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03/13/16: Amanda Braun joins the College Basketball Show

Mar 13, 2016|

Are you upset that UWM will not accept any invitations for the men's basketball team to play in a postseason tournament? Amanda Braun, UW-Milwaukee Athletic Director, joins the College Basketball Show to discuss her decision.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now joining us on the great mid west main. Hot line it is the athletic director for the Panthers over at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Amanda brought Amanda good morning how are you doing today. Right I really love sitting in Green Bay. Look important championship game permanent or. It's come out now that the men's basketball program won't play in any of the lesser post season tournaments that we wanted to get your take on it. Sure and as a and they have articulated we set goals and expectations of your proper programs and not. Well fortunate and UW I'm that we have the resource corridor program. The top army armament. Our programs so we do we have some pretty high expectations and goals and each year we evaluate those. End top three in our league is what we what we expect and what we aspire to use the PA championship on an annual basis and and hopefully. Went on a regular basis so. So when you think about expectations. About the room. Order post season absolutely guys worked hard this year and and I know the story lines are up there in that we're not taking anything away from any back. It's just that we think about her expectations and onshore. A top three. The reward of post season and has that goes some of those post season aren't really critically and situation. And you know we didn't really get a formal invitation when they do is they look to. I'm Carter as much money as they can't do I justify their isn't what makes sense that there. They're trying to set up a a tournament or an event that that will allow. War for people to continue to play games I'm in and it's at a affair Paramount. Funding or for programs so. So when you win those things together and again take nothing away organized and it's certainly just didn't this year we didn't. I don't think that the expectations that would justify. So a Mandel with regards to those expectations is that something that was put forth at the beginning of the year where this team in the players actually knew. Where's the administration was coming from when a decision like this is made. Not we talk about sepia and eager much and that's part of it is at least I am tired now ends so. But Yasser ear. I our coaches know. What what we expect in dumb and in this case that is that is no different that we want to compete for a championship. And we expect to be in the top three in only. You know one of the story lines obviously has been the fact that last season the team was banned from any sort of post season play in the fact that you would have an opportunity. Here especially for the seniors almost reward them. Based upon staying with the team and the type of achievements they've made bolt on the floor and academic league. Was that ever taken into consideration in essence to say that we want to thank our seniors. War of the progress that they had made both on the court and in the classroom with regards to any sort of post season play. No I didn't have it urban. Widget with that said. The other thing that comes about would be any sort of with regards to finances was financial consideration one of the reasons that you major decision. As you can imagine any considerations. We do everything we do I'm but that I you know. There was a matter do we on it would get the bonds and certainly we're gonna play our events. We waited we may not look to institutional funding we would look to external funding and I'm that was an issue here we had decided we had. Matter expectations program and decided to do this and there there are reasons why. In any event and and that's that's just fine and that doesn't mean that we won't ever we wouldn't we unfunded external so that wasn't that wasn't really. The issue it's. Do you think a stretching resources toward your highest priorities. Amanda in the article this morning they geared to Meyer wrote in the journal sentinel. I just had a question poignant from an administrative perspective. In mentions in the article that maybe I coached years have been the one reaching out to some of the potential post season. Opportunities to see. If there is an opportunity to play. When you get to. The close of the regular season total close a conference tournament play. Do you or does your staff sit down with the coaching kind of determine what the options are when you get to this point because. It's it's sounds it in maybe am misreading this soap I apologize but it sounded like you were a little surprised based on the article that was written. I'll answer your question knowing the town that they didn't talk about post season but that's not a but but yeah I. I surprise. I had hurt. Them from. Yet he sends you back when everyone gets. Sort of he where. Or couldn't believe we're watching you so and I think that tomorrow school right. And I and then that I did and at sounded like rod had been talking with and so. I'd kill them any of them and the reach out to me. Brett. You know we had made it does there's not enough. When it was you know didn't opt them. You know Amanda one of those things would be with regards to any sort of post season play and I know one of the goals obviously. For the program is obviously to continue to get better. Where's participation. In a tournament like the CBI which the opportunity to play couple extra games potentially. And get some more practice time was that taken into consideration at all as this. Group. Sophomores and juniors and what have you make their way into next season. Well I. I mean I can speaker. Diminish there's across the country and it I have to. Playing any game or two. I don't think necessarily make you a lot better for the next season so well that wasn't me in that I. I considered. So you're in Green Bay right now with regards to use the women's. Tournament as they get ready to take on UW Green Bay talk about the women's program a little bit and the success that they've had so far this year. Or at. A turnaround here before uncertainly and paying they're very young express an increase our hearts and entertainment. Those on her best play. Air so. Are counting on I would say about ours you can usually feel the creeks and we certainly open last year and now we're beginning to see at other. That come to fruition and I'm so those three years of building. Certainly feel good for that team right now and look there sheathing. Why dissident going forward and when you when you look at your goals for upcoming seasons he had done with the academic year. You working into the summer and have an opportunity to assess what each program is doing. I'm just curious how do you what is your process do you sit down and out individually with the each Kosher and assess what's going on with the goals are. What does that dialogue like. We do we couldn't sit down with our coach after the season and talk about all the facets of our programs and I determine if we. Met expectations where there are mitigating factors that we didn't know where are there. But there's some big challenges and we always ask what are the things we can do to help. I'm in two decent success planning and an opportunity to. Put forward what they think the most important things that have the greatest impact on their success and we don't we can help us help our our programs. Those things that they can they can achieve the success that that we expect in and such as articles. Amanda we know you've got to get ready for the women's tournament championship and we just want to thank you for spending some time with us this morning. Here on the college basketball so much appreciated and best of luck for the remainder of this academic year. Excellent shape your time. That was Amanda brought the athletic director over at UWM joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline something sprayed with time. After eighty years great midwest is simply better as a great midwest bank dot com to learn more about portfolio global product that may be just the ticket. To get you into home.