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Allen: Big Brewers Event this weekend!

Jan 27, 2017|

01/27/17: Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN, previews the upcoming Brewers On-Deck Event this weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is a franchise Tim Allen from the fans in Milwaukee hosts postgame shows after Brewers game she joins us ocean or large highlight Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done. Call them at 8044 pride or goats you Schneider jobs. Dot com Tim Allen not coming up this week and we have the a big Brewers on deck of vents I know you will be in attendance. You get the sense that brewer fans are excited. Well I'd you know it's it's tough to tell right now as amazing as a run that the Packers were on. There's any good thing that comes out of you know them given bumped out. Is the fact that now you can devote some attention to the Brewers I'm not saying at all because you've got badges basketball Marquette with a big win over. Of Villanova the other day in the panthers' best of all sorts of college ball going on across the statement yup box basketball. And but now you can devote a little bit of attention to some Brewers baseball what a great time to. Kicked off that thought process with the on deck of and it's their fan fest downtown Milwaukee on Sunday night here's the deal you might after. You don't they should give when when people arrive at the Brewers on deck. They she give like a photo card line. Of who these guys are. Yeah a guy did it. Kidding it's arms I was injuries as serious as I can be because the quicker you get. The fans kind of associated. It is at least visually with some of these guys the better in and I know that Sparky you and I do it. Pretty good job of that on on the post game show Milwaukee. Kind introducing. At a at a lower level some of these players Joseph last year you and I. Kind of bonded with Brett Phillips and he's one of the guys that are. And up and comer depend on you know which projected lineup you look in happened I I really believe the quicker that you get the fan base. Attached and introduce to some of these guys the batter because. I mean let's face it you know show up and on deck of venues though there's rhyme brawn I know him. Let's see there's counsel I know him come. And then there is all of this scooter he's the little guy and I'd I like you know. But after that you might know guards though Perreault and that's about it L. In it again net and yet the thing I mean here's past you had numerous super players did you wanna go get -- grass from right. Greinke brawn no sabathia whoever it may be on Melbourne you rot or greens in sabathia everywhere you know on and on deck and deck of and I don't think sabathia was. Did you add guys. Is it really know how big your your kids wanna go cannot grow from. That's the thing and that's why the Brewers are challenged through this rebuild and and it's it it is even more of a a testament to. How in the world this organization continues to put you know 2.3 2.4 two and a half million on average. The last that a decade or more it's just it's it's an amazing feat for the Brewers on how they do that and again it goes back to. Although they don't know a lot of these guys at this point. But it goes back to the relationship that the fan base in the state of Wisconsin here has with that Brewers baseball. Organization it really does and whether or not it's the marketing the new park or Bobble heads it or whatever but it really truly is. An amazing thing that they have average that sort of number throughout a decade or more here. People they go to the I'm deck event coming up this weekend obviously have a chance to get autographs what else do these kids have a chance at Dayton. That you walk around and that's a thing in here's here's what I recommend those of you going to the on deck event is. Can't hang around the outskirts and I don't know the Brewers likely talking about this and nod I don't know but. Hang around the outskirts of see you know open doorway with a curtain if you see a whole way that looks a little empty too skinny gangly don't want you talking about the inside very much in certain of that but dull ahead anyhow because the Brewers the far as the players and in the coaching staff and the alumni they. They actually have little areas to where they can go to when they can get to and there's little bill's I'm for lack of another term secret little passage ways down to there. Green rooms or whatever. Aram and you'll see some of these players just walk and by themselves going out to their station if they they've got an autograph session or of their. Involved with some of the comedy routines are some of the Q&A. On the stage is out there. They have to get their somehow and so they've got it just creek bottoms there's. And in the rays have written a somewhat some years ago we had taken him is probably. Ten and eleven. Prince Fielder just walk you know all it bounce instead of just out of a doorway there was France -- front of him. And so that's why just keep your eyes open. And I know there are set autograph parameters here you gotta get the photo card and it's caste based only in. Things like that but UT had a ball on us and is handed it to over half off we went so I'd a gamble account for that the other thing is if your Brewers a collector. Not like me. We collect all programs. And pictures and baseball cards and even there's a bit a couple of buckets of bats. Sitting right there with I saw a few years at Iowa. A Chris Dickerson. Gained news back. You want it Joseph Stevie you guys wanted predict a price and now on the dale give you five dollars a ticket. I don't what was only 35 bucks or not people 35 dollars for that. No but QB you buy a brand new wooden bat. To give your kid to go out and play and go home in the park or whatever it's gonna cost of 506070. Box Ryan knew what that bulked and it's worth of the ninety's yeah you'd and I am. I'm always on the lookout for those for BP bats for my kids so that it sometimes you can get a bargain there but if you're collectible Brewers memorabilia. That is the place you did do you want to CC sabathia. Autographed eight by tents stacks and stacks of eight by ten autograph pictures and it really is the sort of the kickoff vote of the brewers' season upcoming and and it is really insisting that. The heritage that you'll see at the Brewers on deck not just today's players. I twenty dollars for adults day of on Sunday fifteen dollars for children. Fourteen and under gets you into the event and like Tim said all kinds of stuff going on autograph Tutsi part of it. Q&A sessions game shells baseball clinics for kids kids zone interactive games. I'm Bernie brewer will be there they got a store said having to buy a different paraphernalia. And so forth in you and I included in N part all of these cute A sessions in the past that they do with fans right. Yeah in the past have been involved with the round table and they've they've mixed up a bunch of that stuff this year but. There again if you're gonna pubs or. Brewers baseball and that's the place to do it int and I know. That this rebuild this is a little difficult for a lot of people are not difficult for me at all no now for you with the scooter Jeanette made mention. And are shown Milwaukee last week that but he says the Brewers are not rebuilding anymore I thought it was not prophetic but I thought it was insisting. That scooter Jeanette says hey man we're building we're not rebuilding because he says already that. Basically the the fat it's been trim. So our goal all going all the way back to a Ramos Ramirez and or RO Parra and then you young fast forward Carlos Gomez. Being gone and Lou Croix and Jefferson will Smith and all these guys got sees saying we're building now and I thought that was pretty insisting comment from. Scooter Jeanette and again. Mom for for me it's it's pretty difficult. I got it. I certainly do but again that the photo card and start attaching. A face to a name as can be pretty important for Brewers fans this year. No question about that Tim thanks so much for coming out man I'm sure everybody would get to see you walking around out there. The on deck event and of course looking back at four day hearing your do your broadcasts Milwaukee station for spring training course in post game shows. After bird games in Milwaukee and NT thanks so much for coming up. Yeah no doubt we'll grab as many and it reduces we can on Sunday morning so listen for that there is franchise Tim Allen. And joining us here on the bill Michaels. Radio show and of course he joined assumption order Schneider or childlike Schneider. Our drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat your fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done call them at 8044 pride. Go to Schneider jobs. Dot com.