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06/09/16: Bart's Wild Card Standings Update

Jun 9, 2016|

The Brewers are set to take on the Mets for a pivotal four-game series in Milwaukee which could radically alter the Wild Card Standings! Get the latest update from Bart Winkler!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to take a look at your wildcard standings at dates were Thursday. June 9 then there is a big four game series that will be played in Milwaukee the entire. Country with their eyes on what's going on at Miller Park. In the next four days at least in the baseball world. And here's why he take a look at your division leaders the Chicago Cubs. And then Washington Nationals and the San Francisco Giants all those teams leave their respective divisions now the New York Mets. Just had a series with the Pirates yeah those two teams would have the wildcard spots right now match at 3226. And the Pirates at 32 and Tony seven. And then it gets really interesting a log jam the Cardinals at 31 and 28. That is the Dodgers 32 and 29 the Marlins. Thirty and 49. So the Cardinals third game back Dodgers our game back Marlins two games back Phillies lose to the Cubs yesterday they're Tony united 313 and a half back. And the Milwaukee Brewers 48 and 31 folks they are six and four. In their last ten a two game winning streak and they are just four games back of the Pittsburgh Pirates. For that second wild card now there for a halfback. Of the Matsu they have again for a four game series it's not going to be easy for the Brewers by any means but I think they can get it down the way the pitching he's been. Performing lately Bartolo Colon Jimmy Nelson tonight hardly care on Friday. Ver rat paroled on Saturday and they Mattson Davies on Sunday. Guy that. I don't wanna get ahead I myself. What a four game sweep in this series quarter radically change the standings from bottom. It's a top again a week from now we could be talking about the teams chasing the Milwaukee Brewers this is not judge Ralph. It is however your wild card standings update. Brewers four games back to that second spot I'm borrowing cooler portrayal of I seven FM the fan.