doubt. Yeah I mean it now would be a tough so I mean you could get you could always gotten it with you particular for the Brewers I guess he went out and out. Did you also pay attention to the theme nights for this year. I I want to get to that next week but like I can you got the list and probably of I do what we can do next week that's OK yeah lets get to that next week let's also was there along those same lines. That we give our our listeners is a chance to think about it a little bit but. I mean if you if you ran the team and what how would you get people there we know the product on the field I think they're better than what people think about. What what would you guys do if you're in charge of getting people into that stadium for Brewers baseball talk about that next week and we'll here from Craig Counsell. Up next. He goes over the state of the state from his perspective. And a he has maybe a little different rain opinion of what mark out announce Gil wants. On the field we'll talk about that later on the show as well you're listening to another edition of hot so weekly. Here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. It was hot stove league lead the league used on the crew. This he's 1057. FM. Another just a pop still weekly Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer into our twelfth season post game show coverage get a little excited. For the of post game here another year on the fan of Billy Schmidt is gonna join us for good chunk of the season pretty much all the season is he not. I yeah maybe cal should be here most of the season for sure I mean a lot of join me out in Arizona in about a month from right now Craig Counsell. At the Brewers on deck event he gives the state of the state from the field managers perspective years correct. So. It. He notices to its you know the any of our and or two weeks away so it starts to count down on non. I think it's that wherever Brees at the point in you know just players are at the point and were all at fans at the point where it's we you know at season's getting closer. I already has started for sure area. If you. Or concerns. How has that changed this year where you compared to last. Well I'd I mean I think it's. You know you're you're a year. In do this so were a year into working together. You know from. From some are just perspective planning perspectives there was. Just from my perspective Minnesota Davis but there was it though a little less to do this year because we've you know we did a lot of work on that last year. So it's. You know it's it's really just keep building and in keep find ways to to help get us better and that's that's that'll be the focus returning. Every season is its own season obviously with excitement level heading into this year. Whatever every season's exciting so it's it's. You know I think you're always that you don't tan on excitement when you walk in the spring training and that that'll be that way this year mr. And yeah out there so certainly some of the guys it's. The first weekend Lewis prince and Ryan Cornell. And in Indian person. And you know jet bandy. From some of the other new new guys that's in person the first time in. When you've got guys like that that has become kind of household name server fans that are having come to Milwaukee's and put extra pressure on them when they get to the big leagues to produce right away. Those they're not household names yet I don't think they they if they're household names and we gotta we gotta make him more household name is a structure that they got a ways to go for a median household names being a prospects not a household name. They got to be a player vote look for big league players so. That's that's I'm not. You know I'm glad we have very good prospects and very well thought of prospects. But we need to Mitzi players. I gotta say there's a little bit of time before spring training starts but how nice is it as a manager you know Brian brought will be back. Again what would you guys this year you know considering all the trade rumors everything over. Swirling hero she offseason it's. Yeah that's you know why I expected Ryan as I've said over and over expected Ryan to be back and I expected Ryan to hit third and and I'd. Very happy that he is you know gonna. That I get to continue to write his name but I'd I think I. I haven't always contained it that'll always continue to write his name that third line so it's. You know he's look he's he's played at a high level last year he's gonna play at a high level this year. He's gonna continue to because that's it's what he's comments please and I think it's what will continue to do. As. Well scooters one of the players that you know he's going to be asked to do something. A little different this year grounded specifically as spring training how it how it plays out there in the season. I we'd I don't know like it in all but I think. Him being if he's able to play some other positions. And I'll still included from. You know it's who gives me more opportunity to and him more opportunity to find spots to play. I think and I just I view the bullpen is one piece really. And it's I think. It's similar to last year. You know we have we're gonna have competition there and we we have certainly spots that can be Herndon. You know we had spots you know junior I mean it's absurd enough thoughtfully is it's going to be you know in the bull and and and certainly figure and figure in it coast or is immutable and boat I think you'll always have. And most bull pens in in you know spring training as a place where there's going to be some spots that are on settled. And in you're gonna try to. Kind of diagnose it through spring training and you know what's happened. If. You can sign the second half of the year when you open CNN. Yeah data mean this is a place where we're also gonna have some decisions I think in spring training and and we've you know kind of purposely went and going into spring with some depth. In and that's that really comfortable place to be for the organization but at some point we're ethnics and decisions. There. And I think for for a lot of Niemi weakened you know we we points in the last forty games and I think it's. It's a great kind of stepping off point in building point for us. Our own because they showed certainly that. That level it is is in him. But a hundred you know I don't know we have to do it for a longer stretch and if we do it for a lot of fits it certainly. You know how we prevent runs and pitching is is certain at the start of that along with defense but argument Ron's house I think it's going to be a big house. You know factored in and kind of what what is the ceiling Martinez here. Well. Well I mean I think we've. What we've done what Davis Don retired due as we've become. You know little more balanced. Against certain pitching I guess right handed pitching really wish we should have some left handed bats. That we can put in the line up on on a daily basis against right handed pitching. Own. You know we were we were strong against left handed pitching last here and you know on you when you take a big right handed bat out of the lineup Uga and you're gonna. You know suffer a little bit there but. I think I think offensively in the position player group we have. You know we've kind of we've assembled this is exciting and it's I think we have a chance to score more runs is here for sure. You know I mean I think. That the best way delay the expectations is it really does it is to compete every single day. And the results alone around the world right now for me. Oh which is off. Saying what happened there. We created. You know the other thing and I'm excited I'm I'm excited about this point and we didn't have last here is we have more competition. There's been more competition created that. A lot of positions and it's it's easier in the upper levels of the minor leagues or its on the Major League roster right now. And that real answers everybody is you have to bring your best and it's a good spot to be and it's puts these guys a good spot that. Really is what they want to do it. You have to bring your best to get on the field. I think so that's that's a real. Change and some we've moved for an ankle and a year later this. You know. I don't know long. I mean it I think and you know. There's not this is this just like a summer conversation Wrigley Field those. But there's not you know we're not we don't need eight guys street spots you know and with. One of the things that hurt on showed last year and why he's become so valuable is that he basically showed he's he's available at seven spots on the field. And they're certain to be a place to play when you can play sevens bouts on the field. And in it if I'm if I struggled getting hurt and opera playing time. That means everybody else's really playing well and healthy. So that is and that their I don't and that's not that. They're B spot over Sampras I think. I'd I'd see him as a wreck almost a regular enormous in the same way the same way I see. You know there Travis what are her some like. Slightly and the guys treated bonds. Yeah and I and I think I say competition we'll do that and I think. Because I think. It's at that's a great way to the players created. You know and and that's. And they'll do a good job period because of the competition and the and the usefulness I think. There. That the best thing about Erika is kind of where he's that in his career I think he's in a really good spot. I think he's at this that sweet spot of you know experience. And and kind of wears talent can match up I think. The the reason that he's gone to Korea and now coming back I think is a great source of motivation forum. So latest I think he's in a sweet spot of baseball of his career and I think that that Lee is gonna lead and the success he's got some the proof. You know he dad he's he got a nice contract for for going over to Korea but he's also got some the prove and that's that's a very close to being. And areas manager Craig Counsell a week ago at the Brewers are on deck event this guy wants to win baseball games and we've discussed that he's got a brand new contract. He's going to be extended and an additional three years. Little bit. Better comfort zone at least I detect through that audio Stevie just seems. Like he's where he should be. Yeah I would agree with that and now we're gonna have to wait and see out translates in the field can he get this group of guys for the sacking your role. To buy into playing hard and being competitive night in night out knowing that they're not going to fly outs and uncle in the World Series. And to be. I shouldn't say ups that are running I ID I'm not good with losing. Apparently mark had announced CO has gotten a little bit better. At losing or at least that the Thai owner feel. Of when the Brewers lose doesn't take it is hard not as hard as Craig counsel at announced you know at some insisting comments. At last week's Brewers on deck event and that's a little bit of a Tug of war but at least that was addressed fully and face on how the explain what were. Talk about after the break your will get an update comeback you're listening to hot stove weekly. This 1 February edition on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Let's talk who is based bowl. Did so on Twitter FaceBook email poured cold 4147991250. Putts still weekly on 1057. FM the fan. Welcome back out weekly Sports Radio while fives governor from the fan Tim Allen's these marquee Phifer and just mere. Matter of days pitchers and catchers going to room. Board I know you've got the Super Bowl later on today yet yeah yeah yeah yeah out but following today's game no more football. Focus on some basketball. And some Brewers baseball as they get ready to fire up the 2017. Championship season. Opt not according to market and Aussie or at least he doesn't of feel as bad when they'd lose anymore. Those quotes I thought were really insisting for modern CO it and the Brewers on deck event differing from what Craig Counsell thinks. Obviously about winning that night's game. Very insisting stuff and and I don't know how long it's gonna last for the Brewers own. Why you know something when you when you Taiwan as a Nazi coming in I think everybody was scared to death that this thing wasn't going to be done the right waited he'd inner fears and freak out. But again turned out that event he said tiger about him Stearns and council quote probably that's all the three of us I'm probably the least concerned about wins right now. Jason Allen quickly added by the way there will come a time when I'm very focused on wins. You want to see players who pleasantly surprised as laster continue to perform this year. You want to see players who disappointed us a little turnaround. Anyone seeded team pulled together with the energy they had last year and maybe make fewer mistakes in my mind it we have all of that. What number of games we win isn't really Paramount and quote according to the L. When I read that. I had to make sure that there were no sharp objects. Around my being at that time. Least concerned about wins. Here we go again we go back to our philosophy and I know longtime listeners of of this show. And other post game show they understand that I don't care whether your rebuilding or not you'd go for wins you do. You can't sprinkle in a couple of veterans there to help you win just in case that that's that's here and there I'll explain that as we get into the season. But to be the that to not be concerned about wins is is pretty pathetic I love it. Dazzled with. He's being as transparent as you want any owner to be I didn't get up there are lie and say that he expects him to make the playoffs and it's all about the post season every year for this team and they're trying to win a championship this year and it him blow smoke in line everybody Horry can just be honest. And the people that don't want to hear the truth and they're going to be Matt but in the grand scheme of things and how to rebuild a baseball program. They're doing it the right way right now and apparently they're gonna continue to do a direct. All of that they definitely are that there's no question about that but. What would be wrong with with him saying look I understand that were in rebuild Mo it's it's very very obvious but I'll tell you watt. Our goal is to still make the postseason this year our ball our goal is. Is to extend our season well and October despite the rebuild. What would be wrong with that I wanna win I don't feel bad. About winning ever I'm not gonna feel nothing when I lose. You feel something. And I'd just guys it just don't understand why you couldn't see it that way we are rebuilding. Oh we are. That's that's the way it is and if if from the owner that's let's say okay fine we have to break this thing down because someone has told me to follow this dramatic. We're gonna follow this dramatic routes are you watch. I'm not going to be happy when we lose in our goal is to extend our season and that's our bonus our bonus is to compete into the post season. While we rebuild. Now that's a big mountain to climb it no mistake about it right I mean that that's. It's it's almost like a lottery ticket take the five dollar scratch scratch it off chances are good you can hit the jackpot I get. But shouldn't be sad that way. And I I can respect. We're there at year with expecting to lose while you read. I can respect that because they look at the analytics they'd look at that. Of the personnel that they have they look at their aides it would look at a number of factors I can respect that you don't need to tell you now. Don't need to hear that it's as much. Final putt but he did you're that I harbor said Alice talk about competing for World Series every every year you want to know why do you. But I don't just be odds may be transparent. And it's it's it's it's interest thing in and you know he went on to say in in the the same article there in the journal sentinel. That he actually found himself turning off brewer games. Did you read that part too. Yeah he's steady turnaround more brewer games laster than he probably has at any point. Now welcome aboard but they can't get Eagles on the talks about counsel that's his quote quarters really focused on the won loss record. He doesn't want to hear another interview where I say don't care about how many games we win. That's why you why David. He wanted David to get a back and the bullpen filled out. And it's true while you're trying to develop players if you keep losing games at the end that's deflating for everybody everybody focuses now on winning fewer games to get a higher draft day. But if you're going actually develop players you have to keep moving on a continual were every body is getting better. So while there was council they weren't going to probably go get those back and back and guys there urgent goal of what they had. Which is what it in Kabul said what I got to do back there and counselor to do we don't win that a couple of guys got to know and how it OK okay and try drag logo used to somebody so you feel like you can win. Sheer first ball he said yes he set what might have in theory. What you do with the bracket this bullpen traded away Smith Jefferson the warmer and you guys are killing me in the back into the bullpen kidding aside a couple of veterans at least give me something to work work. A case there is number one but. Maybe more importantly number two. What that added Macias said there at that council wants to win games and that is the key reason why think he's the right guy. For this position as manager of the Brewers he just wants to win. I get on this isn't the only thing about counsell but that irritated me. I just continues it is essential that we do this rebuild correctly if we get too hung up I went a loss is we got to give Orlando arsonists and we should shortstop for example I want to make sure we do the right things. Now craze let me know players are doing the right things are gonna sit down he's not on his coup by now won loss thing. So guys are not doing what he thinks it takes to win but baseball games they are not going to play. I think that's probably good balance again and Craig Kelton have been a manager for Rickie Weeks and J. J. Hardy these guys and what it got to where they got team. You are back in the minors and god knows how long. What team Rahal reason number three while like Craig Pollock and yeah I don't what are that in. 46 of all the ridiculously I need to Brian Brohm yep are what you got to take a break come back Ryan brawn. Wants to be in Milwaukee he reiterated that at last week's Brewers on deck event when you're from Ryan brought next year and out so weakly on the fan. Do you want to do eight home if we. Who or groups. This season hot still weekly on 1057. FM the fan. Final couple of minutes of hot so quickly here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer and let's get to Ryan brought some adjusting comments from his appearance at last week's on deck wanting to be in Milwaukee. Is that we would going to spring. You haven't been able to all your work belts and being healthy fully healthy. It's really nice I think it wasn't something I ever took for granted but after having gone through a couple off seasons of excuse me calm during physical therapy and rehabbing from mom an injury. It makes mean that much more appreciative of it is a greater perspective. On how fortunate and real go throughout the off seasons it would do everything I wanna do an offseason. Still better stronger faster more explosive so for really good. It's no. I mean certainly were headed in the right direction and I think there's a lot of potential impact players which is what we all hope for. Just so we need when you're smaller mid market team you have to have the impact global players that come up to the major leagues because rocked him he'll go in and signed it's our free agents here and year out so. It's exciting the most of those guys or a double and Chevrolet it's exciting that there's a lot of depth. And at least from what it looks like on paper and when I hear from the front office there's a lot of guys are really excited about. It. I love that I think they're competitions a great thing I think it's it's a healthy thing for everybody. Does not just competition for Major League jobs of a competition in double and triple a so. On there's a lot of really good players and our organization it's it's a good problem to have. On I think competition should help everybody get better it should and speier guys sets ultimately become the best versions of themselves. And it won't ever allow complacency. And I think that when you know that there's guys behind you that are legitimate prospects that have the opportunity to be. Impact level Majorly players you know you have to perform you know Dayne and day out year in and year out. If you're continue to keep your job so competitions against. The boards and picking your brain and premier team. To play. Oh yeah I love it it's its fun for me it's it's scary how fast that happens you know how fast I went from being a young guy it's been a mentor guy. It's a little bit scary but it's something that I really do enjoy. I think one of the biggest reasons I've been able out success is because of my routine. And that's something that that I tried to help all the young guys is that counts and injuries it's fair got a routine that works. And and just helping them you know deal with the transition and believe in the process of getting to where they wanted. Yeah that's a combination of both I think every player's different everybody's routine is different everybody's process is different everybody's ability Ted make adjustments. Is a little bit different so. A lot of it's conversation some of it is is you know them being a last questions on some of it is than just watching some of the only guys go about their business. Oh. There. I mean I've dealt with their for a little while now so it's really not a big deal to me I think. Obvious sell out Milwaukee my family was Milwaukee if we didn't we would already be out of here. And so it's pretty easy for me is to say focus on the things that I can control. And areas Ryan brawn wanting to be in Milwaukee and you gotta wonder if he has the Knicks to trader to buy that statement that's the first thing I thought out there. It puts in for a good thought. But that's gonna do it for this edition of hot stove weekly. Steve Sparky fight for Tim Allen entering our twelfth season of post game coverage so we'll see again next Sunday and following that pitchers and catchers and people start flying in the Mary Bell baseball park in. Certainly we're looking forward at that and our coverage pre game show are on deck show as well as the post game show. Thanks for listening and debt have a great day hopefully year numbers hit in your Super Bowl pool today for Steve Sparky five for money missed him Allen you guys have a good day and smiled Milwaukee the world will smile back.