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What's new with the Brew Crew? Tim and Sparky on Hot Stove Weekly

Jan 29, 2017|

01/29/17 Hot Stove Weekly: Tim Allen and Steve "Sparky" Fifer talk about the Brewers On Deck Event and have a conversation with Anthony Witrado of

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Three Brewers fans it's time to heat up you winter with some hot stove baseball talk. Lose and the band he's here every step of the way. With analysis and opinion on the trades free agent scene. Roster moves Miller Park in more sit back relax and warm yourself we've Brewers baseball. This he's hot stove league lead on sports Radio One 057 FAM. The fans. Know appears Tim Allen. And welcome in Brewers fans that is another edition of hot stove weekly here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan my name is Tim Allen they're Steve Sparky Phifer and a big big day. A big big day in the world the Brewers baseball. It's sort of the I look at it as the official kickoff for the fans of the 2017. Season. It's kind of the first taste in that is the on deck event that's going on downtown Milwaukee today. And the Brewers. Since we spoke last did ink Joba Chamberlain Steve Sparky fight for. Yeah that's official now Joba Chamberlain not a member of the Burres I don't know I mean if we had Joba Chamberlain like I don't know ten years ago maybe I'd be more excited. This is just seeing old hole but for a flash in the pan and they as spell minor league deal they spring training invite. He works shot Brady doesn't cost too much now. And and I think years ago laws thing about this so once they admitted they made that official. That between. Neftali Feliz and and Joba Chamberlain might goal is to nap some prospect between the two of them. Is that a good goal. I think that's a fine goal I think that's the goal that you probably should have at this point look if you couldn't yet. I think you know Dolly by gives you Morton in the Chamberlain doesn't you read anything for Chamberlain at the trade deadline for money he's on this roster that's a huge success. And the same thing with the other guy has yeah that's what you're trying to do just so I don't. Not a lot of money and it sounds like five million net that's a huge money by Major League Baseball standards especially do you flip them at the deadline anti like two million or something like death last couple of months. Yeah I think that has to be the goal I think right now you're Davis starts. Yeah and that's the thing I mean if you get anything for these guys he got five point three million on Feliz yeah probably if Joba Chamberlain makes a team. As no guarantee of that. They look at at a million and a half maybe between the two of them they could net you prospects and I go back to the Tyler Thornburg deal look wouldn't look what he got. In return when you can put together. Up pretty good run as a reliever that especially those seventh eighth inning guys that get in return more than yet thing. So now again Joba Chamberlain now. Minor league. Deal with the Brewers a camp invite and I suspect he will make the team based on. What he did last year in Cleveland prior to be being released. If he does anything near that I I think he makes this team. So we have via event going on downtown Milwaukee the Brewers on deck sort of that official unofficial kickoff of Brewers baseball in. As second tier of that obviously is pitchers and catchers reporting. In what about three weeks from right now so looking forward to that is the rebuild continues and as scooters that told us last eat last week on the show that. He'll look at it as as a rebuild anymore he looks at it as building. And I thought that was pretty insisting it when you really think about that. The building aspect of this school back a couple of years to be a Ramos Ramirez and Marco Estrada is in her Arnold. Generous and Cris Carter and then Jonathan Luke Troy Carlos Gomez and will Smith and Jeremy job for us and and the list goes on and on Aaron Hill. All these guys now gone and he's got an interesting point that it is a building thing now I say at the on deck event you give a photo card much like a yeah line. That you get a point to and say okay well that who is this guy others as picture that's who that's who Eric games this. That's a Travis Shaw. And I think that's pretty important that we get at the on deck event as some of the visuals going between the fan base and the and the Burress players right now on that Stevie out and tell you up. It's not an easy thing right now for the Brewers and and they may say everything is Cherie and bubbly and and the whole deal that were on track in and a lot of people say yeah house but. Boy that is a real challenge and a added on deck event at a fan fest event like is going on today that's that's challenging for this organization. Providing they trade Ryan brought like they're supposed to the next series on deck events to be much more challenging than this year's I'm deck event you you have to think going forward because. Once brawn is gone then all of a sudden it kind of becomes like the movie Major League where you got. Construction workers it's up on who aren't these guys haven't heard any these guys were these guys come from. That's what is going to be like and then you're gonna have to rely on the event. That is a Brewers game that tailgating the kids doing stuff around the ballpark while the game is going out so you end of their losing when you go the kids are still entertain needle going. And all these new food options they have a Miller Park that's really what it's going to be a buyout. Until you start getting star players from your minor league system up here on a Major League roster you have to hope and pray. That DR can put together a season like he did last year because and you it's our time on him being an all saarc. I'm then starting to build sometime marketing or something. All around him a goal and Ford is similar to Major League he's kind of like your Willie Mays Hays a little bit. The act is sort of and we will talk with Anthony with Toronto are old front cover the Brewers for the journal sentinel years ago and he's the Pincher reader writer now for ESPN's. Okay baseball writer for ESPN conserving and M will talk with him about it and I ate again I I go back to this on deck event and you really need to be a hard core Brewers fan you just do. And for those that want. The event is you're talking about and Miller Park Miller Park is is indeed just a great. You know it's a great thing if it is and it and so you've got the game you've got the the fact that you're gonna tailgate and you've got the giveaways in the you've got all that thing with the on deck event desist ruling. Truly to the Cold War. For a Brewers fan it's it's probably not for the casual fan although they they would love. For the casual fan to go in there just was something to do there's no. I'm no football on Sunday now for the first time and in how long I mean us face it there's no Packers. It all not hold on there's the pro bowls and the pro bowler said. Get well idea that there's a couple of Packers there isn't there. Oh yeah yeah prior to being their he had dated Bakhtiar he just got named to get will be some packer players are obviously no Falcons or Patriots is will be in the Super Bowl. Brought all living at least five people watching it. Via I don't know what they're gonna do with that thing but it it's. For the first time since let's see the seasoned of foot packers' season kicked off on September 11. And so you'd be back it up from there all the way back to the debacle at the hall of fame was at this year that was this year right yeah the colts' game pulls back her yeah. Yet the hall of fame game which. Prove that we could always add a precursor to you know everything going on. With what happened with the Packers season but. That's a first time today that you don't have Packers football. And I and I think it would be something to do now we're not paid to get get people to go to the Brewers on document today. Which we wore. But we're not here and we're doing a brewer Scholl and Wilbur fans obviously that's about it. And absolutely we are in and I think that the you know to walk around the sports memorabilia. Area. Although becoming a little bit smaller as the years go by will say. You know I have to be honest with width what I witnessed at the event. That is becoming and that's that's a shame because I I love that part of it there's there's all sorts of things that. You know you can pick up and it's as a brewer fan and doesn't have to be worth a ton of money up for example in. In my office. At home I've got things hung on the wall that. He wouldn't say would be worth ten box. But the but they are to media rob and your own picture that I took its like he had blown up and it's got a picture but it's. It's a something you'll find those types of things there you'll find the Bobble heads there I know what. Many years ago. The pink bat Bobble head from Bill Hall. Was a big I've guarantee you'll find one of those there that's what you're looking for the Bill Hall. I don't know why this one's worse so much money Steve even as a Bill Hall. He's in a yacht track jacket a Brewers track jacket type things I don't know why but apparently that is worth a bunch of money. Really the the brawn with the you crew called a home run against. Against the Chicago Cubs in 2008. You we all remember that game excellent that Bobble head there about Pete debt probably. A three and fifty dollars at one point. And now I I'd know. Well what's it's worth now. But but again those are the types of things you looking at. You remember many years ago in this this'll bring back some memories to a lot older. Brewer fans. Coca-Cola used to sponsor a back. Give away. Now there had been some other sponsors have of that night and I can say it was a sponsor wants wants that pick pick and save had their their bat night too and and you'll find those types of things there it's really kind of cool old jurors season. And that that part of it for me is is really. One of the main reasons I go it really honestly. Now you can find old bats and helmets and cool batting gloves and you name but there also is things for the kids to do there's interaction with. You know guys like Jerry Augustine and Jim Kempner. There is and Paul are buddy Paul Wagner's going to be there. Today is matter of fact part of the group that comes in. They're speaking of which I don't know if you caught this before the break Jets is real quick about this Brewers just announced in July. Will be three game set against the Philadelphia Phillies they are going to and I know you and I'll get to this on the on the post game Seau. They are going to celebrate the 35 anniversary of the Brewers lose are in the World Series of the 1982. American League champion. You know walk you through. I really I really that's not true. I really am. With jock Freeman on this this whole thing this this. What I I understand again the Brewers history stinks since that point I get it. But man this whole continuously celebrating guys that lost the World Series date and we know they didn't win a ring they didn't. Win the World Series and they lost the World Series yet we celebrated like. They're the Lombardi Packers. But their American League champions is the way they do. I don't care if they're National League or American Lee Campbell when it's forty years. Think people would laugh at the Packers and they did something similar for winning the NFC but never been a winning the Super Bowl. Yeah okay. I just tells you were yards organization to a. Go back to what 97. Was at the the other second year where I lost right yeah yeah direct will celebrate the 1997. And NFC champion Green Bay Packers. All I like a four now again I I get what you're saying I get what chuck salmon and we've all talked about this but. I like the fact that they bring back some of these some of these guys I love that wall of fame they've got outside Miller Park Barrett blow the the alumni part of what the Brewers to in this is what the Bucs should be doing by the way. To I don't know what. This whole heritage sank a commemorating you know the heritage and history in the tradition. If what whatever you think the tradition I guess I I think. Since the new owners have taken over for the bucks they've done a lot more reaching out so former players that haven't been part of this organization for many years and bringing him back for incensed. Her colds owner of this boxing Marcus Johnson in no way shape performer proudly on the fox sports Wisconsin broadcast team I can all but guarantee. All of that so. They have been doing a fair share of reaching out bringing back some of these former Bucs players and having them be a part of this. This current regime and this current team and I agree with you that goes a long overdue. Long overdue and I think the Brewers have done a masterful. Job of that and that's one of the reasons why I would like. That's one of the good things that I could say okay fine we'll will commemorate the 35 anniversary of the Bruce going to the World Series. Because it brings back these guys and that would be the top of the list why I'm a why would like it then there are many things on that list I will say that. But at that top of that list would be to bring these moose ops and if that's what these guys back just love it. But that's you know that's my age range now again he'd talked to some of us 27 the 32 years old man. I don't think it there's many redeeming things about. The zero. Not zero absolutely nothing be is these guys are old enough. Remember anything of those guys did and again they did in me it's you know it's different with the sixties Lombardi Packers mandate these guys. I play for the guy whose names on the Super Bowl trophy Vince Lombardi in my grandpa told me all about these guys and whatever else. I guess there are parents out there that probably told their kids about the 82 team in some shape or form. But I ended Dave these kids now they're still they won the World Series will meld a loss. And what why are we want. But again. I agree review and again I like having. When Boller is the rounds that get owners are and Dole's guys coming out and talking about old times Gorman Thomas and his story tying it was in the battle day. Sure that that I enjoy but this constant just not letting it go stuff is driving me crazy. It does work at a an event like fan fest though the the on yes incidents. That definitely does because of it it's got guys my age that are bringing their kids there. Then can tell the stories about. Hey look this is a this is mark broke hard this is Charlie Moore this is you know rob obviously Robin you know Mahler and gambler. They should do Tim I think what they should do they should and I would assume they have the ability to have TV rights they should go through and put together a dvd or Blu-ray. Of every game of the Brewers post season play from game one of the playoffs in the AL all the way through the World Series and that way. You can help educate some of these younger guys that may not know a lot about it but want to learn about it. Like the whole game play by play yes it's. Com. Somebody told me there is that available from the 82 and I don't know if that's a bootleg thing or not. While the Brewers should make it available is what I'm saying and then sell those at Miller Park. Yeah that's true or do it give away how much is it that to buy a blank dvd press the video into it and just give it away to the first 30000. But how much work goes into. Taken only gains putting my dvd you know all that other stuff I'm not clincher. I would want interviews and stuff with some of the guys that I got bad team you intertwined into this thing. When we do. No I'm Ned do you almost you know the host of it would be fun who would get bill Schmidt to do all the production more sure he will do it ourselves Burres I'm sure they'll approve it to let us make money. Last week we talked about the pitching staff and and some of the numbers that were being tossed around there and some the expectations that are that are heaped on these guys Jimmy Nelson equally for all the chase Anderson type guys act Davies. Certainly Matt Garza but. When you get a chance to get to us some of the offensive numbers that were put up last year so I'm pretty impressive. Will they repeat those numbers are not then it's that's who will discuss and that's also to come on the show today. As Anthony would try Otto our old friend cover the Brewers years ago contributor for ESPN's baseball writing wolf. Have a chat within Anthony which Rodham from a national perspective any sort of connected still. To Milwaukee will do that next Tim Allen sees Sparky Phifer it's hot stove weekly here on the fan. It was hot stove league lead the league used on the cool. This season 1057. FM. And welcome back it is hot stove weekly here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan Tim Allen Steve Sparky five for about two. Get into our twelve. Year of Brewers coverage here on the fan and I I've dub this day today brewers' day in the state of Wisconsin. Because the Packers they don't play today. Well some do in the pro ball but the Packers season dot. Now you can focus on some bucks basketball some college hoops and Brewers baseball your first introduction really the on deck event. I happening downtown Milwaukee. Let's get a yeah national perspective slash sort of connected and slant on this with our old friend Anthony which Toronto cover the Brewers years ago is now contributor for ESPN. He joins us on the great mid West Bank hotline Anthony how aria. I'm Greg our program or not that's good can you believe it's been twelve years of coverage for for Tim Sparky and and the post game. Oh while older he got. But that's not fun to see a kid and out of that I'm all right this this rebuild here Anthony outside yet. It can be somewhat painful in and I think everybody is aware of that with with. Regard to any sport I think I think QB can be somewhat painful but it is in perspective. As how you look at this and in from the outside looking in Anthony how do you look at this. Well look at the you're gonna have the pain I mean it if you are a and that is expecting your team to contend every year this is going to be incredibly painful. If you are paid a long term out kind of person. You have to like where this franchise is headed right now I I certainly didn't and we could say it out probably. Eighteen months ago in that we had conversations. On the same channel or. We talked about they weren't doing enough to start the rebuild process and and unfortunately here that it's true in and that we could be going to that you are looking at a chance to. And contend for a wildcard maybe. Did here we ought to know that that's not gonna happen but. Though the regal that we want to happen for a long time is well underway and in and they're off to a very good start I thought would be last or the deadline and what some of the young pieces they brought back it was a significant start they are they are well. In their biggest need. Think you'll wanted to turn into the superstar he could be there could be art but I think it would be easier to turn those are. You know that that's the center piece right there. You know granted a retirement as Brewers a team and what they did lash of the deadline they said it was close brawn being moved. The Los Angeles Dodgers they came all the way down to the very end and and recruiting get it done. Not that everybody thought well OK it's not a big deal they'll get it done this offseason goes back close clearly the Brewers and Dodgers will figure out how to get it done. I'm surprised that they haven't been able to get a deal done for Ryan brawn at this point I think it's. For me at least it it's kind of compare to that they've moved Ron sooner rather than later because he was actually healthy for the most part last year's U had a really good year offensively. A digger really rolling the dice to try and stick it out for another full season to see if you can stay healthy again. Yeah you are you are rolling the dice and I think that that dodger thing so we're gonna happen and there. You know you have to GMs who are. Do you want to still proving himself someone who's crude insults. Arm for years and Andrew treatment and either one of those car it is willing to let the other team win a trade and you know this is the country. He's kind of the piece is very rarely is it they win win in terms Alec Percy. And so you know neither guy I want beyond that on the negative and and what's what's impressed me about all these guys in not making this deal that both of them have been willing to walk wait the table and mature brewer. And long term. That's a really good sign. Because we look at David Stern say okay this curtain Ingram he's not going to do something just because he felt he probably should do it at some point. He's not gonna sell well or he's not gonna sell thinks for what Eaton hasn't market value. And good for him on that but you are right it's a risk I think they understand match. And they're going to continue to chop them but they also are going to be in their mind for him and and I in that respect. Take and when you're dealing with a guy like treatment and are able. You're really talking about and and so I think can't stern for not pulling the trigger a pop wasn't in the best interest of the organization. And if there still is the aid the standoff if you will between specifically the Dodgers in the brewers'. Wouldn't it then be who've one of those teams. GMs Friedman or or Stearns here. To go ahead and wrap a third team into this thing with them make things easier for everybody. We'll ensure. I'm sure you're highly highly intelligent as we all what you're probably look at all so you think. Though. You know. I think that that that's a possibility for a long time and probably tried and worked out. You know making this thing a little more complicated that the doctors went out and got Logan Forsythe and the centerpiece of the return package. Was Billy hall and two order price starting pitchers. We came off the table it really really not likely out of the daughters go in and make a move or aren't. Because he's not include and we are in order secret argument the purest of calling to include you alert. The word you kind of start acting that's the question now and so that trade Logan Forsythe I think it's more unlikely that the grew partners connect. Explain to me how Logan Forsythe is work's as worth daily owned in that trade I just I I'm obviously missing something on foresight because if you look at his numbers. Or I'm over valuing daily on one or the other. I think it's probably yeah a little bit. Bill you know. I think I don't think there's concerns about what where projection a rotation. I didn't expect. You're not a high. Currently at as something that was probably spot a year ago. And so you know I think that dotted kneecap and he dog or it will go a couple of need them but to. Greens actually but to it was a 101. And it wasn't a pack of players so I think they were going to use that arm no M they still have arguably the top our system in base. It McCutcheon laughter just for a quick second half wrap it up here shortly but do you think it's possible the Brewers could do I a super prospect. A one for one deal for brought. Know they're definitely not. That I I think you look at the money you look at the baggage he looked the injury history and out of the course. You say Anthony final thing for you you say that you know the superstar in and we agreed that. These superstar it's not there yet that we can at least identify you Mets in Orlando Garcia and we we all have high hopes for him but just. The way it's it's now the improvement of the minor league system has has been amazing. But my concern is if it. Corey re your Lucas Irsay or are some of these guys that you know Branson or picked Ferguson one of these guys doesn't step up to beater swore her to be a Bryant to be a much Otto to beat and I know it's easier said than done find these guys. But at least you would've thought. Through all of these changes that you could identify one. As that guy where is C or Izzy already there we just don't know. Jimmy could be we we don't know for sure you know part of the problem is a so much of their talent and that the lower level arm Armon not necessarily. In AAA. So it go the waiting game is is just part of the of the beast of discreet built. QB but you know I do think that there is out there that they could stretch it. And what it all these guys come up and they're borderline kind of lost our players is very good. Yeah I don't think that ownership is has shied away from going out spending the money to get those other pieces that they might need when the opportunity present. Awesome my theory is Anthony which Otto Anthony great catching up with fuel talk again. You know maybe as we get a little bit closer of the season here. Aren't totally got. I Darius Anthony which route or joining us in the great midwest bank hotline he's a contributor to ESPN's baseball coverage. As we've got to continue without soap weekly. Will come back in and a couple of other numbers I think you'll find interest thing from the offensive side that's next and hot stove weekly here on the fan. Let's talk. Brewers baseball business on Twitter FaceBook email or call 4147991250. But still we could leave all 1057. FM the fan. And welcome back another edition of hot stove weekly I think our governor is dubbed today brewers' day. It's out scope weekly here on the fan. Reason I say that is because the Brewers on deck of an is going on can't wait to get down there downtown Milwaukee and walk around via BO Barea. Proud brewers' plan to stick with them through and through this rebuild to stock to a Anthony what's rod are all about just that that there are going to be. Some painful times. For the Brewers when we say painful. Wasn't that painful 73 win season last year you you did see how this this team responded under Craig Counsell. You you saw that there was not any quit in them. And so was that painful at the end of the day no we want him to win the World Series. They're do you guys have in the conversation a lot of folks have in the conversation on the station. About rating the packers' season now what makes it's successful well. If if if there's only one team that wins a championship and everybody else is in second place OK there's that philosophy there's also the velocity where. You've just look back. And you say you know what all told with what they had. That was that pass. Which way do you look at the Brewers here. I don't think you can look at a full weight loss perspective this is what I said in the beginning of the year playoffs are just not going to be an option for this team for the foreseeable future so from that standpoint you have to look at other avenues what are you able to get for certain players in trades I think David Serbs have a good job there. What you look at from a competitive standpoint does this team play hard did they quit. On their mantra they played hard all year there are far more competitive in games and I thought they were going to be at the beginning of the year which as we've said a million times. Go CU and Craig counsel for the great job that he did. Gained a team and take kind of by Ian and play his style of baseball belonged Ford are there still some mental airs in the base pass himself like yet yes sure there is. But it's not as bad as it is it used to be prior to that I think if this bursting comes back this year and does something similar to what they did last year from a competitive standpoint I think the sand base is going to be -- Yeah I agree and and I think what what I want in I've always shoot for the moon but. BU a little bit ahead of where everybody else thinks you walk. That's one of that's my goal for this organization as we speak this very second time. And while it's gonna follow Brewers baseball absolutely. I dig it I'm addicted to it I love it. But from. Just that that the winning the building or headed toward a champion and chip for being you know like the box had all the future and all that's up. I want them to be one stepped by head of that natural progression. To go on and win a World Series that's my goal here at napping sad. Number one we need to see the the style of play that Craig Counsell. He isn't and will continue to it institute into the his line ups we we want to see that style that pretty much aggressive you can need to get a little bit smarter we all understand that but. That aggressive style high on pace. The high OP outs in others those types of things play good defense make big pitches in big situations. That's what I wanna see. You know moving forward but be ahead of people say well it's going to be 2019. By the time they. They win the World Series or compete at a high level. But they do that early and how but they do that where people star race and their eyebrows in 2017. Or tooth early 2018. They jump out of the box. And they go you know. Eighteen and and eleven. And it seemed that swore I met here beat I had shorten the time span it will be. Until these guys are legitimate contenders because I think a lot of a lot of Brewers fans like baseball fans to say that if the white way there one of those teams you can count. Out. Okay look below let's look at it from this perspective. Did you ever competing for champ B chip you're no closer now that you were before because you still have all star player supporting your mirror of your lineup. If you're talking about being ahead of schedule as far as what you do in the regular season. Now while your waiting for this minor league systems develop. That's double edged sword yeah hey can give you short term gratification. From all man we want eighty games this year all that's better than last Joseph I'm so excited. A bit then you don't need get put in a position to draft the better baseball players in the amateur draft. I'd like I said it's a double edged sword yet he may benefit from ticket sales yet you may benefit off from her fans feeling better about themselves as being brewer fans. I just don't know that benefits you in the long term from what you still need to fill I'll does bird line of going for ten. We talk about Craig Counsell and his style that he as institute for these players. And in I don't know if its current council style are David Stern style but it definitely is. Collaboration of both I would imagine they they both of sold each other on their styles that's for sure. It's very apparent. What their style is going to be in the one piece of evidence of that as Cris Carter. Back to me the fact that they. We all thought that he was gonna go and arbitration or there are gonna meet on a deal. Right around ten million dollars prior to arbitration I think that was the consensus to a lot of laughs it Lisa was me. Will say that. Because what would it hurts you. To grab Cris Carter and his Major League leading 41 home runs and then just deal with it on line but don't let this guy get away. It's pretty obvious that they want these guys they can do with less phone. As council would put it. And better on base and all PS. Just a little bit you've you have some power take it that's fine get get some power. But I think you want more of a true. Five tool at least leaning that way baseball player in this organization right now whether or not that's gonna pay off maybe there's. A time down the line where you grab a Cris Carter. Or that type that will come off the answer Russell Branyan. To come off the bench and do Woody does but let's go over some of these offensive numbers real quick as we start with a rhyme brawn. An amazing season season thirty home runs 91 RBIs. Is on base was 365. I mean those numbers are were some of the money that your paying him it might be worth in today's standards all of the money you're paying him right now. But I think from it from this perspective when you talk about how much money. And you're paying different guys need you talk about Ryan brown at this point. Is long as he stays healthy. Any hits around 300 Indians around thirty home runs drives in over a hundred RBIs. I think yeah he is worth the name because of the free agent contracts that were signed the last couple of years. Does Italy last year my out feelers that contract isn't nearly as bad as what it would have been. If you'd asked this same question a couple years ago. Not no doubt he would just over 300 assists at 365 on base Cris Carter the area's 41 home runs 94 knocked in hit 22182. In a three to 41 on base percentage it is theory. Very clear to me. That they don't want that type player that's a Doug Melvin player right there. That's not a David Stern's player right there David Stern's player would have a higher on base higher. Higher batting average. That's just the that's just what it looks like the media eyes and it pretty obvious. I disagree did and that's may be the philosophy that he's going after here right. Five tool players don't grow on trees now I mean it salad you Milan find yourself a couple five tool players. Just you know put him their Princeton is a five tool player or is that the ability missions a as he has the ability to be a five tool player Carlos Gomez has the ability. To be a five tool player but to actually fulfill that ability like we set with the boss with God's help will he ever reaches ceiling who knows there's a lot closer that soon I think Amy gave them a chance of getting 23 years ago. There there's a lot more to do that. When you draft Prince Fielder. You know what Prince Fielder is you know that he's gonna hit home runs that rookie ball eight ball on double play ball AAA Balt. And in the big leagues power isn't going anywhere. You could almost argue it's easier to finals power guys and did this to find the 52 guys and that's how you're gonna build your roster. No question about it there's there's there's no doubt about it and you know you're not gonna find a full lineup of five tool guys but look that's weathered lean that's what they want they they really do. They also want versatility. And we talked to scooter to that last week and beyond nervous for him because of his lack of versatility well. I was reading. A little bit more on him and then he'd mentioned our cities and replayed some different positions maybe some corner outfield he made. Play some shortstop. As it turned tough hoped. That you're gonna have to be versatile to be on this team you have to be that come. So breast or swore her type guy that you can move around the the diamond for the Brewers now we get to. Jonathan VR just talk about versatility. Nineteen home runs and realize he hit that many home runs. 63. Knocked in everybody baseball hit home runs last year. He hit 285. His on base was 369. I mean you wanna talk about a leadoff hitter and a guy that's taking care of that line up right now it's Jonathan VR now. That a flash in the pan. That's the dipped to one of the biggest question marks heading into this year's Brewers season in 2017. Is Jonathan VR what Jonathan VR put up last year. I we don't know I would that's what they were gonna have to wait and seen in for the most part around 300. More than he wasn't last year and it kind of fell off a little bit. But the nineteen home runs I don't know Matt. Everybody across baseball runs were through the rules bagel back to the steroids era as far as how much everybody hit home runs last year so. I'm not exactly sure what happened a Major League Baseball rusher were all these home runs came from from everybody including the arc. But if he continues sleeves can hear Iran's when he home runs to go with fifty plus stolen bases and hitting around 300 that's a franchise type player. A bad you don't find very often. It is just amazing the fine that they got with Jonathan PR if those numbers are accurate and true. A lot of times who we see it a guy jump up and and bite those type types of numbers. And you'll see him anymore. And any gets a big deal because of that and and I'm not save money has anything to do that on the same typically. Lot of these situations that's the way it occurs but if you can pencil that in. I don't know where he son Diaz benefit a lot I think Arabia VR moves back to third base. As possible or sag moves over to first base instead of third so you definitely have some versatility is the point there. Yeah I agree with you on that I wanna see what obviously happens with VR and then you can determine which are going to do with Diaz you know Diaz. Is he got a can play second can play short he knows you had a bunch airs. All I can play third base and this this goes back to two plot seem how to build a roster hill or let RC is as a nice player right. Gold glove caliber defense for sure. Offensively and Paul seabees Escobar all like probably. From that perspective so would you rather have that title player at shortstop or would you rather have a player like Diaz. As shortstop if you're trying to figure out a spot to put Diaz and and that could become a question as we get closer to that point. Would be a great problem half. As as we know David Stern's collecting middle infielders and seven outfielders he just he does collect collects of what baseball cards right now. I key on Broxton nine home runs nineteen knocked in hit 242. At a 354. On base that. You know sort of flies under the radar a little bit for Keon Broxton I'd I don't know I think that's a stopgap measure if you talk in big picture rebuild. Broxton is a stopgap measure to get to your guys whoever they may be Phillips of prince in a rate year whoever's going to be out there and senator field. However. At doesn't mean you're rule him how the two to add to opt to add injury insurance and to be a fourth and fifth outfielder maybe a defense of replacement late in the game come in late on a bunt steal a base. Things like that so I wouldn't rule out key on Broxton big picture. But Rusch has got all the talent in the world to be that Carl's Gomez tied guy he's got the body frame for sure for sure. To be a five tool type player now can he be that guy I have no idea I think ideally though Tim you want Branson. Your prospect to be able to be that center fielder in the second half of the year. And then beat at center fielder long term going for I think that's how you would like four to play out and then like you said rocks and then becomes a fourth outfielder. I it will take a break in I get to the rest of the numbers here as we've been celebrating brewer date today in the state of Wisconsin the on deck event. Going on right now. A downtown Milwaukee you're listening to hot stove weekly Tim Allen sees Sparky five for another edition here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Keeping you want to. This c.'s hot stove weekly on 1057. FM the fan. And welcome back final couple of minutes of hot stove weekly today's edition brought to you by. Brewers day in the state of Wisconsin on deck event happening as we speak all day long. As the Brewers fans get together and intermingle with some of the younger players and some more the younger players and some additional younger players. They offensively. The first couple insisting. You know set a numbers here as is you look forward to 2017. We talked about scooter Jeanette last last week he wasn't satisfied with fourteen home runs sixty plus RBI. Season that he had in hitting 263. On the season I. Now again. He says it's it's not good enough for wasn't that impressive for scooter Jeanette. I gotta be honest I thought it was decent didn't you. Keep it he hit much better against lefties and what people or giving them credit for coming into the season. The one thing to have blue meal way above an interview last week from scooter Jeanette was him talking about actually working on his body and actually doing conditioning and weightlifting and all those other stuff in and say that he hadn't done that in the past net. We'll be much better shape coming in to this season. Guilty is thinking that every baseball player did that stuff in the offseason to them. Now now. It doesn't happen it it's its own natural of a sport. That's some of these guys it's no job and think and they don't need to do that and and in it finally clicks do a lot of from that she's. Not only do I have the national natural ability. But I can actually be better if I take care my body in the proper way that's that's that's just. The maturation of a baseball. Quick tip that don't ever know that genuine I disagree on some stuff from from time to time in this instance now maybe it's differ with the Brewers. In situations you get together with your strength and conditioning guy or whatever and kind of laid out a game plan to get other of what you're gonna do that all season what you're gonna work got. Kind of how he wants York now some guys go to work with their own trainer. In imperfect world that guy or girl whoever that person is working where it. Gets and communication with the guy at the Major League club or girl to Major League club they worked together they put together the game plan and then now player files it. If you're not doing that are each and every off season. Met a manager GM I would be. I will earmark that. That slant that angle right there. That Maryville baseball park for those that do have a personal trainer is their communication between personal trainer and the organization that's interest. If there is not I will tell you right now. The team officials he'd get livid I mean really mad if you walk toward the personal trainer and they have you doing one thing and then you come back. And you did something completely different to what they wanted you to do they do not take to that very kindly at all. I'm not gonna miss the eight homers and 21 knocked in by mark team Maldonado. Kirk knew and highs however thirteen homers 44 knocked in only hit 209. Come on the ice really. You were the new and vice president I'm gonna have to wrap it up now on the new entice them thing area I was just finally Domingo Santana a lot of eyes going to be on Domingo Santana as the offensive numbers certainly going and it. 2007 teams see everybody at the arm deck event today. Go out enjoy it this has been hot stove weekly my name is Tim Allen there's bill Schmidt Steve Sparky Phifer. You're listening to hot stove weekly on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan and smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.