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12/02/16: Wendy’s BIG SHOW 4PM Hour

Dec 2, 2016|

Former Packers linebacker John Anderson and the owner of the Milwaukee Admirals Harris Turer joins the show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

4 o'clock hour here on the Wendy's big show I'm running back awful lot of whisky Sparky fight for the former packer and badger running back Gary dollars and from planes are currently sixth in Ross in the you know creek for the tenth annual WS says Pete toy drive for Children's Hospital. I'll Wisconsin come on down here donate eight you unwrapped toy looking for one last big push last two hours of this toy drive. Hoping you guys about yourselves just as you've done first nine years of this thing do it for a ten time. And don't make your new unwrapped toy or catch down here at points apartment fleets extent Ross and you know creek you can't make it down. But a 1057. At and the fan. Dot count and we who are we going to first mark. Gonna go to mark Oswald up from addicts well managed and we so they've been a sponsor of this thing. For pretty much that you haven't ten years ten years at ten years I've been that the main sponsor of this event. Can't thank you enough you guys it's a great job I was an actual management as you guys do you expand and expand and expand over the ten years just like this sort. Yet as it's been it's been just an honor I tell you we couldn't be prouder to be involved with the person. And you guys have been a great job which is it's just fantastic to see it grow and not to grow with that is it's it's really been a treat because you know this is this is a big deal for us and we got our client's involvement that are associates involved. We got our four offices around the state involved and we collect a lot of toys and you know real to bring them down today and and put some cash together as well and make presentation. Sometime in the segment that you get what you did and all much we we brought together their play. You know Children's Hospital is now it's one of those things where. I know you've got some experiences they're here yup and we all do I mean you do as well the guy who was here before me obviously. You know it doesn't take long to go to almost always of that hospital in him and our our daughter Megan. You know she started on their when shoes too and it is because she's got a chronic problem that. That she still goes straight and she's she's now eighteen so we've been there for sixteen years and in fall she's gonna start. College career nurse that's on and it candidly it's the circle of life community if brings it all back here. Because somebody somewhere along the line he horror. She saw that said I'd like to do that for others to make a late time it's so. Which you guys do with that the trickle down effect to it with this community does Children's Hospital it's awesome and we're so proud be part. As well those viewed it that don't know. Mark Oswald is hateful. Faithful pars coming back for pars all isn't like all of your regulars one of our regulars mandated that yet to get the trivia questions read you know we just trivia question at him and his wife absolutely and I play for the chance again. Yeah definitely the I've ever seen my wife miseries. That leader out there but that doesn't matter either way. They come on down they have a good time we attendance at Quaker state and Luke so the talk about this you used to people Robbie stadium all but aren't here it's obvious. Yeah we've we've got four offices. And X does in and there in lake country. And in Mac won in of course our flagship is in on grow and then we've got an office and Appleton and so we communicated with all of our clients we sent out. Emails to some 3000 households and said you know this is what we're doing. In all week long we had clients coming in to do that are their reviews before the end of the year and I've worked through the lobby and people wouldn't you know toys in the toy box or they write checks to us and you know it's a great relationship when when your clients in. In our staff & Associates and starts at the top starts with Dave spano in his in his sponsorship of this and his support of this. But when those things come together it's just a really reached feeling at this time of year to put all was people together. And do something really good for kids that needed. It's the retired. Among presentation lines well we re we to collect checks and we collect. In an envelope and missed it on the levee drop off it's so. He had. A credit that is a fact. That I. The simple dynamic some. But you know with people drop and objects all week long and you know between our checks checks but there's you know there's some people that he very generous in. And we set a goal we so lofty goal this year to try to see we did last year. Got off to a slow start but we meet witch and the and in in our total contributions your 9001. Under rule out. I used. And connect twelve and right there on. It's if he. Yeah. A at end of it if folks want to use your service market and and music company that's that's giving back to the community aware that that you guys do how out in the get a hold you guys that well men. Well we have done a lot of community service stuff and we're involved in that were involved in the party. Oh we were the title sponsor of the party for the next five years now take that through the fiftieth. And I make yours to Petitti over there and what a fantastic girl she is as well at the little party and and you should be for her daughter which which she did. For that organization but if you wanna get a hold of us are learn more what what we're doing that you in the curable. We is within the community put it and it's wealth that come and it's what that comment. You can sign up for our newsletter there a concern for all kinds of different things if you wanna get portfolio review we be more than happy healthy with that as well. That's mark Oswald from and it's wealth management thanks to you it and your whole team throw from all four offices gathering. Nearly 101000 dollars for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin we we really can't thank you enough sparklers and we appreciate it and up near term. From my right to my left now honest Milwaukee another very charitable man and another regular out here at the toy draft for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Sparking calls him mister Milwaukee's the owner of your Milwaukee admirals various tours I do this afternoon as. I'm good guys wrote what a great day to be out here and to be with such generous people who are supporting. Such worthwhile causes in our communities it's it's an honor to be with all the script on them I think what you guys are doing here. A new you do it every year and it's an important part. What you guys are supporting and it's in a part of this. Is it it's fun time glad we could make this all work out. So okay so yeah you say he's on yeah that's true but he is also part owner of the one keepers because I don't want to at a why don't you out or made it intro just want people to understand not all of this guy's okay. So I ready to you at Seattle's game out right before Thanksgiving and that Wednesday night inside Utah's lock in around. And I it's not that panther arena where you guys are playing now. Having now seen a game there instead those seats I think it's better site lies in the browser I really do I mean our kids like to. We feel like we're right on the ice and we weren't we were a few rows back but it just seems like bettors like to my imagining things. I don't know if it's better said that's a great question I think me because we're intimate I think the intimacy of the building. Is really wet pants to the feeling. And the entire experience of coming down now to you to be more at the arena. We're thrilled to be there and just getting used to have been our home right and it. We love it and it and I I think this is where we belong and it's going to be a great place at the admirals for the four Odyssey to vehement for the way 12 days. Now they that we really joints he was approaching up. Because now you actually have a pro shop pro shop. I've never seen some examples here in my life I mean you guys let's not wish after okay what else to do that rules logos on it to fill up that hole Rocha. But we're lucky we we heard somebody who actually used to work out at Miller Park yes are Schumer group. Came out and we knew we are opening up our own store and we were gonna have a lot of space you know did a lot of stuff and and she's done a phenomenal job of putting our brand out there and there creating our own shop and our fans are so appreciative of action now having our own store and. This has been a huge moment for us to the hope facilities great we use it there have been so many changes for the vote last year. I can. Tell you there's going to be more changes we move forward and connect the inexperience at the village and get better about our prayers as far as the our. But what it seems to me though because we have the whole. Everything thing going now with your reader. We enough level but. This feels like to mean. That if you worse it felt like at the Bradley Eastern Europe actually rent it. This feels like that is that you look at this is more you invest it. Your style prepared you you've got to meet you if it's prepare for this year's been. More so it's your home there what it felt like over the red club that we practiced. Step model. No note that's exactly how we filter we are when I say from people come now. They feel like oh this is the animals home yet we're not just the tenets of the box. And saw that for our finances CR sciences CR. Logo around means a lock him and so that's been huge boon for us and huge change. What about it we've talked about this before but what about how hot concert work now there country concerts night and stuff like that out as that'll. We've been asked that question you can have countered I'm gonna do you do you've got a contract he ever couples showed we have three shows. Already lined up so we have Eli young band in February march we have Cheap Trick in in April oh yeah Dietrich. It ripped in JF frazzled or ultra yeah Darian apparent that you're. So I went and saw Colorado Bryant taped show at Chicago if years ago. And Cheap Trick was the musical act and I wasn't I wasn't a big cheap I knew they were as familiar with them but I wasn't a big fan of theirs before that. They put on a show man they they only played two songs and not. It let the market left an imprint Dhabi I've left the Cheap Trick and after that show. They've they're great performers. They work hard. And so we're gonna do is we're gonna be putting a stage of the north end of the rink which we always did before but right before it was actually on the outside during where she having a mobile stage. That's gonna come onto the rink at the very northern end and we're still gonna put fans on the ice going to be able to stand up front the band and so it's going to be great and the sound system. At the Arenas just that disorder we're excited by Kim which is here for sure other. Stuck and harassed her owner of the Milwaukee admirals mr. Milwaukee as Sparky column what other interest that they have in the community Sparky started listening to I don't like part owner of the Brewers and I'm sure your pretty excited others until labor stoppage. At this point and the all star game. No but the odds are not eyes no longer determining. Home field advantage for the World Series. It its interest and I mean yes Rose whatever labor. Call me I think that's a good thing news. I'm not sure there were many major changes in this agreement and I think long term we're gonna have to see. How this deal works because. I think the issue of the haves and the have nots. Is coming back. Absolutely. About it that that other note note regarding our our department. And I shot hurtful to finally I want to cost them a bit of it to him. Help them with an Indian. I really ate there I'll it could. All you say it might have been a mind. OK the other guy thinking about it later like baby out and gentlemen time out. Get your thoughts on this is from Dave. Standpoint on draft pick compensation now when you lose a free agent that now lets you sign it unless the players eyes for a fifty million dollar contract or more. You know like that trap decapitation. Which some hurts the small market. Yeah I you know I I've tried to look in dissected it's intensity you're simply use certain round. Draft pick it's but it's not the same as it was before you're not guaranteed a personal pick it. It's getting went back ride so. It's I do better small market teams who are providing certain players to the big boys. And spent some more time with pairs tour after a short break wanna think. Every year Jeff from clarion hotel and conference that are every year they gave us two packages of a one night stay in making room that's a 109 dollar value. And a fifty dollar meal at the court in cleaver that's that's a fifty dollar values are looking at a 159 dollar value here. 125. And that's here as we have two of them to be 2001 night stand there king group. At the clarion hotel and ate fifty dollar meal at the cork and cleaver 159 dollar value 125 dollars and their yours and that 125. We'll go to Children's Hospital. Of Wisconsin has throughout here points farm fleet sixty in Ross and you know creek for the tenth annual WS as Pete toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. And you can drop poppy tone donation air of a new unwrapped toy or catch. Rican donate at 1057 FM the fan dot com our friends from sites on solutions dropped off day. Generous donation earlier this afternoon. Thought our dollar donation earlier today from a talent. And now they've had a really good year over excited Sox solutions and but does it make you people happ is what the Duke across southeast Wisconsin is the holidays after authorities might be what they got going on right now self. That it I've dollars in the two year deal you'd be sorry it's like you did eight Dixie hopeful eighteen T Internet. You also get DirecTV that choice package which includes fox sports Scott's. You also get the NFL Sunday ticket for the remainder of this year he had all of next year for free. You also get a team to the DVR for your DirecTV which cords a thousand hours of programming plus titles at once and you get a choice to the following 34 free. HDTV a Blu-ray player a hundred dollar visa gift card two of those 34 free all of everything else I just don't you. And actually about details about possibly getting a free tablets it. It's do is call Allen today 2625102725. To six to. 51020. Sevens when he finally get the prompt you want. Palatable answer. And for the most by the to do next installation I know they've been athletes want to hear as recently. To do their best it's like next insulation to call today 2625102725. Not in not dollars a month to your contract he knew Morse. When a quick break more pairs tour owner of the Milwaukee admirals here on the Wendy's big show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. The fan toy drive for children's hospitals presented by ever auto body in glass young express. Alex wolfman. Management and driven by Boucher key on special thanks to Brookfield party rental and Brett. Brenda Cortez from ever auto body glass blue does a great job gathering all the donations. It's the reds the big show. We're live at blades Robert lead at six that Rossi it Oak Creek. The southeastern Wisconsin suburbs studios I brought it back off a lot with Steve Sparky Phifer. Our former packer and badger running back scary Allison wanna thank Josh for bait you'd be donated catch Justin from Milwaukee and nine your listener. He's come out here every year he dropped off. A donation dot in west Dallas. Dropped off 100 dollars go you can make a donation as well I'll go shopping you unwrapped toy or cash can make it out here go to 157. At than the band back out these about the big weekend of shopping and Cyber Monday maybe you're still looking for something different for that special neighbor coworker at the office or keep business act but here's an idea I'll take this for real a customized give spots of delicious meat items from Robert specialty meats I'll meet Roberts take or I don't you're RFB -- beats Paul Roberts about the creating gift box of quality products from US TA prime beef tenderloin steak and Brett the lays. Roberts written that mistake or assortment of original sausages and routes like there Al Capone Italian sausage or marinated chicken skewers not sure what to get. No problem Roberts also has gift cards which can't be redeemed throughout the year. And will be appreciated by those for your good case called Roberts today 262549. Meat when you visit. We should sample some of their cherry wood smoke beef steaks or jerky and five distinctive flavors and chicken bottom line at Robert specialty meats rocket shot not count for more info. And money saving coupons for the best meets chop Robert specialty meats your home town but you're probably kept me in there at some point. This weekend they'll have these if it if it's bring one night stay and making room at the clarion hotel and a fifty dollar meal at the court and clearly that's 159 doubt value. It's yours if you donate 125 dollars to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin thanks to Jeff beavers. For drop in those up more with a pair Stewart just once that owner of the Milwaukee admirals but we have gassed out here who joins us every year and I'll let. Jerry Ellison introduce them so does my nephews Aaron and Darren. It was that means the pitcher in the house for a 40 a long time. Is in and now is graduating are we were talking about. Mark was talking about his dog marriage routine she. Aaron now is graduating high school in his going off to college that's also at UW Green Bay regulations and agree today. Our finger in and find our just get away from. Mom and that yet looking more to it I am. I. Made it all comes out here every nugget to study yep he would use that there. That's what what what your children's hospitals Lowell as well. And a lot of our proms and those younger. Two weeks euphoric and viewing and my first of an eye surgery first yet while. But it's yet more round I got to disagreements at first yet yet. And it misses thing interest seen. Don't remember anything and it when government incitement to him being emotional right. And I was moving. No it's late I'm only the doctors are grade. On June and with respect I'm city. It is great experience to everybody that was there. And then now we talk about being game right now and how watchers are through Donohue his yet are you check out. Good doing good and bill helped you're able to know you do like karate or did you. Q so yeah either yeah black belt that you and I did. I was doing great for eight years. To let votes and then last year. Aaron April and it says so I'm going to writing. Spokesmen Lawrence school on cans out answers right real stuff yet. But eventually I will be going back to ride. You have to use them like a keep up there in line there no okay. Now grown up. Committee it's a well Aaron it's it's great to see every year man and you get a little bit bigger a little bit stronger every year's keep your age. Should be and that's thanks in large part to lose out well that's why. We do we do for kids just like human and it's it's all the pledges you thank you so what they are announcing out of them for it on and turn our attention back now to the owner. Of the Milwaukee admirals there's two or a lot of people they might get wanna say that it but maybe it's whether getting bought back and forth while these guess there's look over at you. And we're talking that family it at the beginning of the 4 o'clock hour. You just have the biggest smile on your face from here to here sitting here just waiting for us the top EU you love this thing and you level. A couple of questions for me. I start and it's fine. No this is what it's I mean this time your time QB it's cute those. Mean he has sports and we. You guys. Think the thing about which. At this stage and put in to news. And hear those you and him the world. It's just wonderful. Coach. Asked his question. It's points but she's out here. What would you took over bought the admirals to their for a little while Holmgren all. I mean I was really it might look ousting of the year on all time there it's at Patriots tell time but this but. I thought he was done but he's gonna have to find new job I think he thought you have to find a new job at some point as that a couple others that were hanging out. Try to see if there was going to be an owner in and harassed her and like every member of the Brewers organization bought the team. I think she to see syllable is not filing out yet Doug Melvin sees he was never. Gord ash. He wasn't well yeah he was in the movie or not the movie that broke out at that press conference like the whole first locked up for example doesn't it was crazy. But when you took over hole port was it for you for community stuff. To get the admirals out into the community where was that on your priority was rhetorical. Yeah it was fairy. When I think of what sports teams can do what I love so much about sports is that it brings people to go again. And it doesn't matter what your race or religion and yours year and this it doesn't matter we we all cheer for teams which are for the Packers the Brewers the admirals. Box whenever wherever you loved. People get together in one venue and cheer for their team and I've always loved that about sports and when you think about what a sport seemed they couldn't do the power of all those people combined. For charity. You had can have a huge impacts every year we have a game for charity where we taught we sell tickets. We have it the pressure we saw them for three dollars and two dollars going to Jones hospital. Issue we're gonna do things a little different Israel less seats right now. So we we have some ideas moving Florida map that will repealed and very near future but. Between that we have our own foundation that we raise money for giveaways. We've given away over. It's over a 100000 dollars a year that your mom but that's the impact of the fans it's impaired organizations are there's a lot of things involve them. Yeah that that that's great since you took over the admirals. Sure you had a vision of ha you thought it was going to go or how you saw it going did you ever see the day coming where you'd end up all of residents. Know. At right honestly I never did know they're never crossed my mind and your people talk about business plans like. You know. Let's see your business plan. But there's so many curve ball throwing and that you even an of this and you never can expect them or assume whatever happens. This is there like to me at beginning of a new where Ferguson nation I'm really happy about it and I think it's brought rejuvenated. The people in our office call as all that construction stuff down their thank you guys as far as parking. It it has and the good part of a puppy in the arena which I've used the very southern. Part of the new arena district that was once that thing gets completed the prowess and it comes down. The new. Area the entertainment area gets to where Libya appears southern end of it's that's exciting for us. But people to come or games now because the main entrances and Kilborn. The parking is really on the salsa so we we Kurt her fifth to take advantage of that. And we also moved our games on Saturday nights the six iron out the Brewers did love and so it's been huge benefit for our our campus. Harris ST yeah and and below open your hand is that something you want to present the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin yes every year assuming a lot. No I was hoping. You're right recommended does a really really does have a chance that we give every year to the to this drive which is so worthwhile for seven or fifty dollars that helped you guys can use this and and you know ultimately it's not you don't just do this first show because you'd it's. Thing earlier that that you I don't think you want it talked about on the air even thought would be talked about on the air boat we had Dave and his family his little son DOS and it leukemia. And Children's Hospital in here earlier before they walked out he stopped Dave. And and you told Nate. You gave me a cart you said you guys come down to gotten admirals game and we're gonna give you the the best treatment that you can get. That was totally unsolicited you were looking for attention for that so when you talk about do it stuff for the community and helping people. You mean it Harris because that was something that you listed on your own without anybody really known about it. Now it's not an act I'd you do it out last week that back from dawned on. They're not there. I did I just wanted to point out I'd want to put out he's not just presenting chest for the sake of doing it on the radio saying hey look at what the admirals are doing there he's walked in the law that and that's why he is mr. Milwaukee won a thing cares to or also want to thank. Dean and missed ego he dropped off a hundred dollars. And towards wanna think Brian. In Milwaukee he dropped up forty dollars. For Children's Hospital where it's not still don't mind at 157 at them and not count even after we're done here at six they can keep donating I think it's helmet until midnight tonight if I'm not mistaken that they can donated 105. Seven FM the fan back on air if you do go to and admirals game it can get a little cold in there and it was and everything you wanna be ready for that aren't just my coach or poker free throw relentless in Jewelers. Mobile Monroe. In Brookfield dispute everything that you need lives in it's going to vehicle where I think it's Scolari right now right in the dirt but everything you don't write north trees. Romero they got. Patagonia and they go all the great styles and coats jackets Sox nor no one talks about thoughts I love the help warms our. Go check records for him over Atlanta Georgia's own little Monroe in Brookfield out there starts here. Real quick let's check out the injury report for the packet before they take on the Texans Sunday. Was banged up this week for the pats didn't think soon. Losing and I can't here's this weekend's European Abraham to injury reports on 1057 FM the call GOP and Abraham voted best and rated best year after year QB and Abraham. Tell them you mean business. 80805678. QB dot com. Aaron Rodgers is questionable he thinks. Like that the play barring a setback Clay Matthews also questionable with a shoulder injury he suffered last week he should be good to go Jake Ryan questionable with the ankle injury he was close to playing last week before suffering. A three game set back himself C would think. He's able to go he did practice this week and Blake Martinez. Is questionable. With a knee injury he returned to practice having limited basis this week they're calling him a game time decision when the Packers taking on the Texans. This Sunday and speaking of the Green Bay Packers we got to get a quick break because on the other side we have a rare treat for you John Anderson. A former packer he'll join us out here in the southeast Wisconsin suburb studios on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan is the tenth annual WS SP toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. At points farm fleet six that Rossum in Oak Creek so when he's big show live from lanes department's lead at six then Rossi and in Oak Creek for the tenth annual WS says Pete toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. In the southeast Wisconsin some term studios I'm Ronnie -- off along with Steve Sparky Phifer and our former packer and badger running back. Gary Ellis and looking for you to make a donation of a new unwrapped toy down here or you can make the cash donation to strap that. In the boxing you can donate well after we've wrapped things up at 6 o'clock out here blades department fleet by going to 1057. FM the fan doc count and make your donation there seventh grade McKinley middle school of Racine. They made a bunch a holiday cards for the kids we're going to be in Children's Hospital during this Christmas season. And those will get to those kids at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin brighten up their holidays a little bit still have. A one night stay in the king groom at the clarion hotel a 109 dollar value along with. A fifty dollar meal at the cork in cleaver a fifty dollar value at 159 dollar value package. Is yours for 125 out to come down here. Complaint department fleet and donate to Children's Hospital. Of Wisconsin a rare treat for us here. On the Wendy's big show he was a linebacker for your Green Bay Packers from 1978. To nineteen. 89 John Anderson our guest in the southeast Wisconsin suburb students a good job doing great thanks that's good to be with guys I understand that you you don't you don't do a whole lot of media job and but Q you came down here because you know what do cause we we're we're trying to support. Well I I know because it is two great cause well so this guy here here this this fit in with the headlock. Last. Yeah you're you're a teammate of gators obviously with with the years that I just listed off there but Jerry Ellison might if the Edmonton. Young man boy that takes me back to an outfield this I. I was even older than he was replica. We had a couple good years together he was phenomenal athlete. Great great ball carrier. Just kind of glide out there you know. Your listeners remember. Watch news that date back then you saw him at but he was the real deal and a couple of years. And our locker. Really our lockers next to a they are probably pretty close yeah yeah I think so that first year and then later and our kids went to. High school together a thrill so we've got to reconnect that in the stands there we became the you know. The fans would be observers at the plate or Jones at the basketball game to the ref calls like the stuff. It's been a good long relationship. Our Allen did you have something you want to out of the right in my stuff ghost writer for I don't know where you were on them. Yeah. First off. I wanna say you were really good fox expect in game viewers in north anchorman. I've I watched enough op but two really good I'm not sure why you got out but. You really get it which did back then not you're what you do and I you're teaching right. I'm teaching science in the middle school over if you look. Back there since fox. Yesterday though those kids know that they're learning from John Anderson for Packers. You know Google those strange. I. I truthfully I really try to minimize it because I don't want them victor's. Reason was because Packers right for us as well versed parent teacher conference champion tootsie their attitude their you'd think about cute gory you're. On handers and our budget we built that though I'm an acute that girl works. I. That's. Listed factors which. You keep well with Amir you're got teeth like Gary keenly talked on two different times that you know. A small group but a pretty. Connected group within that group. At Rutgers there and mark of which we not president of Packers by Julio Pena Marquardt different Rhein on. Rich winkle wily Q you know rich Ringo is in this it is politics. No ball was elected to the House of Representatives. In this development. That's all it product that. And so it's not a huge number guys. We do reconnect. Up and of course when things about the Packers but he. The year number here and so it's always nice. Urges. Aces. Are wise to keep in touch. Of occasion. And Chicago so please cells. It is you know like for a little bit and catch up well he. Can. Do you believe what they're doing out there right now who would you play for the Packers Lambeau Field is not at Lambeau Field obviously is now. There was no thought of a title town district in buying up the C agreement they decide is right yesterday they bought some more land. Some more house is another big gonna built how health is and condos and everything else. And we've tried all medals. You know I I don't think I just turns. Which. Registered sixty your hand. I don't think that goal in mind I'm like OK yeah. But when I think back about what used to be he's too quick goals one. Back when I was there. Sessions underneath the stadium okay you would go around and you could get a hot dog. But with being cooked it and stole. Indy. Campbell of water. It just dipped in the with this history I want it. Volume it's what you got to help wanted and I remember yeah OK I got to and the other thing is when you went to practice. Here in the right references you could literally walk in the back door. There was one or that swing open and you're in the packer locker. There was no security there was equipment guy who might yell at you you know you were not posted either force you. And now couple years like right it and for some reason. It's like you know it's like you got credentials. Of the day. Even it and two with a three doors you know it's history it's it's a whole other animal. And that's assure for the best. Because it's kept players at a distance oh. You know you came close to them anymore and I understand the need for security. Stuff but. You you missed some of the connection with the parking changing Q yeah. Well what do you reroute park La Hoya out here just our guys are fed up that's right aren't that we had no there was no offense you can have a harder. Game day parking is what we had a whole lot but it was it was not fiction offering. You know well so it's it's it is a whole different deal. Talking with John Anderson not geared plains apartment fleet sixth and Ross and in Oak Creek for the tenth annual WS says Pete toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin looking for your new. Unwrapped toys to be dropped opt out here or cats you can always donate at 1057. F and the fans that that count on three yet it into the current Packers with you after a short break Georgia because I want to know trees have been about me you over a two of the former lover you know I. Outside shot all that right after this with John Anderson the former Packers Green Bay linebacker you're listening to the Wendy's big show we need your donations just over an hour left. For us to get your donations on airplanes department fleet six that Ross and in no creek if he can't make it down you can always donate at 1057 and the fans are count. The fan toy drive for children's hospitals presented by ever. Ever auto body in glass young express. Panics wolfman. Management and driven by Boucher key up special thanks to have a twelve man. Management and there is a difference in financial advisors know the difference at ethics well dot com. That is the Wendy's big show at bowling department plea six to Bronson in oak tree in the southeast Wisconsin suburb studios are running back off along with Steve Sparky Phifer the former packer and badger running back Gary -- cement his former teammate former Michigan Wolverine John Anderson. Our guest here in the southeast Wisconsin sun room studios thanks to. Doug Thomas from fresh exteriors he dropped off. 300 dollars for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. One of the packages of a one night stay in the clarion hotel plus a fifty dollar meal at the cork in cleaver. Has gone it's a 159 dollar value still have one more of those packages or you 125 dollars to Children's Hospital. And it's yours like I said John Anderson the former Packers linebacker our guest here on the Wendy's big show Gary you said you want you wanna get it to the yeah yeah I do for. Yeah we're just I'm Protestant. Means you lose two out of the last three games on. Either from or how they're in front of Wisconsin. Blows my mind liken it to that quickly apartments okay it was guys that play in Michigan issues that are and that in. Okay you're going okay. And then Michigan has got three wins over three top ten teams have been doing them I don't know how well I'll tell you that's not what I and some guy had over top ten team won it's the Brit you have the fourth strong history that schedule in the nation go with outlets thought wins over top 25. In we know you're talking that's what doc. So you've been Colorado. And well and we beat Penn State Tuesday with absolutely. Ego okay. That's pretty strong schedule we've been Nebraska. And I don't want to split aren't too early in Nebraska what do they write whoever it not confident about our conference. Colorado Colorado why it was you somebody else. There was to become. What that was you rated I don't know. Well they remember I didn't know now is when you played it doesn't mean that every Tuesday without one that's their Al let's go back pocket. After game. LSU was the first team game of the season here yeah so what's their strength of what's their rate rating based on what the SEC if if the power arm yeah well. I would prefer to wait till the end of the season after that usually proves that the team was really good and but they don't do that where I wish we were but he will they should yeah that's what I looked okay honestly what are widely considered conservative be different with her I think so obviously the committee agrees the job obviously that's where they are Michigan man. Leverage your let let's go to Dubai if you know that the school with different okay see what's it but this whole mess is old bow. Is the pick and go to the split conference. Right. I mean why we felt like we needed to to follow the SEC in due to split conference is beyond me are our conferences and strong enough. Now we feel like we're gonna bring in Nebraska we got Rutgers Maryland. It's on I gotta go this. With conference so your always gonna have an on equal balance right and it's the same thing with the you know that is the playoff system. I was quite frankly never a fan of the playoff system. I thought you know what. Hewitt global effort. Where the great experience there we a lot of fun there were a lot of fun right and so what what he wouldn't do what the fourth so that every culture can say all this is one. You know we always gonna have discrepancy I got fourteen you're gonna have discrepancies were those fourteenth in on others clamor to get eight as soon as you go eight to Agassi has to sixteenth. The whole thing it just Oakland and and to me it's just to watch. You know now the big instantly Friday night's gear solid sense does that make from what sense does that make you know you're gonna pull people off of those high school games. It you start disrupting their high school situation. We're here where's the future between your you know who so. I'm not real crazy it'll be the courage here this year and left right up with the direction. Right victim has gone here that it is elected BCS better than a plan. The top two playing each other or did you not want that lead in the dead either a pitcher we have discrepancies. Lewis or you just want Sorgi prayers the bowl system. McDermott let's do it yeah you know there's going to be some discrepancy quite frankly is or can be discrepancy this year no. Albert island where you can run the table and you know what the -- got one team and four teams that are eight teams right Alabama's best and they may get upset like that but. It's offers opinion. He's I think they're gonna play fifteen games by the time it's all said and done right that's an NFL schedule here these kids are trying to go to school and do all kinds. How does. If we per Gary's story a hundred times Georgia high school player of the year committed to Georgia he committed went to Wisconsin. What was your recruiting story like before you chose Michigan. Well it came down basically to Michigan Colorado for myself Wisconsin was in the hunt but this goes back before here it's all right coming justices early seventy's it was guy that's quite frankly just wasn't real strong racked them. And so I went over Michigan and in looked at what it on the previous couple years and they were in the top ten every year that was important me. My schooling headed to the degree program and I was interested in so that was an influence her. And so it kind of came down to Colorado Michigan. Yeah. I just decided you know Wednesday home father passed away year before he is the ocean they. For friends and keep it to a couple games like opted. You know there was there was a heavy Wisconsin if you know five that your uncle. Jerry's it. You go anywhere you want it was scared to put up. That was a threats I tick them off for the rest of our existence. I just feel like. At that you get to the National Football League tenure in Green Bay. I mean we talk about this before they they were apparently the February of the National Football League at that point for the most part going forward really until. What Holmgren and wolf those guys came in atomic kind of changed the call when Lindy. What he thought it was the magic and Berkley area. Yeah you know I never looked at it that way I grew up here so Packers were my team it didn't matter is so it didn't matter you know I got drafted I didn't know. I didn't know and awful well professional football I thought every year every team had a chance in order every year I grew up highway 41. Get ready for for training camp. Honest to goodness my my thought was we can do it this year. And I just I don't think I was trying to Bulls will. Myself like this that that's the way my my approach had to be and so. You know we went through a whole bunch of stuff with injuries and coaches coaches and just stuff off the field stuff. And you know things didn't get straightened around till like you said about Lindy came in. And he had a couple great years. Thinking beating them in my last year easy NFL coach of the year two years later he's fired because he's not good enough you know it's just the fickle this of the well yeah. Talking with John Anderson the former Packers linebacker here on the Wendy's big show and they did eventually get that the franchise straightened out on the straight narrow and a long long rain. Of success for the Green Bay Packers ran it schism some bumps in the road this season though with a four game losing streak. Lot of people gave up on this team got as far as their playoff hopes especially Super Bowl hopes are you feeling about this current agreement Packers. Well you know I think that he's been much you dissected in diagnosed and I think you can kind of whittled down to you know who's healthy field. And unfortunately green bays at such issues getting healthy their first team guys healthy in the field in the NFL is so competitive and those you know those. Player personnel guys they know everybody in this league so well that the difference between the first guy in the second team guy. The average person doesn't make that much difference. But there will be people on the field it's absolutely different needle right where to attack because they know the quality of personnel that might have dropped a fair bit. And so I think a lot of it quite frankly is just as is is. In new people wanna make more of it but you know our DPs have been decimated our linebackers have been you know adults running backs are you know on that for couple weeks there. And you know it's tough it's just really really tough when you're in that situation the job of that comes to my current. How do you think well you know with. I'll I'll go back to my years here actually for two lawyers and make the playoffs one year ago right the guy must. 1982. Via via. These guys have been in the playoffs for how many years now and it's really easy to keep that order and those guys because everybody expects. Then to be there every year your ego and Aaron Rodgers right you should be there but it takes more than just the quarterback. So might my whole thing is we we've got little spoiled around here. You know and we expect it but it's is you know it's hard to win the game in the well. And this isn't it to make excuses with those guys but it's to say hey step back after. And appreciate what we have here as a franchise. That is the envy of about 25 other franchises out there and right. It and you know would we like to see you have a little bit but more success obviously but I think like us that while it is attributable. More than most are pursuing a note on that though because this franchise only got two. We'll just threw some holes with whipped our Brett Favre only won one and and so far only Garrett who wants the ball. Would Aaron Rodgers both those guys offering would think an errant throw all of framer. That may be that they didn't do all they need to do. To win championships with two hall of fame quarterbacks which nor the team in the combat tomorrow like they're outs lot of senses Goetschl won terrorist ago. Well I think there's that that's an interest in discussion because then what you're seeing is OK let's loaded up let's let's let's blog post free agents. Let's. You know boarded up for a year. He will wait draft choices bring in some guys. And then keep our fingers crossed because if we get that if we if we take it all the way it's going to be worth it. But. Heresy John eagle there and. Now. A vehicle there. Ricky. Cars area most people go to John who you're driving that put the packer franchise back for. For decades sixty yours right now and still that's the risk that you rowand as the GO. Joked. Would you better be absolutely certain pitcher. That's former Packers linebacker John Anderson and yet for the last half hour here. At points part briefly at sixth and Ross and in oak tree thank you street comment thing coming out support it was a great category bingo. Lucky. The Packers but it it over the back I have not talked. With a double that. Actually yeah. That we're. John's or. The relationship with to a hospital. Well yeah in that you know I don't or you know. It's who shall hear whatever but my brother looks up and Green Bay and he had a son when his son was double Hedo cancer. And you know first I told him in the form you know it's all you can beat the Milwaukee he can stay with us you gotta keep your children she's a look we get a team of people in the air in communication with children's. And I didn't quite understand how it all worked but there's apparently a medical group that. He is able to connect electronically and they were on the four. You know video or something back and forth and and so they used the resources of children's even though they're a 120 miles away. And thank goodness he's he's he's got through it all he's now over Ross in Munich in the cool kind of twist here. He now wants to get across as a great radiology department understand if you do and so that's what he wants to do and he knows he he recognized what that did for him. He wants now. And that's you know John that's the fourth or fifth time that we've heard back kind of story just just this week of kids who got the great treatment. Of Children's Hospital or or or arms of children's house to like your nephew did. And wanna give that back by doing that by a professional whether it's being a nurse or doctor working in. Radiology at that just tells you. The the imprint and the impact. That the great care Children's Hospital has on these kids. That's a wonderful thing and of course Mac forces just been doing things like that for for many many years so. Kudos to them. Thank you so much for your time down degree here that's former Packers linebacker John Anderson I guess that here. At points farm fleet six that Ross and in country body forget he'll start and park place a great place how is your relatives from out of town Vegas vacation you don't also replaced for business meeting hosting next that. Banquet facilities are top not this Saturday hosting pictures with Santa for free with a compliment holiday treats plus stop by from 11 AM to 1 PM. 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Why not is what I wanna know the carries and catch a look at both of clarion rooms and dinners to be forgotten on the balls were one point by the Chiefs and yes they're both gone so we're going to make it a good push it off candidate Stalin were on the air till 530 admirals knock QB on the air that. But will continue taking your donations. Right up to 6 o'clock and well after that you can still donate at 1057 FM the fan back on Sparky pick a number between one and four to. 22 caller to 7991250. Played against the Wendy's big show an eviction notice fancy football next and just for playing. You get a point five dollar gift card to Quaker steak and lube in new bro and that's the second caller to 7991250. Plays against the Wendy's big show breach of those fancy football next. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.