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07/05/16: Bart's Wild Card Standings Update

Jul 5, 2016|

Another edition of Bart's Wild Card Standings Update, which Bart claims to be doing every single day. Hmmm.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for your wild card standings out date for the Milwaukee Brewers here on Tuesday July 5. Not be getting a lot of heat for not doing the wild card standings update the last couple weeks and I say to you you're not looking hard enough I've been doing then I promise for as long as the Brewers are in this wild card race mathematically. There will be I'll wild card standings update they're division leaders first the Brewers knock off the Washington Nationals. They still lead the east in the center us the Cubs. The Giants so last but it's the wildcard we focus on it forty and 37 the Dodgers have their first wild card spot a game and a half behind them. The New York Mets a 45 and 37. Then two back of the Mets for the second wild card spot still in the Brewers grass. If the Cardinals two games back. No Marlins two and a half back at 4340. Pittsburgh on a five game winning streak now 42 and 41 that'll put them three and a half games back. Some separation as we go to Philadelphia. 38 and 468. Games back. The Rockies 37 and 458. Games back. And you are Milwaukee Brewers losers of six of their last ten and a big win against the nationals on Monday. There's 36 and 46 and nine gains back. Of that wild card. I don't see a magic number I don't see a star I don't seem acts I don't see anything on the standings on any website that says they are our events so we will continue. To do the wild card standings we do and every day and if you can't find them dance on you. While guards standing update I'm borrowing.