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06/02/16: Bart's Wild Card Standings Update

Jun 2, 2016|

A lot went right for the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday, where does that put them in the updated Wild Card Standings???

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to get your wild card standings update for Thursday eight. June 2 and wideout big date for your Milwaukee Brewers first. The leaders in the National League divisions respectively the Cubs the nationals and the Giants. The Mets and Pirates also losing yesterday huge results in Major League Baseball so they are 29 and Tony three those two teams. Would be wild card teams if the season ended today the Marlins at Toney eight Tony five. They are game and a half back the Dodgers and Tony and Tony 62 games back and the Cardinals after losing to the Brewers they cannot figure out -- Davies. They're now two games back. Of the wild card spots the Philadelphia Phillies who the Brewers will match up for a four game set this weekend. Big big big playoff match up here in June. Tony six and Tony 73 and a half games back of the Colorado Rockies then fitted Tony Ford Tony 85 games back and with the win yesterday. Coupled with the Mets and Pirates losses the Brewers are now five and a half games back of the wildcard that's right just five and a half games back. 44. And 29 they are six and four in their last ten the Brewers. Doing some moving up the standings without big big win yesterday and a big series looming and this city of brotherly. That's your wild card standings update. For June 2.