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McCalvy: Window to trade Ryan Braun might be closing

Jan 30, 2017|

01/30/17: Adam McCalvy of joins Chuck and Winkler

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Brewers on deck event held in which Brewers and alumni and coach is all came to Milwaukee to meet fans sign autographs and the other general shenanigans but it was a good day a lot of people in attendance one of those of course. Our baseball insider Adam McKelvey from Adam welcome back I have and buddy I have. I have been great yeah I came back from a ski trip late Saturday night chew on that first saying Sunday morning so it was like rude awakening that the baseball season is here and now. Opt to return today I had down. Enemies and a great holiday offseason just blows by me a football season seems likes a lot longer but. Baseball man that was quickly distanced club just former World Series. Yep I was getting sprayed by a in the face by Bill Murray about. Feel like ten minutes ago and now we're getting ready and it's all right spring training will be good it's going to be. In interest in camp you know I always tell you guys but I'm in it for the stories sure. This Brewers team is gonna have some really interesting once in spring training I think scooter Jeanette. Bring in a bag full of gloves is going to be really interesting. Trying to beat more personal position wise. You know I think what you'll hear from Ryan Braun chatter in spring with Peter goes anywhere and certainly think that it's not going to him. We can guard rob Babbitt and then you know the pitching of this team is is is actually really interest thing they were one of about jeans. Pitching wise over the last two months of last season they've got all those guys back they've got too many bodies for five rotation spot and you could count side I didn't even get it get this in my coverage yesterday but. Art district council if you're lucky enough fortunate enough to get Indians for and with all these starting pitchers. Is there a chance to be creative and do something like a six man rotation just something creative with the rotation. And the answer those that don't talk about it and and he thinks that the way teams are looking at pitching is evolving and we saw the ball well with old and use. Armed you'd think that there's some room for me decent creativity and holly is starting pitchers in the season talk about it this spring. Adamant caviar Milwaukee baseball insider here on a fan check in when clerk. With as far as Craig Counsell and some of the comments from him and some of the comments from market Nazr or yesterday. Mark it seemed to say that. The wins and losses are a big deal to him and they made some of these moves because. Council wants wins more than than mark does how true is that. No I don't a lowly that would I was speaking with him I didn't hear sitting in the eight counsell ops went back. There are there is something to be setting and Craig Counsell has made its argument. For. Having some talented at Albers players around the players are trying to well. We had these long pregame arguments would Craig Counsell last year when the Brewers were in full rebuild mode where you would pose the question that I think a lot of your. Listeners close is why not just play all the care. Play all the kids and see what you've got and that's that's a very. Easy argument to make. Console counter to that is that is a bad way to developing young players. Say that you just play all these. On on established. Our rookies. Is it you're not going to get the most out of their ability in your not going to give them the best chance to develop it do. Established major leaguers themselves keeping you need to have some good players around them and I think that's why even the teams that go full rebuild. There's still some some good big league players mixed in there and and I think that you know part of a so so it took to be specific about it in Craig uncles. Way of thinking. Part of what made Jonathan DR breakout last year. Is that he at right there on offense to play when he was on the basis. You know he had a good player hitting behind him and that helped Jonathan BR be better. At the top of the line so it's about the argument companies over and over and and arm you know it's you can argue it either way is it that probably at the right answer when your team vs Bal. But it's part marked comments. It was really starting to hear him say that of Craig counsel David Stern and mark up not feel kind of the top three guys in the boos changed mark is the least concern that you're looking in law. You got that talk to them. That is that is very against his nature. He is as competitive person I've ever come across. There were times last year early receive up to turn up to TD canceled frustrated. Even though they are in this obvious rebuilding period he's still really hates to lose. Aram so for him to go into this year's leave that outlook is it's really interest. He's kind of been he's had to buy into the rebuilt. Just like I think he's asking other plans to. Do you think the Brewers have gotten better. In the offseason I mean I think a better team if they're gonna put on the field he think when the April 3 rolls around. No not know they're not. Well better from the indices that are better from you know mid season when it's open court Jefferson so that maybe those are two different questions you know they didn't actually. It's. You know they lock when Boyer Chris captain while. But they're certainly not better than they were at the start of last season it is for that they have let us published now. Now could they be better than they were last year at the other opportunity to them to win more games than they did last year if they get another couple of big steps forward and and there are candidates that. You know last year was VR and in the age you know Broxton backed the eighties for sure this year they are hoping if a guy like him and that Santana who didn't have that opportunity last year. In part because of injuries they hope it. Orlando Garcia who will you know they hope those two months late last year give him I've kind of leg up as he goes in those first Ohman agencies. They hope it's one of the catchers that they're gonna give an opportunity to. So there is there are candidates for these break out. Are these steps forward hum all over the diamond and you can keep going at their brains stratus shut off. It's here I'm Brock and again another center fielder there they there are opportunities. So they could be better wins and losses lies but I I think if you're honest about it just look at. Talent and track record on the roster. Nobody they'd traded away a lot of accountant and for that reason not as it. Argue and are Milwaukee based on insider Adam McKelvey a one of the guys you mentioned off the top there Ryan brawn that. Did not look like he would finish out the season last year and then it didn't look like he would. Be here for the side deck event but here he is still brewer. And I think for me I'm beginning to think while a Cape May be this guys is gonna maybe he's gonna finish up their contract Adam. Well maybe now there's a long way to grow another a lot of opportunities for a Q write stories. And talk about trade rumors which we love to do so we get to do that which he taught me which is. What was interesting what stood up to me more than anything else yesterday I had heard this theory come into the winter. That when that trade with the Dodgers didn't happen last year. Maybe that was the Brewers shot maybe that was the shot to trade LeBron because the perk a combination of a Brewers team in rebuild mode you can ops in the news stockpiling prospects and the Dodgers team that. Was really struggling. As much as any team in the Major League against left and if it's Andy and Brian Brohm a player who is somewhat scandalous. A player who matches left handed pitching a player who could plug in right in the left field which of Dodgers needed. You would like a perfect player for them at that moment. And you know when that didn't happen in the period that I have been floated in the over the off. The first shot in the field and and when that didn't happen at the likelihood of a Bruntlett went we laid out. And what stood out yesterday at our back is mark up Macias said. And it's in my story about arms on the numbers dot com golf. He said once that trade didn't happen it was great momentum toward that trade that happen that you are. That would be really interest in playing. Dusty you're the owners say out loud and it makes media. Think that maybe that's the case that was the shot that was the perfect moment when it didn't happen. Perhaps I'm Ronald to stay be a productive they hope a productive player for the. I thought we go the other way I thought since they were so close they ran out of time to make that deal. That maybe they would revisit it in the off season and make the deal them. And it hasn't happened and why it hasn't happened I can't tell you sure. What that because you know partly the Dodgers seem really focused on other matters you know they've been really tight close to Brian dozer. They spent a long time I'm Justin Turner. The spent a lot of time on Rich Hill and and kind of getting the pitching back together. So they have had other priorities so far. You know the other thing in the up so we came back to them late last year I think it went pretty well. I was with them in the ass yet he was you know chatter he is usual the club out and looked like that all that sort of remember the hard feelings when he got sent down. Around trade deadline acting like all that impediment Russian side and he was you know productive member of the team again so perhaps they're just gonna go Regan. Hopefully he can get back deformity he he showed when he first came up to the Bentley. Com or maybe just number of the Dodgers they got. Very deep in the trade talks and just decided we don't have a good match we can agree and the value of Ryan bought this time. Arm and actively on the block as well but but I will say we're talking I'll. Four more years left on the wrong contract. The year that's or trade deadlines. Four opportunities for another. Sort of perfect situation come along with team is looking for a right handed power bat. And they have a spot warm in the outfield pretty proficient outfielder. And in you know this there could be another match again so it's certainly a possibility but it but again it was. He was injured continue to hear mark say maybe that that was there one shot to trade him and it didn't happen. And all of the talk yesterday was that there's there's just nothing going on right now Ryan brown is going to be. But he's healthy at the in the spring training he's going to be hitting third playing left field. Just is its usual. A lot more to cover what does Brewers team will continue to do that as they get closer to spring training you can find out more from adamant Brewers dot com MLB -- camp. Thanks Adam for a couple minutes and welcome back in of the baseball season. Yeah yeah I hope everybody followed the you know right about read a few guys there. Sparky using all your travel on. Not I think it's Allen and fight for going out there what fired there's got to be a leeway why do we know with. We don't Alan S for sure gonna come out there. Yeah yeah I've talked to those guys are now well. You know you saw out sometime you got to keep him home on the home and play that you guys so I'll. I'll just you know but. Boy you have to really get up early in the morning do the shelters like an hour difference or two hour difference. Well look here are ready getting out. Like six hours before dawn looked in the nine hours. There's a huge difference between six and four minutes and three or real hard when our. Buddy drive his own deal I I'd wanna go off there and and not even done due to show just go out there and hang up I loved. Does going to a spring training games is like going out to left field and on the grassy area that's his awesome. Now and and not let Mike talk bad about me they'll sometimes too it's not it's not the kind of area we wanna go explore the neighborhood yup but it is a great place to watch a game might be restrictions ballparks it is not a martyr here. The minor leagues are right there and Matt schedule came out and it reminded need to have to say. If people do go down and check out from trying to go over tomorrow excited and you can put your you know you can stand right up against the fan and watch professional ball players. You can see the speed of the game to really cool experience over there at two and merry go it is literally across this little part. And I just I was just there. Household they get a new home settle experience in you know I'd I'd prefer to go to America simplest final the ballparks except for their place. Now it's nice ballpark is just that the area there's not a lot of atmosphere of Eric I like. Even the Cubs ballparks governor atmosphere than ample. It it's just that you know it's what you want and Eric you console or on that McGrath and want to spread out it's kind of an old schools which things aren't. At the Cubs game it's going to a sold out leisurely. Stayed in after the field Annika in a loved it like that. It's they like the crowd that's very cute but it's it's a different experience I sort of I sort of gravitate to come of the older it's. You can go out on the line I mean I do it cycled the ability press a couple middle innings. Out in the regular press box and Mary billikens. Not have to worry about fighting. Adam things are a couple minutes we will be sure to check in with you soon. Are we are at a McKelvey joining us on Twitter at Adam McKelvey and he and he can find his work and Brewers that count.