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Kidd: I would have loved to play with Giannis, he can even run the point

Jan 3, 2017|

Bucks Head Coach Jason Kidd gives more backstory into the report that Giannis didn't know anything about his career and went to Wikipedia after a benching. Plus, how would Giannis and Kidd have worked together in the same backcourt?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the great midwest bank outlook he's the head coach of your Milwaukee Bucks future hall of fame point guard Els pleasure when way we can welcome in Jason Kidd coach kid how you do in this afternoon. It same year and that ultimately right off the bat out I know you started on you don't just also so that's the deal with a radio station so here at the radio station we like to put pictures up. With tweets or FaceBook posts and whatever I and we have to have a licensing agreement with somebody so we have a licensing agreement with USA today. A sports images that's where we get our pictures from yet huge smile more on the sidelines cold. The Colts do you hall of fame players the coach until you meant like every picture either his mouth. As wide open. Like looking out. That is miles wide open on that one miles lot of bottle but why I don't watch idol but why open Jabar and do you. Alleged he's good work I'll mat over there are those satellite pictures you have five guys from USA today humanize smiling picture forests that are that don't speak consistent. Well you markets as the dogs have your mind if I don't. Saying yeah I like it it. I did. Get into this team with your just decided by the league Jenkins from Sports Illustrated he wrote a great article on the opposite that it combo went up yesterday it SI dot com and the others told the story in there. About the first time that you benched him. And he says he was I rate he says I was like let's see what this guy didn't his career anyways well. I some rookie of the year NBA championship US Olympic gold medals second in assists fifth that made threes blah blah blah. Als like Jesus freak in Christ how could I compete with that. I better just zip it did you goddess didn't know who you were until you benched him. Or are believed that doesn't happen if there was so much a benching nemesis. Maybe get my point across. But you know he as it is sort you know we're Watson story you know grow from of course. And it's you know. To me I was trying to learn to get to know him and knew that he was talented but he used tourniquet you know everywhere I looked and and execute and he's. Comes from a different country and trying to make the adjustment. Playing the game of basketball and you know he's a special but I young man and again he's grown in front of ours. But he is one probably equipped to Google if he doesn't knows this is the Eagles prompted a finding an answer. Oh well Jason last that we were there at the game it interview was electric allegedly 181000. Bases haven't out I'd say to me sells better. But down the stretch has seemed to be the issue. When you're a young team learning to win and Brock then a guy who. Maybe it now a lot of people who know lots out of Gary Coppola won or not blow this kid steps up drains to. In Dan. What does a team that probably have a good playoff had to be a very good when that it may be of you lost it used think about. May go down the stretch we could gab and they got away from must but alas that was remarkable. Yeah I think you know called that a process. We've played early in the season phils what would put a lot of close games and you know for whatever reason we haven't been able closed door. Always had opportunities. On the opposite than where we didn't make the start. Or defensively we can get the stop and I think there for a young team to go through that. And just understand them and learn from our our mistakes and you know there's some group has done that you know early in the seasons you know we'll suit. Used different parts of the season two very different plays. That we can have reference to that we can do some differences to get that one that would fit that last night. You know what they are really like about just and gear about like your substitution pattern viewing your assistant and one of the things about putting. Maybe brought into the starting lineup daily come off. I think certain guys like plan would certain guys I mean that's in all sports. I think for the most part I see you have the pick a row you and dirt or you wouldn't you know whoever you like play I would a particular god now what what changed. That you wanted to seek and I remember you put the most he was on a bit cement if CW he would of come out a bit and they seemed to spark team. As you get about Joseph Torre thirty points coming out of matched what was that thought process of maybe it would hit the key it into the starting lineup at times of when Daly on events. World for right now we look here Delhi is out he's hurt home with a hamstring and you know. Are we could've went. Oh with a bigger lineup but we felt would Malcolm's start development. Feliciano he handles run in the game as a starter. So. In Minnesota they did all right NASCAR you know he learned to. Quickly. You know 24 hours later we're playing. Chicago on the very humanity image in the world should cargo. And then again disparity there runs a team against Westbrook Tom and at thirty he did a good chap. He's not afraid. And that's what in all come as a player or as a coach you like to see. Your guys that are not be afraid of the moment he's not one to our side away from playing defense against the best player or. You know exits in the player Stefano to to free throw line when the game's on the line. Obviously the conversation now. Coach is whether or not brought him maybe he should remain the starting point guard Wendell the bill that is healthy is that even being considered doors is dole to build his job when he comes back. Well that's stood the beauty of post forcing you to ask some talk about. Before we take one game maritime and and so there early due respect a little will start talking about that but you know Delhi is our starter. Com you can look at what Malcolm most of down for a soft the best and have a great relationship for very report. And that's what helped us have a strong bench and and if we have to go back to put in Malcolm on the bench and you know Malcolm is. About team first and that's what makes this group's special is you know invest most of come off the bench. He's helped us you know overall lawyers as a team be become better. And so I don't think now mortality. Were characters are over or come off the bench. Our Busch had coached Jason Kidd and I hear on the Wendy's big shot I brought this up the other night. On the post game show and it's it's this steroids I Cy Young this basketball team has but. All reality you're young in your coaching career twos so you're kind of learning just of these guys are learning as a kind of warning to gather. But the one thing I really clicked in my head was you know you're in Brooklyn you have that veteran basketball team for the most part. In now not only do you have. Two stars but there are very young stars in now you're getting yourself in a position here where. I have a lot of credit to Phil Jackson for being and Nasser psychologists of how to massage and manage different Eagles when you have them. And that's a very difficult thing. Up for you I'm I'm guessing he put in charge of as these guys grow and get better throughout their career. We think these two have bigger goes well I don't know they do more than likely they will they don't yet but I am not a great young man not only talk about Jabari. He's all about a team in on when he he wants to win and he wants to do whatever it takes the wind. And we talk about you know obviously he's he's been the same things there about one in there. About learning their crafts. They do they have you know special skills. You look at them and they can do different things on the floor and you can see that there's been comfortable playing one another and it's it's not about. You know who scored the most points but this about one in and lose and when you have young guys like that it just makes the job so much easier. As a coach and then as a teammate than it becomes on the play with guys like that. I think any any professional athlete has has a bit of an ego I think you almost I think almost half Duke coach kid and you honest in that article I just referenced we brought you on the air. He even says in there that you have to be a little bit cocky at times but. You think that these two guys have a better head on their shoulders and maybe less inflated egos and other superstars you've seen at that stage in their careers. He. I agree with you they have egos and everybody has the easy answer but I think when you talk about complain from the right way. Those two play the right worry he talked about you know playing for your team and now for eyes. Those to do that on a nightly basis and so you know yes there are. Of being. A young star old there could be very confident or cocky. They understand it it's all right to be confident. In the respect your opponent respect the game but. These two are all about winning and they put in a lot of work. To go out there and perform on game night you know which a lot of those circuits the chance to see in. You know would match up and up and down you know when they make these incredible plays the worst world to see them to a practice and zero I think there's there's special. You know when you talk about. Getting along one each other to past success and that's again and in today's. Game. It's rare to have two young kids like this that you know concern spotlight. Yeah I took things coach first and tell Jabbar to get those Sox keep up or down he can't read their American is that getting out of votes. Yeah I mean I'm we're gonna keep this thing 100 do so with the Sox. But he's so smooth so it is really it's so small or big Jabari Garrett. But my question is the coast I'm had taken a barbershop you not deep in a barber shop everybody has an opinion. Now meet anything. What do we need. At this point. To get to that next level correct now I was sit lead to six the red it would just. Preliminary we get to that next level do you they've let add somebody ocean we just waited all star break give militant back reassess. Did may be a make up bluish if for some reason and you need another got to come out the biggest of watching Adam's last night for some reason is that like a bigger it got down on the box. He seemed to give more rebounds to an actor and you know it didn't stand at times. Yeah you know I think. You know as the processes in on the Barbara sharply because you have be patient you know we've got to go through just worry we're young came and we talked about maybe a trade. You can look at Middleton and as being that penetrate you know that we can a new player that's good. He doesn't work himself back into the rotation and we're not general amount to implant forty minutes a night when he comes back. But you know in them you know post Rica after it out you know. We as a coach and has has their teammates we've got to help you know respect the transitions move. Because he does make us better and you we can look at it as that that's the trade him at the plate make for a better team with him on the floor. Do we bring him off the bench what do you say is a 100% healthy. Do we bring him off our most guys obviously we talk about ego or one guy on this show. Coach of the eagle so big you and you could see where you're at there's not Gary's now I know there may end up but do read their man that coach guy all that but do we broaden out there or do we just say dis ease demanded and say what his condition is up. They will put about it could you don't need a pretty much a Big Three Rolen into the playoffs. Or do you just let him stay on the day two gotta you have become a force come out of meant. But a little more compact you know we'll bring him off suspension there and hopefully we can work compact to be in a starter for it. It would only dump forests we need him to continue to keep planned at them up what are his plans he's been. He's hardly be more you know guys has come under the radar because we've estimates do everything and he's been a big plus for us. You know be in here we're lucky to have them. But he criticism Christmas rusher he was in no plan at all star level and there's some unfortunately got hurt. And so he was probably going to be an all star he was gonna play the way he did last year. The yacht since his player right now and safari at his level that you know those three are pretty special and so. We've got to take our time brick respect we don't want to rush him back we won't work from back into the fold and and when he's rated so we'll we'll give him and that are in line. Got a couple of tweets for you coach kid using hash tag asked yet. One of which is from Christie says would you have enjoyed playing with this young team and where would you fit and. Oh yeah as we've been a lot of fun to have been easily. The truth is going to talk about your honest. Giving him the ball has been his play making skills is just a matter of stepping left are stepping right system mixture here you're open to be greater issue. Men and help that knows you you know guys on the floor. You know the open court being over Ron. Bill a lot of or maybe game easier wouldn't have a romped past half court. But who runs. Just total volunteer to America do all the work runs a point Jason jittery and it's already out of camp our armed as a basketball where Aubrey out off figured out. They need me to play for position up by four position but it is. They make the game easily. And I would be the from part. The other one that relates to the new facilities calming us from Stephen he's as as a former NBA player what features do you look for a practice facility. Are there any unique things in the Bucs will half. The purpose facility is going to be one of the best in the world. And so it's that we're all excited about it this summer Tom. You know it's about the baskets. You know with all the new technology. There or have but for me just talks are. That long was it doesn't have a leaky roof I think it works will be fine yeah. Yeah I just how many Hughes Jon Hamm has guy really appreciate what he's Dolphins to him to walk ratio is deafening and B yeah I mean I think he's a true. Leah I'm gonna be the future are gonna miss Hamburg and be more excited about you going to new arena. How that transition going to be as forest have meant is for work with him and then work or would somebody else is going to be. Have the same article you want the relationship gets just key working through. Well you know I think when Hanley is not going anywhere you pleased another year or so. I know again. Contracts. State one thing and hopefully use and use your assistant to the championship. And haven't Justin on board definitely helps us sewing two guys like that. Being able to our scout and finding young talent and also find in BA talent that pieces that can you know fit maybe before all star break and retreat. To make us better but you know cam has done a heck of a Java and put the pieces together and given. The coaches and and team you know the teammates an opportunity to 21 of. I know the guy there's Rami solos that the you've been beaten the Bulls liked Brees. So I don't think it's so much I can't appreciated I really do your job is you know bowl Amezaga native coach did and led LeRoy has alluded to a couple of times. Think Fred what you got there dude at the Milwaukee Bucks as well but I don't want to say since LeRoy brought it up so what you did. From what of your staff members during that World Series runs nab a couple of World Series tickets and he's brought tears to that guy's eyes and nearly brought tears in my eyes that was a first class and moved by US Jason Kidd net I think you poured on behalf the Cubs nation. Because you're absolutely if you're kind of saying he would you have to be a one of those games and so for my. On another hot a year and so yeah. Little bit at that. A mile an Angel we're doing a little bit appreciated coach. Our reserve guard furcal are that's the Bucs head coach Jason Kidd on the great midwest bank hotline after eighty years of helping Wisconsin homeowners great midwest bank knows a thing or two about helping you by build refinance or renovate. There's a great mid West Bank dot com. They're ready when you are.