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Former Dodger Brett Butler talks about his great baseball career and his faith.

Dec 5, 2016|

Coach Mike McGivern host Faith In The Zone. This show aired on Sunday December 4, 2016

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome defeat in the zone show not sports and faith and how that to come together and Weinstein. Right now discover how people in sports walking face. But host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill man. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Whom. Welcome defeat in his own on sports Radio One 057 net from the fans. I might be given fine so this week pastor can tell there is out of town. If you listen to date the zone you know that we have a lot of guys on on this show some guys I know other guys and I'm just me for the first time. And every once a while we have on a cast that. In their in his playing days I was a huge. Huge fan. And if you've heard me talk about baseball kind of baseball players that I love our guys that that play hard all the time Smart baseball players. Guys that that will give themselves up to its you want to get a run roll over guys who take the extra base. And dad disguise certainly was one of those guys he's a former senator fielder. National League all star Brett Butler will join us for the entire hour Brett it's really good to talk to sir Howard you. Yet you bat Brett I I have to tell you I was a huge Brett Butler Fayette. And my favorite baseball player of all time was Robbie out. And one of the reasons I loved watching Robin yacht why is he played hard all the time. And if he hit a one hop Purdue's shortstop he was flying down down the first base. He wasn't jog and he wasn't you know we didn't slam the good via the pat down he just took up the Aiken that if that shortstop probably even for a second. He would doubt he'd be on first base. And you had a lot of that in you and I've told people a lot that if you had played here in Milwaukee. Man this community would have been embraced the type of player you work. While I appreciate that you know literally grew up an arsenal and liberty bell hasn't yet so no I'm not want to you know the county stadium in sickness and the Internet at times but outstanding touch an element. Can hustle and every day. I remember when I first broke into dangling. My father who is marine since the Manhattan and I never forgot and I chariot through my career that would simply mission all this world is a tough place to let them. And people are gonna pay their hard earned money. To come and see you play just to get away from the rat race make sure that you play and every single lane because they might only see you play one time. And never let them down how we play hard and that's the way trying to play every day. Man that's awesome and and you did that bright I I the again watching you play the other party your game that I really enjoyed was defensively. How strong you weren't Satterfield almost through just about always throw to the right base and that we make mistakes at times. But he cut off gaps and and really kind of be the quarterback. Of that defense in the outfield. You're pretty comfortable out senator feel that was your spot. Where are I love that sound you know Portland take control out there but I can't elaborate continent so I had to make up almost like we should be able to locks. I'm an idea of how the guy is sound we're gonna hit the ball a parent myself for the ball game to talk to my left in my right fielders at an understanding what was going on. Can only that talking in the pictures knowing not how they don't you know after they warmed up for hot during the game I'd walk up to six feet below and you on Monday night could well play a lot while not very good so that we give me a little bit of an idea of how to play out there that seem to work for me. Ya I wanna take Brady Holland one of our past guests. For introducing me to pride and and similar probe would be a great guest on faith in zone and he told us a story. And it pick that was on the year when he was on a few weeks ago. He said you know talking to Brett Butler said he made a comment one time that that just made me think why it never thought of that. But he said every time the third baseman would make the last out in an inning. He said you can almost be assured that I'm buttoned his wife. Here's his mind is a really into playing defense right off the bat. And I'm gonna try to get on base by buttoned down the third baseline that's kind of mindset that you went up to the plate west. Well I tend to do that but you know that's what you get diluted from London crude you know when I first broke in the street people that I truly admire. No immediate of one of the meal place and Gillette Wellington and his of one of the Gila ultimately not playing Pete Rose and I wanted to be able to block Michael I'm so when I was always. You know in Cleveland remember Iran are. But you know when he was what the angels and I can pick his brain and that was one of the things actually incentive means K main lawyer and a lot they just don't know what and only you do that you could put the ball out there lurks just about or let it go to panel rather play and also work. You know you have to be one step and so that third base or may collapse out of the second baseman. The last opportunity you know that's appropriate opportunity first vegetable truck count on because they're thinking about certain that they can match or defense. Something that another nugget and I just trying to. Boy that's that's awesome when you talk about those three players. I too bro when you're when you're talking about. You know Willie Mays and Pete Rose and right crew. Mandated dead those are three of them obviously the greatest baseball players that we've ever seen. A strong and that's why it hasn't yet. You know you you remind them so long and trying to enlighten titles and even know who Honolulu strike isn't. You know I knew I couldn't tell you all look like Cuba well literally out of the waiting game and it. I remember my first here in Candlestick Park. I remember walking up to really has sent his nickname was blockers in part how we. He'd play center field Candlestick Park. He looked at me with that high Portugal and you gotta watch that struck actually like why. Well you're talking about are you need even more than the one street tissue look at candlestick and the tragedy have been good. The ball is gonna care about it and so. 1001 because insurance sector is gonna change because the wind and the and you will hit them long and I did not mature. That's so high so a chef at. You gotta you gotta love the that kind of information for seven like Willie Mays about plays senator field. Certainly candlestick hey you had mentioned that you grew up and liberty bill. I know that she's ventured teenagers there and in Depp played baseball at liberty bill. High school. What did a lot of colleges come knock inner was that something that that so didn't happen for UN high school yet they take. UD UN to go and you ended up at Southeastern Oklahoma State. Did you get a lot of offers at that time. Well done to get on this like in life and income and first Cy Young. As a fresh not thanks for freshman baseball on an Olympic gold chain as a sophomore played sophomore to junior center on the bench and in public that. I wanted to be around him a lot of the player LaDainian think that was an out there and slight chance box score and and much of course. My senior you're wanna count and now. Part of the reason is because our best players rather play my position insult that how politics work and at 32 advance my seal and that was that and after the it was over and I graduated last 5% while so we wanted to replace school vulnerable link all of that sent. Oh run that well at the paper the American. I'm nineteen assembly and the best school an excellent Arizona State and saying to add a little walk on air on the scene likened meg and I can make it anywhere. And lighting and sometimes not all gone. So walked on for 209 unless they kept universe and I played on the junior varsity. And jammed up to 10% I'm Christians so much that when I got some big leagues and while we're did you plant sent played at Arizona State. Played at southeastern Oklahoma lunch you've brought him my vote line. He never played a bicycle was there are only here. Chris ban on some guys on the on the engine in the club but to is that pension almost silly guys on the 76. Obsolete by some sixteen. Play in the angle and so how is it can't ignore that little guy like we need that. 5% I think he didn't have a lot of money and not played out only in this are you illegally. And it guys sitting I agent's option to southeastern went down their. I was there for three years on graduating on track in me a first round for now. The Internet didn't sweep them out for a thousand bucks two years until it's later on today. Unbelievable. And that debts like what movies are made out of I have to be honest and and look miniature stats. At Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Are you were the first the first guy there every 400 years for 39 in 1977. He gate career were a home runs 31. I know you have that kind of power to BI is through 231 dinners you all done with that triples hit home runs out crew batting average of 394. I've got to believe that that high school coach at liberty bell. Had to be thinking you gotta be Kitna missed on this kit. Well you know. Point that story one lucky I didn't I had fighting colon and in college let's and I'll talk a little bit. Later about that but what happened that I was a little back and high school and it was not a baseball player was my teacher but peace and wanted to do wrong decision really did nothing wrong you just. You know but the other guys were at a meeting in the chance to play behind. Thank you for that because you'll wind trying to force because I wanted to prove to you more than anybody else I could play. And so then when I want to southeastern financial statement. The 23 route for a thousand bucks I go down to look at a brand and Florida. And rookie ball and I panicked coach planning an aunt lives and not cater Gonzales. And he looked at me and he goes dude you're trying to you know who. He says it's. If you get ten or fifteen you get to the senate and he he says he'll be gone. And you know simply commentary goes which you can run like a look at you won't just concentrate and get on base. The table or Caribbean goodly not and I hit the ball the other way. But shortstop Mike Weir to step you don't you competed to the thank you do that I believe that you will be the big links in two years and so I. I didn't want peace and trying to change what it's really slapped the ball in pinned. Then the rest is history. And that's awesome we're talking to prep Butler former center fielder National League. All star wanna go back for a quick cure high school co operate up coaches my 35 your coach and our basketball mostly in the high school level. And it's amaze dean. How many kids and now they're grown men will come back to means seek coached you remember when you said this or coached you remember when you did this. And as as coaches we have to do we have to understand the kind of impact that we have. I'm kids at this age because it's it's amazing to me. How many things they remember that I've completely forgotten peck deck coach stood at two years in girls' basketball. At just small high school called calvary Baptist. Where my son went played on the boys who must coats in the boys' team that girl's team didn't have a coach so I coached their the girls team is small for two years. I still give FaceBook messages and text messages and emails from these girls say it. Hey coach I'm now coaching a volleyball team and I'm so I hear myself saying the same stuff. They used to say to us and so it's really important especially for grade school high school coach is to understand the kind of impact that we can have on our players' lives. Well don't just look at it as a privilege you know I'm tension wire links or about summer yours and I thought players. And I can tell you this story a story about things aren't common here in part of it as you know today. They did and desire structure display and they just out. They might not same but they truly do what they will listen to you when they know that you care. And that's the bottom line and all of a look at port from people who care enough about them. To teach them about the lie you know we're grownups. Your co sense something and he just didn't think that you believe them this as a generation. Okay I'm millennial that they cannot deny all right. And so what you and it really cute guys to be able to explain why didn't know. We've got to really understand the true at least they know you care they'll listen to come back time after time it's in the dinners it and it. And it was an honor to meet and I notice and you and a privilege to be able. To coach these not these scans. There's so much satisfaction and gratification. When they caught him packet and you know you're a big part of my life. And that's what it's all about. The idea really yes and I've got a feeling. If that that high school coach Stein live reveal if he still rock he's telling stories about you Friday same like. Let me let me tell you about this guy in a year 32 at bats his senior year and he and yet at. No big time career in in Major League Baseball throughout his career prep Butler. He attacked 290 he had just under 2400. Hits. 558. Stolen bases and as it exists. That what as I did some researchers said many consider him do you view the past a leadoff hitter. In the 1980s and early ninety's tutors high based on base percentage speed. And dyed his dynamic on TV he was known as one of the best monitors of all time. We're gonna get to break out the other side of the break we talked to Brad a little bit we're gonna ask you first testimony. And and and I'll ask him a question that I ask a lot of these guys was it easier to walk worthy in the locker room or outside the locker molded his answer. On the other side of the break this is faith in the zone aren't sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Faith in the zone is brought to you by bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike maybe ever and pastor can kill her. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I might we giver again find solos sweet pastor Ken Carroll there is out of town our special guest. For the entire show former senator fielder and National League all star Brett Butler Brent were you Livan now. Well I let me ornaments Costello told one million or about 1213 year. Eight you gotta man up and come back to other midwest for the winner c'mon. Well. It's got there that I love the hot weather now we don't former children and and nationally the back and visit but we've grown to love Arizona. I really did like the desert north of Elian kind of like California and in should come on guys and select the winners just got so bad there was like it's undergo. Yeah I agree it's it did it seems to get tougher and tougher the older I get put. Matt I I border raised him walk Keogh love Joaquin I love column Milwaukee might moment. And down my family most at least my immediate down my daughter and son cranky saw live here and and one day maybe I'll get someplace warm but NASDAQ could be today and I'm sure sack him to be tomorrow. He Brett we we love askew in the our guests for their testimony. On this show we get a lot of coaches a lot of parents lot of kids that are listen and to the show infecting got a email. Earlier this week from Mormon who said look our fifteen year old son listens to your Sunday show. Every Sunday from eight tonight and it's as close to churches is is he is he can get right now. And so thank you for what you do so we really appreciate the testimony that did our guest skip. So if I can if you can sheer testimony witness though would be outstanding. Well you know I grew up in church. Check guy a parade. Check every once awhile I read the Bible and everyone's so while we sent prayers and I. At that at the table checked checked in. Aside or high school and I would trust fellowship of Christian content support can't call talk about that guy out when all the ribbons and now with the Obama by a model is channel. And now while we were there on Thursday weren't auditorium and speakers was stuck in the group. And the question was as secure and an iron which you haven't. And I sat there aren't stuck in the whole group let you talk going to be. How you know and started bigger well he and I. Haven't done anything real bad migrant when a band isn't going on beyond a shadow now and I rarely what is not. Chair and they said that a revelation strictly Jesus as an architect or hard if you open up remarkable continent continent you when you. And I and so many western or spiritual laws that there hasn't gone and others and I know that I'm separated from god by myself yeah I've made mistakes but he's stupid stuff. Do I believe that 2000 years ago that cheeses cheap enough across. And I said you know I do believe. I believe that the word of god has inspired you don't read it. But I do believe that says if you concession which you're now. And believe in your heart and. She needs this to move on and he horse savior OK piercings. And you'll be seeing and you can guarantee yourself that you have the wind because I'm. So it says that it would seem that little prayer come down in front and I'm like. On the Internet so. I remember running back to my dorm room hoping I was struck by lightning and coming out here. Gotta let me get and I sent lower particularly anymore I take torture war and I don't return there in on that freighter. From the in my collection and under I believe that she sent Jesus died on the cross license. Or coming in my life. In the regular person you'll be sop organized globe now's been Golan. Whistles in the lot went slowly but surely. The Lawrence started to work in my life and that's what I'm seeing Christian. And that's that's awesome we we we tell everybody on this the show we'd love to hear. Everybody's testimony they'd admit they never get old and they're all different. And and I envy that day you were able to do that it's such a young age it took me a lot longer. And and we've talked about this on the show it took me I was stubborn. Write a 100% I were she knows Irish boys where we we get captured a lot of different ways. And I was stubborn guy in I envy the fact that you made that decision that at such an early age. You know one of the questions that we ask you a professional athletes and answer leaving college. On was it harder for you to walk worthy in the locker room were outside the locker room. For me out. Don't know after that it happened in the end it transformation. In my mind. I wasn't too concerned anymore about what people. I still wanna people like me so to speak. When I was more concerned about what god you know what people that. And for me so it really did not matter. I did not matter if I was in the locker room or outside of the locker room there were times where mania I went. Well Michael wander around new initiative and then that spirit of god that they will send you. One your accent and your art and then there was guilt and an analyst spotlighted again and it won an angle down insult. There were times where I think pure pressure on my kitchen a little bit odd but then again the more war. That I wanted to lump the lowering it and it was a weren't actually needed to make sure it was his words make sure that I was playing on a daily basis because it's not. You know then you're going to Guam. Very easily pulled back into the world and you're not listening to the spirit in your heart stimulant in the world and the people around you. Determined leader let me instant kind of creation this and his son and pressures. And he's opera ball there against former senator fielder National League all star I I I Wonder Bread we need based really I find it difficult. Because you know there there are more players coming in and out or you're getting you know you're single latent hum. Excuse me to double play. And your moving about with a with different players that might not. On have the same feeling to have the same. Oh conviction that you have. And so I've tried it with baseball players because of the difference have a players and locations. That sometimes it makes a little bit more difficult. For them inside the locker room but for you if if if you're just too yar. And you know really care if people are gonna accept you for who we are not just this is who I am if you wanna know more about become mask. Of did you find that in in baseball no baseball chapel is a big deal and they do a great job with that. Armed did you did you find when you went from in the minor leagues to the major leagues that Tut that everybody's pretty accepted and where you work. I think it's about the same heard from her black person in any incumbent mailings in Atlanta locked in and went in the first in the first weeks on walking on Sunday. A lot in nurses the older guy. It is mid forties at that time the older guy like Corey illegals. What an Angel won't want you or you. And a lot has been one mantra for a long time. And assemblies and how he saw what an organization called one person out Charlotte. You worked with walk through rubble for a lot here as well Walt was my manager came along side god Martin and in my life. To immediately in the structure. Understanding any good discipline to how do you look at in a lot from what we knew a lot of guys. And the thing about Walton that they respected him even though they might not agree which isn't a leaked. But the one thing I learned from Walters went on cause loosened and let them on hard. Love your neighbor as yourself or not to judge in late and a lot of people. And even though we might not agree what a week or living alone and remain meeting cases still our responsibility. To be alive in her life if they choose not to receive an act. You do kick up dust and you move on but you don't belittle and now are keeping an epic that social christianity today you actually people judge and is that a lot of people looking. An amen to that. I I fully agree with you sometimes who would what I was surprised most about. And again I'm I guess 1514 years and he still consider myself. I knew were Christian. I'm surprised how Christians battle each other and I just stuff that I don't think really is all that important. And Andy when when word then it going now and we're trying to talk to its of people and have them join us. And and at least have in common and aunts and sit at Brooks said Baptist Church Reich. Where I go to. Com. If they come minutes CC fellow Christians battling about something the simplest you know whose gonna help with this hurt you know I brought that you bring anything. I I think it just makes us look bad press. Well everybody I don't care who you're Christian or not. Everybody lives under the umbrella prize. Everybody. That's probably to me not to burst agreed to send a frying is the biggest culprit and I think in regards to understanding. Eagle. Prize in all of those things in the bottom line is. You're holy war because god made that way. I think it's you have your professional at what he knew that a lot of money or you aren't mentioned that are about the local pond. High school ball game here softball culture here I'm just sound odd. On a regular Joseph. Stand alone guy and the AG speakers and there's nobody likes you. Oh what we try to do is because Morgan securities in any personal pride because of our ego everybody wants to be looked at hey look at me look at me instead of looking down at saint Lawrence. Anyone in this situation. And so humble it's. I think that each and every one must stick it to you if you're Christian you're only yourself. And god calls us to do is to serve people. Okay and attempting dictator over worked out there a little at the level of the kingdom the lending or heard. I'm congress foreigners and what's gotten worse thing is sure that your demands weren't and so we did not let that we've been there at all. But what god says it elected its first. Not to IQ either. And Gordy their planes are eager to please the world are eager to please when you're here we go on disposal of nuclear arsenal and strength he is also ordered anger and herself even if you don't like and here's Portland. Paper at a wal wiley was who was huge. Was he part of baseball chapel. Can work you know it was part of baseball chapel for me here in Atlanta. That's a lot foundation in lord just capital firm in my life and he must part of me now baseball chapel for us. What was was he with a brace for a long time. Yet can you know when we talked to guys I'm telling anybody who went through the Braves organization. Talks about how special that organization is. And they they talk about guys like John Smoltz and Greg Maddux and and guys who just. Were really strong in their faith hero outspoken about it and I and a daddy certainly give a lot of credit I've not heard the name wall wildly before. But it's certainly give them a lot of credit. Because when we have guys on that that that made their way through the Atlanta Braves organization. It symbolic that's a special organization. If you if you're if you're a man of fate. And you're looking to walk worthy that's not a bad place to be with two with those guys. Well there's no doubt about it but if you ask saying being John Smoltz in the cent greens in all of those guys are all there and you want to mention. While quietly what they all also ranks as well work some major influence in the quote below a lot because. All bowl bid. Was well was there to serve god and of the troopers wearing a foundation and that's what people work on it because. There is a boy that everybody in the world. They trying to build everything under the gun but it hasn't attacked. You'll all Internet yet people like well why really can't read your likes and shares that it's an automatic. Friendship and the bond. That the last the light I'm in each and every one of those guys in the sanctity about it. Boy that's awesome you god I am. I'm gonna reach her right when we get down with the showman of almost see if I can't locate a wall wiley. And ominous seep I can't get a mom because said that's awesome flashing before target to break. When you talked about that part of that when we had Gerald strawberry out. He said look I I had everything that I thought I want it. Growing up I wanted to be a Major League Baseball player I was that I want to be one of the better hitters I was that. I had all the money the homes the cars the curls the drug I had all of that. And I couldn't figure out why I was so unhappy. And he said it wasn't till that day when that fell to my knees that I realized. Look at that that's all worldly stuff and that's all that pride issue that you were just talking about anti ship and I was never happy. And he said I'm pretty happy now I'd go through look and engage students drivers say look I went through a lot of nonsense. I went through a lot of stuff that was my own doing and I took tight take full response will report. But but until I got myself right with with with my savior. I was not happy and he sees me doing much better. At this point really get to break of the set to break where it's hard to Brett Butler brought a couple of things 1996. He got sick. And it was a it was a scary illness and we'll talk to about that and there were asked about his platform that the war is given him. And how we utilize his. The platform that he has again our special guest threat Butler former center fielder and National League all star. Is with this for the entire show this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee faith. Face in the zone is brought to you by all American window and door. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor came Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to Satan zone on sports Radio One 057 app from the fan. I'm Mike we your flying solo this week again pastor can tell there is out of town our special guest Mays or could point. Brett Butler former senator fielder National League all star. Bright if we can and in a note that oh spent a lot of time he's probably not crate subjects talk about but in 1996. You were told that she had cancer. And in I just want to kind of go back to that time if I can with you and any try to get in your mind and and where you work what type of cancer re suffering from. Well it squeeze the cell carcinoma basically what happens. In the oh winner of 5959. Got a sore throat wasn't sure what it was born in and somebody's lying in case and he got consulate so he gave me antibiotics in the spring training. Think continue to get worse yet another round out antibiotics and sell on. It was just a little stain had just gotten paper and so the season started and I'm struggling and tong and sort of calm with the Dodgers at the time and somebody calls me and he goes sailing a couple of days optional second. All that means Aleman and outplayed Maryland since I send my songs to me. I don't get on console still terrible and you know I'll be back but I got to go and I remember. Born and then now. The search or may second. And now when they won't be don't they told me that I can't square in his cell carcinoma cancer shock the world thirty years all the election going to be kidney. You know and in small you know intermediate. And but I accepted Christ into my life like we talked about earlier when I was young man and one thing that I do and is. Is visualized getting your life to god I I did not yet gotten my life for the closed this. It into with an opening. At lord you do it like that you have no matter what it is. I know which you have companies that are amber cancel itself out and when I understand it's so when I was diagnosed with cancer. Eagle and then I'm like aren't org on your punctuated recently changed into taking mutual warrants. And to cap the front on the war heartland right here all the way down winning my stroke across the front to Adam's apple. They took out. It's England's own torture 32 round or radiation. To what about a 160 courier for a pounced on reforming. The doctors and I'd never play. And remember like Amherst and Lauren my days are numbered by you like everything that I need to play in the big leagues. But slobbering if you want me to play again and I complain and I remember going in the doctor's office and Dockett one and we'll give you number one in honor one in 1000 and a level playing in those upper. It would probably be one and I Allison and well. Dot it was one in 2009 even make it to the big links and so I'm already cut debt captain or watch the play. Well I won't walk back on the field this year and that was late second mom and September 6 I walked back on the field. To any level should. Standing no nation out of 55000. People to the glory of god you'll allow me. To take those tweets three steps from the top with dog to the batter's box and most people stood up and I started to cry like Lauren. I cannot wait to continue to play in this country and. That's a mug and that's emotional. Brag got to tell you that. Walking in from those 23 steps. Had to be incredible and and the motto love that that. You know people in that stadium had for you in the respect that they had for unit. To get back out it. That just had to widen it a highlight of of your career I'm sure Wright's one of them. And it went on Monday. I gained eighteen pounds and in 1980s to try to get back and one of the semi back to elect Arlington national and international media. And so it was a lot of work you know I was playing before I got sick it was easy it was a little kid playing now thirty years old and radiation and cancer took a little bit but also was ordered a play and I got an entertainment. All stolen base and I scored a run and it was fine OK now acting and. You know finding what you're square really like says that was known to being good bunker squared around you in and broke my kids. And and all of us and remember what I liked being so angry and I sent. The just believe that. Awarded experience saying you know you've done everything I'm passionate announced under arrest. So this is saying you know like at their licensees into two rounds it was very very reluctantly. My kids you know some of the one I mean a player honors and it's not pray about it and I said listen. Tequila is playing one more year I'll play one where you're running on my own terms. So in 199740. Am I not play center field exit to eat Turkey and walked away from the game and that was it but. Oh god is gracious and has allowed me to continue to play. And legacy and it was entry and come true and I believe that that his lawyer the strength of lights they came. Were unable to call wandering emotional like this insurer what do you look to the power of the living god. That kind to. If you steered on the scene okay I'm sure. That Condit spoke the words separated land from the seat he can do that it can work miracles anybody black. Always asking you to simply due to stepped out instructing him has a loving soccer and actually it. Meant he go at that that's a dropped the Mike moment right there trip quick I'm telling your that would. If I didn't have a few more minutes were in which you would drop the might shut it off and say that. That was awesome write it here really was Wednesday. When you look back at them at that time. Knee you have to almost be amazed at the power of god to be able key achieved through that illness. And get you back on the field. I just I I can't imagine that the feeling of saying hey look I'm close and in now wanna give back on the field. You know for a few more games in and and and show that look I'm I'm ready to go on healthy again. When did the organization that you were aware at that point where Dodgers were they put it where they. To date kiss round you with with lover did they let chew on your own and then you came back. When you were ready. Not all that surround the club I'll never for integral. Peter O'Malley Sydney take on playing take whatever you need. They're part of and we always well being on the slope and then I'll never forget remember. The timing chain control. Making them play in the brains and and he's making. And I remember walking down the scene at Keeneland on the scene and that was okay because I think certainly injures and I want I want in my nickname was partly all. Outside it's that bunt. And so they issue a mineral arms shall support but I can tell you. I'm sure the whole process. Like sound funny but that was never closer than the lord. And I want as well I was walking in the pursuit trial. It's one thing is certainly good and we attitude his take on and put him in our back pocket liberal line. That we lose our distance from god that's why somebody would be visible and well. I'm got a gritty like a 39 years ago at four wonderful children. And Tupelo mayor and I get two grandchildren light's wonderful. The lord is restored electrical. But on an everyday basis. I need to get that guns were. Here and I need a pretty ignorant. I need to make sure. That put on the arm were depressed played it righteousness and the belt to true conditions are pregnant. Teller salvation and it. Initially looked sore which uses or because it's like don't. And I hate to look into ways to the electorate in the right there is no walking or stolen gun partly due because that's why they. Well I'm at home. We're going to caught the world. Just like anybody else a listener of fall short again glory and only let the great so I'm reminded him that I am solely because he. And it's entitled to receive them as landlords. Man anytime somebody can quote the book can be Fijians are welcome on this show it's my favorite book spread sometimes that's failed before get out of debt. Put the full body of armor on brother they were gonna get to break other side of the break. We're gonna talk a little bit about what what you guys are doing now in in Arizona. And I think it's really interest in the kind of work that they're really Holley did in you and some other guys nears owner doing. Really like it we're gonna talk with Brett Butler. On the other side again former senator fielder. I National League all star the other question before we get out of your element of find out. If you can go back and play one more game what uniform what he put on amen ask him that I and the other says the break is his faith in the zone. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. More now of faith in this zone discovering people of sports in their walking face. Fee in the zone is brought to you blind young expressed. That the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor Ken Kellner and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Then move. Zone non sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike McGee ever want side. Actually flat skull of this week pastor Karen Keller is out of town. Our special guest for an entire hour he's been great prep Brett Butler former center fielder National League all star. He Brett let's talk will be about what you're doing now in in Arizona we talked about it off the year but that Paul and Timothy. Bumping that you talked about I'd like stock will be about. Well it was something you know carrier call October that ought to feel that it in the third base coach in Miami. And the lower discomfort and a left arm that's one thing that we have to realize as we have children of god sent it to accept or lowered the senior I'll get you helper. We want to solicit the help or deliberately. Strains Erica. In the spirit would just come on something to do appalled that he does a poster thing and I got a buddy lined up and Goran who like playing in. Cleveland gun is a little bit and let me. But it wouldn't let's send it just literally no guns orange and its rightful. A concert and it owners were magic when it does not only make disciples. I don't want to be disciple I would know that we're talking at Charlotte the other person. As somebody that so you know when I want and I made sure that what I'm not more kind of put the heart is collapsing says lenders like nightmare. If Arizona lemonade and Holland was the one lecturing about eighteen years and she wants to do it disciples shipped ultimately decide which programs. So all you need the medium and you know these I don't like I'm not my whole life you know about seven months into. Well putting together curriculum in regards to first skier and insuring that flying they wouldn't. To be able to pollute their lack locked and it just quarterback and that's why we're talking about want I want to slash a slash. Getting into each other's lines. Talking about trying to talk him out on talk amounts and tiger not everything including along side. And trying to quit. Godly and it is our policy toward the liquid state movement to be we shared a lot worse. To be able to multiply insurer that got all the world and that's when he called to do and that's what we're trying to do with the number of other people here. It's easy error on in your areas there are a lot of guys that are opened it to getting involved with a group like that. You know what it for the most think that you're going to be meticulously got to go slow and that's something that you look at the numbers. Look at her kindly and which you have to tell you happen not that they'll Paul. The gun. Who only has all the script as well around the ultimate say the total amount on war and until they let him anywhere any broad policy. And there's little that's in home too long and tall and strong. Messenger and minister to the kingdom of god that's sort trying to do so what we're trying to nukes just like most fateful moment. We're gonna be accountable was going to be responsible. Goal is to be open. Who launched a girl wants to be important on these we don't don't seek. Exactly what you do is you up for me you say hey if you want to leave the cycle pragmatic guy and it's you know aren't. It's one less so albeit and you get in our minds and help them enemy meant. But they're concrete columns to me that's orchard. Hey pro we've I think he sorts that we've got about three minutes four minutes left have got a couple of baseball questions for and there will cut you loose. If you if you could play one more game. And you could pick the uniform to put on whether it's appraiser Dodgers Indians. Well what uniform would you put on who was who was the the team when you think about prep public that we should. Remember you as a baseball player from what organization. Oh. You know what and that's aren't like today you know Atlantic Iginla opportunity to play in the big links. Cleveland they want opportunity to establish myself as a big league player. Sampras escort Santa Ursula into the World Series in an earthquake Walt World Series only involved the players association 1994 that brought down. The plant so the World Series and I was ostracized. And Fred Wilpon the owner of the Mets was only one that broke ranks and in an opportunity to play toward them. And then have the privilege to be able playing the Peter O'Malley and I'm sort of been my manager along with Bill Russell. I keep leaked picketing and saying that you have played with them along with hundreds but every one of them has a piece of art so that summer Olympic. That's that's an awesome answer by the way. EQ you get it when you think back and your career of easier one or two moments. That's standout hugely to the where you just went man this is incredible this is exactly what you know. Why am playing baseball was your big kid was era a key image of played in obviously win the World Series had to be something right. We're. I can't certainly three points Connell will look like first in the big leagues or remember. Intermingling. Of alcohol industry desires and goals was at the big leagues and remembering got to elephant and Mort I don't look at the seventh inning and I score I think I scored a couple of runs and stole back. You know I would interview and everything was great delight from down remember everybody was gone and I want I don't tell. And I got a leg removed and settlement than I was by myself and started to cry. Said Norton says. This little or for my whole life to realize that. It's just came from little and it was gone and that the only thing that is we're living forms a relationship with you because I know analytical way. That's one thing that stuck. Second thing that stuck out to me was playing in the World Series of course who went directly it. And don't realize that you know what is so much as I love the game of baseball. And it's just beginning. What life is about as ops people and relationships. Like content. Are you get accused of being an amateur reading which used to be separated from god Indian hill and that's what our responsibility is shared. And lastly the third thing like I said earlier listed 23 steps. After cancer want to from the top of the dugout and understated in the batter's box and to be able to acknowledged the plan since China. Or pray to light Jean king and lord lord all continue to play those things stick. Aim meant he is prep all their Brett thank you so much I really appreciate your time your willingness to come on faith in the zone. Iowa think they'll wall wiley. For for for his for disciple in UN and the works that he is done I is special I think creating Holland for up putting us together. And does take you so much I know that people here are more keep their big baseball fans. To have a tremendous amount of respect for you as a man and as a baseball player. And think he's so much for your time I look forward to catching up we'll give you call back in six months and CIA guys are doing in Arizona. I want you in middle of December. February January think of us here back in the midwest. He should Joseph sword for rescues it's gonna be real cold soon. Well they allocate student body Jiri Christmas lights don't make a choice to come out to Arizona and the amount of time. That's not nice you know spread Butler bass for listen this is faith in the zone. I'm sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with post might mean give Ernie and pastor can help them. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows an exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.