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Recap of the recent Brewers bullpen signings and a conversation with Scooter Gennett on Hot Stove Weekly

Jan 22, 2017|

01/22/17: Hot Stove Weekly with Tim Allen and Steve "Sparky" Fifer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He Brewers fans beats time to heat up your winter. With some hot still baseball talk. News and the fan he's here every step of the way. With analysis and opinion on the trades free agency. Roster moves Miller Park in more sit back relax and warm yourself we've Brewers baseball. This he's hot stove league lead on sports Radio One 057. And bam the thing and now here is Tim Allen. And welcome in Brewers fans it is another edition of hot stove weekly here on the fan as we it's a little bit closer to pitchers and catchers reporting. However. There is a young football game what would later on this afternoon Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer bill Schmid along side as well as the packers' season well pending Super Bowl and no Super Bowl later on this afternoon and you know if if they by chance loose. But then we have to with on deck a week from today the on deck event. We have to start sort of looking at where the sport's focus is major college basketball at the mark cat and and you WM and certainly the badgers but then you have the Milwaukee box. And then nobody wants is not none of us that five and eroded its sport. Bucs are five yard considered spotlight somewhere else right now that's a Jabari get in getting a little day off there for breaking a team rule that if you found out what that rule was well I'm going to assume a team rule was what happens in a team meeting doesn't go to the media because when he was asked by the media what happened in the team meeting. After the previous loss he says yeah I send my opinion I got thrashed by everybody for it but at least they know my opinion now. Okay so I'm guessing that in like Kim telling everybody that you know yet yelled at for his opinion in the meetings so that's why he got. Well it it in a manner of speaking for Packers fans that you're kinda hope that the Brewers box and thank college basketball do you take a little bit of a backseat for for the Packers. Moving forward here with a game today you're out about today right. Yeah absolutely Quaker steak in lieu of our game day party coming up by this afternoon. Masters he's coming through like always have a signed picture of the Packers tight end Richard Riders to give away. We signed Fisher got it should be enough NFL hall of fame. The legendary Jerry Kramer packers' offense a lot of back and the Vince Lombardi air to give away too. Also I shots after touchdowns and our numbers board your way involves a wing sauce. And the aforementioned baby tell ocean Cameron will be analyses so if you wanted to baby tosses autograph he will be there. It's amazing David doesn't of their last week and people like bathroom. I'll dude you must DJB Josh yeah yeah I mean yeah you know who he has trust me to see the I'm headed to Vegas and a couple of weeks at that young man yeah you know I don't have a bad feeling about that him and Brenda Schultz told yeah that's I didn't. And kind of a weird trip Woolsey would have able got a weird trip you're gonna teach those two young boys that they need to know Bud Day it's neither of debt and right. We all yeah yeah I know they're both rookies and and I love go with rookie line how many have you tens and you've been you know this will be 56. Him. 56 times I here's the deal the on deck of an I've ran into a huge Brewers fan last night and what surprised me about that. But we'll talk a little bit more about on deck in depth next week and we'll get to a couple of up. Signings here in to second but. There ran into James and James huge Brewers fan in fact Steve you could probably get a kick out of this. Couple years ago when I started hang you know at with my folks at the moose club. James was a member of the moves in actually. Asked for an autograph picture nice he's that into Brewers baseball not like I matter at all but he's that in the Brewers baseball wanted to. Of fanned tee shirt and all that stuff so I ran into him. I asked him last night EU's all excited about going on deck event next week and it's it have you ever been there. And he said no Ol. If outmanned. In he's one of the biggest Brewers fans that I know so. It's it's amazing. He is going to be in seventh happen B and as big a brewer fan and as he is. At the on deck event next week so we'll talk more about that that is the Brewers so you know Mecca. It's funny you bring that up I had my whole little brewers' experience yesterday. When do we are out shopping. And where were we they sure do you we're bay shore tomorrow. And my girl who found a blue funky colored Brewers Jersey. Of Carlos Goldman is on the clearance rack. Bought it for like six box it's like the holed like a real Jersey. A replica Jersey like you'd buy in Austria or whatever Jeff likes six Sox and a six box she is as happy as a lark vows or federal brewer. Flipped that thing and you could get at least twelve dollars on online while she knew that sign. Mike this team. Coming up on the show today will chat with scooter Jeanette and we wanna give his thoughts on the rebuild because he you know. I gotta be honest when you shake out the infield a little bit. Barring any injuries I just I don't know man I don't know where he's gonna get some plans on I just don't know he did 263. Average last year and then we'll see what he thinks of that so stick around for that strategy that will join us in a couple of minutes. And the Brewers made a couple of signings this week we kind of thought that they were gonna. Go ahead and work on that bullpen that'd you're missing Will Smith you're missing Jeremy (%expletive) Frist and you're missing Tyler Thornburg so there's sort those are three legitimate. Pretty darn good bullpen arms and so you're without them now what he gonna replace him with a Michael boys six of the world Corey couldn't tables of the world. Wells Carlos Torres is back there so you've got a few pieces. Back there. So they went ahead and earlier this week they signed NAFTA holly Foley's. When you think of that signing. Sure why not and he did this guy they got shut down. I India's second half of the season by the Pirates. Is a tired arm they claim that's all the was that there's nothing wrong with this all bowl nothing wrong with his shoulder we had. At a McKelvey on the big show. To talk about it today they made their deal with him. So I guess I made it if he's healthy why not it's just another option it's plus 55 and a half million dollars for one year. He LT works out put them at the all star break. But five point 35 million dollar deal an extra one and A half and incentives then that's a little pricey for me I. It really is that ache. I'd I'd like to signing don't get me wrong. But if you're you're dealing with a money issue here than five and almost five and a half seems a little excess when you mean and money issues. Well if they wanna save money in there put and it it in the hopper. For when they will compete legitimately. I don't think I met engine due due Bowie which you wobbly what I wanna I don't believe that for an instance but this whole saving money into a treasure tax there and why I don't think that's it at all on but dirt there salary overalls gonna be dirt cheap this year again I mean the only contract you really have that big is brought. So you you make this deal if he works at the all star break you trade a for couple prospects. Boom Shaka locker that was worth it in the team that takes a couple wheels and a couple million in the second half. If he's going well no team's gonna flinch at that. And this this is why I'm puzzled by this five point 35 million for Feliz. And they couldn't go in arbitration and pay Chris Carter ten. That's that's why am puzzled by you are not to let this Cris Carter thing go or I'm not I just I don't get it and Campbell will talk about that as we lead into. Arizona and in spring training next month and and certainly as we approach the season here. In early April but Neftali Feliz a one year deal. Five point 35 million dollars plus a million and a half and incentives he's a 28 year old right hander. He'll be 29 in May so that surprised me I I don't mind that the I've figured he obvious well induced thirties and it seem like that. It seems like he's been around forever yeah I would tend to agree a big big time he was the rookie of the year in 2010. He is along with their other reliever we'll get to that in a second here. He is a Tommy John Guy I think of most are these days bulk of his career with taxes. Patio brief stint with the Detroit Tigers went to the Pirates last year and a Sparky to set he was shut down late in the year. And it was at that time listed as arm fatigue I think it's villain out now that it might have been a little bit of a biceps issues so. Fastball does sit at 95 plus steal so. I mean someone's got to close out you saw what happened with Tyler Thornburg late in the year last year. Now blew a couple of saves in Colorado in the season so I would suspect that he signed in him penciled in to be the closer. There is funny is when I am a cal became mine. Yeah we are talking about David Stern's inserts it said that they're probably pretty much done at that point. And at a McKelvey said yeah I don't think I believe and I I think they still probably know try to go get another arm or two before this is also had a dog. And what did you know it like the next day the Brewers are up to reportedly agreeing to terms with another reliever. He had Joba Chamberlain eighty again reportedly. Has reached an agreement with the Brewers and there again at the ears the puzzling thing about this as well. To some minor league deal. Or is this a Major League. A contract it's it is indeed a Major League contract they're gonna have to make the forty man roster it's got to be a minor league deal to an invitation to spring training. Has to do. Yeah I would think Joba Chamberlain he's 31 years old. Are highly touted right hander came up the Yankees. I was a first round draft choice in 2006 out of Nebraska. Has injuries throughout his career ankle shoulder. And he too is the Tommy John Guy is crazy the ankle injury was from eighty trampoline injury and I don't like those things. I our old harper will be used to live. The next door neighbor had a trampoline out in the back in like all the neighborhood kids would come over and jump on that thing every night in the summertime. They are sucking all of us kids get hurt when he gets hit by a parent more than likely that yes it's a bad idea. Yeah I I've not been one to shelter those guys but it's trampling I don't know what that but. Chamberlain pitched for the Yankees than a brief stint with Detroit he will. Went to Toronto for about three weeks in that he ended up in Kansas City. And then ultimately last year with the Cleveland Indians twenty appearances 2.2 five or earned run average Major League totals three. 185. Appearances a record of 25 points wanting one and a three point eight lifetime ERA so it's you know again if the intent here. Is to a flip these guys. Are right I mean I get it. But here we go again. Then the intent should have been flipped Cris Carter and I'll just yeah I would suspect that this guy makes. If he Joba Chamberlain have been he makes a team. I would think income. Under two million will be cheats him so. That being said now we stack up the money five point three for Feliz. And and we have one let's say one and a half. That's the 56 that's almost seven million dollars liked it but. What are you more likely to flipping get more return for a closer. With about two million left on his contract. Or a huge. Thumping first baseman that strikes out a ton of five million not -- contract for the second half of. Yeah I would think history says its its the bullpen arms run at some point would be Jeremy Jeffers will Smith and Brian you know Tyler Thornburg obviously in the offseason but those guys. Smith and Jeff Burris without. Those guys netted you a lot yet they all told obviously yet LeCroy the intertwined in there but that they did get to a lot. These guys if they're still sitting on the street though. What's left in the tank you know it's when he ain't a 31 hero but it's not like that 34. So there should be some left in there and then use shake him out. With the bullpen as it's it's now plays that can and these guys Carlos Torres because. I gotta be honest I was little fearful that Carlos Taurus was gonna close games for the semen seventy. Doesn't matter who closes games it doesn't because again it shouldn't be about wins necessarily this year lots knowledge you have a legitimate closer it appears now that that really clarifies without bullpen situation a looked like. Now maybe someone will step up and and surprise folks here in well back and of that bullpen Woolsey I will take a break here and I get to a scooter to and that as you'll join us and do you think about this situation with VR playing the second base Travis Shaw playing third base Aaron on Perez. Is going to be at super utility guy. And M maybe some some fans think even more. That he has way he are underrated and I like him a lot and I think that was as a great pick up by the Brewers but. Word is what is scooter genetic Phil and and it you would think that he'd fill in quite nicely if he can play multiple positions. Canned heat. He really I don't remember what may be a game or two were he was not in the outfield an an extended game or something maybe. They have maybe. I will to will take a break here you're listening to hot stove weekly here. There on the 22 of January and pitchers and catchers are gonna report here in just a just a few weeks away from Brewers baseball the on deck event next week but let's get to. The great midwest bank cot lineup next. Scooter to net will join us here on out so weekly on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. With a hot still we lead the league just on the cool. This season 1057. FM. And welcome back it is not still weekly another well. January edition yep things a warm up soon as we hit. Are great midwest bank hotline and while commend brewers' second baseman scooter Jeanette scooter are you meant. How did you feel wrapping up last year scooter and I I'd look at the numbers here. What 1415. Homers fifty plus almost sixty RBIs he had 263. Year on base that that was just to tick low at 317 but. All told men that's not that bad of a year right there how did you feel. Are are part of Bashir. A couple. Extra I had the you know we this year and that hurt and not only. I don't I didn't actually hurt. Wants wants right back out eighteen days later my eyes my swing and where. It is what impressed saying I'd barrel and all of or else I doubt that Serbs. You know it's really let it go through all the cut out hopefully. There are firm mop up and asks. Like. My arms fish in the day so might if you count out arm. But at the three weeks after I got back. You know but if you're. Struggle on the you know that my mind. And it. Oh like I'm where I want to. That. You know everywhere on on this game or offices you know I didn't try and get battered and needs them. Overall happy. The year the year and how. More then the numbers. Not for me that that's order for. But not so good year or so to be able to match we arm up over in doubles certain situation certain situation doesn't later this season. I was proud of that. Berkman and those. Then at mile and other. Remarked buck and there are. That's a there are more like. You know the support of course. It is all that. To get a band been bit. You know scooter when you talk about this upcoming season obviously expectations. I don't know they change necessarily from a fan perspective going into the season I think last year Murray thought well. Got to go into a rebuilding season not really sure what to expect. Not and I thought you guys played really competitive ball and were in it all year long I I think it's easy for teams as you go through. A six month summer the way baseball players Duke to have probably more peaks and valleys and probably you guys even did. Oh last year how much of that is attributed to Craig Counsell. Are a lot. But it's. The step. In charge now he's he's. According outs and direction back Eagles should go and there. A lot of our effort effort out there and you. There's two big sanctioned archer young get focused on the game and do the job that where your shorter. That's out the that's now what about now you and a lot of sort quiet so our side so it wasn't. We should mean and and guys are out of art or art. Always. It's kind of eat that band and you know this situation where it took a building toward you know and I think all. I think it's Canucks. Our assistant that I don't sit down by. Let's think shoes you know when Lester might the Yankees out your approach underbelly dollars. L word. Were trying to get shut ourselves a point where we. Good solid players out put out this way and way more ball games is. Level now being called. Small market. I gain access. But your your your every building and building a championship team. To go out and you know quiet and compete which we did this year when we actually played really well against. That. It would he can't. Like twelve referred. On working arbor on some some great like our. We're like eating it so having that out of or worse you're right now we have good players right there all com. You know I I don't agree with the rebuilding thing I I agree left or out there all. You know work our butts off your last best players I think that's where. Most of the track. Should I. Market can't. Go off there was an excuse reap the ring every year your your putting. Out there are EY. And and make it to the playoffs every year and I think that's stated well at bats are all the team. I think that's what they can expect them to go out there and make the playoffs this year do their thing and not worry about it a read builder. Watch for and all of our players go wire. You know and I think scooter that that you know I've I agree with you I'm not a big fan of a rebuild I just died I know it's tough to put goals on. Do you consider yourself. Not you personally but I think a lot of the brass consider this sort of rebuilding mode when you're in that mode though how in the world. How do you say. Man this this year is to win a playoff via a series or this year is the win the World Series is very difficult to do that. I loved the style of play that you guys had last year I really do and I've I think. That's one thing I do enjoyed by David Stern's as he's put together guys that. Put the ball in play let's move some runners let's be aggressive let's play better defense make good decisions. I'd love that style of play and and do you feel that that's gonna be the longer. Style player or is that just what Craig have last year. I think diplomats about and we we are depravity of for the most part we were young. That we had the ability to go out aggressive. At certain other dated a basis are. There's certain seemed like the Tigers are the guys are obviously that all players out there the other older that are there. You know not the speedster. Out there are others. You have to work out which other team and pretzels out. Palace all the actually got benched early aren't. You know Craig wanted to go out there. Needs just just you know it as a gobs of points where make adjustments. Where that was on the Bay's running -- offer either. That those. Both parts and in this you know on the whole process of the season. You know make this batter batter batter and ultimately actually go. You know that obviously pay off. Like that I mean. We're talking about hold read though that mean. There's only a couple guys or industry or four guys that aren't on the ballot worked hard last year so. You know there's a few things I needed deep dark but for the most part we have our we have. A lot of gaps which as you guys now. You know so I think. That was a little bit of this battle play that David is that you know expected of us in a way how to order supply but fortunately it. Becomes kind of a group of guys buying an a hole and in spring it was you know. Those big sang a lot to buy into this we can't. Listen to rebuild we can't let. You know this crap it's like we have an opportunity at a ball game today and not in how we gonna I was going to be sets in and how are going to be able to. You know keeper Martin and that's spot and that's what. That's but I that the team and we've got it won't do that that Giants itself they I. Defiance of the style of playing. Outside so. I think you'll see a lot of that this year I think also see. Probably a little bit more or when it comes. Some of the stuff that we did actually there were situations where a corked bat. Last year. All you know myself including in the Sloan. You know one time later you and as a slight six. And the more they. In others should that it was what it's almost like you'll below. If your success rate for stealing bases below. 80%. Actually hurts it's no matter how many stole bases you have no matter how many. But it doesn't matter who hurt between warm water and now after over Barrett where everybody wants to be in. You know helping. Arms about where I think you're a little bit more control. We have great. Back Carolina for an error in order. That we don't know. Need to do so we don't need to go all the mistakes after actually. Other back likes her bags a year to be Spartan steal bags when can an actual bats. Ought to be a little different I think you're this year will be more control and are aggressive by market in Florida. Steroids after an another one or two here quickly now what are all the general manager and the owner of this team what's in their message when they talk to you guys. Or. Well Mark Martin are still has pretty much twice twice a year want to begin a lot and all parts of the obsession. Energy even Sissy that team continue to get better. That's what you want sincere and and our guys I think that we we have obviously went the more you know a great thing. Fluctuate and they might not be. You know it's true culture picture of the actual team as well 2000 I think it's. A 2000 well. We obviously have some some good teams. And that's a goal and that's that passable and it's not that are talent isn't there and that's why. People get frustrated because they have the power and you're not getting those results it's got the beast for five years ago when he didn't have that but the trauma that's what. It is that what her work. You know what are we missing their so so that's the big thing it's it's fighting Barrett and I think that we have I think that. You. The way we're gonna play and the way that work better. You know treat each other as team everything every it's like we're building a family here they aren't gambling. But got a couple. You know. Older siblings. That are really good health a long way so like. We got we got leaders on the scene of that that are very experienced it all started. Expect out and it and it you know all. He's apt ordered and it's so that that are that. Exist just continue to get better and go out with a consistent attitude in trying to win ball games and how spot it's that's what marks that it's. Martin's always regaining it two ways watching knots in the effort we put editor that won a lot of people are paying Bernard. I gain out of playoff games well at the end of the year but we're still out there running our Ers and play in the game the right way and that's. Top and they don't. I think it is very but the people recognize that there there there supporter is in order. You know necessarily winning a bunch of all. Let me ask you this normally I don't talk to you players about money but. You just signed a deal and and I have to because you not that you were drafted what fourteenth round I think somewhere in there or whatever was put. A find it hard to believe that she got millions and millions of millions of dollars for a signing bonus. You just signed to a board avoid arbitration for two and a half an MBA and the if begin a young guy in a newly wed. I'm happy for scooter I gotta say man you gotta be tickled about that. This year it may and arm I I don't believe it's. This side do everything. That it needs to do it was about money and like. You know I I can. I can't sit back and relax now let's all. That worst case scenario is being. You know having. Go in and work you know the hours a week perhaps my life and that's something I can. Feel it feels great. Work Ottawa. And kind of an attractive person I need to keep doing things but it. Sidestep what like changing. Unable due. Out of it's it's a little weight that's let that awful lot of stress that. A lot of players do whether in really good players deal where people don't really understand that and so. You know they meet somebody that knows somebody that that it got through that process. Because nobody has got a lot of players are well aware that. He's there and played played. That's as stopped all the hard work and obviously. And I'd say this year is probably. Very similar years in my 2013. 2014 season you know not happen a guaranteed job. Anybody ever Darrent heated job. You know I was. Penciled in 2000. Working in so that still wasn't Gator but there and there are you know last sees. Was it again achieved this yours in the air he's so. You know it every sub point physically you know we're right here. Get away with. Having a theory. Spot a lot of Burke and not play that hole that it could drop so bad neighbor top seed. Axel in. All land are in. Getting my body physically where it needs to be a player under 62 it's. I say a 180. Something regular games in general included possibly 200 playoff soak. That's my attic all the that was something last year's our body up for work but you know what we do this and we're reaching. They had these planes salute some early flights and and not physically in you know have a workout regiment and the system working to do and I know it's terrible but. You know that I'm I'm just now tapping it's about potential so so this year goes. Should be a lot of former it's going to be error. Going to be it's going to be good healthy competition not only for for us to you by the that's seen as well there's a lot of competition there's lot of jobs to be made. Next year but it's. Wanting have learned man in this game is he gonna have success there or here. It doesn't matter what you did last year as that it includes in this here today. So that's my at bats and that's our approach and spraying in terms of approach and Roberts. So it's it's going to be a lot for and then. Community get spring to see my. Right huge belly I got. So what with yeah that's that's married life though the council do that but but honestly man I'm happy for yet and I am nervous for you as you said. There's nothing guarantees and we're looking at this infield or sand and have manned up maybe there's a put do maybe it's every day. It's going to be insisting sometimes those things take care of themselves are you going to be for the up here for the on deck. Yes I well. I will be up there to Serbia answering a lot of fun questions regarding that that top. That ball out of this I mean. Somebody in baseball and pretty much yeah there were always. Always going to be coming. And try to think you're that Arab. The best players the players that and taking her career and normal starters. I have great careers on the players that. Every single year. And their mind they were battling for a job they are they were working to believe eat bass player now. I was always battling it out in the other. A bit better job of a ball and on the other ones so I mean I'm still batting slowed my job of China he professor at physically. Can be mentally can be and then. A lot of fun and excellent my mind that I'm quite stayed there it'll be a lot of fun whether. You know playing second base. That they are and the start of the season and our players. You know whatever or you're older let CO. Shorter so it doesn't matter one of them out there you know Mateen and all we are so. And I am not quite be nervous. Nervous and a rail is not. Kinda used to this situation but now and in the confidence I have from. Put network and and and working networking now so every day. I'm not nervous so it should be a lot of fun and I think for fans should be. Very very excited. Not every year where he probably. You know have you're two or three guidance. Effective player at the position though. Don't goes. Awesome scooter LC and a couple of weeks at the on deck certainly in Arizona we appreciate the time don't forget to take care your parents with some of that contract -- Out all our. Sport come much more much more out there take it easy scooter will talk to you soon. Yes. I at the areas scooter Jeanette on the great mid West Bank hotline and some insisting. Comments about the rebuild take a quick break and be back you're listening to hot stove weekly here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Eighteen you want to do eight hole and if we. Brewers. This c.'s hot stove weekly on 1057. FM the fan. Ed welcome back another edition of pot still weekly here on the fan Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer get booted a bit closer less than thirty days pitchers and catchers report I know you're in the Packers football again. Plus thirty days pitchers and catchers to Marysville. And then while echo month and a half of will be. Do and our shows live from Maryville baseball parks so what would get two more on that as we get a little bit closer. But thanks to a scooter Janette for joining us in the last segment thought it was interest things not a big fan of the rebuild. Okay I did did catch that he was in last year either. Also caught that wherever he's playing whether it be second base and I know we kind of wavered a little bit right there. Now whether it be in the outfielders shortstop. I don't rip call more than me beat twice. And maybe that was due to an injury here a long game and extended game. That he's. Played a different position at second base. I yeah. I would agree if you're and that's something we've talked about in the past June mean as far as you know long term outlook for scooter. His versatility or lack their of versatility really kills him restart time but if he doesn't get that starting job in VR is the starting second baseman. How which we Alison he will be if his bat control is only to Jack up second I think that hurts is his chances of staying on the roster long term. Well we got to find out of Travis Shaw is an everyday third baseman. An and Jonathan PR as an everyday second baseman because what we could be seen. Our matchups. That would put show on the bench and VR scoots to the third scooter to second base and you could have Shaw in there and then VR goes to second base so I think you'll see some form of rotation at least that may be the plan. Offer Craig Counsell all right so. What are you gonna do it what's gonna get shot to Miller Park and let me run run through a couple of numbers here. Are these numbers gonna do. To get shoot a gold watch these guys played last week I asked you Sparky if Ryan Braun still sells tickets. And I think he does to a certain degree I think you still see a lot of people going out there a brawn jerseys on whether it be adults are whether it be kits. Not sure it's a ton of tickets that he that he sells like a bit man let's go out there and buy box seats those who see Ryan brawn plan and he's now. Its it hits in history of it and I think it's it's the basic. Mode of the team right now the ball club right now it's it's quite honestly it's rebuilding and I think it's more than that it's gonna have to be more than happened. We just run through some numbers here Matt Garcia gonna pay money to go out and see him start nineteen games go six and eight before and a half ERA. And now. Okay how about junior guerra he started twenty games. Nine and three with a 281. ERA. On the ninety pitches maybe he does sell a few tickets. Because he was outstanding I mean let's fade this guy was outstanding now is he for real. While we're gonna find out let me ask you this how many times you elected you pay to go see a pitcher. A few times I have. I can probably say less than three for me maybe. Well I mean Nolan Ryan would be case in point for me sure Dwight Gooden. No cut yeah well that's Roger Clemens is the Japanese pitcher that pitched for the Brewers normal yeah. He sold a ton of tickets I policy he started on Sunday night met the places Patten. Again GOK so junior Gary you might go out and see how about Zach Davies 28 starts. Just a bottle full season for Zach Davey soaked normally get. Thirty to 33 as a as a top of the rotation Connick guy but. Zach Davies in those 28 starts ends up eleven and seven were the eighth green 97 earned run average. Outrage SI I think zagged Davies and scooter Jeannette are similar as far as fans wanted to come out seed am I think it's being a mom and a dad who don't have very big children who like to play baseball are really small you knowing Youth League and I think they did the mother go see you don't have to be that big of a guy to be successful Major League Baseball you could still be a pro even though you know you're not the tallest in the world and not the strongest in the world. You can still figure out a way to get there with with good work ethic I think that Zack Davies I think that's scooter Janette for parents. Told totally agree totally agree and and then they can sit and page through the programmer sub movie picks or Paul Molitor and Aaron that the vote he was a short guy to. So I agree with you that that though was too. Think you would go out there and it go lot of your way to go out to Miller Park Jimmy Nelson however. 32 starts. He goes eight and sixteen where they for 62 ER. I would say house a disappointment last year and I think going into this year. Why he needs to pitch closer to that number one guy in the rotation level for the Brewers this year if they're going to be better. And they were last Roy Peralta too I mean they both need to pitch better. The native lashing a closer that one and two status if they don't it's probably going to be a repeat of last year and that's only providing junior cleric can duplicate what he did last year. Brawl to picked it up late in the year he had a chip to the minors he has 23 starts last year seven and eleven with a 486. ERA I know that for 86. That was after eighty. Sort of a recovery and a and a pale out as I said he pitched he puts a little bit better. May have missed some would say a lot better late in the season but. Those are two guys right there Jimmy Nelson Willy for all that and I think if the fans are going to come out for the players. Those two guys right there can make a big difference because it equates to winning. Their Willie thrall to fans out there for sure Jimmy Nelson fans you know there's Jimmy Nelson fans out there but Jimmy Nelson. Quite frankly it may be a tipping point part of his career the next year and a half or two. He ski he's we're gonna find out about Jimmy Nelson beak is quite frankly overall Stevie. Overall I'm pretty disappointed in the guys. I had I think he's disappointed himself to I don't think it's any different from his perspective and Brian Anderson when he was out. By the toy drive to play by play voice from fox sports Wisconsin up pointed or Brian are two Jimmy Nelson too and said you know this is a big year for him and his career. Coming up this year I think Jimmy Nelson would agree as well as probably Craig Counsell. I and management over at the Milwaukee Brewers I'll they were saying anything to out of the ordinary I will tell you though. If you wanna do knows news and notes are gonna have to a gig don't here shortly ago. It chasing Anderson and we're gonna pay to go see him know thirty starts nine and eleven for thirty no mine never know what coverage you can't three numbers just say no. Cape May you'll have time to hit some of the offense of notes because those are a little bit better than the pitching numbers. Are for the Milwaukee Brewers at least in 2016. There are some opportunities. Here and I'll I'll tell you bottom after the break here because. I think everybody I mentioned outside a junior guerra. Under achieved. Big about that every single one of them under achieved so here we expect more out of them based on these numbers. I excel talk about it next year a hot stove weekly. Time it's yeah. The hard court. Brewers fans. Had a welcome back final couple minutes of hot stove weekly here are on the fans left to get to the offensive numbers next week because. Does not enough time here. Spark he's gonna be out at Quaker steak and Lou this afternoon. Packers study in Richard Rodgers pictured giveaway we have a Jerry Kramer sides pictured giveaway to the guy who should be the NFL hall of fame. We'll also do shots after Green Bay touchdown better numbers boarding away bottles of wing sauce trivia throughout the game. With prize to be given away their two. But that's gonna do for this edition of hot still weekly we'll see you again next Sunday morning at tenets of Brewers on deck. It's going to be in full effect babies house and I will be down there. Com for for awhile we'll try and get some one on ones with a couple of these younger players and certainly looking forward to some Brewers baseball. For bill Schmidt Steve Sparky Phifer my name is Tim Allen you guys have a great week. And we'll talk to next week and hot stove weekly and remember smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.